Episode 2:  The Ostrich Egg got, like, no airtime.

Emily’s “mom” outfit is not mom at all.  She clearly wears clothes well and has a great sense of style.  She keeps it simple, yet comes out strong with her look.  Here she is wearing a sheer, baby blue sweater with skinny destroyed denim jeans and simple flats.  GetzStyle Tip:  It’s hard to get yourself together while trying to get your kids dressed, fed and off to school, and I totally get that.  Just buy some basic clothes that fit you well, throw on a fedora and a pair of sunglasses and you can’t go wrong.

Emily and Ryan:  Red carpet gum smacker.

Ryan called Emily a soccer mom.  It’s the most obvious thing he could have said and there is nothing more irritating than obvious humor.  He has an awkward, Chachi way with words.  Hopefully this is just a nervous, camera shy thing.  I didn’t like his face when Emily asked him to unload her groceries, however, on a first date in real life no one would make it this awkward with the groceries and the cooking for the kids.  After making cookies, Emily tells him they are going to Chuck E. Cheese.  Once she said she was kidding I laughed pretty hard, but Ryan didn’t.  Why did he laugh?  Ryan, why didn’t you laugh!  Laugh, you a-hole!  Grrrrr.  When a beautiful, soft-spoken girl makes a funny, it’s 10 times funnier.  She then informs him they are going to a nice dinner at Osso, her favorite restaurant in Charlotte.

Heaven.  Going to Possessiontista immediately to figure out where these heels are from.  She wore these beautiful, sequin peep toe sling backs with a silver metal heal very well.  Haute!

This asymmetrical, red knit dress is gorgeous and perfect for a first fancy date.  The length, cut, color, etc. all work so well with her blonde locks and fancy heels.

Ryan’s hair looks like a baby born with thick hair directly after exiting the womb.

Ryan chewing his gum all cocky in the car after noticing the crowd of people was pretty annoying, and his “I’m too cool for school” look while walking down the red carpet was off-putting.  Smile, dude! Some people go on and the 15 minutes go directly to their head.  He is walking that carpet as if he is an A-list celebrity and is so sick of being photographed.  Yo, the red carpet was rolled out for the two of you for a reason. A crowd was obviously going to be there.  Smile at these people!  They are the reason you are even meeting Emily in the first place.  Have respect for our fan base.

As they enter the restaurant after walking the red carpet, Ryan turns to Emily and asks if this is all for them.  No, Ryan, it’s for the other z-list couple in town going to the same restaurant as you are.

Sorry I keep picking on Ryan, but, ugh!  His conversation is so cocky with Emily!  Am I alone in thinking this?  I get annoyed by people very easily.  Very, very, very easily.  So maybe I’m being too harsh?  But, for real, he is trying to flirt by being a smart ass and it’s not working.  He is definitely good looking, but that can be ruined so quickly!  He redeemed himself at the live concert by Emily’s fave country artist.  A little bit.  He also showed redemption when he talked about loving Ricki just as much as he would the children he would eventually make with Emily.  That actually scored huge points with me.  Loving a child who isn’t your own shouldn’t be a forced feeling, it should naturally be there if you have a loving, open heart.  Nice guy, but not my type.  I have a feeling he is not Emily’s either.  He will be going home in the next couple episodes, I guarantee it.

Group Date:  The only 2 things that Stevie and Emily have in common are their age and height.  

Kyle threw up his hands in the most feminine of ways when he found out he was going on the group date, shouting, “YES!” as if he were a girl who is on her emotional time.  He is probably going home tonight.

Watching the Muppet’s group date was the highlight of the episode!  Kermit and Miss Piggy crack me up every time, hahaha!  That, and I nearly cried twice.  Once when Charlie felt insecure about speaking in front of a crowd, and twice when cute little Ricki went on stage with her mommy.

At the after party, Emily and Jef’s conversation was cute.  He does remind me of her when she was on Brad’s season.  She was quiet and somewhat insecure as Jef is as well.  Jef is growing on me!  I love his demeanor and mature attitude with Emily and the guys. When all the guys started making fun of Stevie slow dancing with Emily, I felt like a “mean girl” for laughing so hard.  But come on, that was pretty funny.  Stevie seems nice, but yeeeeeks…..just, yeeeeeeks.

