Finale:  “A lot of alcohol crazy.”

As the cast is introduced, I find myself laughing hysterically at Michael Stagliano’s comments.  You probably thought it was someone in the audience, but no, it was Michael.   He was pulling out Zoolander quotes left and right, and if you re-watch the intros, you can hear him scream and yell for everyone as they are introduced.  “Jaclyn.  So HOT right now!”  Hahahahahaha!

 Even though we may not remember Ryan from his season of Bachelorette or this season of Bachelor Pad, it’s worth noting that he was one of the more attractive guys in the cast.  He looks great tonight!  I can’t believe the disrespect Jamie gives him after all that he did for her on her birthday.  Remember?  Yes, he did everything to comfort her and make her feel special while she was completely spazzing out over Chris.  Ryan doesn’t make the air a lot, because he is too habitual and nice.  So clearly, the harsh actions Jamie showed towards him tonight were unwarranted and insanely rude.  Don’t worry Ryan, someone with glued jewels on their face was mean to you.  That doesn’t even count.  


Kalon and Lindzi seem to be doing great, however, there was some tension with Erica.  Having a public relationship proves not to be the most facile thing in the world.  Someone is always watching, and rumors get started whether they are true or not.  I wish the best for Kalon and LIndzi together and separately.  They are both pretty awesome people!

Why the crowd screamed and clapped for everyone leading up until Paige, and then she didn’t even get a back pat?  After Chris announced her name, it was so quiet I could here the voices in the producers’ heads.  Paige needs to be on The Bachelor.  Let’s make this happen!

Looking rather dapper in a three piece suit, Ed clearly won the hearts of the audience.  He is so cute!  I love how he stood up for Jaclyn when Jamie was trying to call her fake.  Blakeley then stepped in and had Jaclyn’s back as well.  I love me some Jaclyn!

 Speaking of Jaclyn, she looks foxy tonight!  I LOVE that she is so honest and puts Jamie in her place without hesitation.  The last two people I’d mess with in this house would be Jaclyn and Blakeley if I were Jamie.  What’s her deal?  I gotta agree with Jaclyn, Jamie is socially graceless.  She could barely form complete sentences on stage.  Maybe the jewel glue was restricting her cheeks from moving quickly enough to catch up with the words coming out of her mouth.  I don’t know.

Erica cut her hair and dyed her blonde locks a soft brown before the finale.  I got a chance to see her hair at a premier party for Apparition the night before, and she looked brilliant!  She looks more mature, classic and ready to start her legal career.  Her bright blue, Kimono style frock really stood out on stage.  Can’t wait to hear what comes out of her always hilarious mouth tonight!


Wait, it wasn’t just Paige.  The audience wasn’t clapping for the fans in general (I don’t know why- I love the fans!), but were clapping for the rest of the cast.  Everyone except for Jamie.  Jamie flung her hand in the air to give the audience a wave with that, “everyone here loves me” kind of look on her face and then…..womp womp womp.  Complete silence.  More silence then poor Paige.  Hmmm… could this be because of her glued face jewels?  Or simply because of her disturbing headpiece?  Maybe it was because of her earrings that were large enough for an overweight child to hide behind in a killer game of hide and go seek?  Let’s talk more about the face jewels.  NO, never mind.  Let’s not.  It’s making me upset.  I mean, are you freaking kidding me?  I didn’t realize Claire’s Boutique and Justice Clothing Store partnered up and styled a grown woman.  There is no longer any hope for this girl’s style.  From the ridiculously fake eyelashes, to the headpiece, to the glued on face jewels, to the very unattractive, larger than life earrings, to the mess keeping her from being naked some might call a dress, Jamie goes down in history as the worst dressed person not only on Bachelor Pad, but on all TV in general.

Jamie, this is an example of how people used to wear head pieces.  You have to complete the look in a natural way, considering this is super hippie chic.  Nicole Richie wore it well when it was a trend.  Yes, that’s right.  When IT WAS a trend.

Michael contacted me a couple days before the finale and asked for some wardrobe ideas.  I’m so glad to see he took me up on some of my advice and wore a slim fitting pair of white denim and trendy loafers!  From the start of the introductions, Michael already had me in tears with his hooting and hollering for everyone in the cast as they were announced.  I miss him being my third roommate!  I miss watching Step Brothers with him everyday!  Michael, come hold me.

This is my favorite dress out of every dress I’ve seen Sarah wear.  It’s absolutely adorable!  The design and colors in the dress are eye grabbing.  Nicely done, Sarah!  To be completely honest, I was rooting for all four contestants in the finale.  I like all of them and would have been happy either way.  That being said, I’m of course bummed to not see Sara win!

Chris and Sara’s relationship reminds me of mine with Dave when we won the show.  We weren’t seriously dating, but we were best friends with a strong physical attraction towards each other.  We are still close friends and always will be!  We went through something amazing together!  I hope Sara and Chris remain friends, lovers or a combination of the two!

