Finale:  So, that’s a Matterhorn? 

I always thought a Matterhorn was some sort of snow monster that looks like this…

Turns out, it’s a Yeti.  And a Matterhorn is a Matterhorn.  Humphhhhhh.  I blame Disney.

Ben has great style and for the most part keeps it simple.  Even through the simplicity, he always curves his attire.  He is wearing a masculine leather jacket over a V-neck tee (my favorite) with a nice fitting pair of jeans and unique sneakers.  Ben is greeted by his mom and sister and he gives them the lowdown on Lindzi and Courtney.  They are obviously a little concerned as he voices his concerns over Courtney.  His mom and sister are so sweet and loving!  Ben is such a down to earth dude who is a sincerely good guy.  I just hope he can ignore all the hateful comments and go about his life with his new fiancé and make bachelor babies :)

Julia is a naturally beautiful girl.  I remember her easy, breezy look from Ashley H.’s season.  She keeps her style clean and classic.  She chose to wear all black and give her look a pop of color with bright red fingernails. She looked great in a black poncho sweater with jeans and a great pair of boots!

Ben and Lindzi:  They definitely forked


Lindzi is so adorable!  She is so nervous in front of Ben’s family that she drops her fork in her lap…TWICE!  Awe:) She says she gets a little stressed when she has to eat properly, hahaha!  So CUTE!  On the other hand, Ben seemed very stuffy during this situation.  Lighten the load, Ben!  Laugh a little!  He gives her a look that says, “how embarrassing.”  I hate when people don’t have the ability to make you feel comfortable in a seemingly awkward situation.

Julia already told Lindzi that she wants Ben to pick her!  Whoa!  She hasn’t even met Courtney yet.  This speaks volumes about how great Lindzi is.

Lindzi talks to Julia (with the Matterhorn in the background of course) about her feelings for Ben.  I definitely think Julia loves Lindzi, I mean, who wouldn’t?  She is so sweet and smiley making it hard not to like her:) Ben’s mother also loved Lindzi and they pretty much tell Lindzi and Ben that they want him to pick Lindzi without even meeting Courtney yet…YOWZA!


I’ve gotta say, this move is pulled A LOT on this show.  Every season, every one-on-one date and every time they see each other towards the end of the season.  I’ve never jumped on my boyfriend like this.  Even after being gone for a couple weeks traveling, I tend to keep my feet on the ground.  I’m going to do it to him next time I see him, and if he questions me, I’ll just look at him innocently and say, “Well, Lindzi did it to Ben!”  On another note, I’m totally digging Lindzi’s brown, flat boots.  I think it’s very sexy in a super cute way when girls wear a pair of flats.  This shows confidence and playfulness, which in a nutshell is what Lindzi is.  Ben takes Lindzi for a “ride” with the horses if you know what I’m sayin’, and then they go skiing by that silly Matterhorn.

Ben and Lindzi!  ABC is a family channel for crying out loud.  Assume that position behind closed doors.  Jeeeeeeeez.

Courtney to Ben: Honestly? Well, I guess it all started the first time I went through the second grade. I caught my reflection in a spoon while I was eating my cereal, and I remember thinking “wow, you’re ridiculously good looking, maybe you could do that for a career.”


This is the best I’ve seen Ben look all season!  I love when he brushes his hair out of his face and has a little style to it.  He is a good-looking guy, he needs to quit covering it up with that damn mop!   

Courtney explains to Julia that she is pretty sure there is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking and that she intends to find out what that is.  Julia totes understands and Courtney gets her stamp of approval.

Courtney proves yet again that she knows style!  This color block frock is absolutely adorable and she wore it well with sheer, navy blue tights and brown rider boots.  Someone commented in my last blog that I was only saying nice things about Courtney, because I wanted to share clothes with her one day.  As idiotic as that sounds, you may be onto something, Gadget.

As Courtney continues to talk to Ben’s mother, I see a lot of similarities in personality.  (Courtney’s kind side, of course.) The Flajnik women are very subtle, soft spoken, reserved and calm.  Courtney has this demeanor about her as well.  I think she would totally fit in with them.  Lindzi has a very bubbly, cutesie personality that I can see getting on their nerves a little bit.  However, I love Lindzi’s personality.

