Women Tell All: Hall Of Shame

Chris Harrison starts off the Women Tell All by asking a series of really cheesy questions, like, “How do you feel about Sean?” This guy about lost his shit at the very thought. Always fun to see how much dudes even love this show. This audience member’s wife has since separated from him after his explosion of emotion over Sean. In an exclusive interview, she claims she “always knew.” A rep for the husband later comments, “She turned him against women.” CRAZY.

Chris then asks another dorky question, “How do you feel about Sean with his shirt off?” Seriously, ladies, do you really get off seeing a man with his shirt off? When I was younger I thought it was hot, but now it seams PG. Throw in a nude scene and I may feel the same, but probably not. And definitely not with Sean considering his drapes more than likely match his carpet.

Chris then asks the audience if they think this has been the best season yet of The Bachelor, and the crowd goes crazy. Somewhere out there, Jake Pavelka is freaking the f*ck out.

Bachelor Nation: Sounds like a Nerd Cult

I’m obsessed with this girl’s reaction to Chris and Sean. And let’s be honest here, they are probably more starstruck by Chris Harrison (or should be) considering he has been on this show from the get go and IS a celebrity host. Plus, now that he is single and seems to appear younger these days, these girls are probably digging on him too.

At a Los Angeles sorority house, Sean surprises about 100 girls while there are watching The Bachelorette.

As these ladies gain their freshmen 15, Sean gains 15 more minutes of fame. What the shit are these girls doing to their foreheads? Is this some Greek Tourettes Syndrome thing? Either that or someone farted and it’s that fun game where the last person to put there thumb on their head has to “eat” the fart. These girls are more fun to watch then the actual tell all. They should have had more airtime. Oh Well. On to the ladies who got hurt by Sean…

Introductions: 50 Shades Of Fame

This girl was apparently on the show. No one remembers her, yet she is acting like she thinks she is pretty cool. She doesn’t even wave to the audience when they announce her name. You know who else didn’t? Selma and AshLee. These three girls seem to think they are pretty cool for getting dumped and crying on national television. Every tell all, whether it Bach or Bachette, I can tell from the way they act when they are announced how the 15 minutes has affected them. Or in Dianne’s case, the 15 seconds.

My favorite ever, Daniella, gives the best wave! She is so adorable and sweet and greets the audience with a huge smile and wave. This is what every girl should have done. I saw one of the girls do the “2 hand I think I’m pretty special hand wave” and it made me want to trip her “up” the stairs.

Have you ever noticed that they don’t invite girls back to the tell all who get sent home night 1? Ashley Palenkas (aka 50 Shades of Grey) was invited back because she will be remembered more than Lindsay and Desiree due to her hilarious shenanigans night 1.

Tierra: Baby you light up my world like nobody else

After Tierra explains to the studio audience and the ladies that she is used to lighting up a room and having people obsess over her, she pisses them off even more. She says she admits she didn’t want to be friends with the girls and also that she isn’t apologizing for anything. She is actually cracking me up, because she is getting such a rise out of the women, making them look like they care a little too much about her.

Robin Isn’t buying into Tierra’s antics. She also says that she regrets letting Tierra affect her emotions on the show. Um, Robin is allowing it again on the Tell All and literally looks like she wants to cut her.

Tierra claims that she never once said anything mean about any girl in the house. Uh, I can name like 50 things. Right down mean comments that came out of Tierra’s mouth about the other girls in the comment section below. The worst one I can think of is what she said to AshLee to her face and behind her back about her being 32, calling her a cougar, and saying something must be wrong with her.

AshLee isn’t the sweet girl we saw this season. She is getting too defensive and bitchy with Tierra. Freaking out because Tierra called her a liar? Then Sean called her a Liar? Uh-Oh. I feel like maybe she is… Thoughts?

Sean and AshLee: Someone’s pants are on fire. Who do you believe?

AshLee asks Sean why he told her that she was his one and only. She calls him out on telling her that he didn’t have feelings for the other girls. Sean looks redder than a tomato. Then again, he always looks redder than a tomato, so I can’t tell whether he is embarrassed, pissed, about to cry, or has to take a shit.

Seriously, AshLee can’t let it go. She stays on stage during a commercial accusing Sean of the same lie. I really think she has lost it. She may have had some dreams that she thinks really happened, and I can see that happening after going through this emotionally intense process. For the record, I really do like AshLee a lot and think she would be a fun bachelorette to watch. Sassy, hot, endearing and a lil’ crazy!

