Natalie’s Bachelor Recap: Episode 1

Episode 1:  Emotional disasters, confused lovers, Forever 21

After a long, much needed break from Bachelor Land, I am back this season to give you my opinion on Ben’s girlfriends’ style.  There is A LOT that went down in last night’s episode so I won’t bore you with another recap, but I will give you my opinion based on these 3 categories:  1) Best dressed 2) Worst dressed 3) My top 5 favorites so far

Best Dressed:

1.) Lindzi loves metaphors. She used about 6 metaphors relating to horses within 30 seconds of her national television debut.  Bachelor loves metaphors, so she really has a chance of being the next Bachelorette. Ok, enough horsing around, let’s get down to why I really love Lindzi.  Lindzi has great taste in formal wear!  You would think a lot of women do, but certainly that’s not the case and if you saw last night’s rose ceremony. You probably no doubt agree with me.  Lindzi looked like the bell of the ball in a classic, black ballroom gown.  The strapless dress fit her snug through the torso and flowed freely down her body.  She looked lady like and empowering all at the same time riding up on that horse!

2.) Erika looks uber sexy stepping out of the limo with a gorgeous gown.  Sheer through the base and cut high on her thigh makes this dress look sexy and elegant.  This dress is sexy everywhere from the cut at her bust line to the open back!  Erika is sure to get a rose with that dress, body, her education, and of course, because she is a Chicagoan!  Plus, she somehow pulled off an incredibly cheesy pickup line when she met Ben.  Don’t get to comfortable E; you will have some competition in the Bachelor family with our beloved judge Erica Rose.

3.) Blakeley’s dress really caught my eye (and apparently Monica’s libido).  This dress just feels so fresh to me.  The white and pink portrayed innocence, but the cut of the dress gave elegance.

4.) We didn’t see a lot of Casey S., but what we did see was her dress, and I loved it!  This dress is super edgy, sexy and classic all at the same time.  The sweetheart neckline and bold black bustier kept the dress classic while the sheer base of the dress gave it some edge and sex appeal.

5.) Jenna wore a flirty, flapper girl dress that screamed playful!  Well, her dress screamed playful.  She, on the other hand, did not.  Maybe Jenna should let her style do the talking and keep her mouth shut?  NO WAY!  She is going to make this show INCREDIBLE and I cannot wait.  Even though I don’t think Ben is her “big,” I think she will be fun to watch.

Worst Dressed:  Amber is not the new black…

1.) Amber T. had me had me in hysterics and I’m so upset she is gone already! Had our deer hunter not worn some sort of zebra, yellow tornado of all things awful, maybe Ben would have been able to eat her cow balls.  (Ambs, can you keep the dress? I want to barrow it for Halloween and be you. I’ll make Deanna go in buck hunter clothes. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.  We LOVED you last night).

2.) Amber B. (Long, dramatic sigh coming from my mouth) Why? This dress was fowl, like a pigeon. We all know how I feel about those nasty birds.  I think the reason it’s so bad, is because it had potential to be in my top 5 best dresses.  The cut of the dress is great and the tie-dye worked well with the fabric and design of the dress.  Now, the beaded neckline.  Honestly? It looked like you bought a glue gun, scrammed to Claire’s Boutique and found beads that you thought matched the colors of the tie-dyed fabric (which did not), and had yourself a little craft session.

3.) You know those tacky looking dress stores in mall that you walk past and wonder, “Who would actually buy a dress there?” Well, think no longer. Shawn did. From the lime green color and cut to the satin fabric, this unflattering dress belongs in the never to be opened vault of awful rose ceremony dresses.

Top 5 favorite characters:  Why are these my top 5 faves? Because they are going to make ridiculously great television.  Whether we love to love them, laugh at them, or hate them – these 5 girls are amazing.

