Episode 5: Not nearly as fun to watch as last week.

Spelling Bee Challenge: I miss Michael and Erica.

Blakeley points out that school is something she is not good at as Tony points out that he is not good at spelling. I just wanted to also point out that they are not good at dressing themselves. Tony is a sloppy 2005 J. Crew ad, and Blakeley’s corset is busting open at the top under a very conservative blazer. Just then, Tony mentions that spelling is, “like, the one thing I suck at.” That’s not true! He also sucks at not crying.

Here is an example of how to wear Blakeley’s look in a perfected demeanor. Lindzi’s blazer is on the cusp of trend and she wore it well with fun, white pants!

For the record, here are the words that were misspelled and I will use them in a sentence, since clearly they are tough:

Blakeley and Tony:

Engagement Ring. Hit up Neil Lane for an engagement ring, only to be returned to him 5 months later on average. Engagement Ring.

Elimination. Does anyone remember that sober kid’s elimination? Elimination.

Lindzi and Kalon:

Jewelry. Neil Lane hasn’t really lost any money handing out his jewelry to this franchise, considering only 2 couples are currently married. Jewelry.

Rose Ceremony. How many total rose ceremonies have their been since the beginning of this show? Rose Ceremony

Nick and Rachel:

Obsessive. Due to Rachel’s obsessive thoughts on Michael, her partnership with Nick is going very well. Obsessive.

This is how my face looks while watching this show every single week.

I keep hoping Rachel will pull out of her funk. She was sitting alone on the bus after the spelling bee, and I really felt she should have been next to Nick since they are now partners. Michael went home, but filming won’t go longer than two more weeks so I don’t understand her sadness. It was sad when he got kicked out, but it’s not like he dumped her! She needs to focus or this could cause her to lose the game. (Which I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care considering she doesn’t want to be there anymore hahaha.) She actually tells Jaclyn that she wants them to vote her and Nick off so that she can go stay with Michael for a few days. I would NOT be happy if I were Nick right now watching my partner throw in the towel for both of us!

Chris and Sara: I wonder how much Erica’s gavel cost?

After a quick flight, Chris and Sara end up at a picnic on the lake where they astoundingly already have swimsuits on under their spelling bee clothes. These two jump into snake-infested waters while screaming, “serendipity!!!!” NERDS!!!!!! ;) In a nut shell, Chris is still acting heart broken over Emily, Sara is falling in lust, and they end up having dinner in a barn after a rather boring train ride.

Sara looks to hot to be in a barn with this flowing, beaded tank. I really like pairing a fancy top with a pair of jeans as Sara did so well on this date. Those heels are surely irrigating the ground, preparing it for crop season.

Sara asks Chris if he is ready for a relationship since he hasn’t been in one since he was a Sophomore in college. Chris interjects and said, “Well, I dated Emily for a while.” I think Sara was talking about a real relationship. Not one where his girlfriend was also dating 25 other guys. Sara and Chris decide to stay the night in the barn, and apparently Chris had to be rushed to the ER after Sara got kinky with the hay. That’s a bold face lie, but I’m kinda bored with no drama this episode. Pick it up, people!

Ed and Jaclyn: I wonder what Michael is doing right now? Like, right this minute.

I’m preeeeeeeety sure Ed’s relationship back home is dunzo. I don’t think Ed is meant to be with this poor girl. If he were, why on Earth would he want to break up with her so that he could go on Bachelor Pad single because, “he knows what he is capable of?” I know what I’m capable of as well, and let me tell you, the last thing I would do is break up with my boyfriend to go on this show just in case I hook up. If you really, truly love someone, there is no way you would want a temporary break up to go “ho it out.” Also, does he really think this chic back home is going to be cool with him hooking up with two girls on camera? If so, she confirms that there really are a lot of dumb people out there. God bless Ed though, as much as he acts like a jerk, it’s so unintentional and he means well. He is so lovable and that’s what makes him such a stinker!

I LOVE Jaclyn’s white lace frock! Courtney wore something pretty similar to this on Ben’s season, and I pointed out that I have this little number in black. Again, the reason I love this design, is because the dress screams elegance and class at the same time being super sexy showing off lots of leg. I’d rather date Jaclyn’s wardrobe than Ed, but then again, that’s not saying much. I would never date Ed haha:) He is one of my best friend’s ex fiancé and besides; he seems to be a little bit of a player these days. Nothing wrong with that since he is being honest, however, he should have been honest with Jaclyn from the get go.

During Dinner, the same conversation is had for the third time about Ed seeing someone back home. He explains, once AGAIN, why he can’t be in a relationship with Jaclyn. Jaclyn, rightfully so, is pushing Ed to tell her exactly what he wants out of their relationship. She doesn’t like the answer and ends up in tears. It’s hard to see the tough girl get hurt! Jaclyn comes off as confident and strong, so Ed probably didn’t think she would invest feelings in him, but a lot of the time us tough girls are the most sensitive underneath:(

Jaclyn even dresses well in the morning! After her emotional night with Ed, she looks refreshed and ready to go in a long, off white laced skirt and two two roses to hand out to the couple of her and Ed’s choice. You would think being away from the mansion for the night would entail a good night’s sleep, but that is not always the case. Dave and I went to bed super late on both of our dates and were woken up by production waaaaaay to early to get back to the mansion. No wonder I looked like a tired mess the entire time I was shown on the first season! This bitch needs her zzzzzz’s.

 I also like Ed’s button down in this same scene. I just made my boyfriend buy a white button down that was textured and fit him really well. He still doesn’t know the difference between the one I picked out for him wear vs. a Stevie silky, white dress shirt. OF COURSE I’d end up dating a guy who has less than zero clue about style. I may as well walk around in rags from here on out and save my $:(

Ed has more clothing changes than most models in runway shows. 10 minutes later, Ed is poolside ready in a super short swim trunks and a light pink top. His girlfriend back home, John, must be proud:)

Rose Ceremony:

Is it just me or did Kalon and Lindzi’s limo exit look like a commercial announcing a success in online dating? These two look super cute and happy even after they got the boot. We really did see a different side to Kalon this season and what he is like when he really falls in love with a girl. Do you think these two will last? What are your thoughts on them as a couple? Are you happy that Nick and Rachel stuck around tonight? I was a little confused after Blakeley, Jaclyn and Rachel pinkie swore that they would vote for Lindzi and Kalon, and then went back on their word. Blakeley almost voted off Rachel and I feel that this move will get her kicked off next week by the dynamic partnership between Rachel and Jaclyn. Let me know what YOU think!

The Good:

This is definitely one of my favorite looks Lindzi has worn so far! She always dresses amazing, but this dress tank/skirt combo is right up my alley. I love the casual side to it as well as the formal side with the sequins. This outfit is absolutely perfect for a cocktail party.

This is the best I’ve seen Rachel look! Her hair looks incredible and her dress is beautiful. The detail throughout the bodice of this short dress is eye cathing and the cut is perfect for her body.

I wish I could have seen a clearer shot of Jaclyn’s dress. This look is super raw and edgy. I must see this in real life! I bet it’s something that I would love to have hanging in my closet!

The Bad:

Blakeley’s dress is way too long and the t-shirt type material doesn’t fit with the design. Furthermore, as far as one shoulder, asymmetrical dresses are concerned, I don’t like a sleeve on just one side. Just a shoulder strap will do. Don’t get me started on Tony’s look that he sought out at Men’s Warehouse. I love a three piece suit on a man, but their can be good and bad variations of something so simple!

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”
— Alexander McQueen


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