I’m still recovering from Britt’s heart-shaped sunglasses and Chantal’s dress from last week, so pardon me if I seem taken aback this week. Today is Valentine’s Day, and Britt ruined hearts for me forever.

You would have thought the opening scene of tonight’s show featuring Anguilla would have taken my breath away. But no, it was the gasp for air I took when I saw Shawntel’s brown woven belt placed through her short’s belt loops. Yes, I know belt loops were originally for belts and to hold pants up, but fashion has evolved from that immensely. It’s fine in men’s pants of course, and older women, too, but not in this case. There are still ways to wear belts through the loops, but in a more trendy way. Shawntel looks like she is on her way to the grocery store, driving a mini van, after dropping off her four kids at soccer practice.

Either way, she is still beautiful. On a more photogenic note, Emily looks adorably put together in her floral print Bohemian baby doll tank and blue cropped pants to accent the blue in her multicolored top. I am a minimalist when it comes to jewelry. I think one piece is enough, and Emily pulled this off by wearing one simple long strand of pearls to tie in her look.

Chris looked very beachy by the way in his light blue linen woven:) See ya at the Ceremony, Chris!

Brad and Emily’s Date:
“Aw you do too much for me on our dates” Emily gushes, as a helicopter arrives. Emily proves once again that she knows how to look good under any circumstances. This sheer, swimsuit cover up/frock is the perfect choice for this date. It transitions perfectly from land to water for their Anguilla affair. This frock is super cool with the tribal detailing and the wide, open sleeves that hang down her body.

Their own private island? I mean, you have GOT to be kidding me. I am so jealous right now! Who will ever get the chance to fly a chopper to a deserted island in Anguilla and have nothing but the sunshine, sand, water and a hot companion? Ahhhhhh- so envious:) Brad and Emily still seem to have trouble making conversation, but they may both just be nervous. During dinner, they discuss whether or not Brad will meet Emily’s daughter. It is a tough call (allowing your child to meet a man who may not propose to you), but she signed up for it and should have thought about that a long time ago. On another note, Emily looks more beautiful than ever on this date with her tanned skin and bangs French-braided into her hair.

I love her Blue floral print sundress with a classic sweet-heart neckline.

Brad is the best bachelor we have seen in my opinion, because he is so consistently real. I love that he broke the rules and told Emily she is getting a rose. Because in real life, your lover assures you, and Brad is taking this very seriously. He knows a child is involved and wants to do the right thing:) Side note: How hilarious would it be if Brad didn’t give her a rose at the ceremony after all that? Hahaha- he would go right back to being the most hated man in America. It’s cool- I’d catch his tears and kiss his forehead.

Back at the condo, another date card arrives as Britt is stating that she will feel rejected if she doesn’t get one-on-one time with Brad. When Shawntel got the date, I did feel sad for Britt, but then I felt more sorry for Shawntel when she exclaimed, “Wow! I wasn’t expecting that at all.” Shawntel is either oblivious as to how snotty these girls have been to her in Vegas, or she just doesn’t really care what they think. She is mature enough to keep her focus on Brad and not worry about catty remarks.

Shawntel and Brad’s Date:

I’m not too weird about bra straps showing; however, this is pretty bad. Especially on TV!!! Shawntel should have worn a nude colored bra, or even a strapless. GetzStyle Tip: Girls, there are alternatives to razor–back tanks. If you go to Target, you can find these plastic inserts that hold your bra straps in place in the center of your back. They are super cheap and work wonders! Another alternative? I often rock this look in the summer: a bathing suit top under a white tank. A bathing suit is supposed to show and they look like part of your outfit, because they are either patterned or colorful. Since Shawntel is in a sarong AND in Anguilla, she could have definitely pulled off the ‘bikini under tank’ look.

Shawntel chose a great eggplant off-the- shoulder t-shirt dress for her dinner portion of the date with Brad. The color brings out her complexion and she looks exquisite. The only thing I would recommend is for Shawntel to belt the dress to give it more edge. In this case, I think a low-waisted belt would work vs. a high-waisted belt look. I never like pink on guys, but whatevs, Brad can pull it off. Oh and their date? Farmers market, baby lambs, Auntie B., music and then Shawntel drops the “L” bomb! I agree with Shawntel that the Farmer’s Market is the perfect date:) Always a good time and super-chill. Auntie B. should be Brad’s life coach. I really, really like Shawntel. She mentioned she didn’t have a lot growing up, but was so loved that she always had enough and is super appreciative:) Now she is my absolute favorite. Final decision, I’m done being indecisive: Shawntel is my pick for Brad from here moving forward! She deserved that Vegas shopping spree, TOLD YOU!

