Natalie Getz’s Fashion Blog: Episode 3

This week, Brad speaks to his therapist about bringing down walls, and the rest of the episode is one big emotional therapy session. As Chris enters the mansion this week, I scan the women in their morning attire. It almost looks like Ashely H is wearing her rose ceremony dress from the night before, complete with the same up-do she sported. I LOVE this, because I know how early it is when Chris graces us with his presence and I always had my same hairdo from the night before! Sleep is often more important:) I must say, these girls are even stunning in the morning! Good luck choosing, Brad.

Ashely S. and Brad’s Date

Ashely S. looks cute and casual on her date with Brad. She chose a patterned, flowing tank, dark denim skinny jeans, and an elegant pair of black platform heels.  How cute are Brad and Ashely trying to karaoke to Seal? They both are rocking out together, completely off tune, and it is the sweetest thing! The man in the recording booth points out how awful they are, but Brad grabs Ashley adoringly and tells her he thinks her singing is cute. Just one of the many things I love about Brad! He is a total man’s man, and wasn’t taking the singing seriously, just having fun with it. As Brad surprises Ashley with a performance by Seal, I am thinking, “OK Heidi Klum, I get it now.” Brad and Ashley have a great conversation on the roof of Capitol Records, yet I’m distracted by her ever- so-hip white bracelet. These two are connecting on a conversational level and seem to have the most chemistry so far. Their kiss wasn’t forced, and came at the end of the date. Crap! Now Ashley S. is my favorite! I change my mind weekly:)

Group Date
After the announcement of the group date card, we see Michelle completely derail. She can’t handle sharing Brad! Check out these beauties in their workout clothes! GetzStyle Note: It’s important to look great, even at the gym! You never know when or where you will meet your future husband! Britt takes the cake with her workout attire.

She keeps it slim fitting and simple. Michelle looks miserably great in her black razorback sports bra with an over thrown purple tank.

Always remember to choose a color that works well with your skin tone. Michelle is great at this. As this group of young attractive women are driven to their date in a creepy black van with tinted windows, I can’t help but wonder where they are really going. I mean, after the carnival date I suppose anything is possible. Phew! They arrive safely on a movie set. Brad states he’s a guy who likes to get dirty. Um, ahh, ahem, uhhhhh, ahem, excuse me. I’ve momentarily lost myself imagining Brad getting down and dirty. Check him out in his Henley long sleeve button t-shirt, fitted jeans, and tennis shoes with just a touch of trendy.

Brad dresses perfectly for his personality. He keeps it simple, yet chooses the right fit for his perfect body. As Brad fights off a bunch of ninjas, we see the girl’s personalities emerge. A few girls get a little dramatic about it and pretend to be frightened by Brad getting “attacked,” as a few others laugh about it. Throughout this cheese fest, we see Shanwtel’s inner bad girl come out. She had great confidence on this date and Brad clearly noticed this as well, giving her the date rose! Her kiss with Brad was incredibly hot, mainly because his shirt was off. I can’t tell whether Shanwtel is more into Brad or rubbing the legs of a women who appears to be wearing some sort of zoo animal print. Animal print ladies, never OK.

I must give props to Ali for her hilarious statement about pit-stains! I love when the girls let go and become themselves:) Speaking of Alli…..Ohhhhhh Emmmmmm Geeeee- the music playing in the background while Michelle is lurking behind Alli and Brad is genius. Michelle’s statement about practicing making babies with Brad is about as tacky as taking your top off at a nude pool in Vegas. The wrap party is full of tears and……Kimberly? Seriously, where did she come from? Also, where did this thing Brad is wearing come from?

Maybe Kimberley brought it with her from where ever she has been the past 2 episodes. This shirt is so not Brad, and not OK for anyone.

Back at the mansion, the girls receive another date card. While Ashley is reading the card in her bikini, I can’t help but notice that she may live by one of my favorite quotes by Kate Moss: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Madison is really, really growing on me as the weeks continue. She has outstanding style, and a huge heart. Her best side comes out in a very kind way while Emily is telling her devastating story. On the upside, Emily sports a great, casual, lying around the mansion look in her American Apparel deep V-neck, skinny cropped jeans, and loosely tossed side braid.

As Jackie enters the room stating, “looks like another red wine night!’ I realize I want to be her friend even more so now. Nothing like a girls night complete with plenty of Pinot Noir!

Brad and Emily’s 1 on 1 date

Brad pulls up to the mansion in his car looking fantastic. Men, please take note of Brad’s outfit.

Once again Brad impresses me with his dark wash straight leg jeans, fitted grayish blue oxford cut button down, and modern day western boots worn under the denim. I’ll say it again, Brad is 100% man and he has confidence rocking his straight leg jeans with pride! Emily made me so proud as she took my breath away in a floral romper cinched high at the waistline complete with ruffle detailing at the bust. She completed her look by throwing on a flowing pink cardigan and strappy high heels. Emily brings new meaning to the term “total knockout.”

