Episode 1:  Serious man tears to be seen in the future.

Emily is so cute with Ricki and is truly a great mother. Ricki is flat out adorable:) I’m glad we get to see her on camera!  After a long recap of her past, which we already know from Brad’s season, we truly get to see how great her relationship is with her daughter.  The recap was just a glimpse of all the great fashion we are going to see on this girl throughout the season!

Introductions:  I feel sorry for Emily.  You know when people aren’t good at certain things like, I don’t know, talking?  Many of these guys have zero social skills.  Zero.  Zeeeerow.  

Kalon 27:  ”I used to be really loud, obnoxious, a womanizer…and I JUST hit a point in my life where I’m ready to slow down.”  These guys make the best husband material, because they lived their life, but he may be a little too stuffy for Emily.  I already feel like he is the type to be showy with his money.  And there it is…the helicopter arrival.  Good gracious, Kalon, this makes you seem humble. (Question mark)  Between that and the tennis, you clearly come across as poor.

Ryan 31:  He used to be a professional athlete and now works with kids?!  And he is hot?  And he has a dog?  Yup.  He is my favorite so far:)

His poem idea was hysterical and so cute!  See?  He knows how to pull off cheesy humor in a cute, funny kind of way.  Side Note:  I randomly met his friends this past weekend in Palm Springs and they had great things to say about him :)

Tony 31:  Tony works out.  Obviously.  He is really, really cute with his kid.  Great looking, but he pulled out a nerdy joke with the two thumbs thing, haha.  He is probably only lacking with cool factor, because he spends all his time with his kid, which is absolutely adorable.  He messed up with his Fairytale opener out of the limo, but we will see how he checks out.

Lerone 29:  Great job? Check. Great body? Check. Great looking? Check. Great fashion? Check. Tiny Dog? Sighhhhhh I suppose no one is perfect.

David 32:  Singing Emily’s name over and over and that’s about it?  Ya, you are such a great songwriter as you clearly stated when you tried to “not toot your own horn.”

Charlie 32:  He is definitely lucky to be alive, and it shows through his new outlook on life.  He certainly is a cutie!  And has a big dog, thank God.

Jef 27:  Jef with one F is not very good at skateboarding, but he is the CEO of a super cool company!  I like his style, swagger and playful personality.  I really think Emily is into him and I can see him going to the final four, for sure!  He reminds me of the cool nerd on Breakfast club.

Arie 30:  Yes, you are hot.  Wow.  I don’t think him having a career in racecars is bad at all.  Clearly Emily loves racing, so this will be fun for her.  He is for sure going to top 2.  I can feel it!

Shawn 28:  This insurance agent didn’t do anything stupid…yet.  Other than that, I have no impression of him.

Doug 33:  A single dad from Seattle?  How many Jason Mesnick’s live there? Maybe Molly can find him a great girl if it doesn’t work out with Emily :)

Jackson 29: What do fitness models do when they get older and their bodies no longer make them money?

Arie is attractive.

Joe 27:  He is so cheesy and awkward.  Thanks for ruining my love affair with Cheetos, jerk.  If I had to guess, I’d say he is the president of his online fraternity, at the University of Phoenix online.

Kyle 29:  He has no shot.  That’s all.

Arie is Hot.

Chris 25:  A Chicagoan…hmmm.  He gets points for that alone.  He looks and acts more mature than 25, which is what Emily needs.

Aaron 36:  ”I’m a high school Biology teacher, but I am here to have Chemistry with you.”  Whoa.  He just shot himself in the foot, and definitely won’t be studying anatomy with Emily.  Ever.

Alessandro 30:  What in the world.  I’ve never heard a Minnesota accent combined with a Brazilian accent.  It’s “Minnzillian.”  Poor guy moves there and tries to have an American accent…little does he know, that’s not how we all sound.  He is what I imagine a creeper to look like in the toy section of a Wal-Mart in Tennessee.

Stevie 26:  Stevie is a Party MC.  Obviously for weddings in small towns and Bat Mitzvahs.  You know what I mean.  In case I have to spell it out:  N. E. R. D.  He reminds me of a word that rhymes with D-Bag.  Wait, crap.

Arie is gorgeous.

Randy 30:  Awe!  He tried so hard to be funny, that he inadvertently made me laugh!  He wasn’t confident enough to pull it off, however, causing him to act awkward, forget to introduce himself and it sounded like an earthquake went off in his throat it was so shaky.  His personality and childish looks make him super cute:) Ohhhhhhhh Randy!

Nate 25:  He is the only guy that Emily commented on how cute he was!  I agree with her.  Yepppp-puh.

