Michael Stagliano’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 4

Welcome back readers!  Hope you all have had a good week.  I spent my weekend in Seattle doing the LAST show on the Love Like This Tour, and hanging out with Jason and Molly Mesnick.

Doug is up on the 1v1.  An interesting conflict emerges when the guys start poking fun at him about being nervous, and making too much out of it. Instead of playing along, Doug gets really irritated and though it doesn’t explode into anything, it gets close.  He stands up, turns to face Arie and some of the other guys and was clearly flustered at the verbal jabs.  Emily walks in and the situation diffuses, but I’m sure, like you guys, it put a weird taste in my mouth for the date.

Conversation during the day portion of the date was great, and flirty and fun. Dinner got a bit more serious when Emily started asking some pressing questions. Doug smiles his way through some pretty tough moments, mostly revolving around if he is “perfect” or not.  This is a kind of common tale in the Bachelor world.  I think it is often a product of feeling two people feeling like they should know a lot about each other before it is naturally time for that to happen.  Doug and Emily just don’t know each other that well yet.  And Doug strikes me as a guy who isn’t terribly deep.  And I don’t mean that in a bad way AT ALL.  I just mean what you see is what you get.  It was interesting when Doug flipped the conversation around and asked Emily what HER flaws were.  Emily got a taste of her own medicine and admits it is a hard question to answer on a date.  Ummm.  Yea.  It is hard question to answer no matter who is asking it… usually it is reserved for terrible job interviews.  No worries though, Doug gets the rose.

YACHT TIME…well…. dingy time…

The group date brings a competition, (shocker) the red team vs. the yellow team.  I am sure this is the part of the episode where men watching at home (not so many) scoot to the edge of the seat, and the women go pour another glass of wine.

Boat racing is not terribly exciting though so… one, two…skip a few.  The yellow team wins.

Red team goes back to the suite…hang on…was Charlie crying in the car on the way back?  Did NOT see that one coming.

On the contrary the yellow team: Jef, Katosrophe, I mean Kalon, Arie and Ryan get to head to the beach.

Quick Recap:


Ryan: 1 step forward, 2 steps back, 1 step forward 2 steps back…

Kalon: “helicopters are better than boats”

Jef:  I like that when I think about you it makes me like you…?  I think?

Jef get’s the rose.  Arie is sad. Ryan makes it about him… “It was a “safe” move.”


ALWAYS a highlight of the season.  It is like watching a Grandfather date a 23 year old.  AWKWARD TIME.

Nate and Wolf man, get on a boat, jump off a cliff, then head to a cave.  This kind of sounds like an action movie or a super hero film. It was almost the exact opposite. Truly.

Dinner goes like this:

“Is that quinoa?”

“It IS quinoa.”

“I’m not gonna eat it.”

“I will if you want to Emily.”

“It’s quiet in here.”

“Let’s CHEERS again.”

“Can I talk to you alone?”

“Yes, please.”

We learn Nate misses his family…and for those of you who rolled your eyes at his tears.  DON’T.  Not seeing your family and friends for 3-4 weeks is really tough.  You don’t get to talk them AT ALL… and when the timing is right, if you talk about them it is easy to get choked up.  So Nate–go ahead dawg.  Shed your tears. I get it.

Wolf man says he is ready for LOVE, Emily buys it, and sends Nate packing.

NOW…underlying this whole episode was some drama.  Personified in this case by Chris and Doug… Arie and Ryan.  Symbolized in this case be the actual storm in Bermuda.

A conversation starts up about age, and how you are different when you are 21, 25, 30, and 35. This is kind of stating the obvious, and in my opinion didn’t seem directed AT anyone… but for some reason Chris took it VERY personally.

Towards the end of the episode Chris “confronts” Doug about this… but to me it just seemed like Chris was blowing off steam.  His argument was a little irrational and wasn’t well put together.  It was a lot of aggressive, “you said this” sentences and Doug seemed pretty shocked and casually defensive that Chris felt the need to bring it up.  Doug does NOT strike me as the type of guy that avoid confrontation (the week before he called out Kalon, remember?) I think Doug just flat out didn’t get it.  And I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t either.  Did you notice how Chris compounded the issue?  At first it was about how Chris is a MAN, and 25 doesn’t mean anything…then half way through it became about how Doug acts like he is better than everyone and dominates the house.  Doug was smiling and laughing, back pedaling and trying to understanding what Chris was saying (I was as well) and that made Chris even MORE angry.

Arie and Ryan have a similar tiff with each other only they handle it indirectly…  Arie just steals Emily away from Ryan…then…you guessed it… makes out with her a lot more.

Ryan is unquestionably headed in the wrong direction…some of the things coming out of his mouth were DRIPPING with cockiness and dropped him WAY DOWN in my favorite list.

Alas, it is Michael and Charlie who end up rose-less. They both seem pretty shocked.  Michael literally has a hard time saying anything… he even seemed to have a hard time…just…looking…somewhere in his exit interview.  Charlie, will be missed… and I really do wish him the best.  Best for Michael as well, I just feel like we didn’t get to know him AT ALL.

Looks like we are headed to London next week.  And it seems as though the storm follows them.  WHAT THE HELL was said to make Emily so angry… and WHO the hell said it.


THAT… is going to do it for this week’s blog, as always, thanks for reading along.  Thank you for the love and support!