1.) Sexually Confused: Monica’s infatuation with Blakeley may possibly be one of the best moments of any rose ceremony in all seasons of this show.  As Monica and Blakeley sat on the couch playing scratch and sniff, I’ve determined she had this planned out from the get go.  I mean, come on, that hair alone was a dead ringer.  No one would where there hair like this on national TV unless they are playing sports.  I wore my hair like this in 7th grade for my softball games, hair elastic exposed and all.  Her dress was nothing special, she purposefully messed with Jenna, and she supposedly isn’t into Ben.  So, why is she one of my favorites then you ask?  Because this girl will keep me entertained for weeks to come!

2.) Emotionally Unstable: Jenna has deeper issues than over analyzing to say the least.  Drinking too much and lack of sleep is not an excuse for anyone to act this way within 5 minutes of meeting a guy on national television.  I sincerely hope she is around for at least 3 episodes because her limo exit is going to be the bomb.  I always wonder how these girls feel the next day after acting unreasonable or when they see themselves on TV?  I honestly think they watch and don’t see anything weird about it because they are used to this behavior.  I really want someone to do a youtube video of scenes of Jenna with Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby” playing in the background.  Tech friends – can we make this happen?  Send to my twitter account immediately @nataliegetz.  Jenna, what would Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte think of your performance last night?

3.) Conceited Model:  We are going to love to hate Courtney this season.  Whether it’s editing or not, there is nothing worse than a beautiful girl acting conceded, bitchy and cocky.  God blessed you with great looks girlfriend, it’s up to you to make the rest look good.  On a side not, I hope Courtney has a sweet side to her that we will see come out this season.  No, actually, I hope not.  I LOVE THE VILLAIN every season.  They make the show and crack me up!  Why else do you think Wes Hayden is one of my best friends?  Because he is a villain and entertains me on the reg.  JK – he is a sweetheart :)

4.) Kendra!: I mean, come on.  She looks like her, she has a little bit of swag to her, she laughs like her…I rest my case.  Whenever I watch people do really stupid things on TV, my skin starts sweating, my teeth clench and my body locks.  I get so embarrassed for people even if I don’t know them.  This happened last night as I watched Kendra’s perform her rap song for Ben.  In order to do this, she had to think she was pretty good and that Ben would like it.  That alone scares me.  Whether she was good or not, that was a huge turnoff in my book.

5.) That Crazy Diplomat:  On my season we all had to get drug tested to be on the show.  Either that is not a requirement anymore, or Lyndsie dodged that bullet right before she put on her worldly show.  She went from 0-10 in like 2 seconds!  Ok, who am I to talk?  I’m hyper spastic as well, but this was off the charts.  Also, did she realize what her little skit looked like?  No. She did not. Hence why she thought it was a great idea to do it in her hometown package.  I will say, her dress was very classic at the rose ceremony.  She is pretty funny at the same time very cultured.  I’m disappointed she is gone because this girl is a nut case!  I felt like she was speaking in cursive and I couldn’t keep up.

The GetzStyle award this week goes out to Lindzi.  Not only did she wear a gorgeous gown, she accessorized with a horse and hat :) Think outside the box like Lindzi did!  It’s not all about the shoes, purse and jewelry people!

Next week will be far more fun to blog as we will not only see more fashion, but a storyline unveil.  I didn’t tell you my picks for Ben yet, because it’s much too hard to make that decision based upon night one.  From all the past seasons of bachelorettes I would have paired Ben up with Britt Billmier, so I’m keeping my eye out for her personality twin!

I watched the premier with my dear gal pal and newlywed, Deanna Stagliano (Pappas) and we made a bet on how many sequins were in the Rose Ceremony room last night.  My guess?  More than I’d ever want to know the answer to.  Her guess? Enough to keep a sweatshop in business for years to come.  I hope everyone has a great week!  Follow me on twitter for more fun, fashion and to see the link to my new show regarding Ben and fashion throughout the season:)

I’ve used this quote before, and I’ll use it again:  “Don’t be ‘clothes’ minded.” Open your eye to style and trend, have confidence and rock out!


Natalie Getz

Twitter: @nataliegetz