Natalie’s Bachelor Pad Finale Recap

Bachelor Pad Finale:  Confrontations, Broken Hearts and New Noses

Michael/Holly and Graham/Michelle have proved to be the final competitors this season. I’m blown away by all that happens before anyone is even introduced to the stage.  An engagement, a defensive fight and warranted tears. Before Jake enters the hot seat, Vienna gets attacked by the crowd AND her cast mates.  I promise you Vienna is a very nice girl.  She is passionate, outspoken and blunt, but that doesn’t make her a mean person. Jake is also extremely kind.  They are just two people who had a horrible relationship and unfortunately for them, it was televised. Or is it fortunately? I think it’s worked out well for the both of them.  I feel the most sorry for Kasey, because that kid has a heart of gold and was just doing what he thought was right (sticking up for Vienna.)  It’s such a dramatic love triangle that was highly entertaining to watch, but also hard since I like all three of them! Jake and Kasey have a romantic hug, and meanwhile I am struggling not to cry watching Kasey.  He has always been the most upbeat and sincerely positive person and to see him so broken down is upsetting.  Vienna makes some good points about having to relive their fights via TV when real life couples do not have to watch their fights televised.  She also says that when your emotions are heightened, it’s hard to not react no matter how much you don’t want to. This is all true, but it comes with the territory of being on TV.  They are both dealing with the consequences as best as they can.  Can I just say, when Jake and Kasey hugged it out, I was maybe…sort of, kind of, just a little bit…skipping ahead to the next scene.  If I have to see or hear another word about this love triangle, I will never watch this show or any other Bachelor related show ever again.

Blake:  Whoa. So they are engaged. I’m happy that they are happy!  Melissa confronts him and is clearly angry. She keeps hanging on to the word “serendipitous.”  Blake uses big words all the time, so serendipitous isn’t a word she should be hanging on to!  I do hate to see Melissa upset, because we all can see that she is a sweet girl who wears her emotions on her sleeve.  Hey, there is nothing wrong with that!  She will be a devoted wife one day!  I don’t have a lot to say about the engagement.  I lived with Holly and I absolutely adore Michael.  This is not a situation I desire to talk about, nor is it any of my business.  To each their own and I care about both of them.  One thing I can assure you is that they are BOTH happy!

Jackie and Ames:  I’m just as bummed out as the rest of you are.  These two had the most triumphant exit ever on Bachelor Pad and it is upsetting they didn’t work out.  I swear to you, I really thought if they made it work that they would name their first-born daughter Natalie.  It’s a good name, I think.  I wish these two the best in their futures together or apart. I’ve always been a big fan of them both.  I really did want “Ames for President,” and I thought Jackie would have made the perfect First Lady.  Maybe they will rekindle their love…wishful thinking.

Erica’s father proves to be a fantastic plastic surgeon as he played Humpty Dumpty with Vienna and Ella’s faces. New noses are not the only thing that have been a hit this season.  Ella (according to several media outlets) stated she had liters of fat sucked from her already beautiful body and threw on new breasts for dessert. I thought Ella was perfect the way she was, but if the surgery makes her feel better than I am glad for her.  You know, I never thought about getting any sort of plastic surgery and to be quite honest with you, that stuff freaks me the freak out…but now I’m starting to think I want my ears pierced.  Must be something in the Vodka at the Bachelor Pad.  As far as Erica is concerned, that lady brings some serious comedic relief to the show!  Thank God!  I need some laughter in between the tears and drama.  She is totally Jan Brady…always the mediator (the glue of the family) and never got the attention she deserved.

I’m so exhausted and annoyed by so much that happened this season that I will make this blog short and leave you with this:

Erica looked like a hotter version of Holly Madison at the finale with her teased side ponytail and sexy purple, lace dress.  Jackie looked exquisite and classic in her sequined number showing off all her curves.  Sequins are huge this season!  Melissa, Vienna and Michelle all had on dresses that were current to trend and super classic!  I don’t remember what Ella was wearing, because I couldn’t stop looking at her new chest.  (Now I finally understand why guys do it.  It’s interesting.) Seriously, I am a little jealous that I’m afraid of going under the knife because I will never have what Ella has, HA!  All the guys looked pretty basic except for Graham.  Graham rocked the bow tie like none other and pulled it off extremely well!  His confidence and poise carried him through a bold risk in fashion.  Nice work, Graham!

This blog was way late and I apologize for that.  It also sucks and I apologize for that as well.  If you don’t want to hear why, then go ahead, skip to the comment section, and write about how cool I am.  If not, keep reading.  The last 2 1/2 weeks of my life, I have been busy traveling and filming a couple different things.  For all you fashionistas out there, you will understand how overwhelmed and excited I was that I got to work alongside Melissa Rivers for 3 days! I then traveled to Nebraska to film a new show with none other than Jesse Kovacs and Robert Wesley Hayden.  We sure did have a blast, but every single second of my life was accounted for until tonight!  I don’t know about you, but after nonstop Mondays of The Bachelor (Brad), The Bachelorette (Ashley) and The Bachelor Pad (season 2), I am super excited for a break.  That’s right, we haven’t had a single Monday off since Brad started his season.  At this point, a Carnation would be prettier to me than a rose.  I need to start having normal dreams, dates, and more importantly a life.  This is officially the most television I’ve ever watched in my adult life.  Thanks for supporting me and being beyond incredible the past 3 seasons!  I can’t wait to dissect the wardrobes of Ben F’s girlfriends.  See you all back here at next season for better, more refreshed blogs from me!

Instead of a quote, I will leave you with my #1 shopping secret:  Google images of your favorite styles on celebrities, the runway, etc.  Once you have the images stored in your “clothes minded” brain, head to boutiques that smell of originality and reasonable prices.  Hunt around from boutiques to Nordstrom to Urban Outfitters to Forever 21 until you have spent next to nothing, but still look like the most upbeat fashionista around.

The sidewalk is yours, rock it like it’s a runway and smile every day!  I miss you all already!  Follow me for more fashion blogging and maybe some humor on twitter: @nataliegetz and “like” me on Facebook, because I like all of you!


Natalie Getz