Episode 7: Brow Wars

Sean is relaxed and “breaking the rules” again as he flies into St. Croix with his remaining girl friends. He states that all the drama in Montana is in the past, yet one minute after they land, Tierra is rolling a cot into another room so that she doesn’t have to share a bedroom with the other girls. Wow. I already know at this point that this episode is going be pretty fantastic.

Tierra is just asking for it at this point. When AshLee left to get ready for her date with Sean, Tierra sang rather off key to a tune she created in her own warped brain, “The Cougars back in town…” Lindsay literally looks at her in disgust, as do Desiree and Leslie. After moving her cot and saying something so rude, can anyone honestly still say they like her? She is super annoying. Maybe she is always eating because chewing keeps her mouth from saying nasty comments. Furthermore, as Tierra is bitching about AshLee’s age, I can’t help but notice that AshLee’s skin looks flawless. I would LOVE to see what Tierra looks like at 32. LOVE.

Sean and AshLee: Waterworks

They look like a cute, tropical couple in their island attire:) AshLee stuck to basics with bold colors and a long, gold necklace. Sean looks pretty hot in a casual orange button down with navy and white striped board shorts. They would have the cutest kids, even though that would never happen because rumor has it, Sean is spiking the girls champagne with Plan B.

Sean leads AshLee to beautiful waters and informs her that they will be swimming out to the boat. I’m sure if AshLee can’t swim that far that Sean’s breast implants will keep her afloat. On a side note, it’s too bad that AshLee wasn’t aware that they would be going under water right away. There was really no point in her doing her hair or makeup, and trust me (dudes reading this blog), getting ready for a woman is such a pain in the ace. Blow dry the hair, straighten the hair, hairspray, makeup, etc… Maybe some women like getting ready, but I only will on special occasions because it otherwise seems like a total waste of 45 minutes. Plus, had she known she would be under water, she probably wouldn’t have worn mascara. Eeeps!

We are not too far into the date and AshLee is already an emotional basket case. I understand if she falls in love with a man who is falling in love with her and this causes a lot of tears of emotional joy, but she better be careful because Sean is also dating 5 other women! She states that she falls asleep every night dreaming of her future together with Sean. I get that you are suppose to be open when coming on this show, but, I mean, this is just not good for someone who is slightly, emotionally unstable. I’m worried about her.

Before dinner, Sean brings up Tierra. That’s not cool in my book! AshLee is put in a hard position, but tells Sean what’s up with Groucho Marx. He thanks her, and then they move on.

I know they are on an island, but I’m still not a fan of showing mid drift. It just seems outdated to me. I can’t really figure out what she is wearing, or how she tied her tank top up, but it’s not working for me so much. At dinner, AshLee tells Sean that she got married in high school, because she was having issues with her mom. Huh. The table slowly rises as Sean can’t contain his excitement (wenis) that AshLee has a broken past. The more broken a girl is, the more attracted Sean seems to be to them. I will give her some credit, however, because she drew the story out and built up so much hype, that once she finally told Sean she was divorced, he was relieved. I thought she was going to say that she had a baby but lost custody, used to be a man, AND is currently high on illegal drugs. I’m also relieved.

This scene was so unbelievably uncomfortable to watch. So cheesy. So ridiculously cheesy. AshLee mounts a chair and looks at Sean in a less then confident manner before screaming, I LOVE SEAN!!!!!!! If I were the Bachelorette and one of my dudes pulled a stunt like this, I would be hiding somewhere in the island forestry at this point.

Sean and Tierra: Foolish Sucker

Tierra FINALLY gets her one on one date with Sean, and what does she do? COMPLAIN. Her facial expression looks pissed about touring the island with Sean as the other girls are so excited for her. Even though she treats them like crap, they are still being sweet and acting excited for her. She tells the girls that Sean should have taken her on a boat, but instead she has to worry about her makeup running because she will be sweating all day.

Tierra shows up on her date in a maternity top for some odd reason. Maybe that dude that she said was hot at the airport impregnated her on a layover.

