Natalie’s Bachelorette House of Style Blog: Episode 3

Ashley takes Ben to a dance studio to teach him a hip-hop dance! How fun! I’ve been wanting to join the flash mob dance team ever since they were featured on “Modern Family.” I love Ashley’s top for so many reasons.

She chose the perfect color to compliment her white pants and skin complexion. This oversized, slightly sheer fuchsia blouse is cut at the neck to reveal a couple different “looks.” It’s sexy when it falls off her shoulder, exposing her collar bone, and super cute when she wears it on both shoulders, causing the neckline to swoop lower on her chest.

After one of the best dates in Bachelor history Ben gets the rose! As a side note, during this date they “flash” back to her boyfriends at the mansion quite often, and I’m proud of my future lovers Ryan P and JP for keeping it simple in American Apparel short sleeve crewnecks. JP actually wore a grey American Apparel hoodie last week that I own as well:) It’s going to be hard to decide between the two of them. Whatever, neither of them will want me anyway. I’m David Good’s Damaged goods. (tear)

Group Date

Before the boys depart for their group date, Jeff wants to reveal his face to Ashley. With “Phantom of the Opera” music playing in the background, Jeff reveals his face and says, “Hi. I’m Jeff.” One thing I will say about Jeff is that he has great style. I think in real life, Jeff is a sarcastic, funny man and did all this either on a dare or just to make his friends laugh. If he was being serious the whole time, maybe he should consider joining Jeff was right about some of the boys looking like the “Back Street Boys.” Maybe he and I are destined to be bff’s, because he already gets mad props for recognizing style, and he is beyond hilarious!

I love a man in a vest! Blake did it right on this date by choosing an outfit that could work for either a super casual date or a somewhat formal date. How did he do this? He left the suit at home and paired a hot grey vest with an off white button down, and a patterned tie. Pay attention to detail! Blake styled this “look” perfectly by tucking the tie into the vest and rolling up his sleeves.

Ben, seriously? For the love of Nordstrom! What were you thinking? A sloppy white button down, grey suit jacket, and a black pencil tie. Put those together and you look like a JC Penny department store model.

GetzStyle Tip: Ben had the right idea, he just didn’t know how to style this look. Try this look at home, but please choose a fitted white oxford dress shirt and pair it with a more urban looking blazer. Unbuttoning the top button to wear the pencil tie in a loose fashion is sexy, but it has to be with a starched shirt to hold true to form. Finally, push the sleeves of the jacket up the forearm to create that “not trying” look that Ben butchered. Try GStar Raw or Kitson to find a more “suited” jacket to perfect this look.

After the guys offend Ashley, she is clearly upset. Jackass Bentley to the rescue! What a freaking tool. When Ashley confronts him with information from my lover, Michelle Money, he plays it off so cool, calm and collected. I will say, Bentley is a total master of manipulation! He is making great TV even though I want to punch him in the face. I’m over this date….next!

I really don’t want to talk about the Bentley garbage anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach that he called her an “ugly ducking.” Most men’s hearts soften when they have a daughter. That being said, Bentley is a total jerk who will never change. Maybe he is so mean to girls b/c he isn’t attracted to women in general? If that’s the case, come out of the closet and quit taking it out on women. Ashley, quit being insecure. You ARE beautiful, sweet, intelligent, funny, and athletic. Your family is amazing and you are quite the catch. WE LOVE YOU! You wouldn’t be the bachelorette if you weren’t hot, girlfriend!

JP’s date with Ashley was nothing spectacular, but it’s ideal. I would have preferred a night behind closed doors with zero distractions to get to know my bachelor vs. a crazy date that is so impersonal. JP is so adorable and if you didn’t notice earlier, they showed him with his shirt off. I would like to take a moment of silence out of respect for JP’s body. Mmmmmmm! He gets the rose. Nothing fashionable about this date- just cute casual lounging clothes and pajamas. Still no sight of a Polo, thank God.

Ben redeemed himself by taking a risk and wearing a black and white striped bow tie.

Nice work, Ben. We have a shot at a friendship again. PS- Are Ben F. and Constantine from the same egg? Curious.

William perfected this look with a baby blue tie; he utilized it as a statement piece, allowing it to pop by pairing it with a basic black and white suit. I’m glad you got a rose, squirt;)

GetzStyle Tip: Men, basic is always better when it comes to suits. Some of you have different colored shirts, ties, and suits. Also, stick to trend. A big knot is more age appropriate, trendy, and appealing to women our age. It looks like some of you are going to a funeral. Now, knock it off. I get grumpy when I see things like this. Where is my pinot noir, damn it.