Recap of the season:  Sham-Wow


Jaclyn laughs at her and Ed’s conversation under the bed sheets, as the camera scans the cast’s reaction to Ed’s sex noises some might compare to an Orangutan’s mating call.  Ed:  “I don’t have any underwear on.”  Jaclyn:  “Let me see. (spoken in a very pantie breath tone)”  It needs to be noted how hard I’m laughing right now!  Ahhhh!  I will miss watching these two on TV.


Now really, why is Blakeley wiping her tears with a Sham-Wow?  Is that how much people cry on this show now?  Only a sham-wow is absorbent enough to get them through an interview?  I think there were more tears shed this season than on all seasons of every show in this franchise combined.  At least all the girls were cute criers!

Michael and Rachel:  Eeeeek….. Michael not looking so sweet:(

Rachel confronts Michael about leading her on, only to not even give her a shot outside of the mansion.  During the show, Michael told her that he hadn’t had feelings like he did for her since his ex-fiance.  He also told her a lot of other serious things that you shouldn’t tell a fling on Bachelor Pad.  I agree with Rachel being upset, but I still don’t agree with her wanting to leave the show for Michael.  She claims that if she left for Michael, that would have made her happy, because love is much bigger than the money.  I believe she truly fell for Stags and is still visibly upset, but I guess I just don’t see why 10 more days of filming and being away from Michael for that short period of time was so hard.  This proves she fell very hard for him and there is nothing worse than seeing a good girl get hurt:(  Maybe it’s because she knew that if she didn’t leave with him and get back into the real world right away, then he would lose his feelings?  Well, she was right.  That or Jaclyn was right when she said he was just going through the motions for the shows sake.  I know Michael very well, so I know he wouldn’t lead someone on intentionally or be malicious to a woman.  He was probably caught up in the moment, which is easy to do on this show.  Trust me!  Did anyone notice that the whole time Rachel is talking about Michael, Nick has that look on his face like, “Ya, I’m definitely not going to feel guilty keeping all the money.”

Donna’s face is to die for after hearing Michael say, “Rachel and I were having a blast together.  Hanging out together, making out, sleeping together…”  LOL I had the same reaction!  I don’t think Michael meant sleeping together as in intercourse.  I think he meant that he literally enjoyed sleeping next to her and cuddling.

To end things on the Michael/Rachel feud, I really like them both a lot.  I don’t think either one is at fault and can see both sides.  You can’t help your feelings, but at the same time if you are aware that a relationship isn’t going further than the house, then the interactions should be less emotionally romantic.  It’s very difficult to write about this show.  I have to pretend I don’t know these guys outside of the show and only judge them based off of what I see on TV.  IT’S HARD:(  They are al incredible people!

Blakeley and Tony:  Ridiculously Good Looking

Watching Blakeley get emotional over finding a man that loves her for who she is made me teary eyed.  She has a strong personality and is very aggressive just like me.  It’s hard for guys to date alpha-females, because they feel emasculated at times.  She found someone who not only accepts her for who she is, but LOVES her for who she is.    I’m so very happy for Blakeley, Tony, Tony’s child and her boobs.  The four of them will be very happy together

Watching them get engaged was a rollercoaster of emotion.  We nearly cried, then I’m sure you all joined me in laughter as Blakeley looks around the room completely confused as to what Tony is about to do!  She looks stunning in an edgy, cut out dress accepting that beautiful, Neil Lane exquisite ring!  I bet these two will be announcing a pregnancy within the year!  You can tell the ones who are going to make it vs. the ones who won’t on this show.  Trust me, these two are going to make it!




Nick and Rachel:  Rachel needs a vacation far away from Nick and Michael. 


Classic Line, “I’m a shmuck with $250,000.”  Whoever said Nick wasn’t very bright under estimated a very crafty man!  In Nick’s defense, he did play a great game.  How he got to the finale, who cares?!  He made it that far by flying under the radar, and since he didn’t have a strong partnership, he went down in TV history by choosing keep!



Now, on the flip side…I feel so sorry for Rachel.  It breaks my heart that she lost the love AND the money.  I would be livid if I were her and rightfully so.  Am I saying Nick is in the wrong?  No.  Does she still have every right in the world to want to punch him in the face?  Yes.  Nick could have been a lot more sensitive towards Rachel and done this is a lighter way, but I guess he assumed he had to go big or go home with how he was going to handle this shocking turn of events.  He had to own his actions and show the audience that he was hurt by Rachel’s lack of support.  But still, he just ruined Rachel’s chances of winning a good amount of money so he should have had a larger heart.  I’m so confused. I’m so ready to be done with Bachelor for a while.

This photo is reason enough for me to need a Bachelor break.


At the end of the day, this was a great season with an explosive finale that made for the most entertaining TV this series has every given us.  Congratulations to all who found either love, money, or new friendships!  Who do you want the next bachelor to be?  Leave it in the comment section below!  Keep up with me on twitter @nataliegetz to chat about fashion and all things funny:) See you all in January here on!


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