Other things that happened:

Sarah talks about her emotional journey. Sorry, but kind of boring. She is too normal. Desiree talks about her emotional journey.

Sorry, but kind of boring. She is too normal.

Sean talks about his emotional journey. Sorry, but kind of boring. He is too normal.


Robin’s “Michelle Obama” makeover made her look too professional for this show. She normally looks hot, but now she looks like she is working alongside Leslie in politics.

I love Jackie’s necklace! At first I thought it was attached to the dress. It’s a huge statement piece, and in this case works really well for her!

AshLee either took prenatal vitamins or got hair extensions. She also dyed it blonde, which Sean graciously pointed out. Sean’s hair looks lighter as well. I really like her playful, sporty dress!

Desiree looks stunning in this body hugging, white cocktail dress. The neckline is super sexy on her bust line!

Sarah looked so adorable and I expected nothing less from her. She has never worn anything that is not fashion forward on this show, and she shares my similar style in fun, girlie dresses with empire waists and flowing short skirts:)

What are your thoughts on AshLee and Tierra? AshLee and Sean? Desiree for next Bachelorette? Who do you think is engaged to Sean and do we really think he is engaged?

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Natalie Getz


  1. I agree with your observations of women. They all looked like they thought they were “all that” for crying on a show over a man they don’t know. Even Des seemed full of herself. What happened to the beautiful, outgoing, sweet girl we saw on the show. Now that she is runner up for lead, she now acts like she thinks she is a VIP. Too bad as she has truly lost her sparkle. She went from stunner on the show to rather drab hollow woman. What happened?

    Comment by liza — March 5, 2013 @ 10:16 am

  2. Ok, so the show was good, but yeah sometimes a little boring. I was embarassed a little for the sorority girls, yikes! Yeah, Chris Harrison definitely has a Benjamin Button thing going on there I swear. I thought most of the girls looked really good – OMG I seriously almost choked on my apple at the Michelle Obama comment. Seriously though, it was a little much for WTA. You know who looked radiant was Lesley. She has healthy hair for days beotch, lol!! Des did look amazing, but I miss her little bangs. I think she is one of the very few people who pull that off that way. I would love to watch her be the Bachelorette. I thought it was interesting that Kacie B didn’t get to say anything – although I really didn’t want to hear her say anything! Tierra, eh, I think I’m over it, seriously whatever. The whole Sean/AshLee thing was way weird. I thought it was a joke at first. Then she got all crazy eyed and I thought she was losing it. That was so weird! I don’t think he said it. But I think he maybe said something that she may have accidentally construed and thought that’s what he said. I think it may have changed my opinion of her though and that’s sad because I was totally Team AshLee before.

    So cheers to next week!

    Comment by Heather — March 5, 2013 @ 10:30 am

  3. Nat, you always crack me up. I love how you caught on to the “non wavers.” They give that my shit done stink grin. Not surprised AshLee and Selma did not wave. They think they are hot shit and too mature to acknowledge these fan. Quite frankly no one would do who the f they were if they weren’t on this show. Least you can do it lift your arm and wave.

    I agree with you on AshLee too. I think maybe she had some dreams and thought it was real life. Where someone wanted to be with some insecure woman. Not matter what happened and what was said she just came off looking a little crazy, vindictive, and just slightly pathetic. I always think the ones the public respond to are the ones that come back, look banging, acknowledge they were hurt but have moved on, and wish the other person well (ala Sean last year).

    Can Daniella be bach? It would be a boozy, awesome season!

    Comment by Jennifer — March 5, 2013 @ 10:40 am

  4. Love your recaps! No shame in admitting I look forward to this stuff (the show – god I need a life). However, as a new mama, it’s my only escape back into the life path I DIDN’T choose.

    Curious as to the love for Daniella? I think she’s beautiful and well dressed no doubt; but I feel like she didn’t get a ton of air time so I don’t have a good idea of who she is at all. Yet I’ve read a handful of things about people loving her so much. What am I missing? I feel like Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You – when he asks why everyone loves Julia Stiles’ cute, younger sister so much. “What is it with this chick; does she have beer flavored nipples?”

    Comment by J — March 5, 2013 @ 10:57 am

  5. I will literally cry if Ashlee is the next bachelorette. She is not fun enough. She is psycho. I feel like she is so hurt by Sean that she wanted to make him look like a liar, but in reality she is crazy. Her boobs are way too big for her body and I think it was not classy of her to bring down Sean like that.

