Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 2

Let’s dive in.

No wait…

Let’s share some gossip:

This last Friday ABC/Warner Horizon hosted a (first-time) cocktail party for press, staff, cast to come hang out for the night.  And in case you didn’t see the tweet/INSTA-fest happening that night… Let me re-cap, quickly.

Cast invited back was: Myself, Deanna, my brother (red-headed step child of the Bachelor world), Ali, Emily, Trista, Jason and Molly, Jake, Erica Rose, Jillian Harris, Courtney Robertson, and Sean… We had a BLAST.  It was open bar and we all tested to make sure it was, ALL night.  Holy crap.  So fun.

A few notes:  One, in case you didn’t know… and I would LOVE to put this to rest.  I DID NOT MARRY DEANNA PAPPAS.  I have a twin brother, Stephen, and THEY have been married for over a year now, they are crazy happy, and in love and it’s awesome… and I am hoping to be an uncle very soon.

Second, Jillian Harris is the best there ever was!!!  She is happily dating a guy named Justin, we met him at JP and Ashley’s wedding, and he is awesome.  She seems to be glowing, happy as ever; working in Vancouver on “Love it or List it”…she is just killing it.  It is always so good to see her.

Jason and Molly… holy SMILE on my face.  I just love those two… enough said. : )!!!

Trista, the mother of us all.  Such a little firecracker and so much fun to be around.  The Stagliano’s (Michael, Stephen, Deanna, Emily (almost a Stagliano ; ))… LOVE her.

Aaaaaaand we got to meet Sean.  He is everything you would expect (in a good way). Great smile, genuine, makes eye contact, respectful, fun to be around, good at conversation.  My brother and I (a few drinks in) made it a point to “steal” him from doing interviews…. as you can all probably imagine… he looked TIRED.  He has been doing press, coast to coast, the last 11 days…and we felt so bad for him.  He is the MAN… which leads me very nicely back into the episode.

“…snap back to reality… up there goes rabbit…. he won’t go down that easy… no….” Ok, that’s enough.

Sarah gets the first one-on-one date and, like you, I approved.

Her reaction to getting the first date was ridiculously sweet, and awesome.  She is shocked, she wants to cry. OH, it was my favorite.  She gets picked up in a helicopter (are we even surprised anymore?), she talks about how this is a dream come true, and they land on a building in downtown LA.

SO… she quickly learns they are going to “free fall” off the building to some champagne. She is game, he is supportive. They scoot to the edge, push off… and uh… I’m not gonna lie, when Sean said “free fall” I was expecting some lame-ass “repelling-like” slow descent down the side…. hahahahaha… AH, NO… they straight up FLEW down the side of the building. And in case you wondered about the “reality” of how fast they were going, Sarah SCREAMED the entire way down.  I loved it.  And they seemed to as well.

Fast forward a few minutes, or a commercial or two and they have dinner at night and unfortunately I didn’t love this part of the date.  Please don’t hate me for saying it, but I just heard some things come out of Sarah’s mouth a little too fast.

Things like:

“Sean is the perfect guy for me”

“I’m falling in love”

I am not saying those aren’t sweet, and probably really great to say… but I always fear when it is this early on that someone is saying that because they are in love with the BACHELOR not… Sean… Right? C’mon…

Other than that, I like Sarah a lot, and Sean seems to as well.  Hope she sticks around for a long time :)

Moving on!

Group Date. Way too many girls to name. Que: Shirtless Sean, a lot of hairspray and flashing lights aaaaand wrapped!

Here is what I gathered:

Kristy, the model, did really well…um…yay.  But, she would NOT stop squealing.

Tierra… jelly (I learned this is an abbreviation for jealous, and that’s hilarious) (also, I don’t think guys should use it) (first and last time).

Leslie M – kisses him.

They wrap, Kristy wins… which was as exciting as putting Michael Phelps in a race with Jr. High kids and learning that he won.

And it’s nighttime, was it a pool party?  With no swim suits? I missed this…

Leslie M gets some one on one time to start and honestly, she made HUGE leaps forward in my book this episode.  There was something very natural and welcoming and warm about her, and the whole “I want to kiss him” bit was soup cute.  Sean certainly didn’t mind it either.

Cut to: vegan loves beef… I don’t even have to comment on that one, it speaks for itself.

Tierra: Cat claws coming out, I don’t know… something doesn’t seem entirely accurate. EXCEPT for the fact that almost all the other girls don’t like her…THAT says something.

Katie: The Yoga instructor, is uncomfortable and leaves… Honestly, the show, and more specifically that environment is NOT for everyone, and huge props to her for doing what she thought was right. AND for pointing out that there are girls there that are FORCING IT. She doesn’t feel the need to do that. Bravo, Katie.

Lastly, Desiree (spelling?) gets the final one-on-one and while she was not a stand out for me night one, holy hell… she completely turned that around for me.

Sean sets up a prank on her at an art show and few things were worth pointing out:

1. I LOVE when people get to see Chris Harrison’s playful side.  He really is a funny guy with a great sense of humor and is NOT as formal and composed as his role on the show leads people to believe.  He is AWESOME, and very light on his feet, and some of that side of him came out on the set-up of this date.

2. Anyone watch the show “Scare Tactics”?  The actors in the episode, the “artist” and the “photographer”, were on that show… thought that was cool.  If you haven’t seen that show, I just wasted 7 seconds of your life…I apologize.

3.  Desiree handles the prank with grace and charm…and I think all of America started to fall in love with her.

If that wasn’t enough, the rest of the date with Sean back at his mansion was PERFECT.  They seemed very well connected, physically, emotionally and conversationally. She said a few things that I really like.

1. That she thinks it is important to put others first.  YEP!  If you haven’t figured this out yet people… there is something incredibly important and valuable in “serving” others, and putting others first. Huge points in my book.

2.  That the rose is a SYMBOL.  Doesn’t it IRK you guys when you hear girls talking about the “rose.”  That they want the “rose.”  It drives me nuts.  They should want Sean…not just a rose. I got the sense that Desiree understood that as well by the way she acted towards the rose.

Last thing about this episode that I thought was worth pointing out was Lindsay.  Trust me, I was with you guys. The wedding dress, first dance, kiss fail combo had her all but out the door for me and this week, those few moments she had with Sean were AWESOME. Their “best friend” conversation was really special and cool. I was very glad to see her get a rose.

Oh wait, one more thing: neon-green-flower-shoulder pads. THAT was unbelievable. Again, I don’t know much about women’s formal wear (see Episode 1 blog), but what the H was going on there? That means, that she looked in the mirror, checked her lipstick, played with her hair, looked at her shoulders and thought, “yea… those look good!”  I didn’t hear a word she said (also because she didn’t say anything) the whole night because I couldn’t not look at those things. Whew, ok, I digress.


Thank you all for commenting on last week’s blog.  I read every word… So if you feel like sharing your thoughts below… feel free. :)

Hope you guys have a good week.  Thanks for stopping by…. Now get back to work!  Hahaha

Much love,