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A different format blog coming to you this week.

This is PART ONE…

As promised I have read ALL of the comments/questions from the blog last week and have responded to A LOT of them below. My blog about the Finale will be up later tomorrow, but I spent a lot of time on Part One and I wanted to get it to you guys hot off the press! WHAOW!

You can scroll down to find your Name: Question, and Answer… or read every one and be surprised to find your name! The choice is yours : )

Here we go.

Alicia: How does the interview/casting process work? Aside from submitting an application or video, what comes next? And do you know the deciding factors/qualifications to best get on the show?

I have heard that is different for everyone. It can be 6-9 months or people can get yanked off the street a week before filming!! In my case it was a 2 1/2 month process. There were phone calls, back ground checks, psych-tests, online questionnaires, video submissions, on-camera interviews, off-camera interviews… I don’t think there is a list of SINGLE qualities that someone has to have that get them on the show, it is a combination of things, different for every season and person to person.

Pamela B: Chris Harrison SHOULD BE the next BACHELOR and STAGS should Definitely HOST!

Thank you for the kind words. Chris would be AWESOME as The Bachelor and I would LOVE to host. A good idea all around : )

Sadie Grozier: what do I have to write to get you to answer my question but….Do you plan to come to NorCal anytime soon for music or visiting your awesome fans!!

Hahaha, all you had to do was write : ). I would LOVE to do a NorCal/Sf show. Know any good venues?

Shirley: (re: Sarah and Des as Bachelorette)
I think both seasons would be good. I am sure there would be some guys that would not like Sarah, but I think that happens on every season. 25 men/woman won’t ALL see a spark/connection with the same person. I think there would be LOADS of guys that see Sarah for what she is: A beautiful, smart, capable woman that is eager to find love. And same goes for Des. I think there will be some guys that don’t like her and some guys that do.

Jeff: AshLee is too unstable, the runner up is too immature…and no matter how “sweet” she might be, Sarah just isn’t happening. Question is, then who??

A DUDE!!! Hey, Jeff. Thanks for posting. I think it will be Des. Right!?!

Paige P: Which did you like doing better, the bachelorette or bachelor pad?

All three were very different shows. I would say that Pad is way more fun, but was A LOT more stressful. I am a HUGE nerdy, gamer… for serious… Like, I ACTUALLY play Dungeons and Dragons… Hahahaha. So. For me Bachelor Pad was SO MUCH FUN. Breaking down the mechanics of the game, competing in competitions…but, especially on BP2…it was HELLA stressful watching my ex fall in love with another guy. The Bachelorette was crazy fun because of the adventure aspect of it. The travel, the dates… There were really good guys on Jillian’s season that I really liked being around. And Jillian was awesome. And I was YOUNG! I was like 24! I had the whole world in front of me : ). It was a blasty blast!

Stephanie: Do the producers encourage them to share these things (past traumatic experiences) so America will become invested in them (because that does work!)

By date number 4 or 5 I think it is perfectly reasonable to share some pretty “traumatic” life experiences…especially if people feel like it is important to them. Very often those experiences are what shape them into the person they are today, so they feel like it is important to share that with someone they are getting to know.

Kelly: Anyway, don’t you think the comment Sean made to Des was because he already knows she’s the next bachelorette?

Nope. Sean would not be privy to that information.

Ashley Nishihta: I guess my question would be if you have made any big wedding plans? Picked a date or location OR not so much a question as it is a request but will you sing at your wedding?!?!?!

We have a venue picked out and it will be in Chicago next year sometime! : )… Hahaha, and I certainly have a few things up my sleeve for that day. I CAN’T WAIT!

Marisa Dolloff: I am nineteen and have never been to a concert in my life! ik right? I saw on your twitter you were coming to Boston! Please let me know when and where I hope love like this will be my first concert!!!

The BOSTON SHOW is going to happen. It will be at the House of Blues. I am doing everything I can to make it 18+ and I will post the announcement on twitter as soon as the information is finalized!!! : ) See you there!

LeAnn: I know that you are now happy engaged but were you ever in talks to be The Bachelor?

There were certainly talks about it. I was never officially offered anything, and after dating Emily for a few weeks I withdrew my name from the running anyway. I knew I already found the reason I would do the show in the first place :)

Marie.Nicole B/Ayo: My question is about life in the mansions and all the different cities: are the contestants free to do what they want in whatever city they are in or are y’all stuck in the mansion or room all day? If so what do you do to keep yourselves occupied? Do you ever get bored? So when you guys travel to cool cities, are you allowed to go out and explore them when it’s not your turn with the Bachelorette? Allowed to leave the mansion or the hotel your in to go sightseeing if your NOT on a date?*

We are NOT free to whatever we want and go wherever we want. NOT BY A LONG SHOT. Haha. We are treated VERY WELL, we just can’t go outside. So it easy to get bored, and get a little cabin fever-ish. We play a lot of card games, drinking games, and talk… a lot… Good question!

Toni: do you think that Lindsay would be a good Bachelorette?

Nope, I can’t say that I do. I like her a lot. I like her energy and her youthfulness… I think she would just be WAY TOO YOUNG to handle it well. *Wedding Dress.

Renee: (Re: Chicago Show)

Thank you for coming to that show! Hahaha, yes I was sick. And HOLY HELL. I got DRUNK! The whiskey I was drinking felt SO GOOD on my throat…after about 5 shots I was feeling AWESOME… a little too awesome. : ). I would love to play their again. Maybe Lincoln Hall….hmmm…

Katie: I know I’m young, and I’m staying positive, but here’s my question: what in the world am I doing wrong (if anything), and what can I do to up my chances of being noticed by guys?

