Natalie’s Bachelor Pad House of Style Blog: Episode 2

Episode 2: Lies, Betrayal and Ghosts

Target On Your Back:

What better way to make this cast even more dramatic? Make them throw eggs at people they think are unattractive, unworthy of love, and undeserving of being in the competition. Wow, this is fantastic. Let the games begin.

I’m a sucker for a guy in a baseball cap and Jake looks mighty cute as he talks about his current status in the house! I was a little bummed out that he wore THREE…yes, you read that correctly, THREE polo shirts this episode.

As Chris explains the rules of the game, I can’t help but notice that he is a little trendsetter! I think he is secretly reading my blogs and dressing for me.

This snap button down screams Urban Cowboy meets Sexy Chic! Off-patterned and the perfect hue of light blue colors mixed with grey makes this shirt extra cool! The light purple cuffs add a special touch to advance this guy in the running for the GetzStyle award.
As I watch people get the shame beat out of them, I hear some pretty hilarious comments. Michael on being egged: “I grunted…in a man way…but it hurt a little.” Erica is cracking me up! She throws so adorably bad as she claims, “I don’t think anyone has a problem with me and as long as it (eggs) doesn’t get in my hair I’m ok.” Erica is the least attractive person? This makes me want to cry! This is a horrible game and Erica is an adorable girl who didn’t deserve to have her feelings hurt. I understand the game is intended to make good TV and get the cast all riled up, but leave the physical questions at the door next time. Are Jackie and Michael on steroids? Easy on the follow through! I’m surprised nobody got a concussion. I was really rooting for Jackie to win, because I want to see a date between her and Sir Ames!

Michael’s Date: Linda Vista

Let me tell you a little story about a Michael Stagliano: I used to live with his ex-fiancé, Holly Durst so I had the pleasure of hanging out with Michael quite a bit. These two clowns got into ghost hunting for some strange reason and tried to drag me into the search. Just so you know, I refuse to watch scary movies and still believe in monsters. I often jump at the site of my own shadow and I sleep with my overhead light on. All facts. This being said, Michael and Holly would read books on how to reach out to ghosts in our living room with me sitting there freaked the freak out. They would do some crazy séance and then record silence on their phones for like 60 seconds. Then they would play the recording of the phone, because apparently this is a popular “ghost hunting” technique where sometimes you can only hear ghosts through a recording device. I nearly pissed my pants on multiple occasions due to these situations.

As the girls shriek and Michael sneaks, they enter this haunted, germ infested, old hospital. I wonder how many old syringes are lying around on these un-mopped, haunted hospital floors? One of the best lines of this date was when the girls hear mice and Michael asks, “Is it a haunted mouse?” When Michael and Erica reached out to that ghost I almost lost it. Trust me, this wasn’t production. I even asked Michael if a producer made the noise, and he said no. Okay, so Michael gives Holly the rose and Michelle totally understands, claiming that they need some alone time to talk about their situation. Michael needs to be the next bachelor. He is entertaining, adorable, and deserving of love. What do you all think?

Back at the Pad: Drama, Bad Style, and Smack Talk

Ella! What the bling?! What in Versace’s name are you wearing as you read the date card? An Ed Hardy inspired shirt with camouflage army pants? I had to replay this scene to hear what the date card read about 15 times because I couldn’t focus on what you were saying. I was blinded by the bling. Even the cut is outdated with capped sleeves and a slit cut down the middle of the crew neck. You are gorgeous, so it really doesn’t matter what you wear. Oh, and I want you to win the money because you truly to deserve it! Sorry in advance for tearing apart your outfit.

As I said earlier, something about a baseball cap on a man is so yum! Blake made this red and cream colored woven more casual by pairing it with a black baseball cap. Ow owwww! (That was supposed to be a cat call…, I failed at trying to figure out how to spell it.)

