Natalie’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 10

Women Tell All: Real life Mean Girls

Normally I only poke fun at style and awkward moments. Not tonight. I’m so upset with how these girls treat not only each other, but Shawntel as well. I’m not defending Courtney, but I am irritated that so many of you out there are so blind to some of these ladies. Open your ears! They all say mean things about each other behind their backs and directly to their faces. Why does everyone slam Courtney when her comments were nowhere near half as rude as some of the things these ladies said on this episode?! They definitely showed more of Courtney’s digs on the others, but don’t sit there and be an idiot in denial that your favorite cast mate may also be a total snot. Normally at the Women Tell All, I see softer sides to the “villains” of the show, but this time it was quite the opposite. This time I saw even the sweetest of girls be complete brats. I am not going to be very nice in this blog.

REUNION: What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when you are being filmed, you big dummies.

I clearly look jealous as Ryan tells Krisily that her shoes are, “like, so rocking.” Fine, Krisily always has on ridiculous, fantastic heels, but he could have at least mentioned my style efforts. Ahem. For the record, I was wearing an American Apparel sheer tank over a Fred Segal decorative bra top and Fred Segal black sequined, high wasted shorts with nude pumps, and O2 designed jewelry mixed with a little Stella and Dot. So yeah, my face was a little irritated when water heater boy chose to be oblivious to my style efforts. GetzStyle Tip: When going out, think outside the box. Mix and match several pieces to create your own, personal look. It’s easy to find a dress that looks hot, but try to mix it up!

This is why I love Erica….”It was probably hard for Ali to see Frank considering he dumped her for a younger girl, and she wasn’t really looking her best.” Not to mention she looked super hot in her tiny black dress with the perfect amount of cleavage exposed to keep it classy yet sexy in Sin City.

Kasey and Lisa P. making out reminds me of two drunk horn dogs in Vegas. Wait a second… had only Jamie from Ben’s season been there to give them some pointers and a play-by-play of the rules of tonguing each other, er, uh, something like that.

Closing statement: I like a lot of the past contestants, but I have to give a big shout out to Brad’s second season, because those girls, as a whole, are pretty freaking rad. Ashley S., Ashley H., Marissa, Jackie, Britt and Michelle are some of my faves who actually attended the reunion. I honestly didn’t know who 95% of the 100+ people that were there, but I can say that it was a pretty fun group. Good. Lord. The highlight of the reunion for me was waking up next to a jumbo Slim Jim. I’m not kidding, I found the world’s largest Slim Jim in the snack shop.

As Chris welcomes the Ladies, I will give you a fashion rundown and one word (first word to pop into my head) about each of them.

Please welcome….


Who? I don’t remember her, but she has on a crew neck, quarter length sleeved neutral sequin number that is cute enough to match her pretty face, hair, and smile.


Confused. Yes, we get it Monica, you are a tomboy. Aside from her “whoop whoop” fist pump vs. a dainty wave to the audience, her dress actually impressed me. Royal Blue looks great on blondes and the style is actually current to trend. She has consistently been on the worst dressed list until tonight. Maybe she learned something from my blog? What she didn’t learn was how to do her hair. Poor girl has got that over processed blonde causing it to look rough, and further more, the slicked back ponytail/side braid would have been cute if it was more tousled, teased, and soft. Oh, and at least braided through to the ends of her hair.


Awkward. Jamie also impressed me with her style. She looks like she is going out for a fun, glamorous night on the town vs. chaperoning at the local prom. I actually met Jamie last weekend and she is a blast! Super sweet and totally cool. When she told me she had been reading my blogs, I contemplated exiting the building out of fear. Thankfully, she was a good sport about my past blogs of humorously tearing apart her dresses.


Dreadful. Annoying. Brutal. Spazoid. Whoopsies, that was 4 words. I can’t see her outfit past her big, fat mouth. Talk about annoying. Now that she has been on TV, maybe she could endorse Pet Smart and wear a muzzle 110% of the time. Put a lid on it, lady. She looks just like Cheri Oteri from the infamous SNL skit and acts like her too…


Uhhhhh. She made the show hilarious to watch. She was super mean to Shawntel, which sincerely pisses me off. I DO, however, love her sexy little red number. It’s very hard to pull of this bust line, but she did so in good taste. You can’t see it that well in this photo, but the bust dips lower than the standard, sweetheart neckline.