Brad and Britt:
Oh NUTS!!!!! Britt did it again, with her orange swimsuit cover up. There appears to be some sort of lace incorporated in the shoulder area. Maybe she borrowed it from her Grandma, or possibly even 1984. Everything is awful about this from the lace to the color to the buttons half way down to the hood. I hate doing this to Britt, because she is so sweet, but for the love of NY fashion week, God help her.

As Britt sets sail on the sea of love with that God-Awful TJ Maxx cover up, Michelle states her jealousy and wants their ship to sink. LOL! I am soo going to miss Michelle! She says the funniest things during Britt’s date- God love her. Britt is so gorgeous. She should get right off that little boat and get into runway modeling with that rail-thin frame and flawless complexion. For crying out loud, now she is wearing a nightie to dinner? The bust area is waaaaay to big on her and the color – For reeeeelzzzz girlfriend? Does she just sit around and flip through the JC Penny catalog all day to figure out her wardrobe?

Ugh! Britt reminds me of Sandy from “Grease”: hopelessly devoted to Brad, not fashion. Oh well. Maybe this is why Brad dumped her? Mr. Fashionista Womack is quite the trendsetter, especially tonight with his double-breasted, light blue oxford button down. Boy can dress! Now, let’s get him to work on speeding up that southern slang a bit;)

Group Date:
When Brad wakes the girls up they look so adorable! Aw! Mornings are NOT my thing, so I can’t imagine these girls having to get up early for a photo shoot! Michelle says she looks atrocious. I’m thinking, ya right! She even looks beautiful at two in the morning! Did Ashley just scream, “No Boobs!?” Hahaha – that’s so me! I love this date already. Poor Chantal feels fat, and I can feel for her. I HATE being in a bikini, but Chantal has nothing to worry about. She is gorgeous with a sexy, curvaceous body. I hope Brad is wearing a cup today, er…. Chantal and Ashley take their tops off, thank God. Now I don’t feel so stupid for taking mine off in Vegas, wahoo!

I am a HUGE fan of these crochet knit swimsuits. Chantal’s swimsuit is by far my favorite.

This has nothing to do with fashion, but thank God for the “pause” button so I can gawk at Brad’s ridiculous body. Oooooh baby!

Damn! (Whoever Brad picks and is now with, I give you full permission to punch me in the face for obsessing over your fiancée all season) Ok, whether Michelle is acting or not, I see real sides to her, and I really like her. If she wasn’t cool, Brad would not have kept her around this long. Oh My God, why did I just cry when Brad gave Ashley the rose? That was so sweet! Focus, Natalie. I’m over this date, simply b/c everyone is in swimsuits and I have nothing to talk about in terms of fashion.

Rose Ceremony:
I’ve been waiting patiently to see homeboy this whole episode, and finally, he arrives. Hi Chris! I’m glad we get to see more of him now. I always enjoy listening to Chris give advice to the Bachelor/ette’s. Brad doesn’t need a cocktail party, his mind is made up. Now let’s get to chattin’ about these dresses, shall we?!

The Bad:
Shawntel’s dress……….um. Girlfriend, you got tons of clothes in Vegas and shopped with educated stylists all day. Did you not learn anything? Don’t you have something that you received in Vegas that you could have worn tonight? It looks like a slip or a nightie. Thank God you’re hot.

Chantal’s dress really does nothing for me. It’s just blah. Nothing to it and isn’t flattering to her figure. This dress would look better if it were strapless and tighter through her narrow waistline to accentuate her hourglass figure. Why did they let the poorly dressed girls stand next to each other? At least break it up a little and scatter the badly dressed throughout, so I can sleep better at night without nightmares of the unfashionable.

The Good:
Michelle’s long flowing black dress is unique due to the beading at the top. It fits her great and is the perfect dress choice for a barefoot rose ceremony.

Ashley is wearing a full length black romper. Many of you may not realize how popular and up-to-date this style is. She took a risk in fashion and rocked that romper with confidence. She looks great and very up-to-date.

Emily chose a ‘Boho Chic’ Maxi dress with stripes as a modern twist. Pay attention to detail and notice the way this dress is sewn together. The strips on the bust line are going in the right direction to curve around her bust, separating the pattern of horizontal stripes down the bodice. Has Emily ever had a bad day? Probably not.

