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Bachelor Nation… HOLY hell in a hand basket!

There is a lot to discuss this week. Before I start though I have some organizational preludes, and some general “comments” about the comments below the last two months. You with me?

OK! First, I am going to divide this blog up into chunks: Tierra, Sarah, Des, AshLee, The Finale. So if you want don’t have that much time at work, want to jump around, just scroll down and find your desired section. Cool?

Also, hahahaa. Oh where to start. As previously mentioned, I read every comment. Every one… there are no exceptions. In reading these comments the last two months I have noticed that after almost every blog one or two people write horrible, nasty, rude, inaccurate responses AIMED at me. A few things I want to say: These are the only comments I DON’T read in their entirety. I basically read a few words/lines, find out they are irrationally negative and move on to the next one. BUT, I have noticed that there are people who comment on those negative comments, and take time to defend me (appreciated : ))… but my message to those people defending me is… thank you!!!… but just let it go : ). Spend those minutes doing something else… 99% of the time… people that leave nasty comments are just looking for a response. Let’s not give them one! Cool?


WTA time.

Typically one of my favorite episodes of the season, this one fell a little bit short for me on the entertainment side… but, it was ahhhh k.


Oh Lord. The amount of things she said that were off-putting to me was hard to count. But, I’ll try and recap them all.

First, she got Botox, right? Bad start…

Second. There was a COMPLETE lack of ownership. Yes, I know at the end of her “hot seat” she apologized but did you LISTEN to the apology? She said, “I’m sorry YOU ALL felt that way”. Gross. For the record, that is not an apology.

Third, She IS ENGAGED! YAY! Or… Oh Nooo… or WHAT!?!. I don’t know. How weird was it when Chris asked her WHEN they got engaged and her response was, “No comment.” Then four seconds later she just blurted out, “January!” WHAT WAS THAT!?!?

Fourth, continuing with the WHAT?!?! I honestly, NOT EXAGGERATING, was concerned at one point that Tierra might have some kind of mental illness. Seriously, though. Pathological lying, or bipolar, or just flat out being delusional about reality, because JESUS…there were some things she said that just made her sound crazy. For example, there was a moment where she said… “I was attacked as soon as I walked in the house! And, all these girls just assumed I was there to NOT make friends…” Chris asked a question like, “Why not just be friendly?” and her response was, “BECAUSE I wasn’t there to make friends”. HAHAHAHA! WHAT!?! She also denied ever talking badly about any of the girls. When that was LITERALLY all she did when she wasn’t crying.

Oh gosh…in conclusion I’ll say this. I think Tierra truly has a skewed view of reality. I think she tricks her own mind into thinking whatever it wants…and HONESTLY, I BELIEVE HER when she says, “she doesn’t regret anything, or feel like she did anything wrong.” It takes a special kind of, unaware, selfish, conceited person to TRULY NOT have the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes…and the WTA proved that Tierra is that rare breed of crazy. My thoughts and prayers to her fiancé.


This was a dose of wonderful. Her time in the hot seat was honest, heart-felt…and in my opinion she did it without asking for a pity party. She said things like, “This was hard for all the girls not just me.” She was just heart broken, and reflective, and I really hope she becomes the next Bachelorette. She won my vote FOR SURE. I would be a little worried that she is too much of a softy and that it would be really hard for her to do. But, I think she would find Mr. Right, and I think all of America wants that for her.


Well… I like Des! I really do. I think she is a healthy balance and fun and serious. She is humble, respectful, and appreciative… LOTS TO LOVE. But OOOOOoohhhhhh LORD. Her time in the hot seat was a snooze-fest. I don’t know if she was just nervous (which is totally understandable), but it felt like she was in autopilot. I think before the WTA she was my front-runner for Bachelorette…after watching it… I just don’t think it will be an entertaining season if she was the lead lady.

Not to mention her brother would be THE WORST person to have a conversation with at the end of the season. HOW THE HELL WOULD THAT GO DOWN? That is a GIANT red flag in my book. And I don’t think Sean was completely truthful in saying that is why Des went home. If I was in his shoes that would have GREATLY effected my decision to keep Des around. HOW could you ignore that?

