Natalie’s Bachelor Pad House of Style Blog: Episode 4

Episode 3:  Spit and Partner Swapping

Kiss Contest:  Lip service and sweatpants  

Chris enters a room full of morning breath and fills the cast in on their next competition, a “Kiss” contest.  He starts off by stating that it was season 1′s favorite competition, and trust me, it was for some (The Weatherman).  I was excited when Chris announced the kissing contest during my season, because I knew most people wouldn’t actually get into it, furthering my chance of winning. However, I enjoyed kissing some of those boys just as much as I would enjoy licking the toilet seat on an Amtrak train. Was it disgusting?  Duh.  Was it just a few kisses away from a lot of money? Yes.  A kiss is a kiss? Come on, this is G-Rated compared to what this season has offered up so far.  What you didn’t see on my season:  Peyton and I actually tied in the kiss contest and had to re-kiss all the boys. Result: Peyton ended up winning and I ended up sicker than a dog.  Oh, and also with $125K.

Blake is playing the game smart!  He is being respectful, yet still kissing all the girls to help him win immunity.  All the guys pecking Vienna and Holly’s cheeks were not playing the game in my opinion.  They are trying to compete, right?  Well, then, they shouldn’t have signed up to do the show.  This isn’t The Bachelor, it’s a game show.  Some of the guys may have not kissed Vienna out of sheer strategy because they didn’t want to piss Kasey off, but I think that is a dumb idea.  When the competition gets smaller every challenge you have to do ANYTHING you can to get that rose.  Had William just “sucked” it up, he would still have a chance at winning money.  As a matter of fact, Elizabeth and Tenley were dating Kovacs and Kiptyn on season 1, and I definitely made out with both of them.  Tenley and Elizabeth even made out with all the boys because we understood it was a game.  I told all the girls before the competition to act as if they were actresses and this was just another scene in a movie.  As for Michelle, I agree with her sitting out.  She is trying to set an example for her daughter and she obviously knew there was no way she was getting sent home this ceremony.  As for Ella, she had been on the chopping block before so she had no other choice.

Blake and Ella proved that they are the best at turning people on, and are each granted a rose and romantic one-on-one date with a housemate of their choice.

PS:  All of you are in pajamas.  I know it’s early guys, but you are on national television.  Furthermore, how am I supposed to write a fashion blog when you are all in sweatpants?  I expected more from all of you as my friends.

Blake and Holly:  Blooming Romance 

When Blake is pronounced the winner, it’s obvious that Melissa panics to make sure she can convince him to take her.  She immediately runs up to him, stating that she is so excited about their date and that they should commit to each other.  She also says that she is in love with him and that she has carried him all the way through the game and now it is his turn to carry her.  The fictitious relationship she has created in her head between the two of them really does sound nice (bubble thought, sigh).  She tried to brainwash him into taking her, but clearly Blake didn’t bite.  When he told her he hadn’t decided on who he was taking on the date, I jumped up and hid under my bed.  I don’t know why.  I just got really scared for my safety for some reason, like when you watch movies like “Carrie.”  Peering out from under my bed at the TV screen I realize that I left my wine on my nightstand, so I decided to come out of hiding.  Some things are just more important in life and what good is a firework show without a cocktail?   You can tell Michelle misses her daughter, because she is holding Melissa like a small child and comforting her (Mel is always on her lap – very cute!) as Blake announces he is taking Holly on the date.  LOOK.  OUT. Here comes Monique (Melissa’s alter ego)!  I’m under my bed again.  Blake ignores Monique for a nice long tooth scrub session…and she goes ballistic. She threatens his life, image, and manhood.  If I were him, I’d sleep with a cup on tonight.

Blake and Holly look adorable as they attempt to ski down a mountain in some sweet snow gear.  Blake realizes Holly looks like Bambi on ice in her skis, so he decides to have a typical, “I’m flirting with you” snowball fight as he tackles her to the ground and they begin talking about their feelings.  What good would a date on the Pad be if feelings weren’t discussed?  They are obviously very into each other and excited to have some alone time away from Monique.   Holly is smiling an awful lot!  She is smiling the same way she used to smile at me when we lived together.  I’ve never seen anyone make her smile the way I do until now, ahem. (Side note: we met a baby wearing a polo last night, and let me say, he rocked it.) The two of them have a very nice conversation and get to know each other on a deeper level as they decide to stay the night in the lodge. “Holl-Ya!” She gets the rose.

