Natalie’s Bachelor Pad House of Style Blog: Episode 3

Episode 3: Singing, Manipulation and Tears

As I was walking to Starbucks this morning, I tripped on something very strange looking. When I went to take a closer look at what I had tripped over, I jumped as I realized it belonged to Melissa. Yep, it’s official, Melissa has lost her damn mind! Melissa’s mind: Spotted on a sidewalk in Brentwood, CA. Looking for a new owner who will listen to it so it doesn’t have to leave the human body. Aw, poor girl is just upset that Holly follows Blake around the house and that Blake is totally into it. She is shaking mad and smacking on gum as she reams Blake a new one, thus making him realize that she is a loose cannon and that he needs her on his side. Melissa confronts Holly in a very awkward way as Holly tries to explain to her that she loves flirting with all the boys. Lesson number one: keep your enemies close. Oh boy…this is getting good.

Chris Harrison is yet to disappoint me in the style department since I have been blogging for the Bachelor/ette/Pad. This man knows style, and proves it by pairing up a black and yellow woven over top a dark grey Henley. He left enough buttons undone so that we could see the detail of the Henley and also rolled up the button down sleeves just enough for the long sleeve of the Henley to poke through the cuff. BAM! Oh, right, and he also informs them about their next competition, a swim challenge.

As the boys race off the couch to get started on learning their swim routine, I notice Graham’s awesome, casual style. He looks like a surfer in his grey/black/yellow colored cargo board shorts. As if that weren’t enough–he not only wore an American Apparel zip up hooded sweatshirt on top, but he styled it too! Serious, mad points go to Graham. Men, pay attention to detail. Oh, the shirt William is wearing in this same photo is the same shirt he wore on Ashley’s season in another country. I like it, so it’s all good. William for president.

GetzStyle Tip: Graham zipped his sweatshirt all the way up and pulled the strings so that the hoodie actually scrunched up a bit. There are so many ways to wear a hoodie, and this is certainly not the only way. As long as you are wearing the correct fit (and it doesn’t have any logos on it. i.e.: Abercrombie and Fitch), then you can really style it however you want as long as you are styling it! When you throw clothes on your body, make sure to style the little details giving you your own, personal edge. If you are thinking to yourself right now, “I never notice little things like that…” trust me, you subconsciously do. You may not realize it, but do notice something different whether you understand what it is or not. This is why I am here to help you.

Synchronized Swimming Challenge: Grace, Packages, and Egos

Jake starts off the competition by claiming, “You know, there are a couple things that I’m really blessed with. Mental durability, physical strength and problem solving.” Throughout your television career, I am pretty sure I can pinpoint when you have used each one of those strengths. One was when Jackie was straddling you. Wow–it sounds so bad when you say it like that. As we watch the teams practice, it’s obvious the girls are struggling. I mean, Erica and Holly are already freaked out about the diving component of the contest.

Technical ability, effort and showmanship are the 3 things these clowns are being judged on. The girls struggle as Erica is off chasing butterflies and the rest are pretty much running into each other or yawning as they sit on the side of the pool. Watching the boys practice doesn’t surprise me at all. They say that male athletes have a lot of rhythm and grace!

Enough practice, lets get to the good stuff. The girls all look so adorable in their flowered swim caps! I was actually pretty disgusted looking at the boys in their speedos. Speedos and Polo shirts are one in the same for me, ick.


As winners and fan favorites of last season’s Bachelor Pad are introduced, the cast is cheering loudly. Is this because Dave and I are friends with most of them and they are excited to see us? Or is it simply because my attire is so fantastic it’s getting everyone emotional? It’s probably a combo of both, but let’s dissect my outfit.