She also seemed oddly agreeable with the things Sean said about why they broke up. Did you catch that? Sean looked at her and said, “I smile just looking at you, Des. You have this light about you, but ultimately I did what was best for both us.” After he said that Des was nodding and smiling!!! Like she totally agreed they wouldn’t have worked out… hmm? Yea struck me as odd.


Oh gosh. This went almost exactly how I thought it was going to go. SUPER SERIOUS! Almost no smiling. Kind of vindictive. Desperate. HOLDING ON TO THE PAST. This girl has the exact same gravitational pull as an anchor!!! I just can’t imagine why someone would live their life SO focused on things in the past. It seriously saddens me just thinking about that.

Let’s break it down.

First, she tells us she walked away from Sean because she was blinded-sided and didn’t know what to say. And I got that. And I believe her. I think she was CRUSHED and thought that she was going to spend the rest of her life with Sean. I also completely agreed with what Sean about WHY he dumped her. In fact, it was almost verbatim what I commented on in my blog last week. Sean just NEVER had fun with her!!! There was ZERO “best-friendedness” going on. (Yes, I just a made up a word called best friendedness). My hope for AshLee was that watching the season back she would be able to realize, “WOW! I am WAY to serious all of the time!”…. INSTEAD, it seemed like why went the opposite direction and was super confrontational and acted like she had this HUGE grudge against Sean.

The “poster-child moment” for this was when she called Sean a frat-boy. And that’s where I started to get mad and lose my sympathy for AshLee. LOOK!!! It’s The Bachelor. There is kind of an understanding that Sean is GOING TO KISS a lot of girls, and DATE a lot of girls because that is the nature of the show. For AshLee to NOT UNDERSTAND that and accuse Sean of being a player was uncalled for, inaccurate and pretty freaking childish.

The whole, “You told me you had no-feelings for the other girls” thing… That sounded like a load of crap…for a few reasons. ONE… come on now people… We know that a) Sean is just NOT the kind of guy that would say that; b) he is not STUPID ENOUGH to say something like that; and c) if he DID say that it ABSOLUTELY would have aired!!! RIGHT!?!?

ARGH. AshLee took a GIANT step backwards for me. I really hope she is not the next Bachelorette… that would be a train ride to boring-town. Yea. She just really rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t understand being vindictive. I get she was hurt. I get she was sad. But, she was too much last night. Dislike.


Wow! Catherine and Lindsay, Lindsay and Catherine…. I mean… No brainer in my book. It is clearly Catherine. They are just about the perfect match for each other and I am excited to see them together during the After the Final Rose portion of the Finale. Lindsay is awesome, don’t get me wrong. I think she is just young, and bubbly, and flirty and doesn’t have the real meat and potatoes that Sean is looking for. It does seem like BOTH girls are incredibly invested. Tears will be shed and hearts will be broken…but thus is The Bachelor at the final leg of its journey. WHAOW!

Something kind of cool to offer this week!!! While it certainly seems fun for a lot of you to READ this re-cap blog every week. THIS WEEK you get the chance to WATCH it or LISTEN TO IT through a company called Afterbuzz TV. I went and filmed/recorded a re-cap of the WTA last night. And it is already available for you guys to watch. I cover a lot of the same stuff, but touched on some other things as well!!!

Check it out online at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUYG6zs_eDk

Or you can DL on your ipod/iphone/ipad… The Bachelor AfterBuzz TV AfterShow… the March 4th episode.

They play some of my music, we laugh a lot, re-cap the show. It’s was AWESOME!!!

As always, my love to you all. Thanks for stopping by to read. Leave a comment AND A QUESTION. Next week I am going to answer some questions in my blog. The re-cap for the finale is usually pretty boring… Only two girls, not a lot of material… So I am going to read and respond. Fire away! Ask about the show, behind the scenes, music, ANYTHING!