Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 3

…that honestly felt like watching a car crash in slow motion…backwards. You kind of know what happened?

Seriously, Episode 3 was a mess of lies, roses, ice cream…and…Prom?

Let’s dissect things a little bit.

We open with a really interesting night in the house, where Ed not only pulled Jaclyn aside, but pulled Chris and myself aside as well. Bags packed, LIMO IN THE DRIVEWAY… he told us he was going to leave. As he was a key part of our alliance we both tried to persuade him to stay, and that he should at least talk to Jaclyn before he goes. Thankfully, she convinced him to stay. I honestly think Ed was just burnt out. I am sure you all can gather from the last 3 episodes… Ed is a night owl, a party animal, and a booze hound (those are all the “animalistic” nicknames I know, haha)… and after 3 weeks I think he just wanted some sleep, and sober nights.

The next morning we learn we were leaving the Bachelor Mansion for our challenge that week, and everyone was SO EXCITED for that. Again, that house does crazy things to you… If you are not getting dates, you are stuck in a seemingly endless rotation of lights, cameras, drinking, intense conversations, and ZERO sleep. Simply getting away from that for a while is PARAMOUNT to your sanity.

Our sanity quickly got flipped outside down again when we walked up to a Willy-Wonka-meets-American-Gladiators type obstacle course. It was pretty unanimous that we were all excited for a physical challenge (without ribbons and hula hoops) and EVERYONE wanted to win.
Some things you might not know:

1. The pool full of “ice cream” was NOT ice cream…it was Soap. It is hard to think of something that is more unlike ice cream than soap…and I’ll tell you this… the second we dove into that pit we couldn’t breathe AT ALL. I was SHOCKED at how easily the bubbles flew into your lungs and made it impossible to take a breath in OR out…MADNESS. They seriously called paramedics over cause were all choking on soap that got into our lungs for 30 minutes afterwards.

2. I LOVED how close things got with David. We both gave each other a big hug as soon as it ended and I can honestly say that I didn’t care who won, I was just so happy for a close race. I said in the episode, and I’ll say it again… we both had no idea who won. Rachel was down at the end watching us at the exact moment when we ate the cherry and even SHE couldn’t tell who won. SO AWESOME!!!

As we clean up, we find out David and Rachel won and the dates begin…
So, from our perspective back at the house we saw Blakeley and Erica return from the date and say that they went to Prom…PROM. And honestly we were all thinking….EEASSHHH….that kinda sucks. I was thrilled to see that that date actually seemed awesome. David is a friggin’ sweetheart and it really did seem like the girls had a really fun night. We were all AGAIN really surprised that David chose to keep Jamie; I think this put a target on his back. Yes, he had a rose but I didn’t agree with this decision to give Jamie the rose. At that point in the game it was obvious that Blakeley was a power player and Jamie was not. Choosing to give your allegiance to someone that is not allied up with the BIGGER alliance was just not the best choice. I say that, yet I think Jamie made a really good argument for the rose and was glad to see her so happy at the end of the night.

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