Natalie Getz’s Fashion Blog: Episode 2

This week started off with Chris Harrison, looking sharp as ever while talking to the girls about the coming week.  He always wears a nice tailored button down, choosing different colors that pop.  This week the blue really brought out his eyes!  As I stare around the room full of women, Britt’s outfit catches my eye.  She chose to wear a yellow tube top under a boy cut razor back tank.  The super trendy yellow sunglasses were a strong tie-in piece.  Cute!

Meanwhile, Melissa states she spent a lot of money on clothes and dresses to be on the show.  As she is saying this, I can’t help but wonder what on earth she is wearing that yellow top for.  I’m all about a simple t-shirt, trust me, but it’s really all about the cut of the shirt.  The swooped neckline is all wrong and baby capped sleeves are out of style.  Style Tip:  When choosing to purchase a simple T-shirt, make sure to look for the right cut.  It makes all the difference in the world.  Refer to Ashley S’s similar pink top.  Her V-neck lined top is more tailored and up to date with sleeves dropping to the correct length.

Date 1:Ashely H and Brad

After being completely frightened by the clowns and jesters that literally jumped out of my TV and tried to attack me, I went on to notice Ashley and Brad’s attire for their date.  I’m indifferent about Ashely’s dress.  I think it’s more appropriate for a rose ceremony.  It does, however, completely suit her super-happy personality.  Style Tip: If you are unaware of where a guy is taking you on your date, always dress casual-sexy.  I’d go with skinny jeans, a cute tank-top and sexy heals with a statement piece such as a scarf or blazer.  As for Brad: Yes, he looks great in a suit. But suits are for black tie events, weddings, church, and of course rose ceremonies.  If I were Brad, I would wear Tuxedo striped casual black pants, a white American Apparel deep v-neck, black blazer, and a loose fitting American Apparel pencil tie.  Am I right or am I right?  Yep, all you ladies just pictured him in this and got excited. K cool moving on……Back at the mansion, we see Meghan in an over sized, ruffled, brown sundress.  This look is entirely too frumpy for a girl with a great figure!  Style Tip:  Belt it!  Meghan has a great body, so she should accentuate her waistline by taking that moo-moo to a whole different level by belting it and making it hip:)  Remember, belts save lives.  Not only while driving a car, but also in FASHION!!!

Girls Group Date: The Red Cross PSA

Alli is a merchant, and judging by her style, I’d say, Abercrombie and Fitch?  The ruffled neckline of her tank top seems a little cheesy to me.  It’s in-style and cute; I just have a more edgy idea of what I would choose for her to wear.  Michelle always looks great, but I wasn’t a fan of her white dress.  Somewhere, Peter Pan is running around naked.  Keltie wore a dress with a belt attached to it.  This is just as bad as wearing clothing with jewelry attached to it.  Not a good idea.  It’s super tacky and looks like something a Cougar would wear.  Style Tip:  I’m all about belting a dress, t-shirt, etc.  Just make sure it’s not attached to the dress.  Adding a belt to a flowing sundress can completely change the look for the better!

Emily is pulling off the simple look and she looks great!  She chose a Henley T with cute button detailing and a modern day cardigan to tie it all in.  Just one more reason to love her:)  Despite her obsession with the movie Twilight, Mrs. Cullen, er, Madison, has great style.  She chose a beige, over sized T that complemented her skin tone and was cut to fit her body.

Melissa is hilarious!  “I’m not going to be the Cougar, I’m not going to be the cougar…….(camera points to her in animal print)….clearly I’m the cougar.”  Please be aware that you shouldn’t be wearing animal prints unless you are 40yrs old and up.

Thanks.  Michelle redeemed herself at the wrap party by sporting a pink pencil skirt and simple white tank.  She chose a turquoise necklace as her statement piece and rocked it!  I knew she would come through!  Style Tip: When I say “statement piece,” I mean to choose one item of clothing or jewelry to draw attention to.  You can change an entire look by throwing in a hand bag, necklace, scarf, or belt that really pops.

As the birthday girl runs off to fight for Brad’s love, Rachel and Melissa are fighting.  A’ll I’m hoping for is that they start a physical fight and ruin each others’ clothes so that both of them can have a second chance of compiling a better outfit.