Kalon has very nice style.  With an off white cardigan over a blue and white small checkered button down, Kalon wore this outfit well, pairing it with a nice fitting jean and light brown boat shoes. GetzStyle Tip:  You have to dress to your personality to reflect your own, personal style.  For instance, Charlie couldn’t pull of Jef’s style and vice versa.  Kalon has a very “metro-sexual” style that he can pull off with his demeanor and build.  

Kalon is very cocky with his attitude of “never having to compete for a girl.”  He tells Emily that things are very nice and easy back home in Texas and that if Emily were in Texas, he wouldn’t need to be there.  He makes a few other bold, arrogant statements that are really stupid.  I will say, Kalon politely asked for two more minutes of Emily’s time, and Aaron was pretty rude to say he wasn’t going to wait two minutes, making a big, dramatic deal of it all.

I was very happy that Jef got the first impression rose.  Emily has a certain spark in her eye when she looks at him.  She definitely is into him, calling him out for not paying enough attention to her.  So cute!  This is how real relationships start out…innocent flirting and slight insecurities:)

Emily and Joe:

Emily’s dress is so classic and beautiful.  Wow.  She took my breath away! The nude heel helps to elongate her leg, and she looks nothing but eloquent and beautiful.

I think Joe is a good looking, kindhearted guy.  Unfortunately he wasn’t for Emily, but he definitely will find someone who adores every bit of him and what he has to offer.  I would never have sent him home before Stevie and Allessandro, but whatever.  He is so normal, that this date wasn’t super fun to watch.  That being said, I fast forwarded through most of it and don’t have a lot to say here.  So long, Joe!  Best of luck:)

The Good:  Good job this week boys!

Chris Harrison always looks nice, but I have to throw him in my blog when he (stylist Cary Fetman) goes above and beyond my expectations.  The combination of his striped dress shirt perfectly pressed with a muted silver tie under a well-fitted suit shows the man’s got style!  GetzStyle Tip:  I preach about this non stop, but if you are a basic suit kind of man, that’s completely OK, just make sure the fit, cut and texture of the suit combo is perfect and you can’t go wrong.  If you are willing to push the envelope in dress male dress attire like Chris often does, that’s just an added bonus! 


While Ryan can pull off almost anything (other than a polo, because NO ONE CAN!), take note of the sloppy collar under his suit.  It’s not terrible, but this is what I am referring to in my tip above.  Had he had on a crisp, starched shirt with a stiff collar, this look would have been even hotter.  I am not a huge fan of ties, so he definitely tried to go for a look that I generally love.

See, I knew you were a lil’ hottie under cover from your brunette locks.  Just cut it already.  There is nothing weirder for a girl than waking up to a guy while cuddling, seeing long, luscious locks and freaking out you drank yourself to sleep with a female.

Now, this is what a couple should look like!  Arie in a basic black and white, crisp clean and refreshing look, works perfectly with Emily’s beautiful, deep purple asymmetrical evening gown.

I’m pretty sure this “luxury brand consultant” is a fancy title for his sales job at Ralph Lauren, because sonny always looks super stylish.  Nice work, Kalon.  Now, let’s see you put as much effort into humbling yourself out as you do your clothes and vocabulary.

Doug is flat out the sexiest man here.  He is flat out a MAN!  Arie is beautiful, but Doug is much more my type.  (You’d understand if you met my boyfriend:)  He made my best dressed simply because of this.  I’m a heathen.

Allejandro is also a beautiful man!  These guys are starting to grow on me.  His boyish, exotic look is very handsome.  He is wearing a nice, tailored suit with a semi-pencil tie.  Now, if we can just take out the bling in your ears.  Humph.  Also, thanks to you, that stupid Madonna or Lady Gaga song is constantly in my head.  Alle-Alle-Jandro….

The Bad:  Pretty good week for these guys! I’m impressed!!!

Stevie’s outfit has improved immensely since last week, but he still has dated facial hair.  So ya, that’s why he is in this section.  Oh, and I’m perfectly well aware that Stevie is going to hate me.  I vote him most likely to become friends with Rated R “the reality star.”


Yes Kalon, we are all as shocked as you are that Stevie got the rose over the two that were sent home.  I still can’t believe you made it through the first night.  And I stillllll can’t believe it’s not butter.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” -Yves Saint Laurent

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