The episode.

WOW… I am going to keep things brief, for two reasons.

1. Your boss is probably wondering what you’re doing (or not doing) for this long at your desk
2. Not much to discuss…right?

Nicki grabs the first (and her last) date with Ben. They cascade some BEAUTIFUL mountains in a helicopter…and I feel a little guilty for being bored by this but let’s face it…this is LITERALLY the 56th helicopter ride we have seen this season.

Nicki goes on and On and ON about how happy she is, she likes where their relationship is going, blah blee…bloo blooo…blooo. Ben doesn’t say anything… And I mean that….I think he actually doesn’t say ANYTHING in response…except…”this is beautiful” (about the mountains not Nicki…sad face) “Yep,” “Yes” and “Uh-huh.”

They find there way to the fantasy suite, trek a bit deeper into the house to find a hot tub. Make-out, make-out… Ben says in an interview that he can picture his life with Nicki and SCENE.

Did I miss anything?

I know I don’t think so either…

Lindzi snags date number 2. They do what I can only describe as the most boring way to get down a mountain on earth. I was so excited at first!!! I thought they were going to strap in, and jump down the mountain like FBI/SWAT agents do to the side of buildings right before they CRASH through a window and shoot 11 bad guys.

Instead they inched along, dropping at about 2ft per minute. It was a 300ft drop.

My hope was at some point, that Swiss guy wearing too much neon green would reach over, give a quick warning then cut Lindzi’s rope. In an incredibly Bachelor-oic display of heroism Ben would reach down at the last second, grab Lindzi by the wrist and lower her down to safety. His brow slick with sweat, bicep bulging, Lindzi (and our) hearts racing till she was safe.

Unfortunately the exact opposite happened and the just slowly inched down a rope for hundreds of feet.

Even less exciting was the fantasy suite. We kept hearing talk of how much Lindzi has opened up. Was it just me or did you guys not see ANY opening up AT ALL? Yes….we get it…we got it…. I know…. she broke up with a guy a year ago. Saying it a dozen times in one date doesn’t mean she opened up!

They make out… Ben closes the door…. end scene.

Courtney smiles her way up to Ben on the final one-on-one this week and they hop on a train having some surprisingly cute banter about the small town they visit… Stroodledoodle or something. They KIND OF talk about how mean Courtney has been. But the real can of worms gets opened during dinner. They talk it out. Courtney is actually convincing in how much she acknowledges her mistakes, she owns up to her immaturity, admits she would do things differently. And honestly…

I am done fighting this. At the end of the day Ben and Courtney really do seem in love, right? We have been saying this all season. And though we roll our eyes at it. There is NO CHEMISTRY even close to what is going on between B&C. Ben just does NOT look at the other girls or act how he does with Courtney, with the other girls. So again, I am done hating Courtney and I am done with not wanting him to pick her.

Courtney was almost kind of nice to watch this episode. Ben really does seems to care about her a LOT, and does seem to be in love with her. She obviously accepts the fantasy suite… They make out in a hot tub that a little person would think was tiny…and SCENE.

Enter: Preview of Emily’s season…Did anyone else feel like this was a breath of fresh air?

Emily looked great! Sounded great. It was fun seeing Ashley and Ali give her some advice, try on clothes, get make-up done, all to go watch Titanic. OH YEAH. Should be a good season : )

Fast-forward 9 minutes. Rose Ceremony. 2 Roses to give out. 3 girls standing.

Nicki gets the dump.

Can’t say I was surprised to be honest. She was just giving it out so much on the date, and I didn’t feel like Ben was giving it back at all. She says some incredibly sweet things like: “I just want you to be happy” and I think she means it. : )

She was such a lovable Bachelorette, and I think Ben would have picked well if he picked her. I am SURE she was heartbroken for a while and I will be anxious to see what she says on the WTA next week.

My thanks for reading every week. My love for posting the comments.

And my best to those of you still looking to find the love we all hear about in songs, watch in movies and read about it books.

If it wasn’t the best thing in the world, the one thing that is always worth fighting for that can move mountains, and bring us to our knees in tears (sometimes good sometimes bad). It wouldn’t be worth looking for.

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