Foot notes:

With summer right around the corner, instead of basic flip flops, opt for a T-strap ankle sandal like Emily is wearing here on her date with Brad

Lot’s of bare feet this episode, so hopefully next week we get to check out some footwear.

GetzStyle Award goes to Emily. She never fails me, never fails Brad, and never fails fashionistas. She proves to us time and again that she looks great under any circumstance. She has a knack for style!

Well, I must say, this has been one emotional journey and I am starting to fall head over “heels” for some of these ladies and their style. Until next week!


Natalie Getz


  1. if brad and emily don’t end up together i would love to see chris lambton and emily go on a date, i think they are so cute together.

    Comment by dyne — February 16, 2011 @ 12:42 am

  2. Another great blog entry by Natalie. You have a great eye for fashion.

    Is it just me or did Britt get thinner as the season went on and Chantal got thicker?

    I hope you can do this for all the future seasons.

    Comment by Marissa — February 16, 2011 @ 12:58 am

  3. Ok, first allow me to acknowledge that you have your right to feel as you do both about their fashion sense and about Brad. Now to carry on, so does everyone else. First I always find it so disturbing how some of the
    “critics” on the Oscars, Golden Globes, etc can crucify some of the celebrities on what they are wearing. To begin with I question where some of them get their “credentials” to make their judgements. I have always felt these celebrities dont really give a d@mn what Cujo and others think. They are comfortable in what they are wearing and that is all that matters. I am stating that, not attempting to put Nat in their class. She definitely dont belong there. But in ref to some of Nat’s comments. I dont think all of these gals care what the NY Fashion scene is. And most obviously Britt dont. And I dont believe that all participants have the financial means to compete on this level. Natalie would know better having been a participant and on the “inside”. But I feel most of them compete to the level their budgets allows. And as most people will admit true beauty is not what shows physically, let alone materially.
    Now, as far as Brad. Physically he may be a “10″. But as I just stated that is not the true beauty. And I recognize this is a “producer-driven” program. But in recent weeks I have come to think of Brad as a real “puzee”. He is so superior in his attitude towards women. Dont do as I do, do as I say. It is becoming disturbing to hear him tell the women, you shouldnt be scared, and then hear him tell everyone of the gals on the dates that they are scaring him. Telling Chantal, dont give me such a hard time. Seeing one of the girls cry, and his response “You OK”, “You OK”. Man, what the hell you think. That they just decided to cry on a whim. And why cant they have as part of the conversation, getting to know Brad. How can an individual fall in love with someone when they dont get to know about the person. What about his past relationships, what about his personal likes. In other words some of the things he demands from the gals. Enuf for now.

    Comment by Jim — February 16, 2011 @ 1:24 am

  4. It’s actually a “racerback”, not razor. Love your blogs, though!

    Comment by suzanna — February 16, 2011 @ 1:49 am

  5. I can’t believe Natalie is the fashion critic. This is a person who dresses like an overgrown 12 year old girl. Maybe her personal style will improve and mature with her separation from Holly D. This girl dressed horribly on the Bach and BP.

    Comment by Areo — February 16, 2011 @ 2:24 am

  6. really can’t wait till next tuesday. This is so great! Natalie keep this going please

    Comment by Kari — February 16, 2011 @ 10:04 am

  7. I love reading your blog, Nat. You’re hilarious. There’s nothing wrong with being honest about what a person is wearing. I wish I could afford to have someone that knew fashion and what looks best on a person do my shopping. It’s just not my strong point. Look forward to next week!

    Comment by Lauren — February 17, 2011 @ 12:36 am

  8. Natalie, I couldnt help but snicker today when I clicked on the link to 2011 NY Fashion Week. I thought back to your reference to NY Fashion Scene, and wondered how many of the gals on Bach Pad and this seasons Bachelor would wear those fashion if they were gifted to them.

    I thought the one girl who was next to the Photo link had actually been removed from a coffin for the photoshoot.
    But bear in mind as I said yesterday everyone has the right to view a subject matter as they choose, and I respect that.

    Comment by Jim — February 17, 2011 @ 3:03 am

  9. natalie is wild and crazy

    Comment by dyne — February 19, 2011 @ 1:29 am

  10. I don’t remember which Bachelor you were on, sorry, but this was a fun read.

    Comment by Donna B. — February 22, 2011 @ 9:18 am

  11. Do yo know where Emily Maynard gor the black w/gold beach cover-up she is wearing on their island date?

    Comment by Connie — April 10, 2011 @ 3:56 pm

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    Comment by Zara Cataldo — April 21, 2012 @ 1:53 pm

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