Keep your head up! I promise there is no reason to be discouraged… and I can’t stress enough how important it is not to force it. Love will happen. IT WILL… I promise. And it is an easy think to fake, and force. DON’T. Katie, someone will notice you, and love you and care for you… and you will have to do NOTHING to make him act that way. Just be yourself, relax…and know that he is out there looking for you too. The big guy upstairs will have you guys meet when the time is right. Till then, enjoy yourself, and be happy… that way when he does see you… you will be probably be wearing a smile.

Catfish: I am a catfish. My first name starts with a B and I’m making a bunnyrabbit for dinner Michael. Call me.

Be right there.

June: (re: Mental Illness)

You’re right! I tried to comically walk the line between serious/joking. I did not mean to offend anyone and apologize if I did. Tierra DID say things that made her seem “crazy” to me… but I don’t think she is actually mentally ill.

Alice: How important is sex in a relationship? Is it okay to remain a virgin and have a healthy relationship?

I think that physical contact is incredibly important in a relationship. In my opinion it is one of the BEST ways on earth to let someone that you love, KNOW that you love them and care about them. It is ABSOLUTELY possible to remain a virgin and have a healthy relationship… Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Samantha: What in this world do I have to do to become Chris Harrison’s co-host? I promise to match my dresses to his ties.

Hahaha. He has only had ONE co-host in 28 seasons of The Bachelor/ette/pad. And it did NOT go well. Unfortunately I think the ship he is riding is only fit for one. : ) Though I will put in a good word for you next time I see him.

Katie: would you still be able to watch Bachelorette if Tierra was the Bachelorette? Or would it be too unbearable?

YES! I think it would be REALLY good television! Hahaha

Jen: without the help of a reality TV show – what is your best advice on how to meet other singles? This single girl feels like she’s tried just about everything!

Haha. I know the feeling. I think the BEST ADVICE is to stay hopeful, keep on keeping on, and… someone told me this when I was in college and it has stuck with me ever since…. “Fish where the fishin’s good”… keep your head up, DON’T force it (please) and know that there is a guy out there thinking the same thing right now. You guys will find each other : )

Josefine: What can we know about Emily – and your future? I understand some things are private so whatever you want to share!
Also, I would really like to know how many hours per week Emily works out and her eating habits…

We are crazy excited and having a blast planning our wedding. We have a venue picked out, she has a dress and we will get married next year some time : ). She works out at least 2-3 times a week and I would say she is a good eater. Hahaha, I could talk about her all day. ARGH, she is AWESOME.

Martina Bubnjevic: How did you know Emily was the one so quick? Thank you so much for your blog, you are very appreciated!

Thanks for reading! It was certainly a combination of things, but I think the biggest one is that she made me understand the phrase, “you want to marry your best friend”. I would actually make fun of people for saying that before I met Emily. I just didn’t get!?! I had best friends, they were/are guys. And we hang out and it’s awesome. In the past I had just date “pretty girls” that I was attracted to, and NEVER felt like they were my best friend. Emily is SMOKING HOT, and INSANELY FUN to be around. I HAVE to marry her. Hahaha. She is that awesome.

Christine: since you claim you read all comments, let’s test this theory. hi Michael

Hi, Christine : )

Hilary: How much contact is there between the producers/directors/Chris Harrison and the Bachelor/Bachelorette concerning what is happening with the women/men of the house?

They know everything that happens on-camera and off-camera, but they only share a limited amount of information with The Bachelor/ette. Mostly because they want him/her to find everything out on their own.

Rebecca: Of the past cast members of the show, which girl would you love to see have her own season of the bachelorette, and which guy should be the bachelor? Why?

Michelle Money would be my pick for The Bachelorette. She is caring, kind, funny, beautiful… She has it all! I would love to see her with her own season. As far as my pick for the guy. Hahaha, all my buddies from the shows are in relationships, and I actually like the person they are with. Haha. OH! Kasey Kahl. Holy Hell that would be a train-wreck of a season!!! Wow… that was honest.

Mo: Who do you think should be the next bachelorette?

Sarah or Des. I think it will end up being Des.

Lelia: In the Bachelor(ette) house, do the contestants talk to each other about feelings for the one they are dating?

Cool name! Good Question. I am sure it is different guys to girls. But NO! The guys on Jillians season did NOT talk about feelings. We absolutely talked about dates and what we did, and/or who we thought was going to go home at rose ceremonies… but thats as far as we got. I am sure the girls talk about things much more seriously.

Heather: My question is do you think the bachelors/bachelorettes know who they are going to choose or at least the top 4 way early on? And do the producers influence who they send home?

Yep! I think that every Bachelor/Bachelorette has a pretty good idea of the top 5 before the 2nd episode. And I would imagine all of us could do the same! If you lined up 25 guys/girls and spent just 5 minutes with them… I bet you could pick out 5 or 6 that would want to seriously date…and the rest… ah…uh…not so much. But I KNOW that the Bachelor/ette has the final say…if they want someone to stay, then they stay.

GLink: Do you think there is a chance they will just pull from a new crop for the next Bachelor/ette?

Nope! They tried this with Jesse Palmer and it does NOT work. Here’s why: It is really hard to be the Bachelor/ette. I know it might not seem that way. BUT IT IS. You get NO SLEEP, you are interviewed constantly, you are away from everyone you know and love… and if you aren’t at least a little bit used to it going through a season as a cast member first… nothing can prepare you. I heard after 5 days of filming Jesse Palmer was like. “GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

Gina: (re: mention)

Yes! I read every comment! And here is your mention! WHAOW! #lovelikethis