Natalie’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 8

Skinny Dipping Is Hereditary

Ben and Lindzi:  Quit horsing around, Ben!

Lindzi and Ben look picturesque as they ride in a carriage pulled by Devon the horse to meet her parents.  Ben uses a lot of physical body language with Lindzi!  Her brown blouse is the perfect look for a horse and carriage ride through the country.

After Ben meets Lindzi’s parents, they challenge him to a carriage race, which turns out to be awfully cheesy.  I really adore Lindzi’s parents and especially the love they show her.  It makes sense that her parents would be so normal and wonderful considering she is the most levelheaded, mature woman this season.

I almost hope Ben does not pick her in the end, because I think she deserves someone who fell for her and her only.  I’m not saying Ben isn’t good enough for her, but I think she deserves to find love in a better way.  In real life, when I actually fall for someone, I lose all desire to flirt with other men. Just saying, no way in hell would I ever marry someone after seeing them connect with others just days before his proposal. After Ben truly connects with both of Lindzi’s parents, her father gives his blessing for Ben to marry his daughter.

Ben and Kacie:  You can bet your baton on the Bible belt that I need subtitles for these accents… 

Nooooooooooooooooo Kacie. Nooooooooooooooo!  Oh my God, this is by far the geekiest thing I’ve ever seen a hot girl do.  I mean, really?  She is twirling a baton with an entire marching band and isn’t even cracking a smile.  She isn’t trying to be funny.  Nope, she sure is being serious.  I’m so uncomfortable right now.  She then attacks Ben with a run and jump hug/kiss and you can tell Ben is not into it.  She is for sure going home tonight.  Unbelievable.

As if this couldn’t get more uncomfortable…Kacie is wearing black workout pants that sag in her, uh, frontal regions with a cherry red top that could be ok if she wasn’t wearing it like a baton twirler.  Actually, no, it hits too close to the polo family.  She mismatched brown rider boots and topped it off with a “Flavor Flav” necklace.

It’s just weird to see her act so sincere when she blew her lid and said some pretty vicious things about Courtney.  I AM NOT defending Courtney, but I wish she hadn’t let herself be overcome by emotion and show a brutal side.  I know you all love her, but I am just pointing out my opinion!  I like her a lot as well; I’m just hoping the uncontrollable side I’m seeing isn’t really her.  We expect it from Courtney, but not Kacie.  I like that Lindzi stays completely unfazed by it all.

I get uncomfortable around people who choose not to drink.  If you have a legit problem and had to quit, that’s totally different.  But, when someone just chooses to cut alcohol out of their lives for no reason, it freaks me out.  I never trusted the straight edge type.  You know what they say… a glass of red wine a day keeps the shakes away.  Or something like that. Crap, maybe I have a problem.

After this date, I must say, Kacie is a little too much for me to handle.  She is always looking at Ben as if he is her drug and she is high as a kite off of his love.

Overall, I 100% agree with Kacie’s dad.  He is being logical about the situation and pretty much telling his daughter to not be naive.  Kacie is speaking as if she is the only girl in Ben’s life.  If I were the one to be picked on the Bachelor, I would definitely have said no to a proposal, but yes to dating and seeing how it goes.  Think about it…Ben is dating multiple women up until the day of his proposal.  That’s not a very good timeline if you ask me…

Ben and Nicki:  Nicki’s brother needed more air time 

Something flipped with Ben, and he is 100% so not into Kacie.  He is all about the other girls and with his romantic beginning of a date with Nicki it’s even more obvious.  She says, “Finding the right boot is like finding the right man.” Even Lindzi says, “Relationships are like horseback riding, when you fall off the saddle, you gotta hop back on.” [Long sigh] I can’t take it anymore.

Their date starts off exciting with a trip to get fitted for some cowboy boots!  Much better than baton twirling.  A lot of metaphors take place at this time and out pops an awkward looking Ben who can’t pull off the cowboy act or look to save his life.

Nicki’s parents are incredibly sweet and super cool.  I’m devastated I didn’t get to see more of her brother, but I’ll get over it.  Her family seems so normal and natural; nothing odd and no turn offs.  It’s got to be hard for Ben, because he is probably falling in love with these families making his decision even harder.  Her parents are the perfect example of how divorced couples should treat each other.  They seem to be friends and supportive of one another and you can see they handled it maturely through how they raised their daughter.  I’m really rooting for Nicki and Ben.  He is clearly attracted to her! The way he was rubbing her leg in front of her father?  Are you serious, Ben?  Don’t show PDA in front of parents the first time you meet them!  Paaaaa-lease!  Isn’t this in the rulebook to dating?  He is a make out machine with her!  Cute date. :)

Ben and Courtney:  It certainly won’t be a “white” wedding…

Ben claims, “It would bother me if I ended up with someone who rubbed people the wrong way.”  Hmmmmmmm.  Well… this isn’t good.

Courtney’s family really brings out the best in her.  She is incredible around them and they all have such loving relationships with each other.  Watching her mom’s mannerisms is now starting to make Courtney’s past expressions make sense to me.  Courtney talks in the same little baby voice to her mom and sister as she does to Ben.  Now I don’t think it’s fake anymore, but I think it’s her form of endearment.  It just sucks she had such a rough go with the girls and had to act so childish with her “winning” lines and rude comments.  I honestly really like her when she is being who she truly was brought up to be.  Her father is outgoing and seems like he would be a fun father in law, and her mother is level headed, sincere and kind hearted.  Courtney’s family is beautiful!

Courtney takes Ben to a park where there is a wedding being set up.  Her fake wedding to Ben.  Most guys would be a little (a lot) freaked out by this, but not Ben.  He remains unfazed and even writes some pretty serious vows.  Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

Rose Ceremony:  I’ll take an O’Doul’s, please.

I need a lot more than an O’Doul’s to comprehend what just happened.  Not Kacie being sent home, but her reaction in the limo.  Yeeeeeks.  She went from super chill and calm, to upset and sad, to super upset, to crying to the point where she couldn’t breathe, to then being super pissed off and raging.  This is how younger ladies handle breakups.  I think Kacie has a lot of emotional maturing to do before she gets married.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all.  It’s good to grow and go through different phases of life.  We are not in a race and marriage is forever, so we need to make sure we are mentally prepared to take such a huge step.

Bravo to all the girlfriends this week for dressing to impress!  Lindzi’s dress stood out to me the most, however, I don’t think she has ever worn a dress that is not asymmetrical.  She needs to switch it up!  Kacie’s dress is cute, simply put.  I like the bubble cut, but she could have pinned or belted the dress to make it look a little more formal and give it some shape.  Courtney once again shines in a gold, sequin number complete with strappy nude heels to elongate her legs.  Nicki played it safe this week by opting for a basic, little black dress that fit her hourglass figure perfectly showing the right amount of leg.

GetzStyle Award:  This week I’m giving the award to Nicki for helping Ben get out of his California shell and dress like a cowboy!  The teal cowgirl boots she picked out were pretty sick, so I know this girl has some good taste…maybe just not in men.

“True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.  It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.”  -Audrey Hepburn


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