Michael Stagliano’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 2

OK! After all the high-hopes and butterflies I got from last week’s premiere, I must say that episode 2 was a step in the right direction FOR SURE.

We open up with a Channel 9 news brief of what’s going down in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is kind of like watching a movie preview for a movie that we have already seen… but it’s cool and certainly adds to the electricity around this season of The Bachelorette.  Emily is already a celebrity/loved by America, it’s hard to fathom the fan support in her hometown.

Someone who does get to see it first hand is Ryan, who has the first date and I couldn’t be happier with this pick. In his pre-interview for his time with Emily, he shares that someone told him once, “If you treat a woman like a queen, she will treat you like a King.” I believe his belief in this and love his “open for anything attitude.”  While the day portion of the date isn’t very exciting (deliberately), it is incredibly sweet.  It’s a glimpse (sans cameras) into what life would be like in 9 weeks if they ended up together, and honestly… It looks pretty good. Ryan is charming and caring, seems patient and kind.  Emily seems to be digging it as well.

They make cookies, hop back in the car and go to one of Ricky’s soccer games, where Emily politely asks Ryan to stay in the car as she doesn’t want him to meet Ricky just yet.  Ryan totally gets it (we did too) and somewhere in there Ryan says a line that stood out to me more than anything else ANY guy said this episode. “It is important to find romance in the everyday things.” SO DOPE. LOVED this so much. My brother and Deanna have been married for 6 months now, which I know is much different than 6 years, or 20 years.  But, one of my favorite things about them is when they are around each other they seem to find love/romance in the everyday things: holding hands during a movie, asking if they want anything while one of them is in the kitchen, making plans together and sticking to them…etc. (long list) LOVED IT.

At night they go to dinner (shocker), conversation isn’t the most exciting; but AGAIN, Ryan says all the right things.  He explains that he doesn’t see this as a competition, and doesn’t view Emily as a prize.  WOW. Huge for me. HA-UGE.  I believe this can be one of the biggest flaws of the show, not an environmental flaw, but a contestant oversight, especially with the guys.  Bachelor Pad, SURE, game-show, compete, lie, win… Bachelor/ette it really is about love and seeing if you have a connection…not about beating the other guys to get to the end. Ryan gets this and it’s refreshing to hear.

The last thing that made this date AWESOME was the song/band that Ryan and Emily danced too.  Hundreds of people showed up to listen and watch them dance, and obviously being a singer/songwriter myself, I was listening intently to the lyrics.  And the narrative of the first verse, about “dropping you off on the porch, should have kissed you, got half way to my car, then ran back and we kissed.” OH…so good. Also made me REALLY want Ryan and Emily to kiss.  But, no dice.  And it probably WAS too soon.  But, yea…I wanted it.

Group-date-time.  Oh boy.

Right out of the gate, I was laughing, not because of the Muppets… but because WHAT… I mean WHAT IN THE WORLD was Stevie wearing.  I am NOT a fashion expert, but correct me if I am wrong, that black shirt (not collared) grey sweater over the back, tilted grey flat cap outfit…was HORRIBLE.  I honestly couldn’t pay attention the first 90 seconds cause it was such an eyesore.

We quickly learn the guys will be performing in a variety show, dancing, singing, stand-up.  I, for one, was not too intrigued, but was totally captured by Charlie’s story and his fear of speaking in public because of his accident.  I got a little confused when he asked Emily if he could dance instead, she said “Yes” (to his face)… then he ended up having to speak in front of everyone anyway.  It’s an exaggeration to say it was “emotional to watch” cause he only said 3 sentences. BUT it is a powerful, wonderful thing to see someone face their fears.


Other highlights (lowlights) ummmmm… Emily CAN NOT dance.  RIGHT?!?  I don’t THINK she was on beat, though the music could have been dubbed over what was played live, but she just kind of dipped, and swayed and held her arms above her head for like 40 seconds.  She did own up to this, which was sweet and funny.  Additionally the stand-up was LACKING.  Something was blurted out like, “what’s the difference between Kermit and me? I don’t kiss pigs.” It was not good. Chris Harrison gets to put on a new hat with that old guy Muppet character, and that had some other jokes that were… ya know…  jokes.  So…   Moving on!

The date wraps up (pun intended…wrap party… no? the bad jokes are contagious) with the guys in a condo/apartment/place.  Not much happens except we see Emily is CLEARLY in to Jef.  She admits she was looking for him, and wondering if he even likes her.  He says he does, and there is chemistry there for sure, it just seems a little undefined at the moment.  I imagine a one-on-one is coming soon for him.

There is some RIDICULOUS banter back and forth between Kalon and Stevie something about, being this guy, or that guy, I’m not that guy, you are, which is fine, cause I want to be, that guy, with the rose, but I don’t have one yet…something?  It was very confusing and made us all undoubtedly sure that those two will be leaving soon. (Hopefully.)

A guy named Joe (zero recollection of him from last week) gets the final one-on-one date.  And while, YES, Joe is incredibly sweet and kind… I was bored within 90 seconds of the date.  Emily’s chemistry radar (chem-dar) is spot on.  It’s just not happening, the love-clock thing was awkward and forced…I smiled at Emily getting genuinely choked up about letting him go, and not giving him the rose.  Such a smart choice, even though it was a hard thing to do.  I think it shows Emily REALLY DOES put others first, and cared a great deal about hurting Joe’s feeling.  So sweet.  MAN, she is just about perfect in my book so far.

Fast-forward, cocktail party.  Blah, blee, Bloo. Tony is anxious, wants some time with her.  We finally get a glimpse of Arie (still one of my favorites), all seems well in E&A land.  Ryan ends up writing a 7-page love essay and this was sweet, for sure, but I don’t know. 7 pages after a first date was a bit much. Right? Tony has front row seats to the reading…yikes. We were feeling for him, right?

Rose ceremony sends Aaron (who?) and Kyle (who was it?) packing and I have no feelings about that…good or bad… I didn’t know they were there, so…down to 16?

A good episode for sheezy, I am excited for next week… though my blog might get up a little later in the week cause I will be traveling.  Headed to my old stomping grounds: Sweet Home Chicago.  Playing my second to last stop on the Love Like This Tour!  Show number thirteen at the Newport Bar and Grille in Wrigleyville, Chicago.  SO EXCITED.  The following week I’ll be in Seattle.  Staying with Jason and Molly Mesnick and will finally get to meet Lindsay Cox from last season.  If you are nearby, come say “hi” and let me give you a hug. Tix and info at www.michaelstaglianomusic.com.

Headed into June there should be some PRETTY EXCITING news coming involving my return to the Bachelor world… Madness… I know…

Deep breath in…Hold it…

Love you guys,