Episode 9:  I hate when words don’t sound like they’re spelled.  Curacao.  Ugh.  

Emily and Sean:  Hour vary own, praaaahhhhvit aaaahhhlind. (trying to type in a southern accent)

Emily tells Sean she is taking him to, “our very own, private island.”  Wait a minute, didn’t Brad give this very same date to Emily?  Does that mean that Emily is most into Sean right now?  Does that mean she picks him in the end?  Whomp whomp…not so much.  Sean says he is glad that it’s just the two of them and acts as if there aren’t 20 people behind the camera.  If you turn the camera there is probably Kraft services, interview set up areas, and lots of lights. Hahahaha ;)

Sean asks Emily how she liked his family and if there was anything she found out that she didn’t already know.  I think he was asking this to start a sweet conversation and be cute, but Emily shot him down by answering almost a little too quickly, “Ya your family said you treat your girlfriends like best buddies.”  She doesn’t laugh or even crack a smile.  She just sits there, staring at him, making him as uncomfortable as possible.  Sean is such a sweet guy.

Emily’s colorful maxi dress is similar to that of the one she wore on her date with Arie last week.  I’m obsessed with it!  I think it would be funny if Emily wore the same outfit on all three dates, just like a lot of people would do in real life if they were not going to be out with the same people.

After a day of scuba diving, Sean still can’t get out those three little words.  I think it’s because Emily is putting on some awkward pressure!  Sean is slowly starting to tell Emily how he feels stating that, “I don’t want you to be worried with how my life is going to fit with your life.”  Emily quickly interrupts him by dropping a huge bomb exclaiming, “It’s not just me. It’s Ricki and I.”  I mean, wow.  It would have been nice to know that Emily was a single mom before filming began.  Unbelievable timing.  If I were Emily, I would have just kept that to myself and told him after the proposal.

After Sean reads Emily a super sweet letter that he wrote for Ricki Tick that had me in tears (not gonna lie), he told Emily that his life would change drastically and that he finds that exciting.  Emily darts him a stare, but he didn’t mean it bad!  He is just stating facts, jeez!

Sean takes what seems like 10 decades to spit it out that he loves Emily.  Good Lord!  She asks him if he could see himself proposing at the end and he literally paused way too much and took a little to long to just freaking say, yes…I love you.  Good gracious!  Emily then leans in to him and lays down a kiss.  Sean slowly, uncomfortably, and awkwardly reached for Emily’s side knee.  Why wouldn’t he just grab her and hold her while he kissed her like he did in Prague? Was that “chase down wall slam kiss” alcohol induced?  Sean seems to shy when he is sober.  I wish he were drunk right now so I could see more passion from him.

Emily states that every fiber of her body wants to stay the night with Sean, but every fiber in her brain is telling her not too.  So, in other words, she is extremely horny.  If only most of us had fibers in our brain that spoke to us, the population wouldn’t be so out of control.

Emily says good night to Sean in a super cool and different white cover up with an open back and fringe detail at the sleeve.  I MUST HAVE!  Possessionista…help!

Emily and Jef:  Wait a minute…Emily has a kid?

Jef is worried because he is only one week away from proposing to his girlfriend, but she is still in serious relationships with two other guys.  This is concerning.  Red flag!  Emily is a total player ;) Jef continues to tell Emily that his family loved her and that he spoke with his parents and they can’t wait to meet her.  Emily is happy that Jef loves hanging out with parents because she is a parent herself, after all.

My neighbor was obsessed with Emily until he walked in as I was watching this date and saw her plug her nose to jump into the water.  Apparently this is a deal breaker. I thought it was pretty hilarious!  Emily and Jef continue to dangerously dive off of every ledge possible even in shallow water.  If these two keep at it, Ricki will be taking care of them.

Emily definitely got this little number at All Saints.  One of my favorite stores, All Saints has a very unique style that screams their brand whenever I see it.  This certain cocktail dress is short in length with an Aztec print across a shimmery, sequin spread.  This is a great way to wear sequins…dazzled down a bit by the color and design of the dress.

As Jef reads the fantasy suite card, he makes Emily giggle by saying, “Of course I’d love to forgo our individual rooms…” in such a cute, quirky way which she loves that I can tell she is ALL about his personality.  Arie and Jef don’t have a shot!  I think Emily will pick Jef in the long run, because she is more attracted to him than she is Sean, and as far as Arie goes, I feel like she thinks Jef is safer bet.  Jef won’t let all this reality TV bullshit go to his head and he won’t be cheating on Emily, whereas I feel Arie has it in him to let his ego blow up a little bit and possibly not work out with Emily.

Emily and Arie:  This date brought to you by D.A.R.E. “Just Say No”

Emily’s white dress is perfection wrapped in a wide brown belt to give it some shape.  Her and Arie really do make a ridiculously good looking couple.

OK, so here is how this date went down:  Emily takes Arie swimming with Dolphins after he passionately kisses her the second he sees her. Emily acts scared, jumps his bones, make out session.  They are lying out and the conversation is dulling down.  Emily acts aroused, leans in, make out session.  They are eating dinner.  Arie proves he is more than just a sex toy, Emily digs this, make out session.  Conclusion:  Emily can not trust herself to even go into the fantasy suite with him for a couple hours to chat.  In fact, she cries about it because she wants him so bad.  That’s some serious will power!  That would be like me turning down a date with Jeff Goldblum, and that would never happen.  Good for her, boring for us, make out, make out, make out.  Let’s be honest, if Emily doesn’t pick Arie in the end…whoever she picks will probably not be a fan of watching her and Arie making love, fully dressed, non stop.

Rose Ceremony:  Seriously, Emily has a kid?

Emily’s long, detailed skirt is beautiful.  She took something incredibly fancy and dulled it down a bit with a basic fitted tank and several necklaces.  This is the perfect look for the environment that they are in.

Emily obviously had a really hard time sending Sean home, and after tonight’s episode I was hurting for him.  He is hands down just a good, solid dude.  He has that religious side to him that doesn’t allow him to lead girls on unless he is 100% into them.  With that being said, he was head over heals for Emily.  I think he would make a great Bachelor!  What do you all think?  Are you happy with her final two?  As much as I love Sean as a person, I’m very happy with Jef and Arie as her final choices!

You know, the reason these relationships are so incredible, is because there are no cell phone interruptions, work interruptions, money issues, etc.  I mean, must be freaking nice.  Now, let’s get ready for my favorite episode every season, The Men Tell All!

It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure. – Coco Chanel


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