Good news: after the WTA I got to hang out with 10 of the girls from this season: Erika, Jaclyn, Emily, Samantha, Kacie B, Kacie S, Monica, Jennifer, Jenna and Rachel.

The Women Tell ALL episode filmed in LA last weekend. On Friday I was out of town in Minneapolis doing a show at Bethel University (so fun, thanks to everyone that came :)) I was bummed that I was going to miss the chance to meet everyone.


As I was boarding my plane to come back home to LA I got a voicemail from Emily saying that the girls were all going out that night and I should join. Despite a crazy long night of howling at the moon with Kirk (lives in MN) the night before AND having to get up at 5:30am the next morning (Sunday) for a Volleyball Tournament (I coach a 15 year old girls club volleyball team, OH YEAH). You can’t say “no” to an invitation to hang out with 10 girls on a Saturday night and be the only guy.

Here’s how the night went:

I landed at 10:30 in LAX. Raced home, showered, 180 and hit the pavement going back to Hollywood by 11:20. Craziness.

The girls were dining in a private back room at Katsuya. Needless to say I was a little nervous walking through the doors, but the minute I saw all of them and got in a good hug with each one of them. Nerves flew right out the door. IT…..WAS…..AWESOME. I was actually a little worried about crashing their party: it was kind of their night, a reunion for the season, and chance for all of them to hang out “just the girls.” They immediately squashed that feeling and from the second I walked up it seemed like the night lit itself on fire.

We settled the tab after singing happy birthday to Monica (who is a whole party by herself, loved her!). Then headed to Drais. A nightclub turned lounge at the top of the W Hotel. Now look:

Going out in Hollywood very rarely means a fun night for me. ESPECIALLY if it is a club. It typically means very loud music, a thousand people crammed into a space that fits 300… everyone looking around seeing who is famous/if there are celebs around. NO ONE dances…it’s miserable.

SO. I tried to make it very clear to the girls that I really did want to go out with them…but that if they weren’t going to dance. I was gonna leave.





WE WENT NUTS. We literally tore that place in half. At first I grabbed Jennifer and Kacie B. and we headed straight of the dance floor. There weren’t that many people dancing (shocker) but the music was good enough and the girls were good enough at dancing that it didn’t matter!!! After a good 20-25 min of “cutting the rug” (my parents taught me that expression when I was 9 and we would have dance parties in our family room), we went back to the table…made some drinks and popped it off there the rest of the night.

Now…let me break it down a little bit:

First, I literally can’t say enough good things about these girls. They were LOADS of fun, sure they were a little wild, and crazy…most of which you don’t get to see on screen. But they were also incredible welcoming, warm, kind and so much fun to be around. I found out a few of them were from Chicago (where I grew up primarily) Erika, Rachel lived there. Jenna lives in NY and was a total sweetheart, very good at conversation, super mellow and easy to talk to. Samantha was all 6’s and 7’s, bouncing all over the place, like an attractive Cheri Oteri from SNL. Casey S. was stunning in person, very calm-spirited and always smiling. Rachel was hilarious! Always jabbing in comments about Ben or something that happened on the season, she laughed a ton and surprised me with how much personality she had!

Jaclyn was the wild child of the bunch, hahahahaha. I am smiling just thinking about all the things I can’t type. She was/is awesome! So much fun. Jennifer was someone I was immediately drawn too. Incredibly engaging, very outgoing, and the kind of person you want to be around and have fun with. Kacie was just how she seemed on the show, in person: soft spoken but very warm and endearing. It seemed to me like all the girls liked her the best. She was so sweet. Loved her.

And for me Emily was the best part of the night. We were super flirty for the first part of the night at Katsuya, didn’t dance that much at Drais, but were bouncing flirty looks at each other all night. She looked incredible, has a contagious smile and my only regret of the weekend was not getting more alone time with her.

After Drais, at 3am…(we closed the place down) we went to Mel’s Diner…ordered God knows what… ate it…laughed a TON MORE, swapped stories about behind the scenes stuff from Bachelor Pad, and their season. And ended with another round of hugs. WHEW…I’m tired just recalling everything.

To summarize… Ben lucked out. I was blown away by their energy, how kind and beautiful they ALL were. One of the best nights of my life. I would NOT turn down the chance to do that again…hahaha. Ladies if you are reading this, thank you for the best night I have had in Hollywood since I moved here. WHAOW!