Courtney carries herself very well.  Being a model has definitely given her confidence, which she seems to apply to her real life.  Ben was far more nervous then her, and I found that a bit odd.  I’ve never been nervous to introduce a boyfriend to my family.  I’m always excited!  Ben seems to have a lot of self-doubt and insecurities throughout this process.  Obviously, I don’t know how he is in real life, but as for this show he comes off slightly unsure of himself.


There they go with that funny Matterhorn again…flying around it in a helicopter and talking about it non-stop.  That Matterhorn needs a twitter account.  They make snow angels, take a sled ride and have a snowball fight, without coats on may I add.  Hey, that’s fine by me!  Gives me a better chance to look at their attire:)

Courtney’s boots look Switzerland chic and go along with her ski lodge look perfectly.

Ben and Courtney get into it again about her and the other girls as Ben states, yet again, that this is a really big decision.  If he is proposing marriage to someone tomorrow  by the MATTERHORN, then he better figure it out!

The Proposal:  Call me if you dump your fiance

I just want to give that fluff ball a little snip on the square edges that make him look so Francine-ish.  See that little point that looks like a sideburn?  All I want to do is angle that.  I sometimes dream about it.  I need a break from blogging.  I can’t take my focus off of the odd issues at hand here, people.

I’ve heard some bad things about Lindzi’s dress that I absolutely don’t agree with.  She stuck to what she is comfortable with, yet upped her game big time in picking out this strapless, empire waist, and feathered gown.  She looks beautiful from head to toe.  The only thing I don’t like is her cape.  While I do love the color, I don’t like it with her dress. I also don’t like the material or style of this cape.  I am not sure who put that together, but I am begging them to put me in charge:)  On that note, a lot of you angry commenters consistently ask where I get off judging fashion.  Allow me to re-introduce myself:  Hi.  My name is Natalie Getz.  I went to Columbia in Chicago for Arts, Entertainment and Media Management with a minor in Fashion show production and styling.  I’ve worked in fashion since I was 17 years old.  I am a Fashion Stylist.  I hope that clears things up.  Now, I’m sure you will still have your snippy little comments, so have at it.  Raarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I wonder how Chris feels letting the Lindzi walk up to Ben, full on knowing she is not the one.  Knowing Chris, I guarantee this is very hard for him.  Ben denies Lindzi a proposal…it was totally the fork.

Courtney couldn’t look more stunning.  Her cape is phenomenal and her dress is drop dead gorgeous.  The glove pairing did me in…I LOVE THIS LOOK!  She is a model, obviously, so she really knows how to work her clothes with every step.

This dress is flat out beautiful.  From the design to the fabric, this is hands down my favorite gown of the season.  Winner winner, chicken lunch.  `

Ben proposes to Courtney, BUT…makes it dramatic DOT DOT DOT.

Ben: But, (looooooooong, deeeeeeep breath) I told myself I’d only marry someone if it’s forever.  So, ahhhhhhh, (deep breathing) long dramatic pause, (que- scratching of the head, raising of the eyebrows) …that is you Courtney.  Will you marry me?

Courtney:  (makes dolphin noises) Ben!  I’m giggling so that I don’t cry.  I can’t show you a lot of emotion, because of the fresh botox I got a little too much of before the show, but I do love you and am crying tears of joy on the inside.

Ben:  I love botox

Natalie:  Me too!

(Ben, Courtney and Natalie all high five each other before Ben and Court fly off into that goofy Matterhorn)

After The Rose:  Lindzi was busy at charm school

 Quick note in regard to the final rose.  Lindzi wasn’t there and I’m not happy about that.  Poor girl got her heart broken and was humiliated in front of millions and she never got the chance to talk to Ben or Chris.

Ben and Courtney, same old same old.  Courtney looks great in a stunning white dress while they, yet again, battle out their relationship.  I sincerely hope these two are happy regardless of the outcome of their relationship.  They have both been through some emotional drainage, whether it be their own fault or not. In a weird way, I think they will make it.  This is worse than most couples go through before a marriage, so it can only go up from here.  If they get through this, they will more than likely get through anything.

Ashley and JP to the rescue!  I love these two!  They are absolutely adorable and ridiculously in love:)  They are so humble and kind.  I will not name names, but often times, people who gather a lot of “fame” from this show gain jerk egos.  Not these two!  I honestly can’t say enough great things about them:)  On top of it all, they both have excellent style every time I see them!

Matterhorn: Mat·ter·horn  a mountain in the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy (14,780 feet high); noted for its distinctive shape

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