Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 6

Blog Friends,


I am back this week, not on screen…sad face… but back to Blog!!!

And the blog starts…


Epi 6.  Getting down to the nitty gritty like P-Diddy.  You can tell just by looking on people’s faces that the GAME part of this show is quickly becoming an ALL CONSUMING force in the house.  While the first 3 or 4 weeks are a little more laid back – hanging out, drink by the pool (enter Ed)… The last few weeks are the exact opposite… EVERYTHING comes down to the challenges, and it is crucial who wins and who DOESN’T win, each one. It is CUT THROAT!


Now… when I say cut throat, which is a pretty intense image, I picture Pirates, Ninjas, 300… brutal battlefields where well fought battles earn you eternal glory and $250,000. In this episode… ABC decided… that cut throat… meant… Spelling Bee….


Ba doom… doom……… doom.


Deep Breath.


Deep Exhale.


So I just, truly don’t have any desire to recap a Spelling Bee…  I think it would be like commentating on someone painting a wall…


The ONLY thing that held my interest was when Ed and Jaclyn got the word “Cockamamie”…. and Ed stopped spelling the word like 3 syllables too soon.  Hahahaha, I laughed a lot.  Also worth pointing out…was how many times they skipped over the spelling part (because it’s boring as f- ) and just announced if they got the word wrong or right.


After like 73 bells being rung… Chris and Sarah win, they can’t believe it, the other players can’t believe it… and we can’t believe it either.


Chris and Sarah get the roses and a date, while Jaclyn and Ed get a consolation date…no roses though… Chris and Sarah jump and spin and laugh and twirl their way out of the high school… They fly to… a place…where was that?  Sarah is interested in whether or not Chris is ready to open up after his heartbreak with Emily… Well Sarah, lets define “open”… sleeping with 3 different girls in 8 nights… I think that counts as “over Emily”… I don’t think that counts as “ready for love”.


Chris kind of talks about it, and admits the break up with Emily was really hard on him… I don’t know… I’m not buying it… They jump in a lake, have dinner, make out in a barn and solidify their “partnership” even more.


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