Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 1

Hello everyone!

I am so glad to be back in the “kitchen” dishing out a little “blog-sauce”. This is first of ten blogs to come your way. Some things you should know before we start on our own little ten-week “blog journey”…

First, I read EVERY comment, so, if you like/dislike something I wrote: let me know! Second, Ashley’s Spivey’s blog is also really good, so if you haven’t already… start reading it… And lastly, I always leave a little paragraph at the end about my music, feel free to skip that part if you are just hear for Bachelor Gossip, no hard feelings. But if you haven’t checked out my music, though I have an INCREDIBLY biased opinion, hahaha, I think it’s really good, and I think you will like it too. Whaow!

Fade to black…


Night one is always my favorite episode, ALWAYS! Our hypersensitive, 2013, fast-paced, internet-loving minds get an onslaught of information, dresses, roses, back-stories, tears… It’s awesome.

Let’s break it down!

Sean is at the head of the ship this season, and I feel good about it. He looks like Thor with shorter hair, killer smile, strong faith, family man, wears a suit well… Props ABC you picked well :)

Our lead man gets a visit from Arie, they discuss, at length, how to kiss, how to pass out roses, how to dump girls… And honesty, I loved it. It was hilarious and fun and, no offense Chris, I enjoyed it a lot more than the fire-side chat down (sad) memory lane…

Will YOU accept this rose?!?!? / I’m Ron Burgundy???


The Ladies.

Where to begin…

Lots of potential in the group, fo sho!

Lots of crazies to sift through… FA SHOW!

My thoughts:

It always amazes me that the guys and girls on the show don’t realize that when coming out of the limo less is more.

Any “bit”…i.e… Wedding dress, songs, yoga, back-bend (oh god)… To quote a not-so-good movie, Night at the Smithsonian (ka-moon-ra) (insert “lisp”)… “There’s just too much going on here”…

The girls I am always impressed with and want to see more of are the girls, that just say hello, smile, give a good hug, and smile… Yes, I know I listed smile twice…

I know they all want to stand out, but standing out for the wrong reasons can be a bad thing.

I thought Kacie B, Tierra, Taryn, Desiree, Jackie, Kristy, and Sarah did this very well.

Katie, Robyn, Lauren (Italian Dad = break legs), Ashley P, and Lindsay (wedding dress) just crapped the bed right away for me. Their “bits” just make the first impression awkward and forced.

OK, the cocktail party.

First, I have to say that I LOVED the “rose-as-you-go” format. It made every interaction way more intense, and I think it’s awesome that Sean is confident enough in his first impressions to give out roses right away, and doesn’t need to wait for a ceremony. Super Dope! I liked it.


Sarah: Being patient, confident, and the smile after she got the rose. Heart melt.

Kacie B: she was so natural and unassuming, humble and comfortable talking to Sean and confident in her reason for being there. And to set the record straight, she has every right in the world to be there, it is in no-way unfair.

No other real stand-outs to me…though I am sure there are more to come.


50 shades of Ashley: Mother Theresa. That got awkward.

Lindsay: Wedding dress, dance/kiss fail combo… Yikes.

Ashley H: I think I have Men’s Fashion down pretty well, and I don’t pretend to know Women’s fashion, especially formal wear all that well… But what…the hell…was she wearing. The bright turquoise, strapless mermaid situation with the blown-out 80’s hair… Another not-so-good movie quite…Pitch Perfect…Cheeks shaking, “nope…hard pass…hard pass…”


During Desiree and Sean’s one on one time, did anyone else notice the strange ghost/black-man walk behind them mid-sentence? Go watch it back, it’s awesome.

And is it just me or is Leslie an EXACT African American clone of Emily O’Brien from Emily’s season?


I’m gonna wrap things up here rose-lovers. It looks like we have a wild 9 weeks ahead of us, and I am more than confident in this season’s ability to entertain! Hope you check back with me every week for more recaps and one-liners, and until then: My love to you all.

Music time:

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The last 6 months have been freakin wonderful. Played more shows all over the US and Canada, and have been prepping for some big FULL BAND shows coming up early this year.

The EP and the new singles, “Our Love Story” and “My Type of Girl” have both done very well thanks to you guys. Huge thank you!

I’m still trying to get to Texas, Boston and Michigan for some shows this year and will hopefully have details on those shows in the next few weeks.

Lastly… If you see me at the airport or on the street PLEASE say “hi”. I’d love to give you a hug, take a picture and learn your name. One of my least favorite things is getting tweets from people who say they saw me but didn’t feel comfortable saying hello. HATE IT. I’m just a normal guy, and will always have time for a “hello”!!! Got it!!!???!!!


Leave me some love below, and I’ll see you guys next week.