Episode 8: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Sean and AshLee: Screaming Infidelity

AshLee is wearing what appears to be a black tank tucked into black pants. She killed it, I mean literally, by wearing a plaid button down tied under her chest. What in tarnation?! She looks like a modern day Sandra-Dee. Grease lightning? No?

AshLee is extremely excited to bring Sean home to meet her family. She claims that she has been waiting for this day for so long. I completely understand, because I dream of taking home a man to meet my family who is also falling in love with 3 other women. She is also relieved that she told Sean she was married before, but still terrified about it. Honestly? She needs to get over it. She was, like 12. It was simply a relationship filled with “young love” and she made a mistake. I’ve probably been married before…who knows.

So, these two are about to get engaged, and after all the serious conversations and dates they have had, Sean is just now telling her that his father also preaches the word of God?

After professing herself to Sean, AshLee finally states that she is beyond happy he is going to meet her family. Sean looks away at the ground and mumbles, “I’m happy to be here too, but I’m still super bummed about Tierra. She lit up my face. She is my world.” Did you hear that too?! Whoa!

AshLee’s mother was pretty forward with Sean, telling him that he better not break her heart. At this point, I think confused, innocent Sean is looking at AshLee as his #1. He tells her he won’t break her heart, but then turns to the camera to say that he is worried about talking to her father, because he is dating 3 other women. Most fathers would be okay with their daughter falling in love with a man who has multiple lovers, so I don’t know what he is so scared about. Sean then tells the audience that he is super scared AshLee’s dad is going to ask him if he is in love with his daughter. Because 2 weeks before a proposal, that is such a horrible question to ask a father. Hey, can I marry your daughter in a few weeks? And no, I’m not in love with her yet. But, just in case… Seriously, AshLee is above this.

Who else had crocodile tears running down their face when AshLee’s dad told Sean the story of when he met her? And about how he loved her instantly and that he wants her future husband to love her that same way? And how sincere he is when he speaks of his daughter? I’m not gonna lie, my keyboard is a little wet from wiping my tears. Oh, and also because I have really pretty fingers.

Sean and Katherine: Fishy

This gum wall made me want to book a flight and head to that wall with some Clorox. On that note, I REALLY hope they washed their hands after playing with fish all day. I know what you are thinking, and no, I’m not going there.

Behind Catherine’s back, Sean flirts with her Grandmother. I think these two have more chemistry than any of the 4 remaining girls.

Catherine is now cornered by her sisters who are giving her the third degree. She tells them that if he proposed, she would “try it out.” Am I missing something? Is an engagement a Trial Period? Well, I suppose so on this show. Anyhow, her sister certainly threw her under the bus with her so-called flaws. I mean, at least build her up so she can be the Bachelorette!

Sean and Lindsay: General Warning

Lindsay is a total doll and her “hometown” humbled home makes her even more adorable. She drills Sean, literally, about the other women in a way that could have been super awkward and cheesy to watch, but she made it cute, light hearted, and hilarious.

Sean looks nervous about wearing a purple sweater to an Army Base, and he should be. Come on, man. Dress for your environment.

Before they are even comfortably situated, Sean has his hand on Lindsay’s leg. I would have waited for a few more months to do that in front of a Two Star General. (For the record, I am ashamed that I had to google, “Two Star General” to know what it meant.)

Lindsay’s brother reached out for the handshake, but Sean pulled him in for a big bear hug. First it was Catherine’s Grandma, now Lindsay’s brother? Come on, Sean – don’t shit where you eat.

Sean and Desiree: Playing With Boys

After taking Sean on a typical Hollywood hike through the trendy Runyon Canyon, I can’t help but have flash backs of my horrific 9 months spent in Hollywood. Trust me, it is “the thing” to do out there. Take a hike with a small dog that can’t do tricks, wear makeup, throw on your cutest workout clothes and try not to break a sweat to avoid looking a mess.

Sean and Desiree have such a distinct chemistry. He has liked her a lot from the get go. She is the first person I really felt he connected with. I wonder why Desiree didn’t bring Sean back to her hometown? I found that a bit odd.

Anyway, Desiree brings Sean back to her house. If this is seriously her home, then I want her job. A bridal stylist can afford what looks like a very, very expensive home in Hollywood, CA with a Bachelor-ish looking pool out back? OK, something super weird going down here. Are Desiree and her entire “family” actors and actresses? LOL I know they are not, but seriously, I want to post pictures of my place. It straight up looks like the hood compare to hers and I’m slightly (extremely) jealous.

Anyway, Desiree pulls the ultimate prank on Sean by having an actor come to “her” house acting like her current boyfriend. This was HILARIOUS to watch!
Desiree’s brother is not buying into this process. It’s very refreshing to hear a family member, for the first time ever, actually call the Bachelor out on the ridiculous situation he is in. No one else ever admits that it’s super weird and sorta bogus on how the Bachelor is trying to fall in love. If I took a guy home to meet my brother, and told him that I was in love with him and wanted to get engaged to him in 2 weeks, but he is also falling for 3 other girls, my brother would think I needed to get on medication. Sean is offended by the word, “playboy,” but isn’t he kind of acting like one? Whether he realizes it or not, he is dating multiple girls and causing them to fall in love with him, only to break a few hearts. Yes, dating in the real world is similar, but only in the beginning stages of a relationship, not two weeks away from a proposal.

Rose Ceremony:

Please notice that Chris Harrison gets this smirk on his face often when the Bachelor/Bachelorette start talking about anything deep. Basically, Sean is telling Chris that he wants to send home either Des or Catherine, because of Des’s brother, and because of Catherine’s Independence. He does want a weak girl.

The cut of Catherine’s LBD looks is very flattering. I think this is what confused Sean. He thought his mind was made up until he saw how stunning Catherine looks when dressing sexy.

Desiree’s body is incredible, so it’s not wonder she looked picture perfect in this body hugging, gold sequin dress.

AshLee’s dress looks great on her and is very pretty, but it’s just not my style. Everyone has different tastes, so I’m sure some of you love this dress.

Lindsay kept it very simple with a basic, short black dress. Does anyone else agree with me that Lindsay looks different for some reason? Is it her hair? Makeup? Whatever it is, she looks even better then before!

It was really hard to watch Desiree go home. I really felt she was perfect for Sean, and she was definitely the front-runner for me since night one. I’m glad she fought a little bit for Sean instead of just walking away. You never know what could have happened unless you put up a little bit of a fight for what you want. By doing this, she will have no regrets and understand that this is the way it was supposed to be. What do you think, guys? Desiree for next Bachelorette? I’d personally love to see this and this she would have a pretty fun season to watch!

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