Wow! What a journey for Brad, Emily, and Chantal. This has been hands down my favorite season to watch. Watching these last couple dates with Brad, Emily, and Chantal was not only emotional, but truly an inspiring love story. Brad’s family is incredible and either girl would be lucky to have them! I think this is the first season where the audience couldn’t decide which girl was their favorite! I would have been happy either way, but Brad and Emily do have an undeniable chemistry and bond.

Both of these women looked insanely stunning in their final rose dress selections. Chantal absolutely blew me out of the water in her long black satin one shoulder evening gown that fit her body like a glove. The feathers gathering at the shoulder were so up to par with Runway right now! This dress is hands down my favorite of the season. Way to save the best for last! That is one dress I will be sure to purchase over the next couple of days! Nice work, Chantal. You looked fashion-forward and more chic then ever.

Emily chose a white boat-neck long evening gown to celebrate her engagement:) Notice the cut of the fabric and how the designer added more at the neck in order to gather it at the side of her waist, adding some texture and pattern to what would have been a plain white dress. This design is very classic and shows off Emily’s tiny waistline and sun bronzed skin.

After The Final Rose:
First off, Chantal looks even more gorgeous on the post-season special! How is that possible? The fact that she has found someone makes me so extremely happy for her; however, I REALLY wanted her to be the next Bachelorette! The guys would have gone crazy over her and I can guarantee some drama between the dudes when fighting over the lovely Chantal:) Both Brad and Chantal handled themselves very well when confronted by each other and I’m proud of Brad’s sincerity and honesty.

Where do they find the women to sit in the audience?! Hahahaa! This judgmental group of women are great TV with their long dramatic sighs and obnoxiously loud gasps for air every time Emily says something. I love it!!! Emily and Brad are still very much in love, anyone can see that. He is head over heels for her and she is just playing it as safe considering “Ricky-Tick” is a part of this equation. I understand we all want a shot-gun wedding with these two, but they are an actual real couple and they’re going at their own pace to ensure an everlasting future. Kudos to Emily.

I’m sure many of you are at home saying, “Emily knew what she signed up for, so how can she be frustrated about Brad’s relationships with the other women?” Let me clear that up for you. It’s easier said then done, and Emily truly loves Brad- so it’s hard for her to watch. Furthermore, Brad was painted to be such a jerk last go-around that this time I think he may have overcompensated a little to make sure these ladies were happy and having a good time. Brad has a huge heart, so he did what he could do to comfort the ladies and make them feel important. I can’t wait to see these two get married on their own time, with plenty of time to plan a perfect wedding. Congratulations again, Emily and Brad!!!

On to more important things: FASHION!!!

Trista: Trista’s ruffled silk cocktail dress is adorable! I love the feminine inverted V neckline combining the ruffles to make for a sexy yet cute look! The ruffles reach to her shoulders and show off her toned arms. Pay attention to detail! The rich fabric of this dress is gorgeous and I love that the ruffles are lined in black to bring the pattern to a bold stop. Trista and Ryan are a wonderful couple with two beautiful children. I can honestly say Trista is one of the kindest women I’ve ever met. (Find Trista’s dress at Hale Bob and her jewelry at Stella and Dot)

Emily: The off-white short cocktail dress with black lining the top seam is a huge trend right now. The black ruffle detail edging the bottom of her dress adds more fun and also draws attention to her long, lean legs. FABULOUS!

Molly: She’s a sexy woman in her electric blue, one shoulder satin cocktail dress! I love the textured pattern of the fabric, which draw our eyes in different directions to discover the dress in its entirety. Marriage looks good on my gal pal:) Molly was the Emily of my season with her fun-loving and sweet attitude towards everyone. I picked her for Jason the second I sat next to her in the limo and I’m so happy for these two. I’m cracking up watching Jason react to Molly telling Emily that she had to watch Jason propose to another women, stating, “I thought we moved past that?” as he laughs. These two compliment each other so well and I am lucky to have them in my life:) Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s hear it for The Godfather and his wife: Jason and Molly Mesnick! (Get Molly’s dress at BCBG)

Ali: She looks stunning in purple! This halter dress is gathered together to complete a high neckline. I am a huge fan of high necklines on dresses or tops b/c it really shows off your shoulders and collarbones. The gold chord draped around the bodice shows off Ali’s small waistline and really compliments the purple fabric. When wearing a haltered dress or top, wear your hair up, just like Ali did.

Chantal: She always looks great in red and the dress was quite basic. There was some sort of metal detailing at one of the shoulders to give the dress some character. Chantal kept it very basic as she always does, and always should, so that her best feature, her beautiful face, is her “statement” piece;)

As for the boys, they all looked sharp and handsome! I will specifically point out Brad and Jason’s wardrobe, b/c they both chose a grey/white/black theme. Brad looked dressy in a grey suit while “The Godfather” kept it casual in black pants, a grey oxford button down, and a black pencil tie. Nice work, boys.

I can’t wait to dissect Ashley H’s men on this upcoming season of “The Bachelorette!” This has been the most interesting and entertaining season for me to watch and I will truly miss watching Brad and his girls on Monday nights. Much love to all and thanks for reading my blogs!

Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends…. Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts. ~Henry David Thoreau

I encourage each and everyone of you to go through your closets and reinvent what you have. It’s incredible how much you already have that you can wear with different pieces to create a whole new wardrobe! Don’t break the bank! Express yourself through your own, personal style:) Which dress was your favorite tonight? At “The Women Tell All? Of the entire season?

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Until Next Season, XOXO

Natalie Getz