Episode 8:  God spent a little more time in the art dept. on Arie Sr. and Arie Jr. 

Emily and Chris:  Sweet Home Chicago

Chicago.  The greatest city on Earth.  I’ve now been paused on this screen shot of the city for 30 minutes and near tears home sick.  I’ve decided I’m going to attempt to marry Chris, only to move back to my city and raise some babies.  Chris and Emily enjoy touring this inconceivable city as they chat about the past couple months and his melt down in Prague.  As he prepares her to meet with his family, Emily gets the low down on what to expect.

Gosh damn, Chris is so hot. I am totally digging this different cardigan he threw on over a solid button down.  And Emily in her jean jacket…  wait…  nope, that’s Chris’s sister.  Anyone notice that Chris’s sister and Emily have similar physical qualities?

Emily nailed Chicago fashion with a very conservative, yet sundry appeal.  I’m a big fan of her sheer, cotton boat neck t-shirt over a nicely fitted white collared button down, long sleeve shirt.  She spiced it up a notch by partnering the top with a pair of cherry read, slim fitting flare pants.  I crush on Emily’s casual wear.

As Emily basically talks to a mirror, Chris’s sister Rene says that she is worried Chris could be heart broken in all of this.  Emily already knows that he is going home.  I feel bad for Emily having to knowingly lead someone on and then hurt them.  Rene then told Emily if it’s not Chris, then to end it asap.  She just destroyed his chance for next Bachelor!  I’d be like, if you don’t like my bro, have him make it to the final two so he can pick from a litter of bitches.  Good one, Rene.  JK- she is actually saying the right stuff and is being totally real and sincere because she cares for her ridiculously gorgeous brother.

Chris’s family successfully won my heart:) There is nothing better than a good ol’, Midwest, humble family.  His dad is so adorable and sweet!  His mother is a firecracker who is fierce over her children and his sisters are beautiful, kind and loving.  Um, can I marry Chris?  The date ends with a Polish dance party, a kiss, and a confession of Chris’s love for Emily.  AWE:)

Emily and Jef:  It’s a shame they weren’t shooting real pigeons.


Emily chose the perfect outfit for a casual day in the country.  This white sundress is darling, belted at the high waist with a tall flat brown boot to add a kick.  Of course, Jef is in skinny jeans.  He is one of few guys who can not only pull this off, but make it look damn good.

I’d call Jef more of a modern day country kid.  An Urban Cowboy.  He has so many fun toys!  The date starts off with a fast drive in an erratic car so that Jef could prove to Emily that he has everything to offer her, PLUS, Arie’s racecar driver skills.  Watching Emily shoot the guns was hilarious!  Who would have known that this girl was this good at hitting a target with a gun?!  “I mean, what a way to impress Emily other than by hitting all of the clay pigeons?”  Claims Jef.  When Emily follows him and hits all of the pigeons with not as much experience as him, it kind of dwindled down on the impressive side.  LOL.  Best quote of the date?  Emily: “Who would have thought that Jef and his skinny jeans had such a good shot?”

After watching many seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, this is hands down the date I would most desire.  They get to play with fun adult toys (no, not those kind) and then meet his over welcoming, extraordinary family sans Mom and Dad.  All the kids running towards Emily was very cute, and probably made Emily realize that Ricki would have automatic friendships with her cousins and their friends.  Not to mention Michelle Money would be her neighbor, so Ricki and Brielle could hang out:)

Emily is concerned that Jef’s family will not like her and it doesn’t help when Jef’s older brother assumes the parental role and grills her on her intentions, views on love and what she has learned from her past mistakes with Brad.

Talking to Jef’s sisters, Emily just looks like she fits in well.  They are humbled, kind and love Jef very much.  The setting of this date and Jef’s large family is exactly what Emily needs!  It was especially fitting and cute when the kids crawled up on her lap:)

After getting family approval from his older brother and sister, Jef takes Emily to a serene area where he professes his love for her through notes he took on the plane. He is basically is every girl’s dream.  As he pours his heart out, I can’t help but be incredibly envious of what him and Emily have!  After this hometown date, I would be completely shocked if Emily doesn’t end up with Jef for the long haul.  They have conversations that I never see on this show.  It’s real and easy flowing unlike watching Brad (bless his heart) and his dull social skills.

Emily and Arie: Holy smokes. Of course Arie’s dad is charming.

Little does Arie know, Jef already beat him to the punch by driving her around in a next level race car kind of way.  He takes her for a spin around the racetrack regardless before the two have some alone time.  Arie and Emily’s conversation before meeting his family pretty much went like this (well, this is how it went in my head):

Arie:  I’m so nervous.  I’m so, so, so nervous my parents will hate you.

Emily:  Why?  Now you are making me want to drink Kovacs Brothers Wine in excessive amounts.

Arie:  My mom especially.  She will despise you.  She is the least open-minded person when it comes to this.  She is going to talk Dutch in front of your face.  It’s going to be mean, so I’ll sugar coat it.

Emily:  Seriously?! Why?

Arie:  They are very European and you are a typical American.  The Southern accent doesn’t help.  Can you please go dye your hair dark and slip into outdated, European clothing while you are on your way to purchase Rosetta Stone Dutch tapes?

Emily:  Are you sure they are not going to like me?

