Natalie’s Bachelor House of Style: Hometown Dates

Hometown dates: Short Scarves and Mommy Jeans

Brad is already gaining mad fashion points this week by wearing a T-shirt for California Wildebeest – a band with a rockin’ drummer and a sick guitar front man! Check them out! I’m sure you forgot, but I also wore a California Wildebeest T-shirt on my season of Bachelor Pad.

As Brad recaps his past with the four final women, I am recapping his wardrobe in my mind’s eye. Brad has yet to fail me in the fashion world this season – well, except for those gnarly polos he was wearing in Anguilla. As he is in deep thought discussing the women, I am completely ignoring him and focusing on his attire. I love his newsboy hat to compliment his Henley t-shirt and navy pea coat jacket. Men, try GStar Raw for a hot jacket. They have trendy, manly coats for all seasons!

He looks very NYC as he overlooks the city concentrating on his lovers. NYC style is hands down the best style on any man or woman for that matter.

Brad and Chantal:
Right away, I am falling for Brad’s outfit. He has on a basic, light blue button down with a thermal vest top lined with brown fleece. Notice his ability to layer! Throwing a casual Henley t-shirt under a button down like Brad does here changes the look completely. Damn, mountain man! This look is HOT. As for Chantal, she needs some styling tips. Her scarf is old lady patterned and the silky fabric is screaming “day at the office,” not “casual day out.” Its style is completely wrong around her neck and looks like it’s choking her and taking away from the length in her neck. Her black silk blouse does not fit her correctly. It’s too short in length and is too tight, causing it to pucker and gather in the wrong areas. Not to mention, the black camisole she is wearing underneath the blouse is the wrong match to the black in her blouse. GetzStyle Tip: Make sure you have length when choosing any form of button down top. Also, never try to match exact colors. Unless it’s the same brand, they will not match. Chantal should have layered her blouse with a grey camisole, or a louder color such as purple or blue. She should have chosen a scarf more age-specific to her vs. borrowing one from Shawntel’s corpse. She has such a pretty face, so she can pull off bad style, but better style would make her not only beautiful, but hip!
Oh man! Her dog even has bad style:( Haha- but the doggie is adorable.

Her parents’ house is GORGEOUS!!! What an adorable family! Her mom looks like Angelina Jolie at certain angles…no wonder Chantal is so beautiful! Her parents are very youthful and her brother- such a doll! Future bachelor in the making? Hmmm- stay tuned:) Ok I feel creepy- let’s move on. I’m honestly not even really listening to anything they are all talking about, b/c I am far too distracted by the interior design of Chantal’s parent’s lovely home! Brad has a great conversation with her father and mother — totally hitting it off.

Brad and Ashley:

Ashley tells Brad he looks so bundled and cute. You are correct! He does look cute in his double breasted, black leather jacket with a fleece lined hood over a black and grey color schemed woven. Ashley has the right idea with her style today; however, I’m not a fan of the color choices. She wore black tights with black boots, which is totally fine, but I would have maybe mixed up the color scheme a bit by throwing on some sheer grey tights to show separation of the boots, and maybe a different color jacket. This is all opinion btw, b/c there is nothing wrong with her outfit. She has the right idea with all the right pieces, it just comes down to the way she styled herself and the color choices she made. I hate red for some reason, but others may love it:) GetzStyle Tip: Keep this look, but change it up a bit for a fantastic outfit. Try Black boots (be careful with black boots, the material can either say “matte finish classy” or “shiny finish trashy”), grey tights, and a patterned pea coat over a plain sweater or V-neck long sleeve T (extra long in length) complimented by a basic grey scarf.
Brad and Ashley stop at a local diner, and he tells her he loves the simplicity of her hometown and loves living slow paced. (ahem, we’ve noticed) I am much too fast paced right now for simple living, but when it’s the right time, I’d love to raise my family in a small town like the one I was raised in:) I LOVE Ashley’s energy and positivity on this date.

Ashley’s father is a trendsetter! Living in a small town he still knows what’s up with his cargo plaid button down woven! He and Brad have similar style – not a bad start! I LOVE her sister’s sleeve of tattoos. Since I’ve been young, I’ve wanted to get a sleeve done, but I’m too much of a baby! Tattoos are hard to pull off, and her sister completely pulls these tattoos off still looking sweet and bubbly, but also very hipster-cool.

Brad and Shawntel:

Sitting on her parents’ couch, they look like a fashionable match! Brad pulls off purple in a crew neck sweater over a solid black button down oxford cut shirt. It’s important to choose an oxford cut under a sweater to insure a sharp collar. Shawntel’s sweater dress is casually cute, gathering at the waistline just a bit to add some shape. Notice how it also puckers at her shoulders and is the perfect length to add some sexiness. Her blue handkerchief-patterned scarf was the perfect touch to add some color to her black dress since she is a brunet. Maybe she can offer up some advice to someone else whose name rhymes with Shawntel. Wait….did I just totally give that away? Anyway, Brad gets her father’s blessing and he is on to his next victim, Emily. PS- Shawntel is my choice for Brad. So wholesomely beautiful and such a great heart.