Brent 41:  I think this is the record for the oldest guy on the show.  Emily is only 25.  It’s really creepy to think that he was getting his driver’s license when Emily was exiting her mother’s womb.  Reality TV is not a place for a 41-year-old man with 6 kids back home.  We are all entitled to our own opinion.  Mine is this: he has 6 kids and honestly thought he would find love with a girl nearly half his age on TV?  I simply don’t feel sorry for him going home.  I think there are other ways he can find love and I truly wish him the best.

Arie makes my teeth sweat.

John “Wolf” 30:  Cute, blah.

Travis 30:  He brought in an Ostrich egg.  Need I say more?

Michael 26:  Rehab counselor.  I’m not a fan of the long hair, but different strokes for different folks I suppose.  Yuck.  If he cut his hair, he would be so hot!  What’s up with guys from Austin, TX and long hair?  The only thing worse is long hair in the NFL.

Jean-Paul 35:  A Marine Biologist?  Cool!  He won’t go far though.

Alejandro 24:  I just want to hold him like a child.  He is adorable!  As I hold him and rock him gently to sleep, I’m going to tear out his earrings.  Boys, this is cruddy looking.  Take note and take them out.

The Good:


She shows off her curves with an open back, so stunning!

She couldn’t look better in this nude colored gown.  This dress is rich in detail, texture and style. I’m not surprise, however, because Emily is yet to fail me in all her TV and real life appearances.


I’m shocked he went home.  Not only is he incredibly attractive, but he is established in his career and one of the few normal ones on the show.  Not to mention, he is by far the best dressed, combining rich fabrics with different shades of purple.  I have a feeling that Lerone will be just fine with the ladies;)


It really doesn’t matter what you wear…you are getting acknowledged every week.


I like that he switched it up.  He stayed away from basic, solid colors.  Go against the grain in fashion.  GetzStyle Tip:  Style is what you make of it. It’s not about a price tag, but how you wear it.  Sean’s paired a small print, checkered button down with a horizontal stripped tie under a solid colored suit.  Bravo for taking a risk and wearing it with confidence.

The Bad:


He chose an awful shade of green and a super shiny tie.  This doesn’t surprise me. He probably dresses this way for all of his MC gigs.  Having a chin beard should be illegal, by the way.  Obviously, he is my least favorite.  I almost chucked my remote at the TV when he got the rose.  (I’m lying for dramatic affect, but still, give me a freaking break.  I just had to fill my wine glass up to help me come to terms with the fact that I have to put up with him and his boom box another episode.)


There are ways to wear a tie in a “sloppy” way, while still looking put together.  This certainly is not one of them.  Get it together, Alejandro.

Michael:  These guys are on national television.  Why they would not buy a suit that is tailored to their body is beyond my knowledge.  His attire looks outdated.  The fabric and colors are not working for him!  Suits are easy, yet sooooooo many men mess them up!  That’s it, I’m writing an article on tips for male fashion.  Keep an eye out for it on

The first episode is always boring for me, only because there isn’t a whole lot to discuss in terms of fashion.  I can’t wait for next week to see these guys in daytime attire!  Suits have always been boring to me.

Beware of the man who picks your dresses, he wants to wear them.”  -Erica Jong

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  1. I am really looking forward to reading your blogs. Not only is it a solid waste of time @ the office, but legit, I love your style tips! I wish you had an ANN LANDERS type of column and I could write you to ask you fashion questions, and you could tell me what to match with what, and so on! #toogoodtobetrue!

    Hearts and butterflies

    Comment by Siobhan — May 16, 2012 @ 12:45 pm

  2. “I’ve never heard a Minnesota accent combined with a Brazilian accent. It’s “Minnzillian.”

    This. This is worth everything.

    Comment by Possessionista — May 16, 2012 @ 12:57 pm

  3. Sorry that your blog didn’t get posted until Wednesday so I missed your first “Gossip With Getz” yesterday! :( but appreciate your blog. I have to agree with you on just about every observation, Michael’s hair, Alejandro’s earrings, Stevie’s green shirt and shiny tie…you really nailed it on the blunders…great job.

    Comment by Sue — May 16, 2012 @ 1:57 pm

  4. Love the blog, as always. Can’t wait for your recaps each week. Just for clarification, you have a picture of Alessandro paired with the paragraph about Alejandro’s tie. Which person were you referring to? Hard to keep all the guys straight with a shortened episode/so many!

    Looking forward to next week….

    Comment by MD — May 16, 2012 @ 2:36 pm

  5. Oh So Happy to see you blogging again. I love you, that’s all.

    Comment by Donna — May 16, 2012 @ 3:19 pm

  6. I would totally like Arie’s nose hairs. Is that weird?

    Comment by Ashley Spivey — May 17, 2012 @ 9:16 am

  7. What I took away from reading your blog is that Arie is the best. I completely agree. I hope he goes far so that I can continue to crush on him week after week. If I didn’t love Emily so much I would be so jealous of her!

