Episode 4:  Chris B. scores a hat trick   


After the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison surprises the remaining four contestants with a late night visit to announce the dreaded, hurtful game they will be playing.  This game left several of us, including myself, in tears on Bachelor Pad 1 and I didn’t think they would bring it back.  Fortunately for this crew, they don’t seem to care what the others think of them…AT ALL.

As Chris H. is explaining what exactly is going on, I notice Erica chewing on her hair.  Kalon later calls her out on this and it cracks me up because I’ve never notice her doing it before


Mean Challenge:  Nick thinks butt waxing makes you unsuccessful.

In all honesty, I have to hand it to Blakeley.  She IS successful and quite funny.  She has a backbone like none other and I can tell that she gets what she wants out of life.  Without her, Jamie, Chris and Ed on this show, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to watch.

Random side note:  I was at a wedding this weekend for my boyfriend’s friend and guess who else was there?  Kalon!  Such a small world!  I spent some time with him and it’s my honor to say that he was a very nice man.  He is witty, charming and a true gentleman who knows how to have fun.  It’s hard for me to blog about people once I meet them and take a liking to them, so I have to retire his nickname that the twins gave him:  Ass Face.  Later Ass Face.  Hello Kalon!:)

This challenge is basically a mind f@#k to get you angry with your housemates.  It stirs up crazy drama by answering hurtful questions about each other.  You know what’s so incredibly sad?  I was wondering why on Earth this show would want to create a challenge that is so intentionally mean and hurtful.  Well…the sad truth is because people like to see other people get their feelings hurt. I like to watch people make an ass out of themselves, because that’s their own fault.  But, watching someone get called names by others and get their feelings hurt for no reason at all?  Well now, that’s just cruel.  I actually find challenges like this to be disturbing and harmful to the cast.  I went through this on my season and had my feelings hurt more than they ever had been before in my entire life.  Needless to say, I did not enjoy watching this challenge for a second.


Fashion run down:  Lindzi hands down has the best style of the crew today.  She keeps her style simple, yet trendy.  This coral, over sized blouse stands out paired with white jean shorts and wedges.  For an added kick, she wore several strands of multicolored necklaces as her statement piece.  In this same screenshot, check out Jamie’s outfit.  She has cute pieces, but she just needs help putting it together.  The high waisted yellow shorts are super cute, but it appears that she paired it with a Fall, black blouse, that rides up baring her stomach.  I’m not a fan of showing off the midriff at an adult age.  This is a cute trend for high school and maybe college kids. Not adults.  Erica has on a cute, floral frock with a chunky bracelet to add some edge to her girly attire.

The humiliation and disrespect begins as the girls are first up on the game show stage.  Erica, Jaclyn and Sara are all doing very well, getting most of the answers correct.  Meanwhile, a storm is brewing as Blakeley freaks out when Chris starts cheering for Sara.  She keeps saying, “He is MY partner!”  What she doesn’t understand is this:  if she would just chill out, she would notice that they have the perfect partnership.  He is still flirting with other girls keeping their partnership looking less threatening.  David Good and I both did our own thing romantically, but that didn’t change the fact that we were still an alliance.  The romance and flirting was the fun aspect.  The partnership and strategizing was the game part.  These little goonies!  They are playing emotionally!  Jaclyn and Ed win the challenge and each get to choose a one on one date of their choice.

During the challenge, I notice that Tony hasn’t washed off his wax museum make up yet, so it’s a good thing he chose an awesome shirt to distract from the shine!  I’m a sucker for country western woven shirts.  The pastel yellow and blue hues look great against his tan, and this is a great color scheme for the summer.


Kalon’s blue and red checkered long sleeve button down is a great look!  Now that I’ve met him and know he has a funny, sarcastic wit to him, I’ve gotta say he is cracking me up this episode! He tells Jamie she is fine and won’t be kicked off, then exclaims, “I’d much rather be the guy to soothe her soul for 5 more minutes before she is f#@king executed.  I mean, when you put a dog down, you sit there and pet it’s head, right?”  This guy is pretty good with the one liners.


Ed and Jaclyn’s Date:  Dodger’s Stadium?  Perfect.  Ed should be into this considering he has already hit two home runs back at the mansion, if you know what I mean…

Jaclyn looks casual and cute for her date!  As she heads to grab the date card, I notice her multi-colored romper.  I love the pattern and cut and is perfect for a daytime date!  I hope Possessionista blogs about where this is from.  It will soon be in my closet:)

Watching these two struggle through the National Anthem was like watching an American Idol reject audition.  They both have the voice of a pigeon and are so hilarious together!

In my opinion, Jaclyn made a HUGE mistake asking Ed on the date.  She was thinking emotionally, not strategically.  She and Ed are partners and that is not going to change.  They already have a strong alliance and right at this moment she could have easily controlled the game and got her and Ed to the final two couples.  She should have chosen Michael or Kalon to go on the date so that she could form a 4-man alliance to the end.  Taking Michael or Kalon could have secured trust now that the game is getting serious.  Knowing that her partner is already safe and has the power as well, they should have chatted earlier and he could have taken Lindzi or Rachel.

Ed wanted a helicopter ride, but has to settle for Dodger Stadium.  Shucks.  As these two attempt to play baseball, I quickly realize that if the two of them had a child, he would make a great water boy.  These two don’t have an athletic bone in their bodies, but their personalities make up for it!  They are pretty much two peas in a pod (friendship-wise, not romantically).

