Episode 5:  Baggage Claim

Emily and Shawn:  London 101

After a really cute clip of Emily and Ricki touring London, Chris enters to tell the over enthusiastic boys that there will be 2 one-on-one dates and a group date this week as well. Emily chooses Shawn as her first date.  I’m practically falling asleep over here.  This date is super educational about London and all, but it needs to start getting spicy or I’ll be forced to fast forward. And I could potentially miss some serious fashion faux pas like I did last week with Jef’s rose ceremony socks.  From this date I’ve learned where Princess Diana got married, where Kate Middleton got married, where Queen Elizabeth lives, what Big Ben looks like, etc.

Shawn asks a random bystander to take a photo of him and Emily…but the poor tourist was probably wondering why they needed a photo when there were 4 cameras already on them.  I wonder if they ran into Matt Grant?

Emily looks very “London” in a classic tan trench coat, opaque black tights and a patterned scarf complete with black leather gloves.  I am a big fan of this “East Coast” conservative look.  I miss Chicago winter fashion!

Sean got up in the Speaker’s Corner and it was pretty cool.  He looked really manly and had a total presence in his voice.  He spoke really well and had so much confidence that it wasn’t awkward, but sexy!  He fit right in with the rest of the socialists!

Emily looks ever so cute and flirty in a short cocktail dress, tight through the upper torso and flowing out at the high waist.  Perfect for the environment they are in!

If I ever go to London, and if I get rich, I will totally go to this prison for dinner.  I love underground, hidden secretive places like this.  After Emily tells Shawn she will behead him if he doesn’t impress her tonight, things start really heating up. OK, not really.  She pretty much just tells him that she wants a crap load of kids starting yesterday as a horny Shawn replies with a blushed face and a head nod.  Talking about this on a first date is super weird.  She is asking him how many kids he wants…come on, Emily!  I know this is the fast track to love, BUT…wait until at least the second date.  Shawn gets the rose and they make out heavily.

Back at the May Fair:  Kalon re-applies his lip plumper. 

While Emily is off teaching Shawn London 101, things get heated at the May Fair Hotel.  Kalon informs Jef that he shouldn’t be so sad about only getting group dates, because if he marries Emily all of their dates will be group dates because of Ricki.  Knowing for a fact that this guy went on the show with this doesn’t go over well with Jef or Arie as you can see in their eyes that this actually saddens them because they care for Emily and Ricki.

Group Date: West Virginia hood rat back roads

Ryan, is this a serious thing you’ve got goin’ on here?  A decorative scarf?  GetzStyle Tip:  MEN!  It’s one thing to wear a scarf if you are cold, I get it, but clearly Ryan is not.  He has his sleeves rolled up and attempted to wear this scarf in a casual, stylish way like that of a woman. He failed…miserably.  A scarf in the winter with a pea coat or heavy jacket is super sexy, but not with a button down shirt.  His style this episode is almost as repulsive as his personality.

Kalon informs us all that he is taking this audition very seriously.  I can totally see him as the type of guy who goes on this show, and then tries to be an actor.  Ahem. Jake Pavelka. Sneeze. He even goes so far as to tell Emily in a very serious tone that he is trying to rehearse and then shoos her away with his hand exclaiming, “you need to run along.”  He wasn’t kidding at all.  He really is this big of a tool. Doug gave the most hilarious performance by far!  Every comment he has said about this date is making me laugh so hard.  I love how he read his lines in a sarcastic, sort of jerk way.  He is regaining his man hood points this week!

Travis is not just wearing a polo.  He is wearing a pink polo.  He looks like the poster child for a ad.  He should have joined instead.  He also says that Shakespeare is huge in Mississippi and that he pretty much reads plays all the time.  He also hangs out with eggs, so I’m not surprised.

Ryan made an attempt to be sweet to Emily by giving her a gift and reading her poetry in goofy way, but he messes it up with his cocky wink.  Emily actually likes him, yikes.  After last week’s episode, I’m sure Emily is cringing as she watches herself fall for Ryan.

I am not a fan of this space age looking dress at all.  The high cut neckline and fit in general do not flatter her at all.  The jewels on the dress seem out of place with the sporty look it is seemingly trying to go for.

Emily kicks Kalon out after learning about his negative comments towards Ricki.  It was pretty cool to see Emily’s mama bear come out!  She loves Ricki so much, and it showed more than anything this episode.  I’m so glad that she finally put him in his place.  The best line?  “I love hearing you talk, but I’m talking.  I learned that from you, remember?”  BAM, bitch goes down!  She put him in his place!  He had no way of getting out of this one!

I get that Emily is upset that the guys didn’t say something sooner, but she needs to relax a little bit.  The guys JUST heard Kalon say these things.  Had Doug not said anything, I’m sure one of the guys would have said something at the Rose Ceremony.  They were just waiting for an appropriate time to tell Emily vs. during a date.  That’s what the rose ceremonies are for…for the guys to say what they need about their week.

Emily and Jef:  Talk about making out!  No seriously, they talked about it.

These two looked as bored as I felt while watching them hang out with Jean.  WOW.  They humorously left and got a beer at a near by pub.  Next, they take a ride in the London Eye.  Scary!  But, super cool.

Jef’s sweet lines:

1.)  “If Ricki is baggage, then she is a Chloe handbag and I want to carry her everywhere.”

2.)  “The party wouldn’t stop!  You’d come home to me and Ricki having a dance party singing into brushes.”

3.)  “I just want someone to share the details with.  Unconditional love, like a best friend.”

4.)  “I want to be best friends with you. Someone I can completely trust.”

5.)  “I really want the rose, but more importantly, I want Emily.  I want Emily.”

6.)  “Emily gives me the feeling that I’m living in a fairy tale.”

They have such a nerdy, awkward first kiss! AWW!  He talked about it before her did it, how stinkin’ cute!  These two are so adorable!

Rose Ceremony:  Sean gives Emily butterflies in heart?

Emily grills the guys and yells at them for disrespecting her by not telling her about Kalon right away.  Again, I understand what she is going through, but she needs to relax a bit.  She is doing the right thing by questioning the guys in order to get answers, but, she is being a little harsh with certain people.

The Good:

Jef is wearing a black and white checkered button down with a thin black pencil tie under a grey suit.  His look is always so playful and original.

The Bad:


I HATE pocket squares.  It takes A LOT to pull these off.  They have to be folded correctly and have some pattern or loud color to be ok with me.  All 3 of these guys are showing how NOT to wear a pocket square.  Here’s the deal…just don’t wear them–unless you really know what you are doing.

Ryan wore this scarf twice this week. All I can say is that it looks really stupid.  And refer back to my style tip regarding men and scarves.

This is not a great week for Emily.  I get that they are in London, but she is still 26 years old.  She doesn’t need to dress like Jean.  With that being said, I do not like bling on dresses.  I feel like this dress is slightly dated.  While asymmetrical dresses are OK in my book, this is a little too much with a whole sleeve missing and a big, gigantic bling cuff on the other.

Wolf tries to imitate Ames Brown’s red ceremony pant, only he can’t pull it off.  They are devil red and are a little too big on him.  He looks like he belongs in the Mickey Mouse ghetto.

GetzStyle Award:  Jef gets it this week for showing consistent style throughout the entire episode from his casual attire to his date attire.

This episode was by far my favorite this season!  The drama was amazing.  I’m bummed Kalon is gone.  Oh well, at least we still have Ryan to stir things up.  I LOVE watching the villain!  I hope everyone has a great week:)

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