    Comment by Candice — May 17, 2012 @ 10:29 am

  8. i am Lovin’ Ryan, and Jef!…..the Athleter/Social Worker and the CEO Cool Nerd !…..LOVed Ryans NOTE!… said it!…and Diggin’ Jef’s confidence and vibe!…….ARIE seems too obvious, Nat…it almost seems to good to be true…(usually the one that seems most obvious, never is THE ONE!)…but we’ll see!!….it makes ya wonder if Emily’s relationship with her daughter’s father would have lasted if he didn’t pass away?!….i mean, gosh, she was only 20 at the time, right?….that is SO YOUNG!…..?……who’s to say if she is really supposed to be w a race car driver…..maybe the young “jef” or “Ryan” or even the Blonde cutie… it Sean!?…..hmmmmm……you NEVER know this early on do ya!….?….there is ALWAYs a DARK HORSE that is going to surprise us!!!!!…the ones they HIDE in the BACK, don’t give em a GOOD EDIT early on!!!……..BUT BOOM Later!!!……..LET The GAMEs BEGIN!……and HUNNY, you are DEAD ON about the kid with the GREen shirt!….(which by the way, didn’t nauseate me , AS MUCH, as his behavior toward the “helicopter boy”……….(SO THreatened and So Jealous…)….more worried about the other guy than Emily!….YUK, that is NEVER HOT boys!!…..circa@ Dave & Juan!………Oh, poor guy with the 6 kids!…(i actually felt sorry for him!)….i SERiously THOUGHt he was talking about ANIMALS!…..those were rEAL KIDS!?….as in 6 kids!?…hahaha!……(was there really a shortage of men in her age bracket, dying to date her!?)……SIDE NOTE…. it seems as if Jillian had the BEST “Lot” of Men!….OY VEY!….all those Tall Dark and Handsome guys, even the ones she let go on the first night were adorable!………..Anyway, NO, it’s NOT weird that Ashley wants Arie’s NOSe….but hers is JUST Perfect!…(unless she wants him to go with!) LOL!!!….. “MINNZillian” !!!!! Ding, Ding, Ding!…..HIGh-STERr-ICAl, Natalie!..l!!!……OH, and the “O-egg!”….NOOOOoooooooo!!!…..bring it on!….so GLAD you are BACK!….NatGetzit,dammit.bam !!!! XOXO Pam!…..

    Comment by Pamela B... — May 17, 2012 @ 5:56 pm

  9. Natalie, what did you really think of Arie’s looks? Don’t hold back this time. LOL

    Comment by Deborah — May 18, 2012 @ 9:09 am

  10. Siobhan- I’m alway glad to hear I distract people from their work- hahaha! Thank you for the compliments! Maybe I’ll see if I can get some live chats going on or better yet, join my webisode Gossip With Getz every Tuesday at 5:30 PST LIVE at I will definitely address a lot of fashion on the show and in the off season, I will do an Ann Landers type show where you guys can live chat with me and I’ll answer any questions you may have in regards to fashion! Stay tuned:)

    Possessionista- Why oh why did she keep him?! GAH! He is a bucket of yuck

    Pamela- My dear love! Thank you for the awesome comments! I always love hearing your feedback! And yes, I feel as though Arie is too good to be true. I bet he has a weird wart somewhere. No one comes without a few flaws. Let’s guess what his are? I bet he is missing a toe.

    Deborah- HA!!!!!! When I look at him, I feel guilty and bad like I cheated on my boyfriend. But in all honesty, my bf is cuter:)

    Sue- Join every Tuesday LIVE at 5:30pm PST:) Follow me on twitter for updates on time changes, etc:) @nataliegetz Thanks for reading!

    MD- Woops! I meant to be talking about the guy in the photo Allessandro. So confusing with all these similar, foreign names hahaha! Also, there was supposed to be another photo of Emily’s dress and they accidentally inserted Allessandro there as well. LOL!

    Donna- I love you too! Lunch when I get back:) Have an awesome wkend!

    Ashley Spivey: Not weird at all. I’d floss my teeth with them.

    Candice: He makes me feel tingly inside! LMAO

    Comment by Natalie Getz — May 19, 2012 @ 6:02 pm

  11. Ok, seriously, how incredibly hot is Arie? I’m playing his intro video on mute all day long. If that guy goes on BP3 I’d even apply

    Comment by Yana — May 20, 2012 @ 1:10 pm

  12. So very happy you are still writing these! I’ve read the past 2 seasons, and this is one of the highlights of watching the show – reading your takke. Ditto the love for Arie.

    Comment by Abigail — May 22, 2012 @ 10:46 am

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