Brad and Emily:
Emily put the “Em Oh Em” in mom jeans, placing a decorative belt through the loops of her hiked up pair. She is by far the most fashionable girl this season, so one wardrobe flaw really doesn’t matter. I do love her tall black boots and baby doll, boatneck black blouse. She can still pull off the jeans simply because she is a mom and is stunning regardless. She has great jewelry to compliment her style, with multiple bangles around her wrist and long stands of black beads draped around her neck. Let’s chat about how sweet her daughter looks in her mini t-shirt dress with light pink racer stripes lining each side, complete with opaque black tights. The racer stripes run down her back, criss crossing to give the illusion of suspenders – so cute! She just won my heart, because I LOVE suspenders! Jeesh, between her and Ashley’s father, there is some great family fashion going on during these hometown dates! Don’t even get me started on how freakin’ cute her fluffy feathered pink flats look to compliment the racer stripes in her mini dress! Come on, we had to know her daughter would be adorable! GetzStyle tip: Decorative belts do not hold pants up, therefore, DO NOT place them through the loops! Her pants are not high-waisted in a trendy way, they are just awkwardly somewhere between low-rise and high-rise. Super high-wasted denim is certainly cute, however, so choose your rise wisely, Spartan.

Brad has incredible self control and respect trying not to kiss a beautiful, sweet woman. Just another reason why he is a stand up guy. She ends up showing us that she has some spunk when forcing him to kiss her:) Ya Buddy! Even though I think Shawntel is right for him, I really want Emily to end up with him. I’m just not getting my hopes up, because Brad and Emily are too good to be true.

Chris Harrison and Brad recap his dates, discussing who he should or shouldn’t keep. I am going bananas over Chris’s style! Putting black and navy together is a tough thing to pull off, yet he did it times a million! He perfectly schemed his colors to compliment each other, choosing a light blue button down oxford shirt complete with a navy sweater vest lined with black edges. To “tie” it all together, he chose a black pencil tie and sharp black suit. His sweater vest is so edgy with the lining and large buttons. YA BUDDY!

I fast forwarded through most of their convo, only because I didn’t want to be traumatized watching a recap of Brad’s date with Shawntel. Shivers and goose bumps.

Rose Ceremony:
Imagine Brad’s situation. I mean, normally in life it’s every few months that you meet someone who you like enough to go out with on a second date. Now, imagine having 25 of them thrown to you all at once? How do you choose?! Maybe he can choose one as his mistress, one as his girlfriend, one as his wife, and one as his nanny for him and Emily. I’m kidding, RELAX.

The Good:
Emily: Of course she has the best dress on, AGAIN! This turquoise layered fabric mini dress fits her shape perfectly, with a sweetheart neckline and one shoulder strap detailed with fabric flowers. This dress is VERY trendy amongst celebrities and red carpets right now. It’s in every showroom and every fashion magazine. Girlfriend knows what’s up!

Ashley: The camera doesn’t do her dress justice. It’s hard to wear white on camera, but if you saw this dress in real life, you would love it. The intense beaded detail on her cocktail dress is gorgeous, not to mention the neckline sits perfectly at her bust and the silver sequins form the perfect pattern to compliment her cleavage. The only thing I would change is to make this dress strapless and continue the beading to the entire back portion of her dress.

Shawntel: I could go either way on this sweater dress; however, I do love the sequin capped sleeves. The mock turtleneck is fine, but I think it would look far better with a crew neckline and a long strand of beads as a necklace. I will say that up close, the mock turtleneck is slightly slouched and does look great on her longer neck. If this dress was constructed just a little differently, it would for sure be perfect.

The Bad:
“You’ll love David’s Bridal” is now officially stuck in my head. I always see dresses like this when I go pick up my bridesmaid dresses at bridal shops. Eeeeeek! Ok, clearly after watching Chantal’s hometown date, sister has money! So why is she wearing this cheap looking red satin dress with an awful neckline and nothing at all to it? And once again, the dress doesn’t fit her correctly. I’m not even going to discuss hair, b/c that isn’t my concern on this blog and I feel bad enough ripping apart these girl’s style choices. Now that I know she can afford me after seeing her parents’ house on her hometown date, I want to style her for all her upcoming events that will come from being on this show!

I’m very upset that Shawntel is gone. She is just naturally stunning and so sincerely sweet. I think she should be the next Bachelorette! I caught a glimpse of Emily’s outfit on the next episode and can’t wait! She will not disappoint us fashionistas! Next week Brad is taking the ladies to South Africa, and it looks breathtaking. I’ve heard so many great things about South Africa from so many people including Jesse Beck’s fiancé, who is actually from there.

GetzStyle award, honorable mention: Ashley’s Dad. Due to the fact that he lives in a super small town and still knows what’s up, he deserves this!) And also to little Ricky with her faux suspenders and fluffy pink sandals.

GetzStyle Award: Brad Getz it this week, because he blew me away on more then 3 wardrobe occasions. Boy can dress!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Treat the world as your own fashion show, rocking the runway and always dressing to impress regardless of the situation. It will raise your confidence, I promise:) Next time you are in the grocery store, choose a lane and treat it as your runway- if anything, you are sure to laugh.

XOXO- Natalie