    Comment by Ciarene — March 5, 2013 @ 11:33 am

  6. I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE ASHLEE WAS LYING. I never once heard Sean say an unkind word about any of the girls.Why would he say the other two girls didn’t matter and then send Ashlee home? She just wanted to make a fool out of Sean since he didn’t choose her.Hopefully Ashlee will not be the Bachrlorette.

    Comment by Bobbie — March 5, 2013 @ 12:29 pm

  7. LOL “Greek Tourette’s Syndrome”
    It made me recall being a Tridelt and making “deltas ” with our hands all the time. I wonder if we would’ve watched something like The Bachelor? In those days it was Dallas and such.
    Thanks, Natalie for another entertaining blog. Another question for you: Who, from this latest season, do you think should be on BPad and why? :)

    Comment by Maturesillyinyellectual — March 5, 2013 @ 12:31 pm

  8. AshLee seem bi-polar, it was obvious she took everything too seriously. That just prove his point he couldn’t joke around with her, she took everything to heart. She seem to live in the past and can’t let anything go. It was so damn awkward even for us viewers that watch.

    Let be honest her crazy came out when things didn’t go her way, it all started with the death stared. Also i’m not that surprise she has some crazy in her because she did marry when she was young.

    Comment by Anon — March 5, 2013 @ 2:44 pm

  9. That girl who didn’t wave, Diana Willardson, is Jef Holm’s hair stylist. A little Bach trivia for ya!

    Comment by Vanessa — March 5, 2013 @ 3:12 pm

  10. AshLee does take life a wee bit too seriously but through out the season I liked her. Even during MOST of the WTA I could see where she was coming from and ifff sean really did say that about the other ladies, I could see how in the moment she felt like she wanted to say something and address it. HOWEVER, when she started talking about how he should have checked on her because he is a southern man blah blah blah… i was like woahh thats crazy talk. This show seems like it can really bring people to the edge since its kinda high stress and can bring out insecurites and make ppl act nuts

    Comment by katie — March 5, 2013 @ 3:49 pm

  11. I absolutely do not believe AshLee. She was smirking and smiling when she was saying those things to Sean. I don’t trust her any further than I could throw her!

    Great recap, hilarious as per usual! I am hoping Des is the next Bachelorette. I felt like I heard her almost slip and say she was. Hope so!!

    Comment by Michelle — March 5, 2013 @ 5:20 pm

  12. Yeah seeing that guy go crazy in the audience really did wonders for my confidence! I was on the edge, seeing as I look forward to watching this show so much.

    Comment by Steve — March 5, 2013 @ 6:48 pm

  13. Short and simple to me it sounded like AshLee was trying to convince Sean he actually said that. I know it must have taking a bit for her to convince herself to actually do it on national television. Tierra the Terror reminds me so much of Michelle from Jakes season I think it was. Please correct me if I am wrong..not sure cant remember. Why do they always seem to keep the crazy ones longer than some of the good ones. And now here is a question, why hasn’t there been a Bachelor or Bachelorette of a different race besides white. And just to clear things up I am white for anyone that seems to care why I asked that question. Dess is cute but not so much Bachelorette material. I think they need a new faces on the show, not an ex Bachelorette or Bachelor..Any thoughts?? Oh and I actually really loved the respects Paid to the producers Dog at the very end. It almost made me cry. I have a huge heart for animals

    Comment by Yolanda — March 5, 2013 @ 11:35 pm

  14. natalie, why do you even bother doing a live vlog, mike is boring and feels he has to fill in all the time…you are either not ready, have not done your hair, drunk, or having technical difficulties, why bother?
    if you are going to text on your cell phone then take time to text, why do you text constantly and he has to repeat questions to you, because you are distracted. why bother pretending you are one of the viewers and comment on the chat?
    get your crap together, and take a look at how sarah does her vlog, you can learn a lot.

    Comment by Jen — March 6, 2013 @ 1:57 am

  15. Natalie – good blog, but, Robin’s hairstyle – are you kidding me???? She looks really cute and sophisticated! Must every girl look like a clone with long hair and boobs on display in a mummy wrap? OMG. Robin, if you are reading this, you looked fabulous and my husband (who never even dated another race besides Caucasian before marriage — well, he was noticing you!).

    According to my husband, the other girls who stood out because they were sexy are AshLee and Selma. So, there ya go — now you know what an employed, normal and educated man thinks about who’s cutest (like marriage material – Robin) and sexiest (like go to bed and leave the next morning – AshLee and Selma).

    Comment by Lisa James — March 6, 2013 @ 5:41 am

  16. To Lisa James,

    I agree, though I thought Daniella was most stunning and had the best energy. Wish we could have seen more of her on the show.