Ella and Kirk: Too normal, bring back Bentley

The two start their date off in a ride that didn’t hold a candle next to the Lamborghini me and David got to ride in. These two are so normal and non-dramatic that their date was a little boring.  It’s not as fun to watch normal people with their heads on straight go on a date.  You know there will be no fighting, crying, drama or romance.  Good for them, bad for us viewers. They drive off to the same house that me and Dave camped out at on our date.  The house is gorgeous, the lights are dim, the fire is on, pillows are everywhere, and I’m begging them through the TV to kiss!  These two would be an adorable couple. Kirk is one of the kindest guys I have ever met, and Ella is very graceful and classic.  They are whisked away in a hot air balloon after Ella gives Kirk her flower.

Kirk looks sharp and chic!  He was prepared for a romantic night with a hot pink tie and button down under a cashmere brownish-grey v-neck sweater.  He left the collared shirt un-tucked from his jeans to give the outfit a casual appeal, tying it all in with some trendy sneakers.  Way to go, Kirk!  GetzStyle Tip:  Men, don’t be afraid to wear bold colors!  Kirk’s tie gives his neutral colored attire a pop of color adding a little bit of edge.  One thing you should never buy that is pink is a polo.  Let me rephrase, just don’t ever buy a polo.  I’ve even changed my mind about them being okay for golfing when I researched golf attire online.  Dry fit t’s are supposedly more comfortable to golf in and trust me, they look 100% better.

Erica:  She deserves her own paragraph.

Erica is so smart in this game!  She realizes that if her and Blake partner up it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t take her on the date, just so long as it’s not Melissa.  She got what she wanted in the nick of time!  She didn’t couple up too early, but she took her time evaluating the members in the house before making her decision.  She now has Melissa out of the house and a new partner in crime.

I’m not addressing the Holly and Michael situation, because they are both my friends and I respect them too much for that.  They are both wonderful people who both deserve to find happiness.  I wish them both the best whether they are together or apart!

What I will say about them is, nice work in the fashion department!  You two are always stylin’! Michael has the ability to put things together that most men don’t.  He took a basic plaid button down and threw it under a non-zip hooded sweatshirt.  With the sleeves of the button down peeking out at the forearm and the collar’s visibility at the neckline, this outfit is hot!  Holly never fails me and kept it simple with an over sized Juliet style button down and beautiful headpiece to keep the hair off her forehead showing off her bright blue eyes.  She accessorized with several strands of beads around her neck as well to play it up a little.

Ceremony: Monique turned back into sweet little Melissa.

First off, let me tell you all how sweet Melissa is!  She is an emotional girl and there is nothing wrong with that.  She is full of love, life, and energy!  Mel looks rocker-hot tonight in black skinnies, a black tank and black heels.  She wore a silver necklace to give it some grunge appeal and it worked!  I know this outfit is basic, but sometimes those are the best!

Holly: she looks like a Grecian Goddess with her tan skin, dark wavy hair, and single shouldered white dress.  Short in length with nude heels made her legs look miles long!

Vienna:  I love the basics of tonight’s style!  Her retro silver skirt and tucked in black tank looked super edgy, especially paired with her black ankle heels! The small tie on the material at her shoulder gave the look a feminine touch, which is perfect for Vienna who always dresses very feminine.

Erica:  Erica looks phenomenal tonight!  With coral being a key color this summer, she wore it well with her hair tied up and grey smoked out eyes.  Erica told me Michelle did her hair and makeup that night. Cute!

Michelle:  That’s my girl!  Michelle went for more of a Bohemian style this ceremony and looked great!  When you look like Michelle, you can pretty much pull off anything.  She is never afraid to take a risk in fashion and her confidence is what carries her style.

As far as the boys are concerned, it was the same old same old.  I know it’s hard for guys, because they don’t have as many options as girls do to switch it up.  They all looked classic and attractive in basic suits, shirts, and sweaters.

This week’s GetzStyle award goes to Holly “Noodles” Durst.  She always keeps it edgy even when she is just lying around the house.  Her dress flattered her tonight, her attire that she wore on her date with Blake was amazing, and she even looked good during the kissing contest sporting a “California Wildebeast” t-shirt.

See you all next week for what I hope is once again emotionally draining TV.

“If you have to question what you are wearing a million times, don’t wear it.  You will be uncomfortable the entire time and your insecurity will show.”


Natalie Getz

Twitter:  @nataliegetz




  1. I have been waiting all week to read your blog Natalie, and you never disappoint! I LOVE how you recap the episode while adding in some fashion reviews! I also love how you’re such a positive person, who cheers people on instead of bringing them down :) Keep up the great work! <3 xoxo

    Comment by Stefanie — August 31, 2011 @ 7:26 pm

  2. Nice blog, Natalie. Whatever happened to the Elizabeth from last season? Wasn’t she a nanny?
    I’m not really sure what to think about this season as of now. It seems everyone is actually friends off screen, but it was definitely good entertainment for the summer.
    All best,

    Comment by Elizabeth — August 31, 2011 @ 8:14 pm

  3. Always look forward to your blog! Yes, you are always positive, yet funny in your appraisals the contestants and of the show! Way to go!