I am so digging Sean’s casual attire this week! There are not a lot of things hotter than a man in relaxed, casual clothes. In a sheer, light blue linen top, grey, fitted shorts and a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, Sean looks PHAT. (Pretty Hot And Tempting) Yes, I pulled that out of the 7th grade vault.

What is up with these ghetto rings? I see them on girls everywhere and it’s so white trash to me! It’s right up their with having a belly button ring….yuck.

Tierra is having a lot of fun on this date, and to be honest, her and Sean are really cute together. Tierra needs to grow up quickly if she wants to hang onto a man. Mature men like Sean need a girl who is polite and sweet to everyone…not just him. If Tierra can recognize her weaknesses and poor, selfish attitude, she will be a very good girlfriend and person one day. She is only 24, and some people need more time to mature than others. Have I mentioned yet that I think Tierra looks like a cross between Melissa Rycroft and Deanna Pappas?! Take away your dislike for Tierra and only look at her physically. She is a cute, bubbly girl and totally looks like Deanna and Melissa!

Group Date: Stranger In The Night

After Lindsay told Sean that she sleeps naked, Sean decides to take a camera into the poor girls room while she is sleeping. Cops were later called, and in order to play it off like Sean wasn’t being creepy, they pretended it was part of the group date. That he just wanted to see the girls without makeup and take pictures of them sleeping. Either way, a little weird. Sean can rest assured now that he thinks all the girls look beautiful bare faced and boxed.

Getting out of bed at 4am is worth it when you can watch the sunrise in St. Croix. I mean, seriously. Must be freaking nice. I need to start making a lot more money so I can enjoy rich people things like this. I’m going to start with dental insurance and then I’ll invest in a vacation.

While driving to the other side of the island, the girls and Sean have an eventful road trip complete with bar hopping, roadside farm animals and a real life tree house.

After Catherine told Sean that her dad wouldn’t be at her hometown date because he was taken away from her when he attempted suicide in front of her and her sisters, Sean didn’t say much. I wanted to jump through the TV screen and give her a HUGE hug:( I think it’s hard for Sean to show emotions. I know he is emotional and caring, but his body language and verbiage doesn’t come off that way. Uh oh! Does Sean have a flaw? He says how he feels off camera, but not to her face. On another note, Catherine is so strong and told that story in a very confident, breezy manor. She didn’t make it dramatic or drawn out. She didn’t even really tear up. She is super strong and doesn’t need to play every weak card in the book to get Sean’s attention.

Sean connects very well with all three of the girls during the date, but he eventually gives the rose to Lindsay after Des drinks to much and has an emotional break down because she clearly misses her family. She can’t even talk about them without getting choked up! I ADORE Des for this!!!

Sean and Leslie: Curse Of The Polo

Leslie’s outfit on this date reminds me of something Emily Maynard would have worn. Very light, crisp and trendy. I am a big fan of keeping either the top or bottom half plain when trying to get one piece to stand out. In this case, I notice the cut and flow of the skirt a lot more than I would have had she worn something busy on top.

As for Sean, his big purple polo is really grossing me out. Yes, I have issues with polos. It’s hard for me to even type the word without losing my lunch. My poor boyfriend has never worn one in front of me, because I warned him on our first date that I get turned off when guys wear them and that I can’t help it. My therapist doesn’t know what to think of it. I’m totally kidding, I don’t go to a therapist for my disgust of polos. Hahahaha. Oh man. This is awkward. Ummmmm…alrighty then…

These two do a lot of making out and talking while frolicking around the island. That’s basically all that happens. She gets sent home this episode, because nothing tragic has happened in her past.

Sean and Sister: Leave It To Beaver

Emily Maynard, er, Shay shows up to give Sean advice. Shay is Sean’s sister and I gotta say, she looks just like the lovely Emily Maynard. I’m now extra glad those two didn’t work out. That would have been just a little bit weird! Anyway, She gives Sean some great advice about making sure he isn’t being an idiot, and is seeing the girls for who they really are. THANK GOD she came along when she did, otherwise Sean would have probably given Tierra a safety rose for crying instead of the boot. Seriously guys…Sean’s entire family stole all the good looking genes out of the pool leaving not a lot of hope for other’s born during their same years of birth.