Back at the mansion, a date card arrives.  Sara P’s shirt is black and basic but V-ing in all the wrong areas.  Cut, cut, cut, ladies, it’s all about the cut!  I LOVE a black V-neck t-shirt, but it has to be cut right.  Furthermore, we see the capped sleeves again.  It’s funny how one v-neck can look completely different from the next.  Just remember my tip: neckline, shirt and sleeve length all make a huge difference.  All these capped sleeves are killing me.

Back to the group date!  How cute is Shawtel’s teel bikini?!  I am not a huge fan of glitter, but she pulled this off!  She looks so glamorous and sexy-chilling in her bikini,  wondering if Brad will give her a rose.   Her style completely blew me out of the water.

One on One Date 2: “Pretty Woman” date with Jackie and Brad

Yay!!!!!!!  How hot does Brad look in his plaid button down?!  Ummmm Cowboy, take me away.  Let’s pause for a moment of silence to all of us single girls who will never have a chance with Brad……..K, over it.  Ugh! hahaha:)

Jackie looks absolutely fantastic in her red ruffled neckline casual frock.  The color compliments her dark brown hair, and is the perfect look for a daytime pickup.  She threw on a great pair of skinny jeans to pull the whole look together.

Every girl’s dream date just happened! Jackie got to pick out a dress from several choices and then get her hair and makeup done?!  Amazing!  She chose the best one.  This elegant, silver gown is stunning on her- featuring a swooped neckline and drop back.  The gown cinches at the waistline while effortlessly falling on her body.  She made a great choice to wear her hair up to accentuate the detailing of this beautiful gown.  As Brad places the necklace on Jackie, I’m having flashbacks to my Vegas date with Jason!  Ummmm let’s just hope she has better luck then I did:)

Back at the mansion, Emily is talking to her daughter.   Of course I’m in tears, but I quickly shake it off and regain my focus.  I’m not a fan of denim mini skirts, period.  They are very, very hard to pull off, and her Hello, Kitty shirt was not helping.  On a more encouraging note, Emily quickly redeemed herself by talking about her daughter in an interview while wearing a bold, black blazer and white trendy scarf!  She is the CUTEST!

Back to Jackie and Brad:  Hello sexy, sleek NYC looking couple!  WOW!!!  I love a bow tie on a man!  And on a side note, Train front man Jacob Dillon’s rocker look was super hot!  Style tip: Guys, it’s okay to wear a pair of straight leg jeans!

Cocktail Party:

The GetzStyle Award goes to Marissa! Her beautiful gown stood out with its overlapping fabric, fishtailing in a flattering V from the bust line to the waist.  I love the rustic silver color – so sleek!  Go Marissa!

Jackie was a close second with her lace dress.  I love the originality in her choice.  It’s completely different then the rest of the gowns, and it’s very feminine and classic. Michelle, rarely failing me, pulled of a super-cute black romper,  The sweetheart neckline complimented her bust in a classy way and the length showed off her toned legs.  This is a cute, flirty look to go for as an alternative to a glamorous, seductive look.  Guys like to see both sides in a woman:)

Ali Fedowtowsky’s dress totally suits her personality.  She is a cute, sporty girl with a flirty- fun personality.  She made this sporty cut super sexy with a cinched waistline and shimmery fabric!.  Way to take a simple dress to ultra glam!  Go Ali!

I love the neckline of Ashley H’s dress; however, it was much too high.  Refer to Madion’s dress to see how to properly wear this look.  Madison once again looks great!  We just have to start phasing out these vampire issues, b/c she seems super sweet and pretty cool!

Sara’s dress looks like she is sitting poolside. Waaaay too casual, especially with what appeared to be button detailing in between the bust.  Chantal’s dress isn’t bad, but it’s boring.  I am a fan of Chantal and can’t wait to see more of her style come through to match her mature, sweet and charming personality.  Alli’s (merchant) dress once again is boring.  Like I said, it’s not bad….just boring.  Megan’s Pink dress and that thing she threw around her neck should be put to pasture.

She got a rose, so she has a second chance next week!  Fingers crossed guys, fingers crossed.  I hope Keltie rocket-kicked that hairstyle to the moon.

I must say, I am not a fan of cleavage pouring out in ridiculous amounts in dresses.  I saw a lot of this last week and a little more this week.  Cleavage can be shown in good taste, just as long as it’s not the first thing I notice.  Come on ladies.  It’s almost as bad as furry go-go boots.

I will leave you with this:  It’s not how much you spend on clothes.  It’s about the originality, cut, and style.  I hope you all have a great week, and please, don’t ever buy pajama jeans.