Arie:  Ughhhhh…Trust me, you will see when you meet them.  They are seriously going to hate you.  I’m starting to hate you.  I hate that.

Emily:  Wanna make out?

Arie:  Sure.  (Heavy breathing occurs as we here Arie whisper faintly to Emily that he loves her).

As Emily sits back and listens to Arie, I can’t help but notice her money colored, red souled Louboutins kicked up under a stunning mid length, jersey cotton, racer back maxi dress and a chunky, black beaded necklace.

OHHHHH Arie!  You funny boy.  His family seems super nice and welcoming, and they absolutely LOVED Emily. Shit.  Arie’s mother loves Emily and wants them to be together.  She opened up and now if Emily doesn’t choose Arie in the end, she will have an enemy in his mother!  Arie’s dad claims, “I love her little Southern accent too. Hahahhaa, no, but seriously…” No, but seriously you are charming, Arie Sr. So, Arie Sr. tells Arie Jr. that he loves him, then Arie Jr. tells Arie Sr. that he loves him to.  They then turn to me and tell me that they love me too.  I return the strong words.

The twins do their hair opposite ways.  They are total Beliebers.  One of the twins says in a very youthful sounding tone, “Emily, I love your accent.”  Move over Arie, these two are going to double team.

Emily and Sean:  Sean’s family must cut cookies for a living.

I can not say enough great things about this vibrant colored, flowing dress complete with a wedged heel.  The high cut, V neckline is super flattering and appropriate to meet parents.  If you ever watch a legit runway show, you will see that the best designers never intend to cut the dress so that enormous amounts of cleavage pour out.  This would distract from the garment itself, and in turn, look slightly trashy.  This is also why runway models are normally flat chested.  Fashion falls best on a flat chested person.  That’s the one thing I have going for my chest I suppose- ha!  Oh, I also totally dig Sean’s military inspired, navy blue button down.  HOT!

Sean tells Emily that he feels guilty about leading his ex girlfriend on and that he won’t allow a woman to give herself to him until he knows that he can give himself to her.  Emily then asks Sean if he thinks he could commit to her and he says, after a brief pause, “I am excited about where this is going.”  OUCH.

Emily tells Shawn that she imagines his family is perfect.  Perfect house, perfect dog, perfect everything.  Leave it to Beaver, she was right!  Even the bushes and trees are perfectly shaped.

Sean’s niece is so cute!  I started tearing up when she ran to hug him with excitement!

The build up of perfection from the home, to the family, to Kinsington’s playhouse was the perfect set up for Sean to play his prank on Emily and inform her he still lives at home.  I’m thoroughly impressed by his family’s ability to keep such game faces at this time!  I thought this was hysterical and a genius move on Sean’s part to lighten the load on her after meeting his entire family for the first time.  Sean continues to show Emily his room and claims, “I wish my mom would have picked up a little bit.”  AMAZING! LMAO!  He totally had her, and this was the perfect prank to play on a single mom.  As if Emily wants to be a mother to him.  LOL!

Long story short, Emily didn’t laugh very hard at the joke and she didn’t really laugh at the Armadillo dinner joke either.  Come on, Emily!  Maybe a fake laugh at their intentions to humor you?!  I’m sure you were laughing on the inside and still in a bit of shock at the stuffed animals with names and cookie crumbs everywhere.

Sean and his dad have a heart to heart which leads his dad to think there is something magical going on with him and Emily.  Sean’s dad then chats with Emily and tells her that she is special, because she got Sean to open up more in the two months knowing him than they have in the past 28 years.  Sean’s dad is not only a very sweet man; he is also a very sweet dresser!  He chose (or his wife chose for him) to wear a light blue button down with am aqua-green crew neck underneath to accent the color.  Yep, Sean’s family even has perfect style.

Sean then talks to his mom who claims with a smile, “I’m surprised! I think you kind of like her.”  I’d hope so, Mrs. Sean, because fantasy suite dates are next week. Yowza!  On another note, Sean’s mom is gorgeous!  I love her color block shirt that is slightly off the shoulder and then slim at the waist showing off her skinny, toned body.  Yep, even Sean’s family’s bodies are perfect.

Lord almighty, they even have the perfect goodbye as Sean runs after Emily as she drives away in a very Casanova type of way to gain yet another goodbye kiss.

Rose Ceremony:  

All you Chris fans are probably super bummed right now, as am I.  I really like something about him.  I think Sean is great and all, but he wasn’t my final 3 (don’t hate me!).  Maybe it’s the Midwest everything in Chris that I adore.  Don’t be too bummed, because he returns to the small screen in just a few short weeks for Bachelor Pad 3.  Will he find love this time around?

OK, let’s be honest.  My prom dress in the year 2000 would look more current right now then this bright blue mess.  I hate it.  I hate it like Arie thought his family would hate Emily.  I hate it even more for having a gaudy, metal belt.

GetzStyle Award:  Emily!  Finally I see her own style come out!  I LOVE her casual apparel.  I didn’t like her rose ceremony dress, but again, I don’t think it’s 100% her choice on what she wears to ceremonies.

Well, I’m off to douse my self in holy water to get rid of my impure thoughts about Arie’s father.  See ya next week, and as always, thanks for reading.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

― Coco Chanel


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