Melissa’s Date: “Yachts” of tears coming your way…

Kasey! I love you but quit calling yourself the Godfather! I need something to guard and protect my ears from your outrageous claims. Blake and most are on to you. I told you that you couldn’t form an alliance with everyone in the house! This will get you kicked out so fast. Quit telling everyone you’re cool with them and that they are safe. Just don’t say anything and stick to your alliance. In this game it’s not about forming alliances with everyone, it’s about pushing people outside of your alliance to vote off the same person as your team. You almost got kicked out last week. You are hanging by a thread buddy! As Kasey continues to talk about how much he has this date rose on lock down, Blake is a being a sneak attack ninja. Before you all judge Blake, he is just playing the game. This is about winning money, not about anything else. A GAME. Melissa says she feels like the Bachelorette, but the guys aren’t there for her, they are there for the rose and immunity. Sorry girl, but on a positive side, your dress is really cute! Melissa just sealed her own fate. She will be getting kicked off soon, that’s for sure. She shouldn’t have had that conversation with Kasey about keeping each other safe until she actually went on the date and talked with each of the three guys. I think it’s hilarious to listen to her act like the Bachelorette! She is crackin’ me up! Hysterical.

I LOVE Kasey’s coat! A military inspired jacket is always a safe way to dress on a chilly, summer night after you get dumped in the middle of an ocean. Anyway, Blake gets the rose.

Vienna and Jake drama:

Vienna shouldn’t be bashing Jake so openly to her opponents. She should just let it go in this type of situation where there is money involved. Since V and Kasey are the only two that have issues with Jake, they are pushing others to form bad opinions of them due to their blunt hatred for the guy. Jake is doing a good job at keeping his real feelings under wraps and playing the good guy, very smart. I do think it’s funny that Jake called Vienna her puppy name, “V,” when attempting to talk to her while Kasey was on his date. Jake is winning what he wants. He wants to prove to all his fans that he isn’t a bad guy. I think it’s sad, but smart that he is begging Kasey and Vienna to keep him safe. What else can he do at this point? Vienna shouldn’t have called him out on his debt on TV, but it’s annoying that Jake is trying to say he would give all his winnings to charity. If you don’t need the money, don’t play this game. You are taking the chance away from someone who actually needs the money, like Ella. Ella is someone who really deserves the money. A charity should be giving money to her due to her situation. Her story hurts my heart! I wish Kasey and V would stop acting so evil when I know they aren’t really like that. Wait…HOLD. ON. Oh my gosh…Kasey just said, “It’s guard and protect time….are you ready?” AND AS HE WAS PULSATING HIS TATOO! I’m honestly very nauseous, but this is amazing TV! Random thought: Where the heck has William been hiding? SHOW MORE WILLIAM!

Blake and Melissa drama:

Blake is dealing with Melissa very well. Even though he is admittedly playing her, he calls her out for being too emotional. He picked a loose cannon to mess with. I love Melissa, but I don’t think she is emotionally secure enough to handle this game. She made some incredibly entertaining TV as she hunted for him around the mansion only to freak on him when she caught him in bed with Holly and then continued to go Ape s*@t on him at the cocktail party! I love that Blake says he wants to have an adult conversation with her as she is sitting there shaking mad. Maybe he needs to let her regain her cool before diving into an argument. I guess I don’t understand how any girl could get that mad about a guy they just met? Man oh man, us girls are nuts. Nuts I tell you!


Holy hell in high water! I can’t believe this “twist” in the game! This is such good TV! Vienna and Kasey start freaking out as they realize their plans are not working. They try to make everyone sit back down in order to call the producers out on cheating the game, but no one listens to her. Why on earth would the cast want to vote off Jackie or Ella? That is hands down the dumbest decision in the entire world. Gia and Graham are the only smart people in my opinion as of right now. Reasons? Unfortunately, since Graham is a man of his word and had already formed an alliance with Kasey, Vienna, Michael, Holly and Michelle, he has to stick to his word by releasing time sensitive information to his team. He wasn’t being sneaky with Gia, he was simply playing the game. Gia is smart, because her plan was to team up with Graham and get a power couple out of the house. It just sucks that Graham already had made his alliance, because once you do that, you can’t go back. You have to stick with it no matter what in order to have trust within your team. She should have paired up with him before moving into the mansion.