AshLee VS. Tierra: A break down of the argument

AshLee: So bitch, did you have fun on your one on one?

Tierra: Ya, I did. Do you have something to say to me ho?

AshLee: No. Why?

Tierra: Sean was, like, super distant to me on our date, and it was right after he hung out with you.

AshLee: Don’t blame me for you gas.

Tierra: You and all the other girls are sabotaging my relationship by drugging my wine with laxatives.

AshLee: It’s not really your ass, Tierra. It’s because you are an ass.

Tierra: I’m a 24 yr. old woman. You are 32 and aren’t married. I’m not going to talk to you anymore.

AshLee: Let’s get to the nitty gritty. You have a shitty character.

Tierra: When I’m your age, I’ll be on my second marriage and have 2 kids and a hamster named AshLee.

AshLee: Peace offering. Take it?

Tierra: Hell no. Men love me. Girls are jealous. My hand even loves me. Well, that’s all that loves me lately so please understand my emotions.

AshLee: You are impolite. Straight stares. Raised eyebrow.

Tierra: That’s my face, Ashlaaaaay. I can’t help that my eyebrow tweets. I haven’t had Botox. Natalie Getz was assuming that and I want to spank her.

(camera flashed to an excited Natalie)

AshLee: Oh really? Because your mom even said you raise your brow.

Tierra: No, my mama said I got that sparkle. She knows I can’t control my eyebrow.

AshLee: Step off.

Tierra: I’m going to go pretend cry on my roll away cot and tell Sean that you girls are bullies.

In case you were confused as to why Leslie got sent home, it’s because when Sean walked into the girl’s suite to grab Tierra, she showed zero excitement and just laid there on the couch. She just doesn’t care anymore, and I don’t blame her, giving Sean’s obvious obsession with Tierra.

Tierra can throw out all day that she is a woman, but the way she acts like a baby towards Sean proves otherwise. Like I said, when she matures, she will probably be pretty legit. She has all the qualities it takes, now she just needs to embrace them and become the woman she says she is. Sean can’t handle her whining and drama so he gives her the boot.

Well, at least she looked cute when she was leaving! This long, red maxi dress flatters her figure and the color looks great on her dark skin tone. Even though we aren’t big Tierra fans, you have to admit she is very pretty. She is extra cute when she cries, and I’m convinced that’s why she cried so much to Sean. I’m so disappointed that this officially ends the drama for this season and that moving forward, the rest of this season won’t be nearly as much fun to watch. It will be interesting to see Tierra back at the Women Tell All! I’m even more interested in meeting her in real life. Maybe she is a good girlfriend to her actual friends, but just not to these girls because they wanted her man? We shall find out! I’m always so bummed when the villain gets the boot. Give me a minute here.


Rose Ceremony:

Sean let the girls know that he let Tierra go, because he isn’t looking for drama in a relationship. He felt the need to clarify that, as if anyone would ever want drama in their relationship. LOL. AshLee starts freaking out, because she fought with Tierra and told Sean that she was no good. Sean put her in the situation to talk about Tierra, so he is obviously not talking about her.

AshLee’s yellow dress stands out, and the bright colors fit the theme of the island. Off the shoulder dresses are always super sexy, as they reveal the collarbone and men love that!

Leslie’s frock is super adorable and perfect for this rose ceremony. She looks beach chic in this long white maxi dress with pops of color zigzagging through the base to add contrast.

I do really like Lindsay’s dress, however, I feel it wasn’t fancy enough for a rose ceremony. Then again, they are on an island, so it’s OK in this scenario.

Catherine’s little floral dress is cute, but it looks like something for Easter Sunday. Not a rose ceremony on the Bachelor.

For growing up in tents and trailer parks, this girl clearly was born with fashion instincts. The cut of her purple dress is cute and simple, yet sexy in the back. She accessorized with a bright red, chunky necklace and looked flawless.

Catherine is DEVASTATED that Sean let Leslie go. She doesn’t understand, because Sean and Leslie have more in common than her and Sean. Ummm, obviously not! She claims her hopes are shattered. Catherine, pull it together! 1 girl down, 3 to go. Come on, now!

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