MEAN! If there is one thing more off putting than her dreadful dress, it’s her personality. We thought Courtney was mean? Well, calling a girl fat and ugly is despicable and ridiculous. Just awful. I was honestly in tears by the things she said about Shawntel originally, but having to watch Shawntel relive this mean girl moment, only to hear Erica say more mean things to her while she was in the hot seat makes my skin boil. Erica states, “She is uglier in person,” and I can’t help but laugh at the irony of Shawntel’s beauty blowing her looks out of the water.


Hilarious. So what if she wasn’t attracted to Ben, at least she was honest and left the show! One of my favorite things about the Women Tell All is seeing the audience react to the girls’ banter. When she said she wasn’t into Ben, the women in the audience gasped as if somebody insulted their mothers. I want to high five the life out of her for putting Samantha in her place.


Rough. I must say, I couldn’t stand Elise after her inner man came out during the season when she was going psyco over Shawntel, but, like I say weekly in this blog, everyone deserves a second chance. Elyse looked beautiful tonight not only on the outside, but also on the inside. She was completely put together physically speaking, and her sincere, mature apology to Shawntel put her back in my good graces.


Frantic. She seems to be a fragile, nervous mess on the show, but in real life she is more put together. The camera isn’t for everyone. Some people get more emotional, shy or scared in front of a camera and act differently than they normally would. I met Jenna a few weeks ago and she seemed totally normal and chill. I love her short sleeved, purple sequin frock and tousled, beach wave hair.


Blah. I thought I liked her until tonight. She said some damaging things about Blakeley straight to Ben’s face and in front of Blakeley herself, such as, “Why would you send me home before Blakeley? Would you really rather introduce her to your mother over me?” She continued to be both hurtful and harmful to Blakeley and Ben didn’t even interject. This whole season is full of mean, rude people.


Cool. The always-beautiful Rachel wore an off-white, long sleeved sequined dress that was short in length and super cute. I think she would look better in a bolder color, but she still pulled it off.

Casey S:

Waldo. No seriously, where was she all season? Maybe she had to go to the bathroom a lot? Or showered a lot? I don’t know, but when she was on camera, she always was dressed to impress. Tonight she wore a stylish sequined tank with a solid colored skirt and a super fun, over the top cuff on her right wrist. Her hair needs a little help, but that’s about it.


Victim. I bet Blakeley wanted to wear a more revealing dress tonight, but in fear of the girl gang, she opted for something more conservative as to not get made fun of by these vicious women. I feel so bad for her. She literally just sits there and takes it from these ladies. I like Blakeley and have heard nothing but amazing things about her.


Sweetheart. Emily looked more gorgeous than ever in an edgy little pale purple cocktail dress. She is just about the only girl sitting up there that is 100% normal and level headed. A couple of the other girls come close, but still not 100%. I hope we see her on Bachelor Pad 3!


Stunning. Nicki is a plain and simple, very nice girl. She is a good girl with a heart of gold and I have no doubt she will be over the top happy one day. She looks completely put together with a wonderful dress and jewelry to boot.

Kacie B:

Cheesy. Kacie borrowed her dress from her mother and it just didn’t work for her. Some of these girls have this look in their eye when they wave to the audience that screams, “I think I’m famous now.”

Ohhhhh man, where oh where to begin…

Let’s start with some mean comments said by the women tonight: These are just a few…

Kacie: “Jamie doesn’t seem very bright.”
Blakeley: “Jamie is very annoying.”
Kacie: “Courtney is unattractive.”
Jaclyn: “Shawntel is dumpster trash and a bitch.”
Samantha: “Blakeley, you sit there with your #&$!*% out face #&$!ing Ben in a pool. You are a bully and, like so immature.”
Britney: “Samantha you are like the Chihuahua in the house you just don’t quit talking. You are so annoying.”
Jennifer: “I mean, like, really Ben? You considered taking home Blakeley to your home over me? Like, no offence, but look at her.”
Samantha: “OK, here’s the thing. Why are so many of us such great friends, yet you couldn’t be friends.” “She bullied other girls.”

Samantha appears to be all hyped up on speed as she annoys the living daylights out of me. Britney sure did put that nut case in place! Samantha uses the Hollywood trend word, “bullying” over and over. How do you not know when you are talking too much and being extremely annoying? Her mic cutting in and out was funny enough to make me nearly pee my pants. Samantha is swearing non-stop and talking way too loud in an annoying valley girl voice that even Blakeley turns around and looks at her like, “What are you on right now?”