    I like Robin’s hair too. Consider that during the Golden Age of Hollywood (when actresses were most beautiful and stylish) or even before, during the flapper period, women sported classy, chic, stylish hair, with most being short cuts. The women looked stunning.

    When I had long hair, like Selma’s, I attracted every dog in heat around. Now with a more sophisticated short cut, I am approached by more intelligent, sophisticated, educated guys. Most married men, particularly those who are well established, have wives with shorter hair.

    Longer hair is typically for little girls and adolescents. In adult women, it signified a desire to remain a free spirited, girl and desire to be “sexy,” which men equate with “good time” v. marriage material.

    I am speaking in generalities…Robin looks like she is going places. Most of the other girls looked like they are ready for the next bar or booze fest.

    Good call.

    Comment by Kate — March 6, 2013 @ 8:17 am

  17. The two handed wave was our gift from Lesley (too many fans for one hand hahahaha). It should be pointed out too that she claimed she doesn’t like drama. Meanwhile, viewers saw nothing but major drama expressions on her face all through WTA … so um, yeah, we all believe she doesn’t like drama. Must be why she is trying to make a career in politics too. Dying.

    Comment by Robyn — March 6, 2013 @ 8:18 am

  18. As to your comment about dudes loving the show….I am 47, happily married, 3 kids….I can’t get enough of this cheesiness of this franchise. My wife hates the show and gives me crap all the time about watching it! Now, I will say, that dude in the picture needs to reign it in a bit……There must be some “man code” he is breaking!

    Comment by Carl — March 6, 2013 @ 9:03 am

  19. @Kate, great comments – agree with you 100 percent. As for your experience, I can related. When I had a certain blonde hair style for a couple of years in college, I got all kinds of frat-type meat head guys giving me unwanted attention … so I know what you mean about how certain styles with hair/clothes can attract the wrong type of guys! I agree, Robin is going places just like Emily O’Brien and a few other unique girls who stood out from the rest of the group because of intelligence, class, etc.

    Comment by Lisa James — March 6, 2013 @ 9:04 am

  20. You are awesome! I’m having 2nd thoughts about the shoe salesman I’m dating now. If you’re willing to overlook the fact that I look like Cousin It covered in pubes then we should go out. Just a thought. I will use the salary I get from the lame show I work on to support you if you need it. You rock! Call me.

    Comment by Elan Gayle — March 6, 2013 @ 1:28 pm

  21. Hey y’all!
    I’m not blogging this season cause I got caught stealing Perez Hilton’s material last year and pssing it off as my own. I’m adding my WTA recap under Nat’s blog comments cause I needz attention fo shoz, ya’ll hear? Y’all know I’m turning 30 so I talkz like a high schooler to fit in, y’all hear? Cause y’all know New Yorkers don’t like gals from the South. Them Yanks know where one IQ point short of zero.
    My recap is that I gotz the sadz cause producers didn’t invite me in my little bitty white dress onto the WTA this year! Can y’all believez it? They dog gone mad cause I didn’t wear a paper bag over my head like they asked. My boyfriend is always asking me to put one on too. Bless my little person heart, y’all hear?
    That’s all for this year’s WTA recap. In the meantime, y’all can read my BFF Jaclyn Fartz’s blog. She writes like she’s “special” too. Gotta go make some grits and chitlins and decorate my paper bag before my man gets home. Bless my little person heart, y’all!

    Comment by Ashley Skivvies — March 6, 2013 @ 1:43 pm

  22. @As.S.
    Best. Laff. Ever.

    Comment by Maura — March 6, 2013 @ 2:42 pm

  23. Liza: Des seemed super happy. I wonder if she was being super chill and smilie b/c she is the next bachelorette? If she is, it will make sense as to why she was at such ease…

    Heather: Thanks for bringing up Leslie- and I agree! Her hair is amazing and she look gorgeous!

    Jennifer: LOL! Glad someone else also sees how some of the past cast gets these ridiculous egos about them! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Des or Sarah are the next bachelorette! I do agree with you on Daniella being bachelorette as well. She would be HILARIOUS!

    J: LMAO! You are hilarious! Love that you read my blog:) As for Daniella, the reason I love her is because the little bits we did get to see of her this season made me want to be friends with her. She seemed unserious about the whole thing and was super hilarious when she was buzzed off the vino. LOL!

    Ciarene: AGREE! She def lost my interest by acting a lil crazy. I still like her, but NOT for bachelorette.