As Jaclyn is gushing over Ed, she asks the question, “I mean, come on.  Who doesn’t have a crush on Ed?”  Me and my roommate both simultaneously raised our hands and said, “I DON’T!” lol

This wouldn’t be the first time Jaclyn ate Ed’s hot dog.  Excuse me, I need to go grow up.

Jaclyn and Ed learn that they get to give the safety rose to the guy of their choice since Ed already has a rose.  This is great for a power play and could redeem the fact that Jaclyn didn’t take Michael or Kalon to form a powerful 4-person alliance with her and Ed.  Seriously, Ed could have taken a Rachel or Lindzi and they could have sealed their fate in the final four.  I’m still frustrated about this, can you tell?! I just really want them to make it to the final challenge!

When Jaclyn realized they are on the “Kiss Camera” at the stadium, she hides her head into Ed’s chest and says, “OMG I can’t believe they are putting us on the Kiss Camera.”  She is shy, yet no one is in the stadium.  Folks, Jaclyn is going to be in for a real shock once she realizes the whole date was being filmed for a network television show.

To sum things up, Ed should have listened to Jaclyn about taking Kalon and Lindzi into their alliance.  Chris is all over the place and doesn’t have a consistent, strong partnership with anyone.  They needed to choose a strong couple like Kalon and Lindzi.  They easily could have been final four, but now I fear none of them will.    

Back at the mansion:  Tony must have eaten something that didn’t agree with his tummy.  Seriously, where is he?

Jamie once again has on a super cute and simple bikini.  I’ve got to say, it breaks my heart to see her get hurt.  She is so awkward around guys, and really can’t help it that she clearly can’t read them.  It’s making me uncomfortable to watch her talk about Chris like he is God. It’s easy to say it’s her own fault for falling for a guy on this type of game show, but then again, she is being led on to believe Chris has feelings for her.  She clearly wears her heart on her sleeve and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  On a side note, does anyone else notice that Jamie can’t carry on a conversation with a guy without literally twirling in circles?  She is somewhat uncomfortable to watch…

Upon learning that Chris is taking her on his one on one date, Sara is just as scared as we are.  I can see Jamie going home voluntarily over this, and Blakeley shaving Sara’s eyebrows off in her sleep.  Ohhhhhhh shenanigans!!!!!!!  Sara looks date ready in a cute cotton empire waist, cherry red dress.


There we go, Jamie!  She nails down the casual, pool look.  She finally embraces 2012 in a pair of destroyed denim cut off shorts and an over sized cream, off the shoulder sweater.

Chris and Sara:  You know you a ho when you check into a hotel room naked under a wet robe, gurl. 

I LOVE Sara’s floral print Summer dress, and she looks great on Chris’s arm who looks sharp as ever in slim fit denim and blue and white plaid.  These two almost match and look like a little couple!

The two of them go on a pretty sweet action date that looked like it would be fun if you were there, but not so much fun to watch.  They do some kicking, punching and kissing and then head to dinner where the real action starts taking place…

The dynamic of this Chris/Blakeley/Jamie/Sara foursome is amazing.  You can’t make this stuff up, people!  Unreal. I don’t mean this is bad, but this is SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH!  As Chris is making out with Sara in a hot tub, Jamie and Blakeley are back at the mansion talking about how they got played by Chris and start fighting with each other.  Meanwhile, Sara is being sucked into the love web of Chris!  Jamie is all excited for Chris to come home to tell him they don’t have to hide their relationship anymore, but little does the poor girl know, he is getting a hotel room for him and Sara.  It’s got to be humiliating watching this show and realizing you were getting played the entire time. Despite the fact that Jamie is annoying everyone with her obsessing over Chris and what their relationship means, I do really feel bad for Jamie:(  And, hey, her love rants and obsessions over Chris got Nick some airtime that he never would have received otherwise.

Rose Ceremony: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.  

This is where the game gets tricky.  In order to save yourself, sometimes you have to lie to people outside of our alliance to protect yourself from going home.  ONLY OUTSIDE OF YOUR ALLIANCE!  I remember on my season one of the guys begged me not to vote him out.  He was obsessed with bothering me about it.  I knew I was voting him out, but just to get him off my back I told him I wasn’t.  If I told him I was, that’s turning a guy against me.  It’s a game and at the end of the day and you gotta do what you gotta do!

The Good:

Dave looks sharp in an all black 3 piece suit with a striped patterned tie to mix things up.  He redeemed himself from all the polos he has been wearing!  Maybe he took lessons from Waldo, er, Tony on this one…

Tony always wears the three piece suit sans the jacket.  By far one of my favorite looks on a man!  Seriously, can we see more of him?  I’m getting a little bored watching “The Chris Show!”  Don’t get me wrong, Chris is fun to watch, but they need to switch it up!


Jaclyn’s color block teal and yellow cut out dress is on trend!  She looks great, showing off her curves and tan!


It’s great to see Lindzi step out of an asymmetrical dress and wear something different!  While I’m normally not a fan of the key whole design, it definitely works with this neckline and her nice shoulders.  The metal coil around her neck and supporting the dress gives this look some serious edge.


Nick (another Waldo) is looking sharp in a khaki blazer over a muted, hot pink woven.  Notice how he styled his white and pink striped cuffs up over the sleeve of his blazer.  CUTE!

At least Jamie left in style!  I’m not a fan of the silk material or added draped fabric over the chest, but overall the look is clean and Simple.  Besides, white looks great on tan brunettes.


The Bad:

NO ONE! YAY!  (OK, almost Jamie.)

Michael Stagliano put it best when he said that Chris is starting little fires in too many girls’ pants and unless he wins a challenge next week, he will probably go home.  We shall see!

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

—Ralph Lauren




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