Finale:  Finally!

This has been such an anticipated season finale, that it felt like it took forever to come.  Emily is going to introduce the guys to her family today and try to figure out which one she wants to be with for the rest of her life.  Eeeeek!

Emily and Jef:  Emily’s brother didn’t like the skinnys

I LOVE Jef, but he maybe should have left the skinny jeans at home this time.  I remember I brought home a boyfriend one time that was dressed more femininely, and my brother was uncomfortable.  I didn’t know this until after we broke up!  Emily’s father and brother were basically wearing company shirts and were the farthest thing from being stylish and both super masculine.  They probably thought Jef was kidding at first!  The finale is the only episode I don’t get early, so I apologize for the lack of photos.  Jef blends in with Emily’s family just as well as Emily did his.  I wonder if she has met his parents yet?

Emily and Jef are finally alone and Jef is basically begging to meet Ricki.  He explains that if he were going to be a father to her, he would like to meet her first.  Emily finally folds and her and Jef have the sweetest little play date with Ricki.  Jef is great with Ricki and watching him goof around with her made me so happy!

Emily’s outfits this date were insane!  She wore the coolest sarongs with bright neon colors.  Her white bikini was definitely my favorite!  I love her casual style with a basic tank tucked into a long skirt with a cool necklace to jazz it up.  She was also wearing a denim shirt that I think I own and am obsessed with.

At this point, I was watching the DVR and wondering how on Earth she was going to fit in a date with Arie in such a short time…

Emily and Arie:  NUTS!

Emily sits down to talk to Chris H. and is immediately in tears.  She claims she already knows she wants to be with Jef and that her mind is made up.  I have a lot of respect for Emily for doing this and not dragging it out with Arie, however, a part of me disagrees.  It’s not like she was always more about Jef than she was Arie.  She had different feelings for both of them.  She was actually more about Arie than Jef for a long time.  She already took Arie this far and introduced him to her family, so she may as well went on a final date with him and introduced him to Ricki.  Emily may have seen something more to him while he interacted with her daughter.  Ricki is the closest thing to Emily, so if Arie would have hit it off with her, I’m sure Emily would have been extra confused.  Everyone has to make his or her own decision, but I was truly heart broken for Arie.  He better be the next Bachelor!  Oh and PS- if they were sparing his feelings, why on Earth did they let him make love potion all day anticipating Emily’s arrival?  The pain in his eyes had me in tears and I truly wanted it to be those two in the end.  I like Jef a lot, but I’m still team Arie!

Engagement: Worst. Background. Ever.   

The long flowing, pink edgy gown Emily wore was hands down the greatest dress I have EVER seen on this show.  She looked as flawless as ever!  This dress was perfect for her personality and for Jef’s liking.  It was elegant but spicy with the metal detail.  I normally don’t like hard metal on dresses, but this was done perfectly!  I thought it was great that Emily didn’t do any of the teasers to Jef, making him think she may not choose him.  Right away, she told him that Arie wasn’t there and that she was so in love with him.  These two are stinkin’ cute!  Jef then pours his heart out to Emily with awful scenery in the background.  Seriously what the hell was that all about?  Past contestants get mountains, glaciers, beaches, etc….and Emily got condo associations in her background?  Sweet.  The ring is gorgeous, she is gorgeous, Jef is gorgeous, Ricki is gorgeous. They are like the perfect little family :)

After The Rose:  ASHLEY AND JP!  Love those two:)

Seeing these two this happy and knowing they have seen each other ever weekend is really cool.  Unlike her emotions with Brad’s after the rose, her face was beaming and full of happiness.  Jef couldn’t contain his happiness either!  The two of them were super cute to watch as they watched themselves get engaged for the first time. Emily played this game perfectly, not allowing anyone in the fantasy suite and not leading Arie any further.  I say this, because most of the relationships end out of jealousy, but Emily made sure to give all her attention to one guy and keep her libido under control!  I bet these two have a televised wedding within the year!

As far as Arie is concerned, I felt so bad for him.  It’s cool he is friends with Jef and that’s helping him through his grieving process, but he still looks devastated.  The fact that he flew all the way to North Carolina was so old school and romantic!  I’m with Arie and I don’t understand what happened.  I think she chose the safer bet.  Jef will never leave her, get an ego or cheat. I don’t know, but I’m still honestly so happy for Jef and Emily.  If Arie weren’t on the show, Jef would have been my top pick!



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