    Bobbie: I agree. I think she realized she looked a lil ridiculous on the show by obsessing over sean and thinking they were soul mates. Pretty sure she lied so that the audience would be like, “ohhhhhh, that’s why she was psycho obsessed with him.” LOL!

    Maturesillyinyellectual: LOL! I was wondering what they were doing on their foreheads with their hands! Literally lmao! Love it! Thanks for reading and always having fun comments:) As for bachelor pad: Tierra (b/c she would make it super entertaining with her crazy antics), Sarah (if she isn’t bachelorette, she would be fun to watch on bachelor pad b/c she would be the sweetheart of the season), Robin (b/c she would fight with Tierra and she is pretty), Daniella (b/c she is hilarious and seems like the life of the party. The boys would love her!), Ashley P. (50 shades girl, b/c she would be crazy fun to watch!). How about you? Who would u like to see on the Pad?

    Anon: Agree! Also, I thought it was super rude of her to say that Sean acted like a frat boy with the other ladies. She basically slammed the other girls and I get a feeling none of the girls like her anymore. I think she came off as a total B.I.T.C.H.!

    Vanessa: Oh wow! Didn’t know that! So she is responsible for his emo, 22 yr. old skater hair? LOL!!!!!

    Katie: Yes, that was weird when she expected Sean to check on her… I thought that was slightly bizarre considering it’s a TV show breakup vs. a normal everyday like one. I do like her as well, and am hoping she can tone down the emotion after watching herself on TV. This show does make one act a little emotional so hopefully in real life she has her emotions more together!

    Michelle: Thanks! Appreciate you reading and commenting:) I felt like Des slipped to about being next bachelorette when Sean said, “I think Des now knows I made the right decision.” She was all smiles, maybe meaning she is excited about having her own journey as bachelorette?

    Steve: Bahahaa! LOVE IT!

    Yolanda: I think their have never been any black bachelors or bachelorettes is because their have never been any in the top 4. They always go with someone in the top 4. I think they should switch it up and add some diversity! For instance, Robin would be a great catch and a good bachelorette! I think you are talking about Michelle on Brad Womacks second season. I think the they try to keep some of the girls around for good TV and entertainment purposes, but also, I think Sean really like Tierra and didn’t know she was a brat until he saw it first hand. Hope that answers your Q! Thanks for reading! :)

    Jen: Inhale…. Now exhale. It’s going to be ok, I promise! Don’t let my web show give you a stressful anxiety attack. To answer you questions: I work non stop. I don’t have time to have my hair done every week, and I don’t really care to. I’ve never been drunk on my show. I complete ONE glass of wine by the end. At 31, a single glass of wine doesn’t get me drunk. As for me being distracted last episode, I was working through a work emergency. I do the show for viewers even though I don’t get paid. People love it. Obviously you don’t. So don’t watch. Learn to relax, God loves you! Also, “pretend to be a viewer in the chat area?” huh? I can’t chat in the side. It won’t allow me to. And as for tech difficulties, that is not in my control. I hope you going completely ape shit on me makes you feel better. Now, you told me to watch other’s web shows to learn something. I’m not going to. Don’t have time and don’t need to learn anything when mine does better then all the others. Here is my advice to you: Read the bible, go to church, hang out with nice people, maybe YOU could learn something:) Cheers!

    Lisa James: I agree with you. Robin did look beautiful. I was more so talking about her ultra conservative outfit. It was a great outfit, but she had the best body on the show and she should show that off while she has it! Def agree with you and your hubby that she is stunning and looked great:) She couldn’t look bad if she tried. Just wanted to see her in a fun dress!

    Kate: Agree. Hairstyle and dress do dictate the type of man who will approach you. I did like Robin’s hair for sure. I think long hair can look classy as well, but it’s when these girls fill it with obvious hair extensions that makes them look a little ho-ish.

    Robyn: I almost feel like her dramatic facial expressions were to get on Bachelor Pad? Hmmm. I dk. LOVE the comment, “too many fans for one hand.” Hahahahaha!!!!!!!

    Carl: I am OBSESSED with you! Hahahahaha! You are hilarious! LOVE that you admit to watching the show and am literally laughing out loud that your wife gives you crap for it! LOL! Thanks for reading my blog! Love having male readers! Keep commenting! Love a male perspective!

    Side Note: Whoever is ripping apart Elan Gale and Ashley Spivey, you are being very cruel. Their are silly ways to “roast” people, but you are being a bit ridiculous. Think about a different approach. And rip on the people who are on the current seasons who are expecting things like this….not a producer and former blogger who are both incredible people btw.