PS– a note to the cast: I am watching these episodes as if I have never met any of you. Even though I’m a friend, I’m giving my honest opinion of how well or awful I think you are playing the game. No hard feelings! That being said…KASEY! COME ON! Why did you throw Graham under the bus! He trusted you and came to you with information from Gia about getting your butt kicked off and in turn you go and tell Gia he told you? Bad, bad move! When your team gets information like this, you don’t go tell the person you’re voting off why you are doing it! You just simply vote them off! Now you’ve ruined your alliance with Graham for if and when it comes down to you, him, and Michael. The only reason Kasey is trying to stop Gia from running to call out Graham is because he doesn’t want Graham to know of his loose-lipped convo. I understand Kasey is upset that Gia went against him, but stop playing with your emotions, play with your brain. In this game, you take the information that your alliances get from opponents outside your team and vote based off of the gathered knowledge. Kasey, I’m not going to lie, if I were Graham I’d take a swing at you. Gia said, “Kasey is supposed to guard and protect hearts, but the only thing he is guarding and protecting is himself.” She is correct. Kasey isn’t protecting his group, he is only protecting himself and V. Every time Kasey says he is controlling the game his plan falls apart. Kasey, I think you are a total sweetheart, so I’m sorry I’m being hard on you! I’m just giving my opinion of how you are playing the game and unfortunately this is not a good episode for you. I mean, you are all about honesty, yet you looked Jackie right in the eye and said, “you are safe.” Ames even thanked you for trying to save Jackie at the rose ceremony when little did he know that you voted her off. I can’t even watch this anymore. It’s blowing my mind that anyone in this house outside of the Kasey/V/Graham/Michelle/Michael/Holly alliances would want to vote off Jackie or Ella. Lord have mercy.

Fashion: The Good, The Bad, and The Brutal.

I’m so frustrated Gia left, because her style is always on point! Maybe I’ll just start stalking her Facebook more for style inspiration.

The GetzStyle award goes out to Miss Money this week! Michelle looks rocker hot with a torn, off the shoulder graphic T and long sexy black skirt complete with a slit allowing us to take a peek at her tiny, toned legs. The chunky pearl necklace she chose was the perfect touch! I really love everything about this girl.

I hate having to talk about this cast’s style because I know all of them! (Despite who you all like or dislike, I happen to like all of these people. So yes, it’s difficult to write about my dislike of their style.) I’m not a fan of Vienna’s dress. The color isn’t great for camera and there is nothing about it that captures my attention. It’s not an ugly dress by any means, and many of you may like it, but it’s just not to my liking. I like a little more edge in style, like Gia and Michelle perfect every time.

In this photo, we have two mistakes. One is Erica’s dress, and the other is Ella’s. Erica’s dress is too big for her, lying on her body in the wrong places. It would be cute if it fit her correctly. Ella’s decided to dig up her 1999 prom dress for old times sake. This dress was cute, 12 years ago. Would you just let the girl win already so she can go buy some current freaking clothes? I will say Ella is a great mom who obviously spends her money on her son. She didn’t worry about buying a whole new wardrobe for the show, which speaks volumes. She, instead, spends her money wisely. She is a wonderful woman. I sincerely hate dissing her fashion!

Ames’ red pants are back and I like them! Style isn’t about wearing what is normal, it’s about expressing yourself through originality. Ames took a bold step and nailed it. This shows me that Ames has a definite artistic side to him, which is incredibly attractive. Jackie left with class AND a classy dress! Since her Brad days, Jackie has always dressed with a classic, sophisticated touch. She can pull off white/cream colored dresses on camera due to her dark skin tone and brunette locks.

Oh, happy dagger! I cried…OK, I BAWLED like an emotional train wreck when Ames left with Jackie. This was hands down the most adorable thing I have ever seen on reality television. I can’t wait for the wedding! This just proves my point all along why I have thought so highly of Ames. I’ve loved Ames and Jackie separately, now I get to love them together. Sigh, wipe final tear, and I’m out. Talk to you all here next week!


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