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Hello Everyone!

Glad to have you all back for another re-cap. I HAVE to start of this week by saying: thank you. A BIG THANK YOU. The love and support for Emily and I made last week super special. We are crazy happy and all the kind words, comments, tweets, just added to that…WHAOW! Thank you!


Let’s get to it!

Sean and the girls arrive by seaplane to the insanely beautiful island of St. Croix and coming out of Canada, the sunshine, the beach and all around POSITIVE vibe is-ah-flowing!

Jumping right in, AshLee gets the first one-on-one date….which I am mildly excited about. As soon as I learned she was getting it I immediately braced myself for LOADS of conversation about “trust.” Adding to my weariness is Sean showing up in a solid pastel-orange button down, and umm… white and black wide-stripped swim trunks… What the WHAT!?!?

AshLee is very excited to see him, they make their way down to a beach, swim out to a Catamaran, head to a private island and BAM… AshLee delivers what will prove to be the finishing blow to the monster that has become Tierra.

A few things to point out:

1. I don’t think any other girl in the house could have delivered it to Sean like AshLee did. She did NOT bring it up, she waited to be asked, then shared her honest opinion. She didn’t bash on Tierra, or make it an attack…she just shared what she observed.

2. You could see light bulbs going off in Sean’s head, finally.

3. You could tell the message was well received because the next thing they did was: make-out in the sand, make-out in the water… then make out in the sand with the water splashing over them. Hahaha. Huge points for AshLee.

4. At night: she says she can see him as her husband… and though it wasn’t my favorite moment, her screaming that she loves Sean was kind of cute (4 out of 10). Anyways, I don’t think AshLee does things for attention… it just seemed a little forced (in the context of this show) to have to tell Sean about things like “trust” (the scarf) and “love” (the scream)… if you have to do it with a “thing”… Am I wrong? I’d also like to point out that the FIRST time you tell someone you love them, isn’t it a bit much if you are SCREAMING it at them??? Also, it reminded me of a Jewelers commercial… remember? That dude screams it outside the steps of some place outside… I don’t know… Schmee, schmerr…It’s sweet but… That’s all.

5. We learn that AshLee was married when she was 17. Holy Lord, I did NOT see that one coming. Also, something to point out here. I DID NOT LIKE how much she built it up… She kept saying, “Ok, I just want to say it. And be done. Here it is. There is something I want to tell you. And… Ok. I am going to say it…. And it is really hard, for me. Because, I want to say it and just… I don’t want it to ruin anything… and OK… So here it comes… I am going…” After 45 seconds of this I was about ready to POP. JUST SAY IT. I was HONESTLY half expecting her to say, “When I was 15, I killed my mom.” I’m SERIOUS! That is how worried I was because of HOW MUCH she built it up. Unnecessary, IMO.

Moving on.

Tierra gets a one on one, which, for me, is the EXACT SAME feeling as strapping into “It’s A Small World After All” at Disney land: Let’s hurry up and get it over with.

She rolls her eyes about her one-on-one. “It will be hot and sweaty, and gross.” She wishes it would be on the water, like AshLee’s date.

We all just wish she wouldn’t talk anymore.

Something HILARIOUS happened, that made Desiree look a little on the slow side but, I HAVE to point it out because it made me laugh out loud. Lindsay (I think) reads the date card, which says something to the effect of: “Tierra, let’s walk around the streets of St. Croix…” A moment passes, then Desiree blurts out, “Oh my GODs! Tierra, I BET you are going to walk around the streets of St. Croix!!!” Hahahaha. OH, Captain Obvious that was fantastic. I NOW KNOW who asked if the goat was a dog in Montana (remember?)… Thank you Desiree!

They walk around the streets (as per date card). Sean buys her some jewelry. Tierra is GLOWING. They dance in a parade. Sean is checked out and uber concerned about what AshLee told him about Tierra the day before. The sun sets and they move to the night portion of the date. She starts blurting things out like, “I don’t have to like the other girls, they aren’t going to be around!” and “I feel like I am behind in the game.” And for ME, that was where I started to get insanely mad. It’s not a f*cking game. There are no points, there aren’t teams, and there isn’t a field or a court or a referee. So for to her to talk about it, TO SEAN, as a game – this made me mad.

Further to my dismay, she starts talking about how she is falling for him. Sean is MILDLY interested in this, and what’s worse – LITERALLY 5 MINUTES BEFORE, she was in an interview talking about how sweet it is that a guy would buy her something on their FIRST DATE!!! WHAT THE F? There is absolutely nothing genuine coming out of her lips, and the episode isn’t even halfway over!