    Comment by Natalie Getz — March 6, 2013 @ 4:46 pm

  24. You know AS, I never read Perez Hilton, but I just looked on his site out of curiosity…and OMG, Spivey and Jaclyn are copying his style with the LOLZ and other stuff like SADZ and other stupid ABBREVZ, including the drawing on the pictures.

    I mean, who talks or writes like that. It’s cute, I guess, if that’s your style, but to see that they ripped it off from Perez just makes it pathetic. Hes writez like THIZ because his name is PerEZ so he has his own PerEZ lingoZ. They ripped off their style from a flamboyant gay blogger who actually BREAKS AND MAKES news, as opposed to writing recaps.

    I agree with your comments on Spivey’s white dress. I was stunned to see her appear on Emily’s season like a pseudo celebrity wearing a short tight dress that left nothing to the imagination. Screamed desperate attention wh@re.

    We don’t look at these contestants as sex object or even necessarily as attractive. They are just silly people who participated in a silly show. Suddenly they think they are sex gods and goddesses, like with David Good and other former contestant suddenly sporting a goatee or Jesse Csziencik (sp?) posing with his shirt off.

    I feel for these contestants. I guess they have to make the most of their 15 minutes. After this show, if they don’t make it in show biz….are they actually employable anywhere else? Would you hire these contestants? How does appearing on the Bachelor look on a resume?

    Comment by To Skivvies — March 6, 2013 @ 4:50 pm

  25. @Maura-y’all made my yearz! I’z been wearing my itty bitty white dress from last year’s WTA for the past year and no one givez me attention. I made u have the laughz without stealing jokes from Perez Hilton! Lastz night, I was able to measure a whole cup for my apple piez, y’all! My “special” friend, Jaclyn Fartz, is gonna sleepover and we’re gonna eat gritz and talk in abbrevz like Perez, fo shizzle, y’all!!!
    @To Skivvies-y’all found me outz like a banditz yo! I stole all my recap style writingz from Perez Hilton. Don’t tell no one y’all. Shhhzzzz. I wore my white dress to interviews in the big applez yo, and they wouldn’t hire me. They didn’t even know who I was, y’all hear? I was on the TV box for 5 minutes, y’all. Like Jaclyn Fartz with Edz. I gotz to be famous then. Right y’all? Ya hear me? Whatz a resume? TTYS

    Comment by Ashley Skivvies — March 6, 2013 @ 5:59 pm

  26. @Ashley Skivvies- fo shizzle, my nizzle! Y’all so coolz you give me the skivvies! SHAKE and BAKE FOeva! I love Edz! i LOVE MY Skivvies! Abbrevs fo life!

    Comment by Jaclyn Fartz — March 6, 2013 @ 6:16 pm

  27. OMG I can’t stop laughing at the ashz jacz bloggers. You peeps are so funnyz.

    Comment by Mary A. — March 6, 2013 @ 6:41 pm

  28. Natalie with all due respect – your bacheor blogger peers that put themselves out there in the spotlight saying snakry things say they don’t care what people think. They announce to the world that they have no filter. Guess what — we commentators don’t have no filterz eitherzzzzzzzzzz.

    Comment by Ashley2 — March 6, 2013 @ 6:51 pm

  29. *bachelor

    Comment by Ashley2 — March 6, 2013 @ 6:52 pm

  30. Jaclyn Fartz and Skivvies, please use a dictionary because I can’t understand what you are saying with all the z’s. What you are writing makes no sense. My mom won’t let me read any more of your commentz because she is afraid I will start writing like you and not pass my SAT. Look she just told me it’s comments, not commentz. Already picking up bad habits! Badz, Beth Hz. Badz!

    Oh, btw, my twitter is: @bethholler

    Holler at your girl, yo!

    Comment by Beth H. — March 6, 2013 @ 7:05 pm

  31. Interesting article in the Los Angeles Times titled 10 things you didn’t get to see on the Women Tell All Show of The Bachelor. For all of you who think AshLee was lying – you might want to read this article. All the journalists there (who actually got to interview both Sean and AshLee – unlike all of us) and Chris Harrison (who actually knows both Sean and AshLee – unlike all of us) believe that AshLee was telling the truth.

