Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 8

Hey gang,

Well DAY-UMN… Welcome to the week 8 recap of The Bachelor.  I am not gonna lie, this one felt a lot like ice-skating uphill.  It seriously got worse and worse, harder and harder (and yes, therefore better and better to watch) as the episode went on.


(Insert English accent) – Let’s rowll it!

We head to Houston, TX for the first hometown date with AshLee.

It is BY FAR the most “boring” hometown date of the four.  There is LOTS of talk about love, and love, and also, LOVE.  Literally, all sunshine and puppies… AshLee…CANNOT…STOP… talking about how in love she is.

And honestly, it’s sweet. But when you get bashed in the head over and over with lines like: “I have been dreaming of taking a man home since I was 4 or 5,” “I have fallen IN to love with him,” “Sean told me that he loves me and I can trust him and that he will be there (UHHHHhhhhh… I don’t think he said that)” “I love you,” “I want to marry someone like my Dad.  Sean is like my Dad.” Sure, I know I am a guy, and that it’s ‘The Bachelor,’ but HOLY HELL! I was drowning in it.

AshLee’s parents seemed INCREDIBLY AWESOME.  And Mother Theresa and all the saints in heaven! – Her dad’s story about adopting her, and how he wants a man to fall in love with her like that, I was about in tears. That was beautiful.  Her parents love Sean and would welcome him into the family… I want to comment more on this part of the episode but it would be redundant.  LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE. Though Sean seems to keep it all at arms length.  My honest opinion: AshLee is just A LOT for him.

Catherine: We head to Seattle – a city that I LOVE and have frequented all too often. : )

The vibe of the show COMPLETELY changes, as Sean and Catherine have a completely opposite relationship when compared to AshLee. Sean smiles A LOT MORE. Things seem natural and fun; very light-hearted and you can tell that they both genuinely ENJOY each other.  One of my favorite lines was when Sean said, “Catherine is a girl that I just liked hanging out with, then we found a romance, and now it is something really special.”  That is HUGE.  I feel like, especially with AshLee, they rarely laugh and have fun together… it’s just serious SERIOUS conversation about love and trust.

Catherine and Sean head to the fish market, catch some fish, then head home to meet the family: Mom, Grandma and Catherine’s two sisters.  And it does NOT go so well.

We learn that:

A) Catherine’s grandma thinks Sean is Hot.

B) The sisters DO NOT think Catherine is taking this seriously OR that she is ready to get married.

C) Catherine’s mom has such a good smile, and seems really warm and welcoming.

D) Catherine didn’t not go on the show to get engaged… she went on it to have fun and SEE if there was something there with The Bachelor.  I LOVED THIS.  I ALWAYS DISLIKE when people interview and say that they went on the show to get married. WHAT THE HELL does that mean? I loved that Catherine FOUND love, didn’t come on the show ALREADY in love.

E) Catherine is a slob (a deal breaker for me…so…eesshh)

Honestly, not a bad hometown… though it does leave Sean with some questions…

Lindsay: is up next.

We quickly learn that Lindsay is ready to say “I love you,” pending that everything goes well with the date. They give each other HUGE hugs. Fun. They get cupcakes, she “drills” to get “Army Ready”…Lindsay reminds me of a little girl, not in a good way… and while, they do seem flirty and giddy… I can’t say I see the deep connection there that implies “wife,” ya know?

And for ME, I started to take note of something… Sean says the EXACT same thing about ALL FOUR GIRLS. He is, “crazy about her, and thinks she is very special”.  After hearing it for the 3rd time I was like, come on Sean, come on buddy, let’s starting saying how we really feel…

BUT THEN! Sean had a conversation with Lindsay’s mom that changed my mind about that.

She flat out asks him, “do you love my daughter?” and he says, “I can’t say that yet,” and she ADMIRES that Sean feels like love is a sacred thing. And guess what, I admire that too. haha. Lindsay’s mom for the win.

I was sweating bullets for Sean when he was gearing up to talk to Lindsay’s Dad.  (BULLETS. did you catch the pun there… Army… bullets… Oh, it wasn’t that good I guess.)

At first it seems like it is NOT GONNA GO WELL. But after just a few minutes, Lindsay’s Dad seems like a softy.  I liked him A LOT.  Sean kind of asks permission, and Lindsay’s Dad eeks out an answer.  He ends up gifting Sean some ID (Dog) Tags which I thought was really special; such a cool gift. I also noticed that when they said goodbye, Sean hugged the little brother Marcus. I think this was my favorite hometown out of the 4.  I bet Sean would say that too. : )

OK!  Last but FAR from least.

Holy crap.

Desiree:  Right in my backyard. The sunshine state. California Love.

Oh man, it seems like it is going to be a really good day.  They meet and go on a hike. Desiree says something super cute, “she doesn’t want to have to miss him anymore.” They walk and talk then end up at Desiree’s place, which was really nice!  AND she did all the art on the walls.  Super dope. Things seem PERFECT, until there is a knock at the door.

Hahahahaha.  And ohhh Christ.  I took this hook-line-and-sinker.  In fact, I watched it twice because I was so upset, confused, at Desiree and at this (fake) boyfriend. Hahahaha.  OH MAN.  I seriously thought it was going to GO DOWN. Coming back from commercial we learn it is all a joke, Desiree was getting Sean back for the prank he pulled on her earlier this season, and I LOVE IT.  It was friggin hilarious.

Unfortunately, the fun DOES NOT LAST.

Well, I shouldn’t say that.  Desiree’s parents were my favorite. They were just gushing with love and support and smiles…it kind of makes you wonder where the HELL Desiree’s brother came from.

Nate asks Sean if they can talk, and outside he confronts Sean about being a “playboy.”  My heart starts pumping, and I want to knock this kids teeth in. I honestly think Sean was having the exact same reaction.

It disappoints me when someone uses an assumption to form an opinion about somebody that they have NEVER talked to. Nate did this, and not only did he MISS THE MARK COMPLETELY about Sean, but he RUINED (single-handed) Desiree’s shot with Sean.  He was terrible. Now I am going to give him the same respect, and say that I have never talked to him, or met him, and I can understand his skepticism and being protective over Desiree…but what the H…He just did NOT seem like a good guy… Even the way he talked to his parents at the dinner table at the end of the episode!  Super disrespectful, and inconsiderate of Desiree and her feelings…OHHHHHH NO.  It was a nightmare.

At the Rose Ceremony: Sean is distraught.  He seems defeated and confused, frustrated and worried, and those are a lot of emotions that we have not seen him wear on his face so far this season.  He talks with Chris and explains how lost he feels. Even standing in front of the girls at the Rose Ceremony he admits that he STILL didn’t know who is going to send home.  Desiree makes a last minute attempt at apologizing, but SHE is not the problem.

Sean gives out a rose to Catherine and AshLee…walks out…struggles for a moment (or 5)…walks back in and gives the Rose to Catherine.


As we re-learn every season, the show gets more and more intense after every episode.  For some reason, this season and THIS episode felt like a whole different ball game.  Obviously this is the product of meeting families, but in general, it just felt like there was a lot more weight involved.  Like this wasn’t easy for Sean…AT ALL…


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Some really cool new stuff going on in the next few weeks.  We are booking a show in BOSTON at the House of Blues (stay tuned). I will be playing a charity benefit concert at a school in LA on March 1st. Some new YouTube videos will be going up this week, which I haven’t done in MONTHS… cause, you know… I’ve been getting engaged and stuff.  Haha.

Life is super good right now, and I hope it is for you all as well.  As always, thank you for reading.

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