Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor Blog: Finale

YEP! It’s the finale blog PART 2.

So before I start, a little prologue.

IN CASE you had any doubt. Yes, I read all of your comments and if PART 1 didn’t prove that, I don’t know what will :).

Thank you all so much for reading along this season, sharing your thoughts, and the kind words. It honestly feels like have an open conversation with a couple hundred close friends. Haha. Is that weird?

…I didn’t think so.

The Finale!

I am going to be brief. And honestly, the three parts that interested me the most were: The Dump, The Proposal and Des as The Bachelorette. I am sure I am not alone in this interest level, but yea… I just didn’t see any other blog worthy material.


Here goes.

Lindsay getting the boot:

Truth be told, I didn’t watch the finale real-time. I was busy on Monday night and had plans on Tuesday that forced me to not be able to watch the show until late Tuesday Night/Weds morning. During those 36 hours I saw A LOT of comments on twitter, a lot of which, were focused on how well Lindsay handled the break-up.

When I did get to watch it, I can’t say I was terribly impressed… She DID seem genuinely blind-sided, and I obviously think the tears were genuine; I loved when she took off the heels, and I believe her when she said she was happy for Sean and Catherine… BUT. There was a lot of stuff she said that I didn’t care for. “This is unfair”, “Why did he do this to me?”, “I have felt this like 100 times”, “Why dangle everything I want in front of me?”, “This is like, really sad, like, really.”. I am SURE I am seeming insensitive here, but… it got a little whiny for me!!! RIGHT!?! Am I nuts?

YES, I feel bad for her! Yes, I think she got her heart crushed. I think she absolutely believed she was getting proposed to, not dumped! I understand the tears. But, I thought most of the things she said were a bit south of mature. Not a lot…but a little bit. He just fell in love with Catherine and wanted to marry her. THAT is what happened.

Lindsay’s reaction to that seemed sophomoric to me.

Catherine getting the proposal: Yea… I am 29. And a man. Hahahaha, I absolutely got choked up watching that proposal. Maybe it’s because I just had that exact same feeling 5/6 weeks ago. Maybe it’s because the words Sean said were so sincere and simple and wonderful. But, I think what really got me, was the amount of times that Catherine just GASPED and lost her breath. Haha. She literally couldn’t breath. It was just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Ohhhhh…. Ok… Hang on, I’ll be right back. I am going to go do 100 push ups…

…Ok I’m back. Yea, forgive me. But holy hell it was a super special moment.

I also, gotta be honest. It took me awhile to really “get it” with Sean and Catherine. I missed the mark for a few blogs there, and I just couldn’t believe how “in love” they seemed right from the start. My guess is there was A LOT that didn’t make it to air the first 3-4 weeks…. Right? I remember watching episode 3/4 and thinking…. WHAT is going on?!?! WHY are they saying that they like each other so much. When we hadn’t even seen them hang out!! Hahaha, it would crack me up every week seeing some of you (that read the spoilers) defend Catherine and what they had, and I was just NOT seeing it.

Obviously, towards the end… I did… and in my opinion their engagement was one of the most special moments on this show… 2nd only to Jake and Vienna’s engagement… OH!!!

Des as the Bachelorette: I LOVED her reaction to being The Bachelorette. She got tears in her eyes; she was at a loss for words. Super thankful, super happy. LOVED. I gotta be honest though, I am not excited for her to be the lead lady. I don’t know what it is. I can’t put my finger on it… Maybe it is remnants of her brother’s face swirling around in my memory pool, maybe it’s just that she was SO agreeable this season. Something just didn’t click to get me on the Des train. I am hoping my ticket gets punched in May when her season starts, but until then I am not thrilled about it. She does seem to be a fan favorite so I am sure I will get heat for saying it… But, yea… I don’t dislike the choice, and I don’t dislike Des… I just don’t think it will be good TV. Schmee Schmerr.

OK! Part 2 is short and sweet.

Thank you all for reading a long all season.

The Boston show at the House of Blues is STILL in the work. I’ll be headed to Edmonton in May to perform, and down to Texas this summer for a Women’s trade show…There are some other cool things on the horizon as well…make sure to visit: www.michaelstaglianomusic.com for information on booking, tour dates, Stag Swag…and all things #LoveLikeThis.

What I REALLY want to do is play song on the show. RIGHT!?! How cool would that be? They always have a musical guest I am going to throw my ticket into the lottery pool to try and get in there. Hahaha.

My love to you all.