Natalie’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 7

Episode 7: Belize brings out the B#%ch in these girls…

Chris informs the over enthusiastic girls that this week there will be three one-on-one dates and 1 group date with a rose up for grabs. I’m sure Ben has already made up his mind on which girls he FOR SURE wants to take on hometown dates.

Lindzi and Courtney both have on excellent day wear. Lindzi in a busy patterned Maxi skirt and Courtney in her high waisted denim and white vest/purple scarf combo. Getzstyle Tip: When wearing a busy pattern, make sure to keep the other half of your outfit simple like Lindzi did. She wore a basic white tank to not draw attention away from her standout piece. Lindzi has consistently dressed to perfection this entire season.

Ben and Lindzi: Lovers Leap

Ben informs Lindzi that they will be jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean. They aren’t even wearing life vests! What if the wind gets knocked out of one of them? That water is dark and there would be no finding the missing person. What if a huge rock shifted and they jump right onto it? What if an odd ocean species is chillin’ in there waiting to eat its prey? What if Ben’s hair gets caught in his mouth and he can’t breath? OMGosh, these are all thoughts that would be going through my paranoid mind and I would NOT be jumping out of a chopper if I were Lindzi. Screw that! Well, they end up risking their lives for the thrill of it, which I am not OK with.

This swimsuit is great! I’m not sure how well that tube top bikini held up as she plunged into the water. I suppose that technically Courtney isn’t the only one who has been skinny dipping with Ben. Lindzi: “Today I literally fell for Ben. Out of a helicopter.” Too cute! I would have told Ben to eff off if I were you. I’m terrified of heights as well and would never feel the need to overcome that fear to please a dude. I’m perfectly good here, standing on the ground.

These two have a lovely evening and they seem to connect more than ever on this intimate date. Lindzi is pulling off the island look to perfection in this A-line, light pink dress complete with beach blown, wavy hair. “When I saw all the pillows and blankets on the bed with lit candles surrounding it, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside,” claims Lindzi. Girl! There is another name for that feeling you got, but save it for the fantasy suite. I can’t make my mind up on who I think Ben should end up with! How will Ben choose between so many great girls? My top 3, in no particular order, are: Lindzi, Kacie and Emily.

Ben and Emily: Ben: “Emily, do you Belize in love?” Hoooooomph

We certainly see a different side in Courtney, as she gets very emotional over Ben and Emily’s date. Is it simply that time of the month for her? Or is she sincere in her tears? This is certainly becoming a reality to her and to be honest with you all, I really think she is into the competition, I mean Ben.

Emily and Ben simply click! They are both adventurous, fun, charismatic and seem to have a blast together! I don’t see a total romantic chemistry there, but on a friendship level, these two have got it going on! Emily states, “I really do feel like I’m on vacation with my boyfriend!” Well, um, I’d hope so? If he were going to propose to someone in a couple weeks, I’d hope they are all his girlfriends at this point.

It’s hard to sit back and watch Ben give Emily away, but at the end of the day it’s Ben’s decision. I’ve broken up with guys that were fun to be around and treated me beyond perfection, but I couldn’t force myself to feel a romantic spark.

Ben and Courtney: WWST? (What Would Scotch Think)

I love how Courtney interacts with Ben. She is cute and playful with him and shows a softer side that the other women don’t always get to see. Sure, I really wish she were warm with the other girls, but she said it herself, straight to Ben’s face: she has more guy friends than girls. Some women are just like that. She is honest to Ben about her feelings about his other girlfriends, and in reality, I think it would be hard to befriend someone who is competing for the same heart of another. This doesn’t mean she has to continue to slam them and say rude things, but she doesn’t need to try to make friendships at this point. My point is, she is showing the side that the girls don’t like about her to Ben and he doesn’t care. She certainly doesn’t sugar coat around him! After Courtney brutally slams the other women, Ben asks her if she has a lot of girlfriends. Her response: “I have GOOD friends, a lot of guy friends.” Guy friends are not the same as girlfriends! I couldn’t live without all my girlfriends. I like having guy friends, but 9 times out of 10, the guy is more interested in getting in our pants than he is a friendship. Courtney needs some estrogen in her life. It doesn’t faze him and he continues to fall for her. He obviously likes her for who she is. Everyone has different taste in personality and Ben seems to dig Courtney even though she doesn’t vibe well with other women. So long as she makes him happy, who are we to judge who he likes? Now, let’s judge him (evil laugh)…