Her hair is slightly wavy and flows great with her daytime attire. She already had me worshiping her style, and she went ahead and just nailed it by turning day wear into evening wear by throwing on a black blazer and casual white scarf, causing the floral romper to look sexy-cute.

Get this completed look at Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. Meghan said it best in regards to Emily, stating, “She is an itsy bitsy Barbie doll with the soul of Mother Teresa.” I’m so glad that she finally opened up to Brad on their date, and he gave her a rose. Now we have at least another week to gawk at her style! Yay! Although, I have a feeling Brad will be keeping her around for a bit. She looks like a young, sexy yet glorified version of Holly Madison. GetzStyle note: When going on a date, remember to wear something basic, and bring different accessories to change the look from cute and playful to sexy and chic. Just like Emily did:)
Rose Ceremony/Cocktail Party
After a deep therapy session, Brad enters the mansion to meet the ladies for the third rose ceremony. Before we discuss the cocktail attire, I must point out how irritated I am that Chantal and Brad keep getting interrupted! On his way to grab Chantal, Michelle unsuccessfully tries to steal him away. She doesn’t wait long before she interrupts Brad and Chantal’s conversation by stating, “Oh! Am I interrupting?” OMG YES you’re F*$@ing interrupting! Ugh! He was about to kiss her and you ruined it! After several emotional “wall opening” conversations, Brad is worried some of the girls don’t want to be there or are feeling left out. He enters the living room announcing he has something to say. Oh, for the love of FASHION Brad, take off your shirt and tell us! He makes sure everyone is comfortable heading into he rose ceremony:)

Let’s talk dresses:
The Good:
BFFs Jackie and Marissa look stunning sitting next to each other during cocktail hour. Once again, fashion-forward Jackie made me clap, sporting an above-the-knee, cherry-red one strap cocktail dress with a sleek, half up hair ’do. Her bestie Marissa sported a traditional little black dress with bright red pumps that completely popped.

GetzStyle Tip: When wearing an LBD, always wear bright, loud colored shoes!
Madison: WOW! She wore a drop-dead, completely different, black dress. Check out the design of the dress and how the entire back is showing in a tasteful way. The sleeves come up the shoulders wrapping around her neck and flowing flawlessly down her back. Her bright red lipstick was the perfect touch! She left with honor and style:) I will sincerely miss Madison.

Alli: Choosing a gorgeous shade of blue complete with a HUGE bow, this dress completely suits her cutesy personality, telling Brad her gift to him tonight is unwrapping her feelings. Sigh! Adorable:) While this is not something I would wear, I would dress Alli in this. As a stylist, it’s important to dress a client appropriate to their personality. I still want to see Alli in something more edgy. Maybe next week?!

Kimberly: I know Betsy Johnson when I see it, and I love Kimberly’s cocktail dress! The beautiful cut of the sweetheart neckline worked well with spaghetti straps to hoist up her cleavage to a respectable amount. Gathering tight at the waistline, the dress then blossomed out by tooling under the skirt and hitting just above the knee. She is a gorgeous girl and is sassy! She won’t have problems finding a guy:)

Ashley S: Ashely showed a ultra-conservative, sexy side to herself. She showed us a woman can give off sex appeal without showing bare arms and cleavage. This boat neck, long sleeve dress was simply extravagant and sparkly, drawing attention to her perfectly toned legs.

And last but certainly not least, EMILY wins the GetzStyle award! As if I wasn’t already blown away by her date attire with Brad, she looked absolutely exquisite with a sleek ponytail showing off her gorgeous face and amazing dress. This black one strap dress had gorgeous detailing as the material gathered at the buttons from the shoulder climbing down to the knee.

The Bad:

The fashion is really coming along as the weeks go by! I have been thoroughly impressed and commend these lovely ladies on their eye for style! However, there are always a couple that fall through this cracks.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CHANTAL, however, I’m not a fan of her dress.

Aside from the dress not fitting her shape, the style is boring and the print is terrible.
Lisa: Aw Lisa. Man oh man, words can’t really describe this Fashion Crime of a dress you are wearing. Have the Limo drop you off at Kitson on your way home. I will meet you there (fine, I live there), give you a hug, talk about feelings, and most importantly offer you free fashion advice.
Britt: there is really nothing too terrible about your 2002 prom dress, except for the fact that it’s 2011. I like the color and the style- just not for a modern day cocktail party.

65% of Americans have more success making their outfit work than their marriage, so please don’t take this blog too seriously. I don’t want to be responsible for the heightened divorce rate. Talk to you all next week! In the words of Kenneth Cole, “GOD DRESS AMERICA!” Red, white and blue is the new black:)