    Comment by luvsunshine — August 31, 2011 @ 8:26 pm

  4. Natalie based on Blake’s blog, he kinda confirmed that Michael is her ex-fiance that she USED to love before.. so it means now it’s official Michael and Holly are no longer together…

    Comment by Monique — August 31, 2011 @ 11:15 pm

  5. Nice work! I wonder what Monique thinks? LOL you always make my day by making me laugh!

    Comment by Melissa — August 31, 2011 @ 11:59 pm

  6. Gah, Natalie, JUST STICK TO THE FASHION. You should delete the first half of this blog w/your boasting about winning the money, trash-talking on Melissa (which you also did last week), ignoring Michael’s meltdown, which was just as bad as Melissa’s, and your terrible grammar.

    Me and Dave? Her and Blake? You’ll never be respected until you can write better. Get a book on copyediting.

    Comment by Allissa — September 1, 2011 @ 12:05 am

  7. Melissa, im asking Nathalie since she’s very close with Holly and Michael since she kinda bias on her statement by saying;

    “I wish them both the best whether they are together or apart!”

    Even Im pretty sure Blake and Holly are totally an item now. Again i have nothing againts Holly’s new relationship with Blake as i dont know them personally ..
    PS : Are you the crazy Melissa on the show ?

    Comment by Monique — September 1, 2011 @ 12:43 am

  8. Gosh!!! You dont know anything about fashion.
    I think you should just stick what you are best at (standing on street corners during night time..) with Holly..

    Comment by Ella — September 1, 2011 @ 2:57 am

  9. Natalie, your blogs are so fun! You do a great job and it’s informative to get a winner’s perspective. I like David Good’s blogs for the same reason. I agree, I’ve never seen smiles as bright as the ones Holly and Blake wore during their skiing date! So cute to see such pure happiness! Keep up the great blogs, Natalie!

    Comment by Hannah — September 1, 2011 @ 7:17 am

  10. I agreed with Ella, I dont think you really know about Fashion. Sometimes i kinda lost with your style. I can see that you are really ‘trying’ hard to look stylish but upon looking all your pictures, Im not really keen on your style. Look at Emily (from Brad’s season), her style is chic, simple but yet up to date. If you know fashion, you wont gave Michelle a credit for her outfit during rose ceremony on episode 4. She made a mistake by adding the ‘robe’.. Vienna’s outfit is totally outdated and her shoes is totally fugly.. the only Bachelor / tte constestants that has a good sense of style are Roselyn Papa (spell ?), Shayne Lamas, Emily and Gia (sometimes).

    Comment by Cindy — September 1, 2011 @ 6:01 pm

  11. Like your blog and fashion quips, but phuck, I think you need a grammar coach or proof reader. I’ll be happy to proof, it pains me to read your use if subjects and pronouns-and I don’t write for a living.

    Comment by Ellen — September 2, 2011 @ 3:06 am

  12. Natalie, my friend email me this blog and after glancing through it, I have to agree with the ladies. (Ela and Cindy.)
    Running a fashion blog, you need to know what styles are in.
    Just because you think it looks good, it doesn’t mean that its in..

    Comment by Alyssa — September 2, 2011 @ 7:11 am

  13. Your blog is so great! You always make me laugh and I learn a few pointers along the way in fashion! The people on your comments that rip on you or your blog probably shop at walmart and never workout. For them to make a point to comment negatively is humorous in itself! They need to get themselves together- sounds like a bunch of “melissa’s” who can’t control their emotions! lol

    Comment by Laurie A — September 2, 2011 @ 9:54 pm

  14. LOL my dear Laurie, FYI we dont have Walmart in LA (only in the suburb area – Sorry no offense to people who lives in the area ;) so how am I going to shop at Walmart if there’s no one around ? I only appreciates fashion from R. Cavalli, E. Pucci, Marni, D&G, Stella McCartney, DVF and Alexander McQueen. That’s what I called fashion.
    Talking about work out, let me invite you to my gym at Equinox the one in Century City (if u r from this area), will try to get you a guest pass so perhaps you can teach and show me how to do a good workout..

    Comment by Cindy — September 2, 2011 @ 10:13 pm

  15. Cindy.. Arrr, you go girl.. lol…
    Im with you all the way.
    Laurie, give me your email and Ill send you some pics that will show you what style is.

    Comment by Ella — September 3, 2011 @ 7:16 am

  16. Natalie and Dave swap sex partners, with Kovach and his girlfriend.

    Comment by Sack — September 5, 2011 @ 8:25 am

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