Natalie’s Bachelor House of Style Blog: Women Tell All

Brad recaps his journey to finding love as I am forced to recap some serious fashion mishaps. Man oh man there were some doozies this season! I’m not even listening; get these ladies out here! Judging from the previews, this is going to be sick!

A quick clip of the reunion for Bachelor alumni was quite hilarious, and scandalous, weird and awkward watching sloppiness unfold. You get the point; just watch Bachelor Pad season 2, because you already know it’s going to be insanely great TV. As I saw a simple glimpse of my sober, irritated self break free from an awkward conversation with Kasey Kahl, I wanted to point out my dress. I borrow outfits from terrific showrooms, and this particular showroom gave me a flowing white sweetheart neckline dress cut just above the knee with an inverted strap line.

Kasey Kahl is my boy, but Kase this non-stop overkill of the “guard and protecting women’s hearts” business has got to go. It’s awesome for your charity, but in real life we all know what you really need to guard and protect with some of these ladies. BURN.

I have to give a shout out to some fellow cast mates who I love and miss: Ty Brown, Kasey Kahl, Richard Mathey, Erica Rose, Gia Allemand, Robert Wesley Hayden, Vienna Giraradi, Peyton Wright, Krisly Kennedy, Chris Lampton, and Brian Westerdorf. So many more I love, but those caught my eye during all this scandal and madness. Who would you all like to see on the next season? Tell me your thoughts…

As the women are introduced, I can’t help but notice they all gave that annoying parade wave with both hands, screaming, “hi…don’t boo me!” The intensity level is soaring contagiously high as I beg for more. Right away the women rage against Michelle like Tom Morello did against the machine. This is insane and I LOVE IT! Immediately, the conversation is directed towards Michelle (as it should be) since the lady makes great TV unintentionally!

Before we divulge that matter, can we please discuss the Melissa and Rachel fight? And how Melissa along with all the other women had ALL the time in the world to watch their fashion mishaps and have one more chance to correct them? I don’t, and still don’t know what is going on with these two…but what I do know is that Melissa needs a slap in the face with a Vogue Magazine. Oh hell, even OK! Magazine would do her a favor in terms of researching Fashion.

This fashion choice appears to be a sheer oversized, off white button down hanging unbuttoned over a basic black dress. I am in need of more wine to keep my focus on the task at hand vs. her lack of style. This could be a $200.00 top for all I care, but it’s all about HOW you put your outfit together. I can’t decide whether she is going out on the town or to the grocery store. Either way, this Rachissa argument is lame, irritating, and uninteresting. Bring on Michelle, please.

Stacey continually interrupts people with her hatred of Michelle and struggles to get more airtime as Jackie calls Michelle a spider. Here’s the deal, Jackie called her a spider and who cares? Michelle called those girls much worse so she should be able to take a little roast here. Why is Ashley H. already crying? Oh boy. Here we go. This is all over the place…let’s skip ahead to the goods: Michelle. I honestly hate that she is sobbing. It’s hard to watch anyone get that upset. She was for sure misunderstood and I believe her about the stress with leaving her daughter. I have always been one who is VERY opinionated about women leaving children to go on this show. It clearly affected Michelle so deeply to the point where she regrets doing it in the first place. After Chris quiets the girls (which, by the way was hysterical). Michelle, don’t let the heat you’re getting affect your emotions. Keep on keepin’ on being a strong, confident, beautiful individual.

With the ladies sitting down, it’s difficult to get a clear view of what they are wearing and how they are wearing it. This is the best shot I could get of my favorites Jackie and Marissa! These young ladies always look so put together and classic. Marissa shows us how to wear a one sleeve off the shoulder frock in an edgy way, wrapping it with an off white clean finish belt to give it some shape. Please reference Stacey for a one-sleeve dress I would not wear. It’s definitely in style, just not my style. Stacey’s looked very Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian looks very Bebe. I hate Bebe. You connect the dots.

Jackie sure didn’t fail me with a strapless sequin cocktail dress that fits her well and flows from the hip to thigh. Stand up so I can see your outfit better! Wait, it’s TV…she can’t hear me.

As Jackie makes Michelle cry (and I really don’t know why Jackie’s comments made her cry-She wasn’t being mean, just sticking up for herself) I am about to cry. Not for Michelle’s feelings, but for the fact that Michelle is wearing a white tank with grey hearts on it tucked into a skirt that she stole from a bum. The irony in all of this is that my neighborhood bum has been walking around naked all week. Is there a correlation here? I’m frustrated because Michelle was a front runner for me in the realms of fashion all season and I couldn’t wait to see what she would wear! The tank would be adorable with a more casual outfit as well as the skirt. Just not combined and certainly not for the Women Tell All. She did, however, choose a great turquoise necklace to wear.

Bravo Ashley S.! This dress is fantastic! I love the peephole sleeves and the way the dress drapes her body! Everything is right about this vintage inspired dress from the cut and the color, to the fabric and the length. Ashley S. needs to be the next bachelorette. Hands down. She is sweet, adorable, funny, likable, etc. Ashley H. also wowed me with her unique black dress, which was super trendy.

Watching her all season, I was impressed with her selection. The sleeves are stitched up high allowing them to drape her shoulder baring her arm. The fabric is cinched at the waist with a piece of fabric to match the dress tied in a bow. I really love this dress! I am so very proud of these ladies style choices tonight!

To wrap things up, these ladies did wonderful tonight! Best tell all, hands down, in bachelor history! I felt myself jumping up and down with fighter moves as most do watching Springer. Watching women argue is pretty awesome…good times. Stars of the show who gave us some excellent TV? Michelle, Stacey, Jackie, Rachel, Ashley S. and Chris. These girls didn’t keep a filter on and were giving us viewers at home what we wanted. Let’s call them team Natalie for now. Yay Team Natalie! Here is my dream cast for women on this season only for Bachelor Pad 2: Ashley S. (If she isn’t bachelorette), Michelle and Jackie.

Lastly, I really didn’t want to lay into Britt again about her style because she is so stinkin’ cute, but I’ll I WILL say is as a general rule of thumb, leave the gold metal cougar belt at home next time.

Until next week, keep your head held high and keep one foot forward as you march into Bloomingdales and pick out a super rad outfit.


Natalie Getz