Natalie’s Bachelor House of Style Blog: South Africa


Ah, South Africa- so beautiful. When I lived in Chicago I would run daily through the free Lincoln Park Zoo. Ya, I know, totally nothing compared to South Africa, but with my “normal people” budget, it’s as close as I could get. It’s scenes like this that bring tears of gratitude to my eyes – look at what this world has to offer! I am laughing so hard right now – Brad’s driver had to pause in the middle of the road to let an elephant cross, as if it were a typical Tuesday.

Brad and Chantal:
After a ride throughout the South African safari, Brad tells Chantal he misses her family. I’m not commenting on their safari attire, b/c when you are in the direct path of wildlife, who the hell cares what you look like? Later on in the evening, they sit down for dinner and I am very impressed by the beautiful Chantal’s attire. This may be the most gorgeous she has looked all season. She is wearing a very unique dip-dye maxi dress that shows off her curves and bust line. Brad asks her to join him in the fantasy suite, (ahem. Ahhhhemmmm, ahhh, ehhhhhh, ahhhhh, sorry, just clearing my throat) and of course she accepts. She is in love with Brad and THIS is where it gets serious. I hate that two hearts are going to be broken:(

So they are staying in a tree house in the middle of South Africa….uhhh??? Ya…..I’m arachnophobic-yikes! Thank God she has the big, strong, fashionable Brad to protect her. I am still laughing that Brad let Chantal eat worms and then he refused to eat them! Ha!

Brad and Emily:

Dammit, Brad! When I say wear a V-neck, I literally mean, wear a V-neck. Not a crewneck with a slight “V” in it. This V-neck is merely a mistaken crew neck looking for a pair of scissors and a great seamstress. After watching the sneak previews last week, I couldn’t wait to see Emily’s outfit! Now, with a clear shot, I can obsess over her royal cuteness:) She is wearing cut-off white denim shorts with a double breasted light blue button down. Let’s not forget to mention her kickin’ cowgirl boots! Emily chose a turquoise triple stranded necklace as her statement piece to make that gorgeous face pop. GetzStyle tip: Please notice how Emily makes her outfit work through her own personal style. She styled the shirt in a sexy, yet classy way, leaving a few buttons undone towards the bottom to show off her tanned, toned tummy. When doing this, make sure you are in the right situation to get away with showing abs. It’s a great look for a hot day at the beach, a cover-up for your swimsuit, or in this case…an elephant cruise through the South African safari:) I got teary-eyed when Brad told Emily he missed her daughter:) Even the elephants cheered when this bombshell couple intensely made out.

Emily! Please just stop! You are making me far too happy with your wardrobe! Emily’s evening attire blew Brad away as he stated, “How am I this lucky?” as he watched her enter the dining area. Side note: I don’t know much about makeup, but what I did notice is the highlighter on the inner creases of Emily’s eyes. This really makes her eyes pop!

Emily looks super-sexy in a very short, high waisted sequin skirt with a flouncy black blouse tucked in. She sure showed off those shapely legs with a pair of black, open-toe platform heels to compliment her skirt. GetzStyle tip: There is certainly no reason to break the bank when replicating Emily’s look. Check out bargain stores such as Forever 21 for this skirt and blouse. The only thing I have ever spent a significant amount of money on is jeans, and very rarely shoes. It’s hard to find denim to create a shape for your body unless they are designer. We wear denim more than anything, so think of it as an investment:) Dress up those jeans with cheap tops, handbags, jewelry, etc. for a fantastic look.

Brad and Ashley:

I am a huge fan of Ashley’s denim shorts. HOT! The way the denim looks hand-crafted adds so much character to them. As for the rest of her outfit – crap. As if ruining the hipster look by throwing a thin black belt through the loops wasn’t enough, she had to go and wear red again – and tucked into her shorts like my Aunt does. AND with a black cardigan and capped sleeves that under different circumstances would be cute, but again ladies, it’s all about style. GetzStyle tip: When taking a risk and wearing such eye-catching shorts, make sure you keep the rest basic. I would love this look with a pair of low boots, a plain white V-neck t-shirt with a plunging V to show off a super-hip multi-colored wooden beaded necklace. In Ashley’s defense, she had only 2 suitcases for a long time, so she had to make do with what she had. And I will say this again for the one millionth time: Ashley is such a ball of energy that it doesn’t really matter what she is wearing in Brad’s eyes. Women dress for other women; our male counterparts quite frankly couldn’t give a damn. Brad, I’m over the long sleeve Henleys – spice it up Son! Ok, yes, there really aren’t that many options for dudes in the creativity department without looking like a Hollywood club rat.

REDEEMED! Wow! Check out Ashley’s racer-back off-white silk tank! This looked great from the front tucked into a high-waisted army green skirt, but when she turned her back toward the camera I sprung off the couch! Look at how the tank is gathered by extra material in her upper back, leaving a keyhole in the curve of her lower back. I’ve heard from many men that a women’s back is one of her sexiest features. I think it’s safe to say that Ashley is getting into the fantasy suite, Brad will be giving her a back massage, and lots of rubbing will occur.

Rose Ceremony:
Or not. As Brad sends Ashley off out of respect before the actual ceremony, I am feeling hurt for her. Brad did the right thing, but it’s not fun watching a girl cry. EVER!


I am a huge fan of gray and purple schemed together! Brad’s heather-gray modern suit jacket really allows his purple tie with white stripes to POP. He kept it basic with a clean finish, crisp white button down. Aw Brad, can you introduce us to your friends? Normally your type runs around in flocks.

Emily and Chantal:

Emily’s color block cocktail dress is PHENOMENAL! I love the faux sweetheart neckline, lined in electric blue while covering up her chest with a black swoop neckline. The grey bottom gives us the illusion of a skirt, making this dress functional for so many different occasions. Lady- I can’t wait to meet you.

Chantal: This robe inspired dress is not for me. I do not like the shape that the capped sleeves give her arm and I really don’t like the outdated style. I remember this style was pretty popular when I was in college – and that was in 2003. Chantal has proven to us that she really doesn’t focus on fashion in her daily life.


I am loving her gold colored cocktail dress! The way the fabric is sewn to the seams gives the rippled look throughout the dress. The swoop neckline and length of this number really look fantastic on her. Before any of you go ripping on Ashley’s hair- these girls do not have hair stylists on set. Yes, she could have done a little more with it, but at this point, she probably doesn’t really care about her hair b/c she is so stressed about Brad’s decision in tonight’s ceremony.

GetzStyle Award this week obviously should go to Emily, but she gets it every week! This week I’m giving it to Ashley simply b/c she redeemed herself after that terrible daytime attire she had on during her date with Brad. She stunned me with her evening wear and her rose ceremony cocktail dress. Ashley is so stinking adorable and she will be missed! Let’s get her to be the next Bachelorette or better yet, let’s get her on Bachelor Pad so she can win some money to take care of her dental schooling!

Next week we get to see a lot of fashion during the Women Tell All! I can’t wait! I bet Michelle wins the GetzStyle award- man oh man I miss that funny one and her style!

I hope everyone has a fashionably great week! Take risks in fashion this week – don’t be clothes-minded!


Natalie Getz