It’s hard writing about myself, so I’m going to try to stay humble. HOW HOT DO I LOOK IN THIS FANTASTIC ALL SAINTS DRESS? Wait a second, let me start over. How hot is this white All Saints Dress? Tight through the torso, brown crisscrossed leather straps complete with buckles on the back, layers upon layers of fabric to create depth and texture through the base and a lot of styling made this dress super fun! How did I take ownership of this dress by styling it to reflect who I am? By belting the dress at the small of my waist with a neutral colored Free People belt, draping several long strands of multi-colored beads (Brass Plum/Nordstrom) around my neck complete with a blue beaded wrap bracelet from, and elongating my legs with a nude pair of Jessica Simpson heels. GetzStyle Tip: Don’t just buy an outfit off of a mannequin. Try to be creative with what you have! Buy the dress, then accessorize and style it to give it some edge and originality. Side note: Every girl should own fashion tape. This has been my saving grace on many occasions! Take the dress I’m wearing for example. It was pretty long in the front, and I wanted to raise it a bit to show more leg, sexing it up a bit. I used fashion tape to temporarily alter it so that I could still wear it long when I wanted to. When Dave showed up to the set wearing an orange t-shirt that he probably got for free somewhere, I felt a little overdressed. Oh well, as long as I got to showcase one of my favorite pieces!

Okay, back to the ranch. To be completely honest with you, the girls’ routine looked 10 times better on TV than it did in person. It was awful yet so entertaining to watch! I seriously could not contain myself watching Michael scream out to his team, “FLUTTER, FLUTTER, FLUTTER!” I will say, if Michael and Michelle weren’t in that competition, Jake and Vienna would have won, hands down. Jake was great technically, but Michael was great as well and he killed it on the effort and showmanship components. Dave and I were worried that our friends would be upset if we didn’t pick them to win the challenge and it was rough because we are friends with so many of them. We literally just stuck to picking out who we thought did the best and fortunately for us Michael and Michelle are two of our house favorites.

Michelle’s Date: Love, Advice, and Strategy

I love that Michelle respectfully asked Vienna if she could take Kasey on the date. She was being smart knowing that this would give her, Graham and Kasey some valuable time to chat about their powerful 6 man alliance. Besides, deciding on who you are taking on a date in this game has nothing to do with who you have a crush on. It’s about who will get you closer to $250K. Michelle is a smart player, pulling Blake out of the mansion to give him her advice on how he needs to play nice to Melissa, because Melissa is making him look like a monster to everyone else in the house. She obviously chose Graham for romantic reasons and strategy. Their one-on-one time was super adorable and fun to watch! Of course, Graham gets the rose! Team MoneyBunns!

Michael’s Date: Horseback Riding, Complaining, and Rock

This brings me back to the time that I first became friends with Holly and DeAnna! When I still lived in Chicago I flew out to LA to visit these two and they had planned a day of horseback riding for us up in the Hollywood Hills. The scenery was gorgeous, and many hilarious things happened along the way including my allergies, DeAnna’s crazy horse, and peacocks that scared the C-R-A-P out of me!

Vienna complains about the smell, pollution, etc. and all I can complain about is her “mom” attire. Nothing wrong with it, except for the fact that Vienna is not a mom. She is a young, single woman living in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to start styling her for all her upcoming press and events! I will make her look fab! Her “mom” attire definitely stood out as she stood next to my girl Holly and her trendy hipster outfit complete with ankle sandals, an over sized racer back tank, and fedora hat. I’m done ripping on Ella’s clothes; I think she has probably had enough of me at this point. Who am I kidding? I can’t resist. The plain tank was a little outdated in the length and cut, and her jeans had a little too much detail on the back pockets. Ugh! I’m sad I have to do this to her…she is one of my favorites!

It’s really hard to watch two people I love (Michael and Holly) be in a situation that is confusing for them. They were great together, but they are equally as great apart. These are two mature adults who can still recognize that they love each other even if the marriage wasn’t meant to be. How cute did they act when Brett Michaels surprised them? How hilarious! Don’t worry, these two will be friends for life.

