Sean’s family travels to Thailand to meet Sean’s girlfriends and decide which one they want to be stuck with for the next 6 months. I mean, 40+ years. What you all didn’t see this episode is that Chris Harrison got trampled by an elephant and his stand-in had to finish out the episode. That’s why he didn’t talk very much at the end. It wasn’t really him. Neil Lane stepped in as Sean’s advisor.

Catherine and Family: Take it away, Jay.

Here’s the deal…I already was obsessed with Sean’s niece Kinsley, because she is ridiculously adorable. Now I want to be her best friend. After hearing her laugh extremely hard at Sean because Emily dumped him, I feel like we would be best friends.

And how about this little guy? So adorable! His expression here cracks me up! It says, “Why are there always cameras and people standing around that don’t belong to our family whenever we meet Uncle Sean’s girlfriends?”

Sean’s dad reminds me of my own dad. He is so open and loving:) I remember how genuine he was on Emily’s season as well during their hometown date. When he told Catherine that he would love her like his daughter, I didn’t just get teary eyed, I actually made an unintentional crying noise. I get so embarrassed when I cry at reality TV. Thanks a lot, Jay. Anyway, Sean’s dad tells Catherine that there is something special about her and that she is the one. Lindsay doesn’t stand a chance!

Catherine speaks very highly of Sean to his mother and in a very serious tone. She is certain of her love for her son, and this makes Sean’s ridiculously, beautiful and young looking mom very pleased. Seriously, this family is a poster ad for perfection.

After Sean walks Catherine to her Elephant Taxi, he tells the audience that he can see himself marrying her. He then continues to state that he can equally see himself marrying Lindsay. I don’t get it. If he just spent the entire day with her, you would think he would be leaning a little more toward her? Or since he actually chose her, wouldn’t you think he would have stronger feelings for her at this point?

Lindsay and Family: Monkeys in Missouri

Right away, the family throws out an icebreaker to relax everyone by calling out Lindsay on wearing a wedding dress the first night she met Sean. I still think that is freaking hilarious. Lindsay admits she had too much champagne that night, and from the looks of it, she may have had a little too much before meeting Sean’s family as well.

Jay is always as stand out! His personality is light hearted and humorous, and his style is youthful and on point. I remember on Emily’s season, I think I may have given Jay the, “GetzStyle” award. For old time sake, he gets it again this episode. He is wearing a denim blue button down over a neon pink shirt with nice fitting pair of designer jeans. He is like a walking American Apparel advertisement for Dads. Seriously, he dresses better then 99% of the guys I know! Oh, right, he also had a lovely convo with Lindsay. Blah blah blah.

Lindsay and Sean’s mom really connect and I think this is where Sean’s mom gets conflicted between the two and worried for Sean’s decision.

Sean’s mom is absolutely right when she tells Sean that he shouldn’t get engaged because he is feeling pressured. Sean is going to propose marriage in 48 hours, but he doesn’t know which one he wants? He obviously isn’t meant to be with either of them. One would stand out like a sore thumb. Marriage is forever, and he is making that bold move of proposing when he isn’t even sure yet. Wow. I feel for Sean’s mom on this one big time! I wanted to point out that I thought it was really sweet of Sean to attempt to whisk him mom off camera when she started getting emotional. You can try to run from those camera guys, but they are freakishly fast. One was actually in the Olympics for sprints back in 09.

I’m very irritated that we didn’t get to see the ladies talk to Sean’s sister. That was important for me to see considering it’s just Sean and his sister, so the new wife would be like a sibling to her. Also, we didn’t get to see Sean talk to his dad alone. Sean’s dad is the best part of the episode and he didn’t get nearly as much airtime as I had hoped for!

Last Dates:

Lindsay’s grey-knotted tank and pink shorts combo is super cute and casual for an outdoors date in warm weather!

Did anyone else notice Sean pointing to Lindsay’s ring finger after she tells him she is nervous about getting his family’s approval? Jeez! He basically told her that he wants to spend forever with her and that he needs to make his mark on her body by putting a ring on it!

Lindsay states, “Sitting here, looking into Sean’s eye, I can’t believe this is our last date,” She was really thinking, “I can’t believe this is my last day in Thailand. I’ll never be able to afford this shit again. Wait, maybe Sean should dump me so I can be the next Bachelorette and travel the world.” Ok, fine. Maybe she wasn’t thinking that, but I definitely would be.

During the evening portion of the date, Sean tells Lindsay he is 6’3″ and then Lindsay tells Sean she is 5’1″. He thought she was 5’3″. I believe it was here where he made up his mind about breaking her heart. He wants to breed athletes and height concerns him. He informs her that even though she is tiny, she will still be a hot old chick. Things are getting weird and I love it.

Next, Sean enters his last date as a single man with Catherine, who he claims, is very excited about Thailand. She is freaking out about elephants and then, boom, out of nowhere an elephant arrives. To be honest, I would be a little freaked out to ride an elephant. It’s not something we see everyday and it would give me anxiety issues. Maybe it’s time I seek therapy or try prescription drugs? Anyway, the two ride this elephant and it makes me want to cry. In order to steer it, they have to kick and yell in it’s ears. Poor little guy!

Decision Time:

Neil tells Sean, “I’ve got the best job ever.” Um, yes. You certainly do, Neil. You were already loaded rich, and now even richer by making rings for The Bachelor and traveling to exotic locations on someone else’s dime. Not to mention, if the couple doesn’t marry, you will get your ring back. Basically, Neil has only given away 4 rings that he hasn’t gotten back. Trista and Ryan, Jason and Molly, Ashley and JP, and Holly and Blake. This guy is makin’ out like a bandit!

“Pause, smile, and touch your earring. Neil will appreciate that.” -Producer to Lindsay, as she prepares for heartache.

Proposal: Chris’s stand-in looks just like him.

Lindsay not only looks stunning in this gorgeous gown, she handled herself with class. She was very crushed, but held her head high and told Sean she was happy for him and Catherine.

Catherine looks like one hot Oscar Trophy in a gold gown that fits her like a glove! I am so very happy for the two of them and I sincerely hope Catherine is strong enough to get through this. Watching the person you love fall in love with other people can’t be easy. Only time will tell and I wish the two of them a long life of happiness, love and snuggling:)

This has been swell, folks. See you next season, right here on TheBachelor.TV. Follow me on Twitter (@nataliegetz) for links to my new show, “Unzipped.”


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