Natalie’s Bachelor Blog Episode 2: Sonomafication: (So-no-ma-fi-ca-tion)

Sonomafication: (So-no-ma-fi-ca-tion)

1. Rolling around in pastures while high on grapes.  “After a weekend of Sonomafication, she woke up severely bruised.”

2. Utilizing grapes to seduce the opposite sex.  “This week, I am going to perform Sonomafication on one of my lovers in Northern California.”

Emily (my lil’ Kendra) sums up Ben’s Sonoma style best when she states, “Ben looks amazing in his dressed down, Sonomafied version of himself.”” Girl, I couldn’t agree more!  I’ve always loved a man who knows how to dress trendy but in the simplest, most casual of ways.  Ben looks vulnerably hot in an army green woven with black, flat front, chino shorts. Ben continually impressed me throughout Ashley’s season with different styles of kicks, so it’s no surprise that he is wearing a pair of what appear to be light blue Toms.  And please, give me a freaking break – how cute is that dog?  Throw Ben in that unique looking red truck and this look is beyond complete!  GetzStyle tip:  Remember boys, having style doesn’t mean wearing the most expensive designer brands.  It means putting an outfit together that reflects your personality.  It actually turns me off a bit when a man talks about expensive, designer brands. 

The girls run around their new digs and through all the “ooohs” and “ahhhhs,” I hear one of Ben’s girlfriends ask, “Is this real life?”  I just wanted to clarify to her that no, it’s not.  But that was cute.

Date #1:  As real as it gets, minus the baton…

Kacie B. gets the first date and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ll tell you what does not in the least bit excite me, and that is Kacie’s disastrous attempt to put together the top portion of her outfit for an interview with the producers.

Check it out and take note to never, ever combine a crew neck and off the shoulder sweater.  GetzStyle Tip:  Off the shoulder tops are sexy and a simple way to make your casual outfit look hip.  Wear this style of shirt either alone or with a simple tank underneath it.  I feel like the picture alone explains why wearing a crew neck under an off the shoulder top looks bad.  Other than this major mishap, Kacie B. does have really cute style and I’m sure she just threw that sweater on in the interview room because she was cold? That’s what I’m going to tell myself.  REDEMPTION:

(BAD SHOT, BUT USE IT) I love Kacie’s ability to put together a “Sonomafied” outfit.  She is wearing a hip, brown leather jacket, over a three quarter length striped shirt paired with black shorts and a unique patterned scarf.   GetzStyle Tip:  This one’s for the girls! Kacie threw together this cute little number and paired it with the perfect shoe.  A pair of tall brown flat boots.  I know we LOVE heels, but take into consideration the environment in which your date will be in and the guy you are dressing for.  The flats make her look adorably sweet, and she also realizes they are going on a chill date in Sonoma, so a skin tight dress and heels is probably the wrong way to go.  (I wonder what Blakeley would have worn?)  Flats are a great shoe for a first date…trust me, most guys dig them ;)  

The date starts off a little boring, but keep in mind that boring is good for this show.  As much as I love watching the drama and awkward moments, I also love to see a normal date.  Ben teaching her to play the piano was really cute and Kacie B. showing off her inner geek through baton performance was hilarious.  OK, these two make a great couple.  Thoughts?  As Ben and Kacie look at pictures and videos of their pasts, I can guarantee every lady (and probably some men – trust me, I know of a couple emotional ones that watch the show religiously) were sobbing.  I’m not an easy cry, and I was teary eyed.  Ben has a great legacy to carry on through his father who was clearly a remarkable man.

Group Date:  Oh, Monica

Did anyone else notice Monica beat on her chest like an ape when her name was announced to be going on the group date?  Look out Blakeley, looks like it’s mating season and you are a raw peace of vulnerability.  The girls learn they will be judged by a group of children on their acting skills.  I LOVE kids and think they are natural comedians so I laughed myself to tears the entire time!  They are all so cute!  Jennifer goes first and is asked to imitate a weasel.  She does a pretty good job!

Maybe I’m just biased because this fair skinned beauty is wearing a very cool top.  I love the color choice for her skin tone and the bubble sleeves add a classic touch.

Emily says, “I am not sure I would be wearing that romper with the tight fitted chest area in front of children.”  Well, Emily, I am positive I wouldn’t wear that romper even behind closed doors.  That low cut romper screams, “Take me home, Benny-boo!” Not, “I want to meet your mom and mother your future child.”

The girls that stood out to me on this date were Emily, Nikki and Jennifer.  They were hilarious and rolled with the punches making light of the moment.  It’s early in the game, but I am going to coin Emily as the girl I could see myself having the most fun with so far.  This group date was cute and really showed the playful side of Ben that we saw of him on Ashley’s season when they painted the children’s orphanage.  Ben really lights up around children and that is a HUGE plus in my book.  Yay.

Odd behavior is taking place at the wrap party as Ben tells Blakeley he liked her style BEFORE the weasel costume. This completely caught me off guard and made me realize Ben may have paid a little more attention to what the romper wasn’t covering vs. her “style!” What Blakeley wore was off a mannequin. That romper wasn’t “style.”  It was one piece, not several thrown together.  Her response to Ben asking how she, “does that?” “I’m really blessed in some places and I didn’t know if that would be okay for today, but I thought it was cute.”  She is referring to her cannon balls popping out of her romper.  Blakeley and Ben continue to cheers each other to her being “blessed.” (Referring to her chest) I couldn’t help but wonder who was more offended, her plastic surgeon or God.

Blakely continues to use her assets to lure Ben away from the group.  Meanwhile, Samantha is so irritated that she has to lock herself in a stall and pout.  EW I’m such a germaphobe, this made me cringe!  Samantha girl, you can’t let your emotions overcome you and ruin your time with Ben!  I will say though, I love watching how annoyed Samantha gets with Blakeley.  It’s cracking me up!