Ames did it right tonight! I love when I guy knows how to make formal wear edgy. He wore a military inspired light brown button down with a black tie and army green dress pants. Ames, you are the bomb dot com.

Ashley looks stunning as usual in her playful silver sequined dress. She knows how to show off her best features, that’s for sure! The short length of the cocktail dress really showed off her phenomenal legs and the sweetheart neckline drew my eyes to her toned arms. Small-chested women look great in strapless dresses. From one small breasted woman to another, you looked great tonight! For the record, most men I know are “butt” men. Big boobs can often make a girl look heavier — Ash and I won’t be saggin’ in our 30′s;)

This episode was emotionally exhausting. I’m glad Bentley is gone that’s for sure! He was great TV, but enough is enough. I’ve got to say, Jeff will be missed! I’m wearing a Mask in his honor all day tomorrow. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. OK, I’m kidding.

One last note: Nick, you are hot. I realize I haven’t said this yet. And PS- wear some sunscreen. You looked like a tomato tonight and you don’t want to have to resort to Botox now, do you?

What you stand for is more important then what you stand in. But, while you are figuring out what you stand for, please stand in something nice…like a Sam Edelman heel.

“There is never an excuse for cold feet.” -Kenneth Cole

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  1. Hey Natalie! Okay I’ve been crushin’ on your wardrobe and my man has been crushin’ you since you came on the scene but tonight I’m writing you about a new love! Blakes vest! I see it noted in your blog but Where can I get my husband in one like this?
    Love your style!

    Comment by Dayna — June 7, 2011 @ 9:29 pm

  2. “Jackass Bentley to the rescue!” literally made me burst out laughing. Any more tools like him can walk off the face of the earth now.
    I love your blog, I read it every week :)

    Comment by Claudia — June 7, 2011 @ 9:38 pm

  3. I agree about ames outfit- i love the military look. I googled sam edelman and wanted to thank you for introducing me to his shoe line! awesome blog as always:)

    Comment by Jessie — June 7, 2011 @ 9:39 pm

  4. You took the words right out of my mouth when you said:

    “Ashley, quit being insecure. You ARE beautiful, sweet, intelligent, funny, and athletic. Your family is amazing and you are quite the catch. WE LOVE YOU! You wouldn’t be the bachelorette if you weren’t hot, girlfriend!”

    LOVE your blog Natalie!!
    Sending hugs from KC :)

    Comment by Jennifer — June 7, 2011 @ 11:16 pm

  5. the whole time during episode 2 i didn’t understand why ben f’s group lost the dance off but he still got to stay on the date. then episode 3 i figured it out when he was on the group date and apparently also “at home”. I’m glad i’m not the only one who thinks him and constantine are twins!!

    Comment by Krista — June 7, 2011 @ 11:44 pm

  6. Ben and Constantine need to get to a hair stylist. Bad boy bed hair doesn’t cut it.

    Comment by Frank — June 9, 2011 @ 4:33 am

  7. Awesome Blog!:)

    Comment by Samantha — June 9, 2011 @ 9:30 pm

  8. I wouldn’t normally comment on a blog, but feel compelled to tell you that there is a wardrobe stylist for the show and she picks out all of the Bachelor and Bachelorette’s clothes and does all the shopping for them. Ashley is not picking out anything, she has a professional helping her.

    Comment by Samantha — June 10, 2011 @ 4:19 pm

  9. Samantha- obviously Natalie knows their is a stylist on set. She has been on two shows herself and is a fashion stylist aside from the blogging. I normally don’t comment on blogs either, but felt “compelled” to tell you that.

    Comment by Jenara — June 21, 2011 @ 12:02 am

  10. Natalie, I am reading your blog with a smile; also , you are a fountain of hot and trendy information that is delivered in your own sexy, witty, and to me -a vintage person- a little of Mae West’s way. As a Chicagoan I am so proud of your Columbia College education ; it is serving you well already, and I sense your star will shine brighter and brighter.PS. I am so glad I stuck by the Bachelor Pad I through entire run -that is where I first noticed you. Your 63-year old fan.

    Comment by Malgorzata — August 6, 2011 @ 8:42 pm

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