THANK GOD – we move on to a group date, which starts off SO COOL. They did this on Ben’s season… where The Bachelor arrives at 4am and wakes the girls up, no-make-up, totally surprised – I LOVE IT. It immediately gives you the sense that something awesome is about to happen.

Suspicions are confirmed! They hop in a Jeep and race the sun, to be the first 4 people in America to see the sunrise. SUPER DOPE! (And it starts a race across the island to see the sunset… SUCH a cool idea.)

Let’s break it down by girl:

Lindsay: LOTS more kissing and googly eyes. These two LIKE each other A LOT.

Catherine: OK!!! Ok. Ok. OK!!! I get it. This was a turning point for me with Catherine. We obviously got to see a deeper side to her in her and Sean’s conversation about her father. Super emotional, Catherine couldn’t even look at him! It was really sad hearing about her family situation and it was nice seeing genuine, normal, natural conversation between the two of them.

Desiree: Nothing new brought to light, except that she is VERY CLOSE to her family. So close, that she cries just thinking about them. After their time together I think it is 100% safe to say that she will get a rose, if not during the date, FO-SHO at the Rose Ceremony.

The rose DOES end up going to Lindsay. First hometown rose is out!!

Leslie has the final one-one-one.

They go…Avocado picking…I guess.

Yea, super boring date. They just kind of walk around and talk in a bunch of different locations.

Now, while we have some hope that the CONVERSATION might save the day by being entertaining/light/funny/ or heartfelt/endearing/emotional – Unfortunately, none of those things happen. Interviewing, Leslie gushes about how she is falling in love, and never understood how the girls on the show COULD fall in love, but now she is one of them. Even more UNFORTUNATE is that she literally, can’t even look him in the eye. It is kind of cute, but it also feels like we are watching her on the edge of a cliff just waiting to see if she is going to jump. Instead of jumping, she lays down. She does NOT say the “L” word… But she DOES get a super passionate romantic KISS with Sean… and I gotta say… after they kiss, and she took that deep breath in, and almost looked drunk… THAT is a pretty good sign of LOVE my friends.

(I get that feeling if Emily even kisses me on the cheek… let alone when we lock lips.)

The date doesn’t go badly, it just doesn’t go well.


Back at the house Tierra and Ashley are GOING AT IT…

…Arguing…not…not the other thing.

Let’s be honest, the conversation was pretty hard to follow. Not surprisingly, Tierra was being super defensive, playing the victim, SCREAMING about how she doesn’t have to sabotage relationships and get herself to the top because and I quote, “Girls are just jealous, men love me!” This was one of the ugliest things I have seen on this show. Someone that self-centered and unaware of what they sound like – YIKES!!! She storms off, only to storm BACK in to another room and continue the fight, “making outrageous claims like she invented the question mark…” Seriously, sh*t got loony. But it seems like AshLee delivered a staggering blow when she simply told Tierra. “I DIDN’T SAY A WORD, UNTIL SEAN ASKED!”

Mixed in with all of this are shots of Sean talking to his sister who is giving REALLY GOOD ADVICE. Sean decides to bring Tierra to meet her, goes to the house to get her, only to find her crying, distraught, huddled on her cot in isolation, playing the victim again. THIS TIME… you can just tell on his face that HE… IS… OVER IT!

She whimpers through her hands and her tears, trying to explain how hard it is and what happened… It is just too little too late… and in what is undoubtedly one of my favorite moments for a Bachelor in the history of the show, Sean sends her PACKING! It was AWESOME! This totally re-confirmed that we have a good guy at the head of the ship. I LOVE IT. I think anyone watching LOVES IT.

Ding dong… the witch is dead…

NOW LOOK. As much as I DID want Tierra to go, and I DO think everything that was happening to her was her own fault, it does always pull on me a little bit to see someone crying that much, and who is THAT hurt. I am sure that the last 3 months or so have been really difficult for Tierra, watching this all back. Imagine having your friends and family watching all of this???

… Esh…

While I don’t condone any of her actions, it HAS to be hard to have 7-10 million people hating you so I feel for her a little bit because of that…

SO… No cocktail party.

Enter rose ceremony…

Enter Chris.

Enter Sean in another grey suit. Is he going to wear a black one of these times…or no?

4 roses to give out to 5 girls.

Leslie gets the boot.

And while I totally saw them hit it off at the beginning of the season, it did feel like the other girls’ relationships with Sean progressed a lot more than hers. Leslie was absolutely one of my favorites. Sad to see her go :(

But hometowns are up next, and holy crap it looks like a rough week ahead. Is there going to be a FIGHT for the first time in the history of the show!?!?! I THINK SO! DAYUMN!!

THANK YOU for reading as always! Go put my music on your iPod and I’ll love you forever. Even if you don’t, we can still be friends. Itunes.com/michaelstagliano



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