Date #2: Did Courtney really just reference what is the most annoying word I’ve ever heard? Yes, she did.  “Winning…WINNING!” -Courtney

Skippy! Scotch!  Whatever your name is! I’m so happy you get to go on a date with Ben and Courtney!  Well, I sure don’t know what Ben is doing to poor Snoopy here, but he did say he wanted to make him howl.  This is not the point of the picture…the point is Courtney’s outfit.

This was my go-to outfit this past summer/fall.  If all else failed, I’d throw on white cut-off jean shorts, my Urban Outfitter denim button down, and wedged ankle booties or cowgirl boots.  GetzStyle Tip:  Guys love to see a girl dressed down.  This doesn’t mean wear sweats and a t-shirt.  It means wear something basic and casual that says, “I’m not pretentious.”  You have got to show a guy your sweet, innocent side before you start showing the side he may like in “other” ways.  

Ok, Scout is stealing the show.  He howled to let Ben know he was chilly so he could get wrapped up in a blanket.  I’m laughing so hard right now! You guys have no idea!   

Rose Ceremony:  Bentley Bentley Bentley, Blakeley, Blakeley, Blakely

Every season, girls always whine about how unfair the process is.  I get about as annoyed at this nonsense as Samantha does Blakeley.  This is not a game and these girls need to realize that love is not always fair.  This isn’t grade school sports where everyone gets playing time.  This is Ben’s future and it’s up to him to decide who he wants to spend it with.  What these girls don’t understand is that Ben will make a point to talk to them if he wants to.  He knows they are all there.  If Blakeley steals him away for a convo AND she already has a rose, that’s because she likes him a lot!

They say it’s not fair that she continue to talk to him because she has a rose already, but that boggles my mind.  Example:  If I were in a social setting and a guy and I hit it off, I wouldn’t say it’s unfair if another girl came about way after I met him that night and stole him away. I wouldn’t tell her that she has to give me equal conversation time.  Blakeley is shooting herself in the foot anyway by being way too aggressive and trying to steal him twice at the party.  Yeesh – make him come to you girlfriend.  Oh wait, she did – in the luggage room where she was “hiding,” AKA seeking attention. From Jenna trying to convince Ben that she is more of a guy than a girl (I BEG to differ) to Blakeley cuddling with the luggage, this second episode successfully entertained me.

Jenna, pull it together!  I thought you were happy for a second chance!  Had Ben not pulled you out from under the covers, you would have been late to the rose ceremony due to hiding and crying…AGAIN!  I’m so uncomfortable right now. Serious.  I’m legitimately uncomfortable.


The Good:  So far Lindzi is not falling off the fashion saddle this season…

From the dress to the jewelry to the shoe, Lindzi looks phenomenal in a coral pink, one shoulder short cocktail dress.  The design of the dress is stunning as the fabric gathers from one shoulder down to her high waist and puffs out slightly, hitting just above the knee.  The feather touch on the skirt is flirty and fun!  The nude pump elongates her legs in this short dress drawing attention to her toned stems.  I need to find this dress immediately!

Courtney got a rose and already busted out white!  Lace is a huge trend right now and Courtney wore it well.  I actually have this dress in black!  Brunettes look great in white, so Courtney made the right color choice.  GetzStyle Tip:  There are many ways to go wrong with lace, so be careful!  You don’t want to wear something that looks like a woman twice your age would wear.  This dress fits her shape and is short in length to show off her long legs.  I got my black version of this dress at LF in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Blakeley loves to dress sexy, and this time she pulled it off.  The dress fits her like a glove, exposing just the right amount of cleavage (well, compared to earlier).  As for the romper, I’m still disturbed.  It’s going to take more than one great rose ceremony dress to make up for that little shenanigan.

The Bad: Outdated styles, bling, and awful highlights, OH MY!

Yick! I HATE bling, plastic and metal attached to dresses.  Ericka’s dress comes off so tacky to me!  Unlike Lindzi’s, this one shoulder dress is outdated.  Not only does it NOT fit her correctly, it’s poorly constructed.  There is nothing flattering or sexy about it.  It looks even worse next to Blakeley’s hot LBD number.

This is an example of how NOT to wear lace.  I can’t even tell it is lace because so many sequins cover it up!  No, I am not a fan.  I do give her props for picking a good color choice!  Dark hues of green bring out color in blondes.

I can’t begin to dissect this mess.  It’s just not okay and the matching armband set me over the edge. Furthermore, I never understood the, “bleach blonde over black” hairstyle.  It’s not that transparent in this screen shot, but it’s pretty bad.  She may as well be wearing a nose ring.  Someone give this gorgeous girl a makeover! I honestly never caught this poor girl’s name because they didn’t even show her limo exit and she barely talked!

Overall, there were some other unfortunate dresses and also some cute ones, but these are the ones that really stood out to me on both ends of the spectrum.

GetzStyle Award:  Courtney wins the award this episode due to the fact that she nailed day AND nightwear down.  At all times she looked put together…simple with a twist :) Also, she gets bonus points for drinking red wines during her “in the moment” interviews! Favorite line?  “It’s like war out there…”- as she swigs her wine, referring to the ladies during the cocktail party.

Honorable mention:  Scotch

Notice how Scotch allows the green blanket to drape over him, crossing just below his whiskers as he stares off into the creek.

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Most women get turned on by seeing a shirtless man on TV or perhaps just an attractive man in general.  I, on the other hand get turned on by grapes.  I just want to crush them and drink their juices until I feel good inside.  After seeing all this wine and grapes, I’m about ready to get my Sonomafication on and bust this joint.  Until next week pals!


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