Strategy: Spying, Deception, Intelligence

Erica is not only the most hilarious person to ever be on reality TV, she is also playing the game like a genius! Let’s put this in perspective: Erica realizes that even though she is on Kasey and Vienna’s team, she will be voted off before Holly and Michelle due to their obvious 6 man alliance. She realizes she has an attraction to Jake and that if she partners up with him they could be the new power couple in the house. SMART GIRL! They make plans and make out as Erica points out that her lips are juicy due to her lip injections she refreshes every 6 months. Erica and Jake can easily swing the votes to get front-runners Kasey and Vienna out of the house if they can capture the brains of the rest of the outsiders. After chatting with Jake, Erica doesn’t waste any time. She starts off by recognizing that her and Melissa are on the chopping block, so she needs to figure out how to get people against her. Erica has me in tears of laughter at this point, spying on all of Melissa’s conversations and stretching the truth just a bit to get the house against her. She must get Kirk on the Erica/Jake wagon, but Kirk says he can’t go against his alliance. It’s really frustrating to hear him say this!

Kirk, you were just added to this alliance. Trust me, the second it gets down (if it gets down) to you, Graham, Kasey and Michael on the guys side, you are gone. Don’t be an idiot! Vote Kasey off or you have zero chance of winning money. How can you not see the top 6 that have an alliance need to be broken up? Also, you are alone in the voting room, so no one ever had to know who you actually voted for. Just as I typed this whole point out, Blake said what I just said. He is one of few of the outsiders who actually has a brain in that house. He told Kirk if he votes Kasey out, he is in the top 6 by default. If only Kirk had listened to Blake’s smart advice. I guarantee Kirk just sealed his fate and will be going home in 4th place for guys. The only people who should not have voted for Kasey are Michael, Holly, Graham, Michelle and Vienna. They are a powerful team together, so I get it. But Kirk, you are allowing them to use you to get their butts to the top 6. Once that happens, you are out!

Ceremony: Can the outsider’s pull it off?

“It’s time for order to be restored in this house,” states Erica, as she hits the voting box with her gavel after tossing Kasey’s photo into it. Um, can Erica please get her own show after this? The votes are tight, but in the end, Jake is voted out of the Bachelor Pad. Even though I really consider each and every one of the cast in this house a friend of mine, I was really rooting for Erica and Jake, only because it was about time we see people start playing the game! Vienna calls Erica out for trying to get rid of Kasey because he would never stab her in the back. Right? WRONG! He would have no problem kicking Erica out before Vienna, Holly and Michelle–so why the f*$# wouldn’t she vote him out? Knowing what a sweetheart Kasey is in real life, I’m happy to see him and that pigeon voice of his advance to episode 4. *Remember, I am not analyzing this game based off of who my closest friends are…I’m watching them as characters and cheering for who I think is playing the game the best!

Fashion: The thing I love about Bachelor Pad Rose Ceremonies is that they are nowhere near as formal as The Bachelor/ette attire. This means you can be more creative rather than putting on some boring, fancy dress.

Holly has the perfect frame to pull of this loose fit, long sleeved periwinkle frock! She dressed for her body type, covering up her entire upper half and exposing her long legs with a super short cut! I love the light blue color of Vienna’s dress. This made her blonde hair and tan really stand out! The off the shoulder style she chose is current to trend with its loose fit through the bodice and short length. Belting the dress gave it a feminine touch!

I’m not really sure what to think of Ella’s dress. The pattern on the bottom portion of the dress was a little to busy for TV, but in real life I bet it looks great on her. She is a mom, so when she dresses like one, it works for her. Something about the fit of Erica’s dress is throwing me off. I really wish I could see these dresses in real life! Erica’s past two ceremony dresses are perfect examples of the importance of fit. This dress could be really cute if it was styled correctly.

Graham looks relaxed and casual in a V-neck sweater over a collared shirt and tie. I’m glad he wore jeans to keep this look tied together.

Michael proves that you don’t need to wear a tie to make a suit coat look great! Try it out! If the collar is starched and the shirt is crisp, a tie isn’t needed unless it’s required.

The GetzStyle award goes to none other than myself. If I didn’t think my entire outfit wasn’t perfectly styled and adorable, than I wouldn’t have worn it, duh!


Natalie Getz