Women Tell All: Hall Of Shame

Chris Harrison starts off the Women Tell All by asking a series of really cheesy questions, like, “How do you feel about Sean?” This guy about lost his shit at the very thought. Always fun to see how much dudes even love this show. This audience member’s wife has since separated from him after his explosion of emotion over Sean. In an exclusive interview, she claims she “always knew.” A rep for the husband later comments, “She turned him against women.” CRAZY.

Chris then asks another dorky question, “How do you feel about Sean with his shirt off?” Seriously, ladies, do you really get off seeing a man with his shirt off? When I was younger I thought it was hot, but now it seams PG. Throw in a nude scene and I may feel the same, but probably not. And definitely not with Sean considering his drapes more than likely match his carpet.

Chris then asks the audience if they think this has been the best season yet of The Bachelor, and the crowd goes crazy. Somewhere out there, Jake Pavelka is freaking the f*ck out.

Bachelor Nation: Sounds like a Nerd Cult

I’m obsessed with this girl’s reaction to Chris and Sean. And let’s be honest here, they are probably more starstruck by Chris Harrison (or should be) considering he has been on this show from the get go and IS a celebrity host. Plus, now that he is single and seems to appear younger these days, these girls are probably digging on him too.

At a Los Angeles sorority house, Sean surprises about 100 girls while there are watching The Bachelorette.

As these ladies gain their freshmen 15, Sean gains 15 more minutes of fame. What the shit are these girls doing to their foreheads? Is this some Greek Tourettes Syndrome thing? Either that or someone farted and it’s that fun game where the last person to put there thumb on their head has to “eat” the fart. These girls are more fun to watch then the actual tell all. They should have had more airtime. Oh Well. On to the ladies who got hurt by Sean…

Introductions: 50 Shades Of Fame

This girl was apparently on the show. No one remembers her, yet she is acting like she thinks she is pretty cool. She doesn’t even wave to the audience when they announce her name. You know who else didn’t? Selma and AshLee. These three girls seem to think they are pretty cool for getting dumped and crying on national television. Every tell all, whether it Bach or Bachette, I can tell from the way they act when they are announced how the 15 minutes has affected them. Or in Dianne’s case, the 15 seconds.

My favorite ever, Daniella, gives the best wave! She is so adorable and sweet and greets the audience with a huge smile and wave. This is what every girl should have done. I saw one of the girls do the “2 hand I think I’m pretty special hand wave” and it made me want to trip her “up” the stairs.

Have you ever noticed that they don’t invite girls back to the tell all who get sent home night 1? Ashley Palenkas (aka 50 Shades of Grey) was invited back because she will be remembered more than Lindsay and Desiree due to her hilarious shenanigans night 1.

Tierra: Baby you light up my world like nobody else

After Tierra explains to the studio audience and the ladies that she is used to lighting up a room and having people obsess over her, she pisses them off even more. She says she admits she didn’t want to be friends with the girls and also that she isn’t apologizing for anything. She is actually cracking me up, because she is getting such a rise out of the women, making them look like they care a little too much about her.

Robin Isn’t buying into Tierra’s antics. She also says that she regrets letting Tierra affect her emotions on the show. Um, Robin is allowing it again on the Tell All and literally looks like she wants to cut her.

Tierra claims that she never once said anything mean about any girl in the house. Uh, I can name like 50 things. Right down mean comments that came out of Tierra’s mouth about the other girls in the comment section below. The worst one I can think of is what she said to AshLee to her face and behind her back about her being 32, calling her a cougar, and saying something must be wrong with her.

AshLee isn’t the sweet girl we saw this season. She is getting too defensive and bitchy with Tierra. Freaking out because Tierra called her a liar? Then Sean called her a Liar? Uh-Oh. I feel like maybe she is… Thoughts?

Sean and AshLee: Someone’s pants are on fire. Who do you believe?

AshLee asks Sean why he told her that she was his one and only. She calls him out on telling her that he didn’t have feelings for the other girls. Sean looks redder than a tomato. Then again, he always looks redder than a tomato, so I can’t tell whether he is embarrassed, pissed, about to cry, or has to take a shit.

Seriously, AshLee can’t let it go. She stays on stage during a commercial accusing Sean of the same lie. I really think she has lost it. She may have had some dreams that she thinks really happened, and I can see that happening after going through this emotionally intense process. For the record, I really do like AshLee a lot and think she would be a fun bachelorette to watch. Sassy, hot, endearing and a lil’ crazy!

Other things that happened:

Sarah talks about her emotional journey. Sorry, but kind of boring. She is too normal. Desiree talks about her emotional journey.

Sorry, but kind of boring. She is too normal.

Sean talks about his emotional journey. Sorry, but kind of boring. He is too normal.


Robin’s “Michelle Obama” makeover made her look too professional for this show. She normally looks hot, but now she looks like she is working alongside Leslie in politics.

I love Jackie’s necklace! At first I thought it was attached to the dress. It’s a huge statement piece, and in this case works really well for her!

AshLee either took prenatal vitamins or got hair extensions. She also dyed it blonde, which Sean graciously pointed out. Sean’s hair looks lighter as well. I really like her playful, sporty dress!

Desiree looks stunning in this body hugging, white cocktail dress. The neckline is super sexy on her bust line!

Sarah looked so adorable and I expected nothing less from her. She has never worn anything that is not fashion forward on this show, and she shares my similar style in fun, girlie dresses with empire waists and flowing short skirts:)

What are your thoughts on AshLee and Tierra? AshLee and Sean? Desiree for next Bachelorette? Who do you think is engaged to Sean and do we really think he is engaged?

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