Natalie’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 9

Fantasy Dates

This episode opens up with Ben recapping his relationships with the remaining three girls.  Ben states that he is falling in love with all 3 of them, but still has concerns about Courtney.  He has been warned time and time again and AGAIN this episode when Kacie comes back.  This is one confused little booger!  I laughed incredibly hard when they showed Courtney in the recap telling Rachel she was scared she was going home, and when Rachel questioned her as to why she thought that, Courtney blurted out, “Just Kidding!” with a boisterous laugh at the end.  Courtney is hysterical!

Ben and Nicki

Nicki is in love with the fact that she gets to go in a helicopter for the second time in her life.  She says she feels like they are the only 2 people in Switzerland, but there are actually 7,825,243 people there.

Finally, Ben has impressed me with his outfit choice.  His scarf is comfortable yet stylish and his pull over sweater is pretty trendy for him compared to what he normally wears!  By the way, did anyone else notice how that helicopter was dangling halfway off the edge when they landed?  I know that I notice weird stuff, but come on, that is dangerous. Jeesh!

Nicki makes a very observant point when she shrieks, “This is literally a log cabin!”  I like her, she seems smart?  Uh-oh, Ben wants four kids and Nicki only wants two. She is totally going home.  I want 5 kids, so Ben and I wouldn’t work out either.  Even though Ben is going to dump her tonight and probably already knows who he is going to propose to, he takes the opportunity to sew his wild oats and take Nicki to bed.  Listen, I’d do the same thing!  If I knew I was given the last opportunity to be with other men before committing to someone for the rest of my life, I’d snatch ‘em all up!  I always said, if I were the Bachelorette, I’d pick my top 3 like this:  1 would be the one I want to marry, and the other 2 would be guys I’m only physically attracted to, but don’t really care about.  I’d just simply bring them to the fantasy suites to fulfill my womanly needs one last time.  Why would you bring one person you know you want to love forever and two others that keep you confused because you kind of care about them as well but not as much as the final one?  Sha right!  OK, in all seriousness, if I’m in love then I am IN LOVE and I wouldn’t feel right about sleeping with the others.  

Ben and Lindzi: Repelling… Ya right.  Have fun with that. 

Oh My Gorge, poor Lindzi has had to go on two dates now that have to do with heights.  That rock that they are repelling from could shift or crack, and they could tumble on down.  I wouldn’t even walk out onto that platform.  They just about went crashing to the ground as the people on the platform gave them a little jolt.  Yo, those baby black lambs stole the show.  I want one so bad!  I won’t be able to stop thinking about it now.  My goal is life is officially to hold a baby black lamb and possibly own one.  I’ll stunt his growth so he never grows up and leaves me.  I’ll name him Henry.  

Ben is falling in lust with Lindzi at a rapid pace.

These two make a classy looking combo as they strut down the stair case to the romantic portion of their date.  I love the music playing in the background! There is something about the Violin that completely relaxes me.

Ben and Lindzi have a much needed quiet dinner after an adrenaline pumped date.  Lindzi opens up and tells Ben that she wants a proposal at the end. In real life, you don’t equally fall for people.  You always love one way more than the others. He told her the fantasy key was a key to his heart.  I think he mistook the word heart for pants.

Sha-Zaaaaaaam!  Wham-da-wham!  Fireworks!  (those are the noises I hear after I see Lindzi’s butt cheeks and Ben shut the door to the bedroom)

Ben and Courtney

Courtney’s outfit.  Ben tells her she looks nice and that is a huge understatement.  Her Jacket made my heart skip a beat and the exposed stripped sleeves from her sheer shirt poking through the sleeves almost pushed me over the edge.  The scarf is patterned to perfection.

Courtney and Ben’s date starts out somewhat rocky with all the tension about her being mean to the other girls.  Courtney tries to express herself and show emotion, but the Botox is preventing her eyebrows from making that cute, sad face us girls make when we need forgiveness.  I really like that Courtney is opening up and apologizing to Ben about her actions.  This is her saving grace and she really is showing Ben a better side to her.  I’m glad that she is willing to admit her mistakes and know when she is in the wrong.  Despite some of the things Courtney has done in the past, I actually like this girl.  After really dissecting the show, and from what I hear, Kacie B. wasn’t exactly the sweet girl we saw.  I just think they showed more of Courtney’s bad and less of her good and vice versa with Kacie B.

Courtney and Ben have such a cute playful, organic chemistry between them.  I think these two have the chance to really make it if she is the one he picks in the end.  They simply click and the conversation never seems forced.

Kacie B.: Give it up, girlfriend

Kacie made herself look like a fool coming all the way to Switzerland just to warn Ben about Courtney.  Why?  Well, let’s see here…BECAUSE SHE ALREADY DID in Belize (or wherever)!  She knows that Emily warned him early on, as did Nicki and Rachel.  The first time she warned him, I was OK with, because she generally cares about him and wants him to be happy.  Now it’s to the point where she is almost being malicious towards Courtney.  You have to remember, this an entire week crammed into two hours of show time.  We may only see nice things from Kacie, and not so nice things from Courtney.  I like everyone until they do me wrong, so I’m definitely excited to meet Courtney.  There is good in everyone and if you are a descent human being, you wouldn’t hate someone you have never met.  Bottom line is that this is Ben’s decision and he has already been warned enough.  He is a big boy and knows what’s best for him.  You never know, Courtney and Ben may be one of the few bachelor couples to make it! (If he picks her.)

Rose Ceremony:  Whose going home?  Ugh, Nicki blew it.

WOW, Ben sure dressed up for the occasion?

Once all three girls were placed at the ceremony, Courtney gave Nicki a friendly smile, revealing her new softer side. Nicki looked a little frightened and uneasy about it.  Her smile back to Courtney was one of those, “this is a half smile, because I’m not sure if you were smiling at me or the wall behind me.”

Courtney:  This black lace, long sleeve LBD is elegant and perfect for a formal ceremony.  She wore a white version of this dress early on in the season, which I also loved and believe she got it from Los Angeles based boutique, LF.


Not a huge fan of Nicki’s Greek toga.  This dress would have had a chance had that tacky metal piece not been place on the shoulder.  It almost looked like a broach.  Yuck.  I can’t even type the word broach… that word grosses me out that bad.


Royal Blue is a great color choice for Lindzi. This long gown flowed flawlessly down her body and the feathered base made the dress unique.

GetzStyle Award:  Emily Maynard.  Yup.  You can’t compete with that girl’s style…not even Courtney. OK, maybe Courtney…


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