    Comment by Cheryl — March 6, 2013 @ 7:24 pm

  32. @Mary A- yo, you be my girlz yo! Keeping it 100 from the Big Applez where no one has a clue who Ashley Skivvies and I are, yo! Fo shizzle! I gotz 3 words for you; Bachelor Abbrevz Ballerz! We probz friends fo life, Mary! Just learn the abbrevz, yo! You can be “special” like us, yo! Yo, ate one too many nachoz yo! I can’t breathe up in my tiny big apple apt! Ya think that’s why Edz doesn’t remember meeting me on the Padz, yo?
    @Ashley2-yo keeping it realz! No filterz! Love what you saidz to Natalie, yo! Keep representing! In da houze yo! You’re my new nizzle, fo shizz!
    @Beth H-whatz a dictionary, yo? Jaclyn Fartz lovez Edz 4EVERZ!

    Comment by Jaclyn Fartz — March 7, 2013 @ 2:48 am

  33. Y’ALL, I’M FROM THE SOUTH Y’ALL HEAR? Y’all dunn believez me, y’all? I’ll say y’all and bless my heartz 100 x’s day, y’all! I eat turducken and grits every day, y’all hear? Y’all dunn care?! Dang it!
    Y’all, I forgotz to take my Bach Nationz Delusional daily medz last night and thought I was just a regz country girl from the Carolinas y’all. Like all covered in Tar y’all hear? I just took my daily dose 20 minutes ago.Now I just know I’m going to steal Carrie Underwood’s material next, like I did Perez Hilton’s blog las year, and Imma be the next country music superstarz y’all! I was on the Bachelor TV show for 5 minutes y’all. That makes me famous like Angelina Jolie, right y’all?! Elan Gayle, aka, Cousin Pubitz, told me so, y’all. Producers dunn gone lie, y’all hearz me? Fo sho! Imma go and wash my itty bitty 2012 WTA white dress fo my next music video! I’ma put Seanz in my video, y’all! Neked! This gives me a case of the excitedz y’all, like so much better than the sadz y’all hear?! Gotta go call my BFF Jaclyn Fartz. She’s probz on the phone leaving Edz another stalking voice mail, y’all! TTYS, SHAKE AND BAKE, abbrevz fo life! Y’all hearz?

    Comment by Ashley Skivvies — March 7, 2013 @ 2:51 am

  34. I haz no filterzzzzzz
    I don’t carz if you likez mez

    Comment by Lizzzz — March 7, 2013 @ 6:23 am

  35. @Natalie Getz- if you’re going to defend me, please do so using correct spelling. “Their” should be “There are”. You remind me of the shoe salesman I’m dating. Please learn to use spellcheck. This is why we don’t invite you to anything anymore; and you drink all the booze. Gotta run! Jaclyn Fartz just walked in with a razor and a flyer saying 2 for 1 bikini waxes in L.A. I’m proud that I’m covered in pubez hair! I don’t care that my Cousin It lookalike with the nice straight hair got the part in that movie. I’m going to throw myself on the ground face first and have my shoesalesman girl snap a picture for Twitter.

    Comment by Elan Cousin Pubitz Gayle — March 7, 2013 @ 8:32 am

  36. I *ABSOLUTELY* believe Ashley!
    For starters, she proved she has a good memory when she corrected Tierra on their conversation, she got it right. Also, the fact that she continued to ask him during commercial break proves it, she probably thought he was denying it cause they were on the air, and then asked him again “off-the-air” to get his explanation
    Lastly, he looked soooo guilty!! that red face was a guilty face!!
    Thanks Natalie, loooove your blog!!! :)

    Comment by Lucia — March 7, 2013 @ 12:31 pm

  37. Hey Natalie, Great blog post this time! A thought & a question…

    re ROBYN: Disagree, Robyn was rockin’ the new hairdo! Agree that the hairdo + the bkazer = business meeting, so one or the other needed to go. But I loved the level of class all of her outfits added to every RC. One doesn’t need to expose one’s cleavage or curves to prove that one is a woman, and she demnonstrated that each week.

    re TIERRA: Natalie, from your time on Jason’s season, can you comment on why the girls got so bent out of shape about Tierra? Clearly, Tierra didn’t get the memo that in normal society you are supposed to say “Hi” back when someone says hello to you. But why did 25 girls reduced to whining fools over it? So what if tierra doesn’t go out of her way to make friends with you? That’s one less fake friend to deal with. And so she slept on a cot – that’s one more free bed for the rest of the girls. And Tierra getting hurt every episode? She should be the butt of jokes for it, not the object of hate. She’s not “creating drama” by keeping to herself – the girls are creating drama by condemning women who don’t mix with them. I’m sorry, but I’m on Tierra’s side on this one. If she’s ignoring them, then they just needed to ignore her. And if Sean was gonna choose her, then you knew that you had just dodged a bullet that a man like that didn’t choose you.

