Episode 7:  Dry Humping

Chris Harrison took a basic, denim top to the next level.  I’ve been digging denim on denim for the past year or so and it’s finally catching on.  It is tricky to pull off, but the key is to make sure your denim mixes are different shades of blue.  The only thing denim I still don’t agree with, and probably never will (unless it’s on a small child) is a denim skirt.  Please ladies, don’t wear this.  The other day I saw a girl wearing a ruffled, denim skirt with a polo.  I about lost my shit.

Anyway, Chris tells the crew that whoever wins this next competition will not be safe, but will be deciding which couple will leave the mansion immediately.  This reminds me of Bachelor Pad 1 when Chris told us all that 4 ladies would be leaving the mansion immediately after our competition.  We were all nervous wrecks!  There were 8 girls left and 4 guys.  The guys got to each pick a girl to move on to the next challenge with them.  Luckily, Dave Good picked me and we went on to win:)

Hanging By A Thread:  A Haunting Past…

Immediately, I knew Sara and Chris had this in the bag.  Why?  Because Sara was on the show well before the Ben’s girls meaning she has more than likely seen more seasons.  After being on this show, most of us can’t stop watching the seasons after us since we have been through it.

You know, after my season I said to myself, “No one is ever going to remember me taking my bikini top off a year from now…”  Two years later and every person got Chris’s next question correct.  Chris asked the question, “What girl took her top off at the Bare Nude Pool in Las Vegas on Bachelor Pad season 1?”  It was there where I damn near peed my pants, hoping and praying my boyfriend’s mom wasn’t going to watch this episode.  Chris then states, “That is correct.  It was Natalie Getz.”  Was the last name drop necessary?  Hahaha:)  I could have lied and said there were two Natalie’s on my season.  Let me explain why I took my top off…  You see… I was drunk.  That, and I’d never been to a nude pool and thought it would be fun!  Oh, and Dave told me that if I didn’t, he would not give me the rose.

I have been loving Rachel’s swimwear all season.  I feel that her and I have similar skin tones and brown brings out a natural tan in her skin.  Another thing to point out that I LOVE is that Rachel’s hair is the same way it was during last night’s rose ceremony.  Ha!  This was my same situation on my season.  We got woken up so early for challenges that I was too unmotivated to shower much less change my hair from the night before!

Chris and Sara win, and big shocker here… they send Blakeley and Tony home.  Chris and Sara have both had the upper hand towards each other more than once.  I do feel bad that Tony came all this way to get money for him and his son, but at the same time, I’m proud of Chris for making a strategic decision, not an emotional one.  Chris may very well be one of the best players from all three seasons.  Even if you dislike him, you can’t deny that!  He got himself this far when basically every episode he was on the chopping block.  The thing I liked about Tony and Blakeley’s limo exit was that they were both understandably upset and didn’t do the whole, “Oh well, at least we found love” bit.  Yes, they were fortunate to find love, but it still majorly sucks to get that far and go home with empty pockets.  On a brighter side, she and her frenemies Rachel and Jaclyn are actually friends now.

Singing Challenge:  “Jaclyn is extremely tone deaf and I’m actually a horrible singer.”  -Ed

Watching the teams practice with their vocal coaches is probably my favorite part of this season.  The best part is that they are all trying very hard because money is at stake, so we know it’s not just them trying to be funny.  They all really suck that bad.

I can always count on Ed to wear a super hot country western woven.  Side note:  Doesn’t Ed look like a grown up Greg Brady?  I’ve always thought that.  And randomly, Greg Brady was also a horn dog.  Rumor has it he was sleeping with his TV mom, Carol, on set and it caused huge controversy.  How I know that, I don’t know.

Anyway, who calls it a running mix?  Ed is such a lovable dork on so many levelsI’m shocked that he didn’t win this competition considering his local watering hole in Chicago IS a karaoke bar!  Hahaha! When the band asked Chris Harrison if he thinks the cast will perform their song well, Chris replies, “No, they are going to be terrible.”  Talk about the understatement of the century!

I’ll say it again, this man is sexy.  His voice box on the other hand is just plain gnarly.  And holy, holy, holy crap…Sara’s voice is soooooo horrible!  OMG!  I feel like you would have to try to sound that bad!  Just one more reason I love her… she doesn’t give a damn and her stage presence is what makes her a rock star!

Sara is rock star hot in teal spandex, a glittery bra, laced gloves (Jamie, take note that this is prob the only time lace gloves work for an outfit) and sweet leather jacket.  HOLLER!

Rachel’s sheer halter is pretty amazing too.  With those bangs, Rachel already has the edgy look, so she plays the hot rocker girl perfectly!  Too bad Nick looks flat out horrible.  A black wig?  There are soooo many ways a dude can look hot like a rock star.  His hair doesn’t signify the 80’s.  It signifies a tacky Halloween store.  Don’t get me started on Ed’s blonde locks.

I’m not sure who dressed these guys, but Jaclyn looks like a Scottish, slutty school girl.  How is Ed going to get through this performance next to a schoolgirl outfit?  I hope he isn’t wearing tight pants.  I think this is why Ed started humping Jaclyn on stage during there performance.  He couldn’t control his little buddy any longer around that schoolgirl skirt.

To sum things up, I think they all did terrible.  If they all did well, I wouldn’t have had fun watching.  So thank you, I guess, for sucking at singing.  Jaclyn and Ed asking to start over reminded me of when Dave and I messed up on our final challenge DWTS routine.  We had it down perfectly, but when I saw him in a unitard, I lost my shit and forgot all the moves.  Ahhhhhhhhhh (awful) memories.

Rose Ceremony:  What did Jaclyn say to Rachel when she was leaving that made everyone gasp?  I couldn’t hear!

Nick and Rachel end up choosing Sara and Chris to go to the finals with them and I was honestly shocked.  That was the best move strategically that’s for damn sure, but was it worth it?  Are Rachel and Jaclyn friends yet?  We shall see at the finale!  I remember Kiptyn and Tenley had to choose either me and Dave or Jesse and Elisabeth.  They knew Dave and I had a way better shot at beating them than Elisabeth and Kovacs did, but since Dave and I were good friends with them and saved them several times throughout the season, they decided friendship and loyalty was more important.  This show does do crazy things to you mentally, and I am so grateful Tenley and Kiptyn chose us.  In the end, us winning over them didn’t prove to be healthy for certain friendships.  Bottom line, don’t go on a game show with your friends.  LOL.


Natalie Getz

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