Hot Seat: Shawntel

Shawntel: You know? She works at a morgue. She could literally bury these B*#ches. This sweet girl gets ridiculed in the hot seat by some of these tacky ladies. I have zero desire to meet Erica, and I can’t believe I had to see that gawd awful dress again that she wore in Vegas. Get it together sunshine! Not only does she not even apologize, but also she makes it worse by saying that she herself has big thighs! Erica will never have anything on Shawntel and I literally hope to God I never see her face. Make fun of what someone is wearing, their hair, etc…things they can change, but HOW DARE she call a girl fat and ugly! This is one, disturbed little individual with an annoying lisp. (Yes, I know she can’t help having a lisp, but since she is so mean, I’m pointing out HER stupid flaws). Jaclyn calls Shawntel dumpster trash? Uhhh, huh…well to be honest, I’m still curious as to how your a*% even got cast for this show. Elyse apologizes for her, “stupid, famous quote,” and I was confused only because I’m trying to figure out why she thinks she and her quotes are famous? Emily comes to the rescue by telling Shawntel that she is stunning and had she not been, none of the girls would have been jealous. Emily shows so much class at all times. She would have made a phenomenal Bachelorette. Get this girl on Bachelor Pad!

Emily: She is obviously Chris Harrison’s favorite as he showers her with compliments. I love this girl. She is genuine, fun, level headed and unique. She is about the only girl left on this show with class. She only voiced her opinion about Courtney in a mature way to Ben. She speaks so well and always knows the right thing to say! She brought up the fact that she felt Ben sent her home because of Courtney’s dislike for her. I said that in my blog when Emily got kicked off (if you remember). I definitely think Courtney had a lot to do with her going home.

As Chris asks Emily how she will feel if Ben picks Courtney next week, the camera scans to Kacie B. and Nicki hold each other as if they are sitting at a funeral. Give me a break! Who cares who he picks! Worry about guys you have a shot with. He dumped you guys months ago…move on!

Nicki: Boring

Kacie: Boring

Courtney: Not Boring. As Camp Kacie high five each other in their Courtney bashing session, I can’t help but feel as though they are no better than her. If someone rubs you the wrong way or you don’t agree with their personality, then just walk away. Personally, if someone is rude to me or I don’t like their behavior, I simply don’t talk to them anymore and I certainly wouldn’t allow it to affect my emotions and attitude. I meet people out in LA all the time that rub me the wrong way. It’s a part of life that these girls will learn to handle better once they become women.

I nearly vomited at how nerdy these girls looked when a clip of Kacie was shown, talking about how she hates Courtney, and how she wants to kill her like a spider by smashing her head. At this point, all the girls collaboratively perform reenact Kacie’s mannerisms. Yuck. At one point, didn’t Kacie say she wanted to slit Courtney’s head open like an avocado? Or something to the effect? If it had been Courtney that said these viscous things, she probably would be charged with attempted assault charges. But, since Kacie has an accent and looks super sweet, the audience is blinded to her equal evil side.

Ben: Seriously.

“Welcome to my nightmare.”

Ben says facing all of the women is his worst nightmare? Well, if my worst nightmare was being on television show and traveling the world for free while choosing between 25 beautiful people from the opposite gender and at the same time gaining a ton of publicity for my business, then I’d be a blessed woman. The only bad thing is that he has to face them all again. Boo-freaking-hoo Ben Flajnik. Boo. Freaking. Hoo. Your hair is like a Dashboard Confessional song, “screaming infidelities.”

As the girls confront Ben, a few things stood out to me. Sweet little Jennifer? Sha right. Why is Jennifer comparing herself to Blakeley? She sounds ridiculously insecure and cruel! She says, “Why would you send me home before Blakeley? Would you really take her home to meet your mother over me?” Jeez what a B*#ch! Jennifer talks about poor Blakeley as if she isn’t sitting right next to her. Man oh man these girls are relentless.

AWKWARD Jamie trips over her A.D.D. sentences while trying to inform Ben that she still wants a chance with him! “I still love you Ben!” At this point in the episode, I’m all the way under my covers with the sheets pulled up just under my eyes so that I can cover them during uncomfortable moments like this.

Meanwhile, over at Camp Kacie, talk about bullying. They are all ganging up something fierce. Is she running a Southern cult? Like one of those weird cults that films their extremely weird church services on TV while speaking in tongues? I still can’t get annoying Samantha out of my head. Yooooshyoooyuckieshiverrrrrrr… (Oh, that’s just a noise I make in my head sometimes.)

Well, at least Jenna finally got ahold of one of Monica’s tampons. All right, I’m off to call my parents to thank them for raising me the way they did.


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