    If this were the Bachelorette, I can’t imagine 25 dudes going apesh*t over 1 dude just because “well, it’s not that you were unfriendly, it’s just that you weren’t friendly”. WTF?

    Comment by Shirley — March 7, 2013 @ 12:50 pm

  38. First things FIrst!….the whole “Magic the Dog” (i think that was his name) made me lose my mind!…..i just lost my beloved “LEonardO” and that whole dedication at the end, with ALL those photos n memories gave me the SADZZ!….(who’s laffing!?….that’s for all the ridiculous comments about perez, ash, jack, sprat, blah blah blah!…..MOVE ON!…….Funny is Funny and if ya ‘ haven’t heard, “imitation is the new BLACK!”…….LOL……………

    ANYWAY, “ASHLEE”….. i’m gonna have to say, (and we ALL know i LOVe me some SEAN!….)….i kinda think there is some TRUTH to what Ashlee was saying!……her track record for ‘NOT lying” and being ‘rather truthful’ to EVEryone was ON POINT the whole season…….and keep in mind….she is ALOT more “Mature” and a bit older than the other girls….and may be more likely or used to “clocking a man on his BS”……now this is NOT to say she should have done this on this forum …..or AT ALL!….(it was kinda’ UNCOOL to “call him out”……..(cause we know …all is fair in love n war) and when peeps , esp. boys/men, get wrapped up in a HOT MOMENT….one tends to say very LOVING FUTURISTIC things that may lead one ON and ON!….so there ‘ WAS’ something said…..that led her on…..but, c’mon, girl…..this dude was FALLING in LOVe with 4 women at once….it’s part of the “gamble”…….so uncool for putting him on blast….but she had every right to, but sadly left a bad image on her otherwise likable self!…..*Golden Boy Seanny got tarnished a bit!*…..oopsie!…

    and i am gonna TOTALLY agree with you on ROBIN!….and i’m an ole’ married gal….that had a 25 yr. SUCCESSFUL CAREER and ALWAYS HAD LONG HAIR….STILL DO!…..but it is tailored to my age, has nothing to do with “if one is going places!!”…..just saying!……i thought you nailed it…..with the “Michelle Obama” reference!…….SO SO FUNNy!…..not to say she didn’t look FAB n GORGEOUS!….but it was the Bach reunion…..WTA….not the DNC!!!……so everyone calm down!…….NO offense to Robin!…… HOT IS HOT!…..but cute dress, flirty hair would have “rocked” and made Mr. Sean just a tad jealous!!…..hopefully!!!…..

    Des…i think i’m on an island here….but i never saw the connection…..i though he had the BEST connection with the “Blonde in the Kissing Contest!!” ……and Jackie the red head is “DROP DEAD GORGEOUS” and how sad she got sent home over Tierra!……as far as Tierra…..C’mon….just the fact that she HAD to ToP the BACHELOR with an ENGAGEMENT RING SHOUTS TO THE WORLD (what we ALL already know……SEAN, YA DODGED THAT BULLET DUDE!…..) her 10 mins are over…..MOVE ON!….

    As far as Catherine and is it Leslie?…they are both SO young and are both adorable….and are quite different!…..i seem to think the military girl is the sweetest and most sincere, and think they have the most compatible lives…..but i think he favors Catherine….but i somehow always feel she is hiding something…..and may be a “Hot Head!?”….but that may be what he needs to keep him in line! YOU NEVER REALLY KNOW…..NO ONE EVER KNOWS!…..LOVe is a BIZARRE thing!……all i know is i LOVE your BLOG BLONDIE….you had me at:”somewhere Jake P. is freaking out!!! ” and “Greek Tourettes” and then “FReshman 15, Sean’s 15 etc…” you are ON IT, Mama!……NatGETzit THE BEST!……keep it comin’ girl! XOXOXOXO (sorry ahead of time for grammer and spelling for all the haters….i’m going 60mph, w 2 monkeys on my lap!)…….xoxo

    Comment by Pamela B... — March 8, 2013 @ 1:23 pm

  39. When someone types more than one paragraph on here, immediately we know they are a psycho ;)

    Comment by Melinda — March 10, 2013 @ 12:48 pm

  40. Actually when someone types “As far as Catherine and is it Leslie” immediately we know they are a dumbass just like Kasey and Liz123 and Randais and iheartvino.

    Comment by Couriouser — March 11, 2013 @ 5:24 am

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