Group Date: Fear Factor

Once again, I would never feel the need to overcome my fear of ANYTHING to impress someone. Swimming with sharks? This show is more like Fear Factor than a dating show! Does anyone remember the super old dating show, Love Connection? Even that was not this cheesy :) The girls are worried that Rachel will get the rose due to overcoming her fear of sharks. They are also super annoyed that she is using this as her crutch to constantly be by his side.
Even when Courtney isn’t around, she is still the center of attention. After swimming with sharks (totally normal) the girls are fed up and stressed out at this point. Nicki and Rachel are pissed they didn’t get the rose and this strikes some serious emotional chords as they tell Ben what’s really up with his beloved Courtney. Ben has already seen her true colors first hand on his date, and after hearing what the girls had to say, I am so confused why he STILL had to pull her aside at the rose ceremony!

Rose Ceremony: There isn’t one. But, did Ben send home Emily because Courtney told him it hurt her feelings that he didn’t have her back? I think so!

The Good: Not Courtney and Ben’s conversation

Once again, Courtney’s evening attire takes the cake! The color of the dress is compelling and the fabric is rich. The length is perfect and the cut is phenomenal. Her revealing back line is adorable and sexy at the same time. Twisted straps, crisscrossing up her back, is the perfect little detail to make this dress jump out! Don’t judge fashion based off of your dislike for someone, but base it off of the designer’s work! She is a model, after all, so she is going to wear most garments well. GetzStyle Tip: Most men love the sight of a woman’s back more than they do her chest. When going for this look, make sure it’s done in a flirty way. Courtney’s dress was not revealing in the front and certainly was not skin tight. The little bit of sex that she showed was her back and it worked wonders.

Lindzi looked elegant in a free flowing, nude colored frock. This asymmetrical look really works for her, and the empire waistline was an added bonus. The fabric flowed gracefully as she walked to accept her ticket home to her family from Ben. For driving a pick-up truck, this girl really knows how to rock the runway in fashion!

Kacie’s dress is probably more beautiful off camera. I love a loud patterned maxi dress, but TV doesn’t do busy patterns justice. GetzStyle Tip: A Maxi dress is such an easy way to go. They are simple and perfect for those days that we don’t feel our skinniest;) They elongate the body, adding length without having to wear heels.

The Bad: Nothing to see here!

Nikki’s dress wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. I didn’t like the pattern on the base of her dress, colors, or design on her frame. She is simply gorgeous, so in all honesty, it really doesn’t matter what she wears. Rachel and Emily’s dresses didn’t particularly stand out to me, but they were still pretty cute. Bravo to all the women tonight for a job well done in regards to style:)

GetzStyle Award: Lindzi…AGAIN! Her swimsuit, date dress and rose ceremony dress were all stunning on this beautiful girl. I pretty much am to the point where I am going to stalk Courtney and Lindzi’s homes, so that when they leave to run an errand I can bust in and steel all their clothes.

Tonight was a rough episode to watch, and I’m pretty upset that after the relationship Ben formed with Emily, he didn’t even have the decency to walk her out. I am almost positive that Courtney is the reason Emily went home. I can almost guarantee you that Courtney told Ben that she needed to get rid of Emily or else she would leave. After all, she did tell Ben how much it hurt her feelings that he took Emily on a date instead of having her back. How do you all feel about Ben after this episode? I’m honestly a little scared to ask.

“The average woman falls in love 7 times a year. Only 6 are with shoes” -Kenneth Cole

Oh Ben, it’s not only important what you wear, but it’s also important to be aware. We all walk in different shoes, but some cross the line. Until next week…


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