Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 4

Well, we are half way through the madness that is BP3, and as you can probably tell from watching this episode that the “game” part of the show is really taking hold.  The first few weeks are kind of a “party phase.”  Everyone stays up late, drinks, mingles, it feels like there are A LOT of people around and a long way to go till the end.  Once week 4 hits, people start feeling like they really have a chance to win.

The evidence of all that came this week in the form of WILD CHILD Ed, calming it down, filling out his survey, and WINNING the Challenge.  SAY WHAT!?!?!  Yes, we were all just as shocked as you.

So…the Challenge.

Game show mash-up.  Essentially, it was a survey-type game with 2 parts. Round one was general knowledge Reality TV questions, round 2 was “who said that.”  I don’t want to rip on the show, or those that make it, because they have been very good to me, and it is a huge blessing to be on the show, go on the dates, be in the house…etc.

But holy hell…that was boring. HAHAHAHA!

It’s not even worth recapping… let’s just skip to the end:  Ed and Jaclyn win… and something happens that we haven’t seen yet: Jaclyn and Ed are a couple, so they take each other on the date, but they both WON roses…which means they EACH get to give out another rose… and they forfeit the other date.  Super interesting!

Jaclyn and Ed’s date was AWESOME.  They are both two of my favorite people that were there, INCREDIBLY fun to be around, hilarious, and their date was a pretty good representation of that.  They both seemed to immediately open up, embrace the night and went for it!!!  Between the national anthem, the kiss-cam, the Dodger Dog Picnic in the outfield, and the fireworks it was easily the best date so far this season.  I was very surprised to see Sarah get all huffy and puffy over Ed and Jaclyn making claims that Ed was her man… then…

Fast-forward 7 minutes…Sarah is ALL OVER CHRIS…curious?

So…Ed and Jaclyn decide to give the rose/date to Chris.  Chris spends the night with Jamie, wakes up, and figures it would be a good idea to take Sarah instead.  Which leads me to believe that Chris has the reasoning skills of a 3rd grader trying to do quantum physics. It’s just not happening.  I am also reminded of a mouse in a maze…without cheese.  Doesn’t it seem like he is just running around… lost, meandering into bed with girls, then wondering why he feels “trapped?”

Back to the EPI…

Chris takes Sarah…Jamie has “the sadz” as my good friend Ashley Spivey would say (GO READ HER BLOG) (After this one, not at this moment)… she somehow convinces herself, (because let’s face it- Chris didn’t do a very good job) that Chris is doing this for strategy reasons. To “protect” Jamie… Oh god… this was painful to watch… and there is more pain to come…

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