Natalie’s Bachelorette House of Style Blog: Episode 4

Ashley’s love slaves get to go to Phuket, Thailand?!?  Dang!  I’m pretty jealous right now, not gonna lie.  Thailand is one of my top 3 places I want to see.  Let’s get straight to the point: Ashley looks insanely hot in her first “Thailand” outfit.   This look is amazing for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that it strikes a healthy balance between cute and sexy.  Layering the sheer white tank over a plain white bikini top added a classic casual, beach look.  The tank is tied perfectly to expose the perfect amount of midriff, and the super short, bright pink shorts compliment not only her bronzed skin, but electrify the white tank.   Her legs look miles long due to the white strapped cork wedges she chose.  Ashley gets some serious points for being able to pull this off!

JP knows what’s up in his plaid button down.  He styled this look perfectly, leaving the buttons completely undone, visibly showing off his white v-neck, and buttoning the sleeves above his manly forearms.  He chose a flat front khaki short to complete this look, causing him to look extremely casual and, of course, extra yum.  I swear he read my style blog during Brad’s season.  I can’t wait to shake the hand of reality TV’s best dressed male in history.

GetzStyle Tip: Please, please, please take note of the style efforts JP utilized while completing his outfit.  He chose a long sleeve button down instead of a short sleeved shirt, yet folded the sleeves to the perfect length to give it a more casual appeal.  Leaving a shirt unbuttoned is amazing when done right.  A V-neck is the only neckline that will work for this.  I’m telling you, the best place to get a basic V-neck is American Apparel.  Other V-neck’s don’t “V” low enough and look rediculous.  Thank God he read the date card so that we could gawk at him a little longer. Anyway, Ash is taking Constantine on a date.  Brace yourself, Constantine is about to murder your eyeballs…

Constantine, you can not be serious here, huh?  Your shirt looks like Ed Hardy had a threesome with American Eagle and the Disney channel, causing sparkling pinwheels that I can only imagine your “best gal friend” told you to wear.  Cancel that friendship subscription immediately. I’m embarrassed for you. Come on, now! You look best top-less (obviously). Some of you got your abs in shape for the show, but not your wardrobe.

GetzStyle Tip: I cannot stress enough the importance of basics in a man’s attire.  Its always better to go with the basics, wearing the correct fit for your body. These shiny pinwheels distracted me from who you are, Constantine, which is a cool guy. The pinwheels made me think…”What kind of a guy would wear sparkled pinwheels on his shirt? On nationalTV?” Man up, Son!  We subconsciously judge peeps on what they wear…..we all do it whether we want to admit it or not. Tight waste, pretty face. But your style is gawd awful. Crap-A-Mile…..dang, Constintine….you DO NOT win the GetzStyle award. Infact, not only could you not be further away from home in Thailand, but you couldn’t be further away from my  award.  Needless to say, you are a gentleman, great looking, cool, and sweet – so please don’t hate me for hating your pinwheels. Don’t even get me started on your black polo.  I feel as though I’ve been tough enough on you for the week.

Not much to talk about fashion-wise on the group date due to the fact that they are painting, so they shouldn’t look stylish.  I want to point out how proud I am to be a part of “The Bachelor Family” simply for the fact that they really do give back.  Lending a hand for the Bachelor charities is by far one of my favorite things to do with my castmates.  There is so much charitable work going on off camera as well within the Bachelor family.

Just as the guys start ragging on him for being “too much” and way too over the top,  Ryan P. states, “I’m bursting with a lot of love in my chest.”  This officially ended our three week long fling. I love it when a guy can be sweet and sensitive, but this was just a little too cheesy for me.  I WILL say, Ryan has a point as to why he is always so happy.  He embraces life, which is very cool.  He is like a cool version of Jake Pavelka (best simile I’ve ever wrote).  I won’t give up on him yet.  PS- I’m now dating Mickey and Nick in my delusional mind.  At the wrap party, Ben and Ashley make out and Ben mutters something really awkward (“Ruh Roh” was what it sounded like) in between making goals in toncil hockey, but gets the group date rose anyway.

Ames totally surprised me on his date with Ashley.  He is hilarious, witty, intelligent, well traveled, cultured, and a hell of a lot better looking than I remembered. He shows us the correct way to wear a short sleeve button down shirt.

GetzStyle Tip: If you pick out a short sleeve button down that is current and up to speed with trend, it will look great.  If you pick the wrong style of this shirt, it could end in disaster.  Make sure you pay attention to detail when picking out a short sleeve button down: length, button placement, sleeve details, color, etc.  It’s always better to go with a solid color vs. plaid when it’s short sleeve.

At the rose ceremony, the twins and Ames already have roses.  Chris Harrison informs the guys that there will be an extra rose for Ashley to hand out tonight.  Dang it!  That means we only get to see one “Limo exit interview” this week.  Those are always my favorite…ouch.  Ok, look at my boyfriends Nick and Mickey.

They are both dressed to the nines tonight: Nick choosing an off white blazer paired with a blue button down to fit the Thailand theme, and Mickey wore a vest…(cough), danggggg.  I feel like a teenage boy embarking on my path to puberty as I leave the screen on pause for about 15 minutes gawking. Would it be weird if I called my roommates into my bedroom to stare at the paused screen?  And what if we stared for about 10 minutes?  Well, that may or may not have happened.  Ashley once again blows me away with her cocktail attire.  This napoleon colored frock is flirty and fun with it’s oversized cut and short length.  This was the perfect dress for a rose ceremony in beautiful Thailand.  I’m really bummed out that West left:(  He is far better then so many of the guys there!  Okay, well maybe for me. I guess Ashley sees something different.  West, 4 words for you:  COME HOME TO MAMA!

Big trends this season that Ashley is touching upon:  Wedged heels, cropped tops, over-sized off the shoulder blouses, and sheer material for layering.

Make sure you choose a partner in life who “suits” you best;)

Only great minds can afford a simple style!  Until next week my little Style stars, GOD DRESS AMERICA!


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