Michael Stagliano: Episode 3

It’s 12:51AM on Monday night, I just finished watching episode 3, and at this moment I can’t comprehend finishing the writing of this blog before 4AM. There is SO MUCH to talk about.


The goods of this episode were at the end so I am going to go in reverse chronological order, can you dig? (Is another way to say that: counter-clockwise?)

I am also going to try and keep things moving quickly and be brief because Holy Happiness, this episode had me laughing.

SO, the end:

I think the end of this episode proves a point that I want to reiterate from my first blog, that I am GLAD Ben is at the helm of the ship. Though I now believe the ship has morphed from a lovely Sonoma bound, wine filled gondola, to the boat ride from the first Charlie and the Chocolate factory. “There’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going.” Is it raining, snowing, there is no way of knowing “witch” previous contestant is going to show up. WOW this got nuts, and fast.

His decision to give Shawntel the boot and not give out the final rose was nothing short of a Tebow 4th quarter save (with or without God).  He remained calm and cool, and dodged about 13 bullets from the other girls, although he kept Courtney around, which is like pulling the pin of a grenade and hoping for the best.

This rose ceremony also brought out a few lines that made me pause the TV and laugh hysterically.

1.) After Shawntel shows up, the cocktail party gets axed, and before the rose ceremony Jaclyn says, verbatim: “On a scale of 1 to 10…I feel like I’m going to throw up.”  Jaclyn, you forgot to reference the scale that you just mentioned.

2.) As Erika is hitting the deck and passing out, SOMEONE asks her, “Are you anemic?”  A few things here:

a.) The first time through I thought she said “autistic,” so I was laughing hysterically at how wildly inappropriate and unrelated that question was.

b.) When I played it back and heard her actually say “anemic,” which is simply a blood disorders that effects your red blood cell count, which can obviously have a ton of not-so-good symptoms, but PASSING OUT on The Bachelor is NOT one of those symptoms.  Hilarious…I laughed for 7 minutes.

3.) On Shawntel’s way out she says, “I just feel dumb.” Shawntel, I completely agree with that assessment.  That was dumb, especially the choice to wear a red “smoldering temptress” dress.  She might as well have walked in with red horns and a pointy tale as well.

I am sure this is going to be the topic of the week in the Bachelor Nation.  Here is what I have to say:

-Was it wrong for Shawntel to show up?  Absolutely not.  The show is about finding love and if she thinks it can be there with Ben then she has every right to be there, and just as much as the other girls.

-Is it a little unfair?  Absolutely.  Shawntel got the jump on 7 other girls, but she is also coming in WAY late to the “game.”  We clearly already see that Ben has feelings for some of the other girls and Shawntel had missed out on a lot of time.

-Were the girls’ reactions appropriate?  No, if they truly care about Ben and want what’s best for him then they it shouldn’t matter who shows up.  Brittney went home and another girl replaced her; why does it matter if she was from a past season?  My favorite over reaction was when Erika’s vocal chords threw up, and she gutturally blurted out, “WHO IS SHE?” like Shawntel was some deformed ape woman from another planet.  Good lord ladies, she’s just a woman!

Moving earlier into the evening, I got all heated watching/listening to Courtney bash my girls Nicki and Lindzi.  I mean HEATED.  I really like those two girls and to hear Courtney dogging on them for no reason…I don’t care what happens the rest of the season, Courtney will not bounce back from that with me.  Her and Ben’s time on the roof was generic, lame, and incredibly hard to watch.  Mostly because it seems like Ben is SO into her and I think she’s the worst.  I just don’t like complainers.  I don’t enjoy or understand pointing out other people’s flaws for conversational purposes and so far Courtney is the queen of that.  Yikes.

On a completely different, happier, “make Michael smile” note:  Lindzi’s one-on-one.  Man, was I glued to the TV.  I just love this girl so much.  I love her attitude.  I loved how she said “please” and “thank you,” and “have a good night” after getting ice cream with Ben. I liked how she spun the break-up into a positive thing she learned from, AND that she is happy ALONE.  That is one of the most important steps before becoming happy WITH SOMEONE ELSE.  LOVE THIS GIRL :) (Ben, please don’t pick her. Lindzi, call me.)

The group date is a blast. Easily one of the coolest things I’ve seen, and I certainly didn’t mind the bikinis.  The night portion of the date was also super dope.  Wherever they went with the waterfall, pool, tapestry, the hippy vibe was AWESOME.  That’s on my “leap list” for sure.

Brittney bailing out was confusing, then sad, confusing again and ended wonderfully in my mind.  I LOVED what she said, and I think she truly put Ben’s interest in front of her own and acted selflessly.  My sincerest applause to you Brittney.  That was classy and loving of you and made me a fan :)

The first 1 on 1 date goes to Emily.  I WAS SO EXCITED to see this.  I am a sucker for blondes, and I LOVE her smile.  I also really like her vibe and how she started the date being totally honest and saying, “Yeah…we haven’t had a lot of time together, so let’s see what happens.”   Some other girls have already started to say they have this real connection, and are totally smitten. Emily wasn’t trying to make her relationship with Ben something it wasn’t.  They totally clicked, climbing the bridge was amazing, and the date also produced my “Flan-ick-nack” of the week, which he said on Lindzi’s date as well, “I like the way we interact.”  That is such a simple, wonderful little sentence and I think it is VITAL to learning if you would be a good fit with someone.

Lastly, (and I mean firstly, time-wise) we meet Julia, Ben’s sister.  I really liked getting to see more of Ben’s family, and hear him talk to her openly and honestly about the other girls.  It was AWESOME.  He isn’t speaking to a camera, or a girl, or Chris Harrison, just sharing his truthful thoughts with family.  Such a nice, new, neat twist.

Okay, wow, I didn’t even get to all the other goodies in this episode, but I think I kept things manageable for this blog.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and post comments; I really do look at every one of them.

I thought I would sign-off by saying my guess is a lot us watch this show and in a small way, or for some of us: a very big way…really long for and want that special someone.  Maybe it is because you are recently single, or have been for a long time.  It is even possible that you are young and haven’t found love, or maybe older and had it with someone but lost it somehow along the way.  I would urge you to let the “wait” be it’s own journey.  Let the “wait” be a time where you learn to love you.  I promise you.  PROMISE, he or she is out there and is looking for you just the same, if you both make the best of the “wait.” Once the time comes for your paths to cross it will be all that much more of a beautiful thing.

My best to you in your quest to find: