Episode 3:  Things start getting, like, “very real.” 

Sean and Leslie:  Every girls dream date is to go tour a bunch of nonsense.

Now that Leslie is in my top 3, I sincerely hope her and Sean can find love just like Brad and Emily did, er, like Ben and Courtney did, wait, um, like Emily and Jef found, no, like Deanna and Jesse found, crap, maybe like Jake and Vienna found?  Or Jillian and Ed?  Ali and Roberto?  OK, this is NOT going well.  Let’s just hope they find something, like a hundred dollar bill would be cool at this point.  Moving on…


Leslie M’s nude cocktail dress looked super sleek and conservative from the front, but sexy and suggestive in the back.  I’m starting to notice a trend with her and dresses that leave a lil’ up to the imagination.  This is the perfect dress for a date like this.  Who wouldn’t want to wear one of their favorite dresses to trashy Hollywood BLVD for a tour at the Guinness Book of World Records?

As Sean prepares to take Leslie to set the record for longest on screen kiss, he is very nervous, because, “3 minutes is a loooong time to kiss.”  Yep, he’s definitely a born again V.  If 3 minutes is a looooong time to kiss, then I must be very advanced here, people.


Within the first 5 seconds of setting the make out record, Leslie is already grabbing Sean’s hair! YOWZA!  This causes Sean to react physically; only he doesn’t realize what exactly is going on with his body.  He can’t describe it, stating, “I can feel Leslie’s body starting to tremble.  So is mine.  I’ve never felt this feeling before.” Well let me help you out with that, Sean.  That, my dear, is a boner.  Welcome to manhood.

After showing Leslie his Dad’s photo in the Guinness Book of World Records for driving around the country the fastest or something like that (boring), and setting a new world record with her, we know Sean is not going to send her home tonight and their is zero suspense.  She gets the rose after they discuss that they are both nerds who took AP classes, which I took as well.  PSYCHE.  I have no clue what they are talking about.  I’m blonde.

Group Date:  Son of a Beach


Kristy annoyed probably every viewer watching this show by shrieking like a troublesome sorority girl when she hugged Sean. I can’t help but note how bad ass Kristy was trying to look.  If you are going to wear a bandana around your head, you need to dress the part entirely.  A bandana is the LAST thing that fits her personality.

Chris Harrison informs Sean’s girlfriends that they will be playing a game of Volleyball today and the losing team will have to go home…immediately.  The girls all start freaking out about this information and Taryn even claims,  “This is the most important game of my life.”  I can’t even go there right now.  These girls are off their freaking rockers.  Catherine is the only one being playful and cute, not allowing the competition to peak her emotions.



Catherine looks very cute humping Sean here.  My only concern if he picks her is that their future daughter will be a dumb blonde with poor driving skills.


Kristy, Leslie, Tierra, Taryn, Catherine and Daniella get sent home and the tears start flowing.  And Kristy STILL has on that bandanna.

Sean acts like he feels terrible about sending the ladies home, but he doesn’t really care in all actuality because he gets to see Desiree again.  Sean makes out with Des and Lindsey at the party and Kacie shoots herself in the foot.  She has admittedly been a long time viewer of the show, so I was shocked when she told Sean about the drama between Jamie and Des. She tells Sean, “I don’t want to be that girl,” but she IS being THAT GIRL!  Why on Earth, after the whole Ben/Emily/Courtney drama on her season would she think it’s a good idea to say something to Sean?  Desiree and Amanda don’t like each other, but that’s it.  They don’t fight.  They are just being girls. When a girl tries to make another girl look bad on this show, it never goes over well.  Then she says, “I’m not supposed to cry this time” and walks off camera. Aww :(  She even went up to him in her breathiest, angel voice stating that the girls were so horrible that it was causing her to not be herself.  Sean calls her crazy, shit hits the fan, and she is led back to the group.


I know these over sized, sheer button down blouses are in right now, but I think they are horrible.  They look frumpy and dated.  Just not a fan!  I mean, let’s be real here, Kacie can pull of just about anything so she still looks good!

Amanda got the chance to steal Sean away after telling the viewing audience that she thinks he should pick her, “because, I like, have a lot to offer.” Oh boy.

Amanda tells Sean, “I have to talk to you about something serious. When you were describing the perfect girl, well, that’s me.”  She lost what little street cred she had left.  In the end, Lindsay gets the group date rose as a derailed Kacie watches on in horror, knowing her time at the mansion is going to be short lived.


Sean and Tierra:  Trip down memory lane


“Coming from someone who has had several concussions…” –Sean.  OK, now I get it. He clearly has had a few concussions if he didn’t even realize she was getting it on at the bottom of the stairwell with another man who conveniently also likes purple clothes.


Tierra running off and pouting worked in her favor.  Sean rushes to her side, holding her hand and flirting.  Her body language in this photo is so dramatic.  Pull it together, sister.  Sean seems so into her, which is weird.  I don’t understand?  He really is all over the board!  He is growing connections with a few girls who are nothing alike at all. Desiree, Leslie, Lindsay and Tierra?  Odd combo.

Sean and Ashlee:  Six Flags.  Huh.  


LOVE this flirty dress!  It’s so cute and innocent.  The pattern makes the design come to life.  Sean chose the perfect girl to take on this date.  He got to know more about her past and understand more about who she is as a person.  It was really sweet to see both of their eyes light up knowing that they were doing good for others as they gave two best friends a chance to meet in real life and share a dream day together.


Sean’s kisses always start off the same.  He sticks his tongue out like a baby turtle (I don’t know what that looks like) and kinda pokes their mouth with it.  He was clearly NOT paying attention to Arie’s advice.

After Sean (and me) cried over Ashlee’s story of her past, I have come to realize that this man is not the least bit phony. He has a heart of Gold, and you can’t fake emotion like that.  NOW I understand why he is the bachelor.  He is all around a prize-winning catch!

The Good:


I’m obsessed with this hot pink dress! Sarah knows how to dress to flatter her bust line in a classy, yet sexy way.  The fact that Sean brought her dog to the house in a limo is freaking fantastic!  I wasn’t attracted to Sean until this episode.  He is no joke the real deal definition of the “perfect” man.  After he shed some tears for Ashlee and now this?! I’m kinda crushing on his personality!


Desiree’s frock is outstanding!  I’m normally not a huge fan of cut out dresses, but this one is in good taste and cut out in appropriate areas.


Kacie went out with a bang.  She is wearing a sporty cocktail dress that is edgy and different.  I’m a HUGE fan of exposed zippers and color blocking done right.  In fact, from the hair to the dress to the makeup, this is hands down the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen Kacie look!


This color is certainly worn by several at this rose ceremony.  Daniella’s dress grew on me as the night advanced.  That, and I seriously want to be friends with her one day because she is hilarious, so I have to start saying super nice things about her clothes.


Her exit was super awkward.  Don’t know if you all caught it, but when she was exiting the mansion she kept looking at producers asking which way to go.  Come on, everyone knows when the pimp don’t give his bitch a flower she go out the front door.  However, her dress was one of my favorites tonight.


The Bad:


Leslie’s taste in cocktail dresses sure isn’t wonderful.  I don’t find crotchet attractive and she seems to be very into this.  At least she got the color right!  Electric Blue is a great choice to compliment her skin and hair.


Catherine was shopping at Justice.  I just know it.  This is a sundress you would put a kid in.  I like this girl, but not this dress.  Robin, on the other hand, looks sleek and sexy in a blue, tight fighting strapless Bodycon dress!


Patterns never look good on TV, and I’m not saying I dislike her dress, I just think it’s the wrong choice for a rose ceremony.  It looks like something a hot Mom would wear to church.


Kristy threw her head in her hands and sobbed claiming, “I hope I find love someday!”  This translates to, “I hope America feels bad for me and even though I only went 3 episodes, maybe I still have a shot at being the Bachelorette if I cry hard enough.”  Seriously, to cry this hard after never even having a 1 on 1 date with a guy who is making out with ass loads of other women worry me about her future.  I actually have known some girls to get upset after a 2-week fling and I never understood it.


Last time I saw this pattern, it was the wall paper of a cheap hotel my work put me up in.  Needless to say, I’m a spoiled jerk and ended up checking out 5 minutes later.  Sorry Taryn.  Sorry I don’t like your dress and sorry Sean didn’t give you his born again flower.

If I were Sarah, I’d probably slip fat pills in all the girls’ vitamins when she was at the house alone.

Botox Diaries:

I know you will all hate me for pointing this out while she is crying, but that’s one beautiful, stagnant forehead!


I’m all about a little Botox, but this is just too much!  Even baby’s foreheads wrinkle when they make this expression.  She is far too young for such high doses of botulism!


Top 3:




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